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Sr Power Electronics Design Engineer – Motor Drives

MSEE. Multi-talented design engineer working with:

  • Power Electronics: Power conversion, DC & permanent magnetic synchronous motor controls, variable frequency drives, inverters, H-bridge topology
  • Embedded Software: C, C++, DSP, FPGA, VHDL, ARM, microcontrollers
  • Performs: Worst case analysis, modeling, simulation, lab test, verification, customer support and works through product lifecycle

Applies to automotive/HEV, appliances, oil & gas, nuclear industries. Uses Verilog, MATLAB, Cadence, Simulink, Ansys, Eagle, LabView, AutoCAD, Keil. <10 Years. 95K. 06102015.11

Analog / Mixed Signal Power IC Design Engineering Consultant

MSEE, BSCE. A multi-disciplined applications and design engineering consultant, working mostly with analog and mixed signal power management ICs/ASICs and working with embedded FPGA, VHDL, DSP, SoC, CMOS, VLSI. Experienced with variety of firmware: Fiber channel, ARM, ADC, DAC, various filters, wireless transceivers, receivers, transmitters, real time operating systems, and networking/IT. Performs lab characterization, tape-out, simulation, layout, testing and debug, staff training and generates specifications. Very long list of software, design and analysis tools too numerous to list. Contract Hire. 130K. 05122015.6

Sr FPGA Aircraft Controls Design Engineer

BSEE. Strong design talent for FPGA, motor (stepper/servo), propulsion, sensors/instrumentation, signalling, and power supplies for aerospace and military/defense aircraft and space systems. Expertise involves both analog and digital, plus VHDL, CMOS, LVDT/RVDT, and related test equipment. Designs to hi-rel and stringent MIL-STDs. Uses C, Assembly, Basic, Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Verilog. 115K. 05112015.01

Embedded FPGA Firmware Engineering Manager

BSEE. Responsible for embedded software and FPGA/VHDL firmware department engineering staff for design, coding, testing and integration. Works with simulation systems, motor controls, magnetic bearing controllers, adjustable speed motors and power supplies/power electronics. Provides requirements specifications, modeling, verification, conducts FPGA design reviews and participates in microcontroller part selection and hardware design process. Works to MIL-STD, DO-178. C/C++, Linux, SQL, ADA; and LabView, cRIO, MATLAB. 115K. 03312015.2

Power Supply Hardware Design Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Provides wealth of design, simulation, debug and layout talent for: WiMAX base station power supplies, switching regulators, quad wireless controllers and modules, isolated (and non) DC/DC SMPS, extensive FPGAs, MOSFETs, multi-layer boards, power management ICs, mixed signal, and ECL/PECL/CML/SiGe microcontrollers. Applications vary from RF to GAn, data converters. Has designed for high volume, has applications engineering background, UL certification wins, and is a high performing problem solver. Has worked in startup environments. Vast amount of tools and skillsets. A few are: VHDL, Viewlogic/DxDesigner, OrCAD, Allegro, Xilinx, PADS, PSice, Altera; Test certs: DFM, DFT, HALT, etc; O/S: UNIX, Perl, etc. 120K. 01222015.6

Senior Hardware / Software Development Engineer – Instrumentation / PCB / RF

BSEE/>20 Years. A well-rounded, experienced hardware and software engineering lead for design/test, involving: Radiation detectors, RF, amplifiers, controls, electronics cards, instrumentation, sensors, magnetics, thermals, audio products, mixed signal, converters, opticals, PCB/semiconductors, analog, DSP, embedded firmware, repeaters, fiber-optics, and test fixtures/equipment. Performs specialized and innovative design projects, temperature mapping, PCB layouts, overseas layout supervision. Has developed new prototype labs for business expansion purposes. Industries: Consumer electronics, aerospace, avionics; and applications vary from fuel gauging to voltage regulating. Meets EMC directives. Also has quality and telecommunications background. Uses Protel, Viewlogic, ORCAD, VHDL code, SwitcherCAD and more. 70-80K. 01152015.6


H/W & S/W Embedded ICs, FPGA Engineer – Contract

MSCE. Embedded hardware and software programming, and circuitry design. Products/technologies: Microcontrollers, FPGA, DSP, ASICs, analog, mixed signal, converters, microprocessors, LED and memory chips/modules. Applies to military/defense, semiconductor, IT/networking (consumer electronics), medical and telecommunications industries. Skillsets include test, debugging, writing complex code, working at board level, simulations. An excellent contract candidate. Uses Xilinx, VHDL, Cadence, Verilog, CMOS, MATLAB. 110K. 01072015.8

Principal FPGA Digital Hardware Design Engineer

BSEE/>15 Years. A highly technical circuitry architect, managing engineering design teams (globally and multi locations) and bringing many talents for high quality, innovative product development: Modeling, validating, coding, debugging, generating specifications / technical documentation, and providing customer resolution / requirements definition for IT/networking and semiconductor industry. Is expert FPGA designer, and also: Embedded systems, memory controllers, SDRAM, DDR/2/3, fibre channel, microcontrollers, DSP, embedded systems, SoC, all types of circuitry, RTL, IP cores, and load modules. Fluent: Ethernet, JTAG, TCP/IP, DOORS, ModelSim, Xilinx, Altera, VHDL, Verilog, Python and too many more to list. Awards and Patents. 150K. 01062015.17

Embedded Software and Hardware Lead Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. A strong hardware and software lead engineer involving embedded design, verification, simulation, synthesis, troubleshooting, test and integration for aerospace, defense, IT. Performs varied technical PCB work including layout, schematic capture, cell characterization, takes new product development to production, performs component selection / placement / routing, uses high level analytical lab tools and testbench. Also works with motor drives, processors, ASIC design, FPGA, VHDL, GUI. Uses Verilog, JTAG, Xilinx, Matlab, Simulink, PowerSim, Orcad, RS-232/485/422 and more. 100K. 12042014.15

Power Electronics Design Engineer – Grid

Ph.D-EE/<10 Years. A power electronics design / modelling / simulations specialist with focus expertise on converters with various topologies, motor drives and energy storage systems. Also power supplies,  solar grid, Smart Grid, inverters, magnetics, digital signal processing, microcontrollers, FPGA, electric vehicle systems, GaN FETs, facilities infrastructures and networking (TCP/IP, VOIP). Industries are utility, solar and oil and gas. Interacts with manufacturers / suppliers on specifications. Uses Simulink, Python, MATLAB, OrCAD, PLECS and more. Vast amount of publications and presentations. 85-95K. 12042014.9

Senior Power Electronics Engineer / Contract

MS-Inst Engrg, BSEE/15 Years. A high performing architectural engineer for power electronics, magnetics, prototypes and also IT systems for avionics, aerospace, utilities, wind farms, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Varied product lines including power supplies, UPS, inverters, converters, rectifiers, microcontrollers, FPGA, various controllers, motor drives, batteries, AC/DC, embedded technology, mixed signal, analog and digital circuitry, and turbine systems. Has specialized in audio for telecommunications and PC systems plus EMI/noise concerns. Works to stringent standards, including FAA. Performs high level technical tasks such as writing code, simulations, verification, complex PCB layout/implementing design rules, components characterizations, synthesis / placement / routing and more. Fluent: LabView, MATLAB, MathWorks, VHDL, JTAG, Flying Probe, DOORS, Cadence and much more. 100K. 12032014.6

Lead Design Engineer / Project Manager

MBA, MSEE/>20 Years. Provides full lifecycle research, design, development, testing and post-production support for a variety of product lines/technologies: Medical devices, consumer electronics, controls, automation, automotive electronics, instrument systems, analog / digital, motor controls, PCBs, LCDs, wireless, FPGA, CPLD, ASIC, power supply battery systems and more. Leads prototype teams as project manager, supports manufacturing process, manages engineering staff, provides vendor interaction, delivers design reviews, manages regulatory compliance and test, provides simulations / PCB layouts. Expert at packaging, 3rd party fabrication, ROHS compliance. Uses Altera, Xilinx, VHDL and more. 90-100K. 12012014.17

Electrical Design and Test Engineer – Power Supplies

BSEE(plus)/<5 Years. Concentrated expertise on power electronics testing plus design / troubleshoot / repair experience with: AC/DC, DC/DC, power supplies, analog, digital, topologies, high voltage, and R&D / new products. Generates and performs ATP, QTP, DVTP. Also has background in documentation control. Uses PSpice, MatLab, Altium, LabView, Verilog, VHDL, Java, C and more. 100K. 11252014.16

Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. A highly skilled engineering design professional with a vast array of power products: Converters, variety of transformers, power supplies, amplifiers, generators, protection and control, filters, magnetics, inductors, multiplexers, switching, circuitry, analog, AC/DC and more. Works with various topologies, EMC problems and thermal issues. Industrial and space program applications. Uses PSpice, SCAMP, VHDL and more. 70-80K. 11212014.2

Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer – FPGA / Processors, Controllers

MSCS/10 Years. A highly technical embedded firmware and software engineer involving lifecycle development, design, design constraints, simulation, various analysis, coding, debugging, test benching and test plan development. Technologies are: SoC, FPGA, ASP, ADC, DSP, GUI and RTL. Applications are processors, microcontrollers, control systems, circuitry drivers, modules, peripherals and more. Works with Xlinx, Altera, VHDL, C and more. Uses variety of lab equipment. 125-135K. 11202014.9

Contract Power Electronics Engineer

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. Well-travelled engineering design professional with wealth of experience supporting aerospace, avionics, IT and other industries. Performs high level design, modeling, bridging, simulations, system testing plus EMI, fault and thermal analysis, debugging, and full documentation development. Products / technologies are: inverters, converters, controls, sensors, AC/DC, DC/AC, FPGA, VHDL, motor drives and controls, servo systems, photovoltaic, switch-mode, topologies, analog, digital signal processing, algorithms. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Simpower, LabView, C and more. Heavy patent activity. 175-185K. 11172014.16

Senior Embedded Systems and FPGA Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. High level engineer performing processor design, modifies code, bus interfacing, schematic capture, EMC, designs simulator tools, and also project supervision. Products / technologies are: FPGA, CPS, motors controls, switch mode, analog/digital conversion, fibre channel, ethernet, internet protocols, digital control electronics. Substantial implementation, test and integration experience for commercial, telecommunications, military, medical. Fluencies: C, LabVIEW, Orcad, Xilinx, Altera, VHDL and much more. Had Secret Security Clearance, patent activity. 125-135K. 11142014.10

Senior Design Engineer – Microprocessor Systems

BSEE/>20 Years. In depth technical experience with networking, IT, consumer electronics, solar, semiconductor, avionics, R&D and other applications. Substantial components work and test expertise. Besides design activities, substantial verifications, regulatory and standards compliance, and cost factoring. Products / technologies are: Embedded systems, control processors, high level computer terminals, motherboards, SoC, cloud, controllers and components, cards, transceivers, inverters, DC/DC, power supplies, hand-held wireless units and more. Fluencies: Verilog, VHDL, FPGA, Xilinx, Altera, Cadence, Ethernet, CMOS and much more. 100K. 11052014.13

Senior Hardware Design Engineer – Microprocessor / Turbine Control Sys

BSEE/>20 Years. A top level product life cycle hardware engineer with specialization in design of various microprocessor boards (control, gate drive, circuit), design of digital / analog turbine control systems, testing and debugging, and also VHDL programming. Has also worked on solar inverters, embedded processors and power overload protection. Fluencies: Extensive FPGA, Xilinx, Spartan, algorithms, Perl, ASICS, Altera and more. Systems were often for severe environments for transportation industry. Extensive test background. >100K. 10312014.12

Power Distribution Equipment Automation Engineer

MSEE/>10 Years. Extensive experience with SCADA mapping for electrical power distribution and other applications for multiple locations, plants, structures, data centers and substations for: medical, communications, military installations, green technology and more. Skillsets: Programming, networking, validation test development, communications implementation, integration, troubleshooting and government bid process/contracts support. Equipment involved: Switch gear, controls, transformers, relays, controllers and more. Huge array of design software, OSs, applications packages and programming languages (i.e., HSpice, Unix, VHDL, Verilog Perl, etc). 90-100K. 10222014.6

Hardware/FPGA Engineer

MSEng/20 years. Experience in electronic product development and design from concept to production for hardware and firmware. Integration experience with software and hardware from testing and debugging systems to building test equipment and developing test procedures. Has worked with high speed digital and mixed signal design, microcontrollers and embedded Ethernet and Linux. FPGA, VHDL. 100K #10291