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Sr Regional Technical Sales Manager – Transformers

BSEE. Brings principal engineering design background to global sales management talent for transformer sales and service / utility voltage regulation. Includes related test equipment, and also breakers, relays, controls, substation monitoring equipment. Works routinely with OEMs and closely with clients/end users providing tech support, problem resolution and training in an applications role. Contract or Direct. 135K. 06112015.01

Regional Sales Manager – Test/Measurement Equipment

Provides sales and product marketing expertise for test/measurement equipment such as battery regenerative test systems, bench test equipment, product sensors, environmental test chambers, and also components/PCB. Provides sales forecasting and performs customer product demonstrations, webinars and and presentations in collaboration with apps engineering. Maintains contact database. Has developed lease/rental program for additional contract revenue. 100K. 06032015.01

Product and Test Engineer – LED/Semiconductor

MS-Mfg, BSEE. LED and semiconductor test specialist for electrochemical systems, wafer packaging, LCDs, and solid state lighting. Tests, debugs components and devices, develops test beds, procedures and plans for in-house and outsourcing manufacturing, including fab, wafer, die sort, etc. Monitors quality, manages test technicians and trains outsourced suppliers. Drives all acceptance test processes, with customer demonstration/presentations. Write tech manuals. Leads failure/root cause analysis. Uses AutoCAD, Minitab. Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen. 90K. 05212015.2

Sr RFIC Test Engineer – Wireless

MSEE. Power management/mixed signal RFIC manual and automated tester for wireless & mobile telecommunications. Involves customer-specific test solutions, characterization, root cause analysis, debug on various frequency bands, calibration, scattered parameter/NF measurements, harmonics, load-pull, GPIB/serial/ethernet instrument control, circuit tuning and DVT. Scrum/Agile and lab environments. Supervises production technicians. Uses FPGA, MATLAB, LabVIEW, TestStand, DxDesigner, PSpice, Orcad, ExpressPCB, AWR Microwave Office. 10 Years. 05142015.2

Electrical Components Test Engineer

Performs test and pre-production prep and termination on high voltage utility cables and wiring. Has wide array of test experience to various regulatory and ISO standards, especially in a laboratory environment, such as: Withstand, partial discharge, dissipation, capacitance, resistance, etc. Proficient in failure analysis, component characterization, microscopy and generates various test documentation and manuals. Has some SCADA/HMI background. Has honors in Masters-Components/Material Engineering. Uses SQL, C, Minitab, WinSMITH. 7 Years. 85K. 05112015.10

Director, Analog/Mixed-Signal Test Engineering

MSEE/CE. Industry renown test engineering teacher, guru and hands-on test platform and software developer for sustaining and next-generation power management ICs and PCBs.

  • Manages/trains large test teams, sets guidelines, improves methodologies, develops characterization/specialized programs (NPI) and ATE for production release.
  • Results oriented. Improves yield, testing time, speeds processes for production schedules.
  • Multiple sites. Collaborates with overseas subs and product transfer coordination.

End product lines: Power electronics, RF/wireless, consumer electronics, imaging, sensors, connectivity. 190K. 03242015.01

Mechanical Systems Test Lab Engineer – Satellites, Solar

BSME. A consummate satellite and solar systems test engineer in laboratory environment, working with solar mounting, PV and hydraulic systems, transducers.

  • Vast array of product tests: Environmental conditioning, bonding path resistance, mechanical loading, destructive testing (stress/strain, corrosion, friction, wear, rigidity, fire -UL).
  • Generates test setups, reports, including for new product concepts and maintains/calibrates equipment, and programs heat/humidity chambers.
  • Special skill: Coordinated and won Sat Level 4 Test Facility UL 2703 certification, and generated literally all technical documentation necessary. Developed test documentation control system.

Uses AutoCAD, DraftSight, SolidWorks, COSMOS, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Scilab. 5 Years. 70K. 03172015.8

Failure Analysis / Product Engineer – Analog, Semiconductor

MSEE. Recent graduate with consummate yield and failure analysis skills for product performance management. Works with multi-layer PCB, analog and semiconductor devices prior to packaging – applying to amplifiers, voltage regulators, transmitters, converters. Performs in-depth root cause and test/troubleshooting activities at board and component level. Repairs, programs, updates and maintains test equipment. Is go-to for line technicians. Uses all manner of test tooling and Cadence, MultiSim, AutoCAD, Circuitmaker, MATLAB, LabView. 10 Years. 03132015.3




Sr Test Engineer, Power Electronics/RF

MSEE. A test engineering and equipment specialist for power electronics, electrical equipment, RF/satellite communications, devices, circuitry, often in R&D environment.

  • Develops state-of-the-art bench test, ATE and total product line test strategies / protocols on architectural level, including test modules, fixtures, tooling
  • Specializes in RF test equipment for RF power generators
  • Calibration and maintenance of all equipment; Test documentation/manuals

Implements test solutions overseas. Manages test tooling, instruments and equipment (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, etc). Uses LabVIEW, Spice, Multisim, Altium, OrCAD. 140K. 03122015.3

Lead Electromagnetics/RF Design and Test Scientist

BSEE, BS-Phys Sci. Provides electromagnetics engineering, test and project leadership for space, aircraft, RF/satellite and electronic warfare large programs at scientist level.

  • Electrophysics Subject Matter Expert regarding many platforms.
  • HEMP, radiated field, link-up, EMP/EMI/EMC and environmental analysis (survivability, lightning, robustness)
  • Recognized expert in large RF test laboratory design and build with processes, stage gate and plans/procedures development.

Conducts top tier customer presentations/design reviews. MIL-STD, NASA, FAA, DO, UL, FCC compliance. Prolific author. Contract or direct hire. 140K. 03102015.3


Senior Test/ATE Design Engineer

BSEE. Provides product test/test equipment expertise and PCB design for mixed signal boards, power management and RFICs for high rel (MIL-STDs), rad-hard applications for aerospace, military, medical, automotive and high temperature power electronics.

  • Develops/maintains all test equipment, ATE hardware/software, tester interfaces, self-test PCBs, test plans, burn-in/life test procedures, scripts, bench fixtures
  • Performs bring-up, debug, evaluation and validation
  • ATE Equipment:  LTX, Eagle, Credence, SZ, Lemsys

Uses C, Visual Basic, LabView, Agilent, NI Lab/CVi and TestStand. 100K. 03062015.5

Regulatory/Compliance Test Engineer – Utility/Wind, Electrical Equipment

MSEE/5 Years. Brings electrical design talent to extensive expertise in safety certification and product performance testing to various regulatory standards compliance. Involves renewable energy/wind, power and utility-interactive equipment (PV, inverters, converters, combiners, transformers, breakers, switching, plus various industrial equipment). Is “go-to” for: IEEE 1547.1, CSA C22.2, UL/CSA 61010-1, ANSI C12.20/12.1, and UL 1741/1008/50-50E/1778/2200, NEC, NFPA (domestic, Canadian, international, inclusive). Analyzes, interprets and presents test results to customers, on and off-site, reviews schematics, maintains and calibrates lab test equipment, and develops test plans. Has project management experience and also a background in AC & DC motors and drives. 70K. 02182015.2

Aerospace Operations / Facilities / Program Management

MBA, BSCS/20 Years. Has wealth of experience with aerospace/avionics, satellite/RF, space program and military defense to provide operations, technical facilities and program management for ground support and test equipment wins – some classified and some overseas. Organizes project teams, develops software test procedures, operational on-orbit sequencing documentation, and has board level installation / troubleshooting experience. Manages large budgets, capital expenditures, provides high $ customer asset support equipment inventory management, facilities infrastructure planning/upgrades and allocation large strategic business unit. Provides costing/risk and other extensive contributions to high volume proposal process. Six Sigma, TQM, continuous improvement. Active top security clearance. Contact us for more details! 02182015.01

Program & Test Engineering Manager – RF/Satellite Communication Systems

>20 Years. A renown industry leader in innovative satellite and digital communication systems for space program, government, military/defense, and commercial sectors. Has UHF satellite communications, DAMA and integrated waveforms expertise with related systems design and test plan/procedures development.

Provides program management and executive direction to cross-functional teams to drive successful large programs from inception to contract close-out, including extensive customer interface during multiple, concurrent projects. Negotiates development project contracts, analyzes risk management, leads all design reviews, and overcomes all roadblocks (configuration management, logistics, security, etc).

Has piloted various programs to achieve CMMI/3 certification win. For JITC certification win, wrote all necessary test documentation and built entire test environments as an expert systems test architect in this field. Performs alternate role to industry to assist DISA in updating various MIL-STDs as official group member.

Special projects have included upgrading systems to new waveforms integration, line of site and other advanced special communications mode contracts, plus various classified projects as well. Previous secret clearance. DOORS, Code Stricker. Contact us for more details! 02122015.4

Quality Director – Medical Implants / Telecommunications

MSEE/>20 Years.  An executive level quality manager with additional talents for project management and new product development. Drives ISO 9001/13485, AS9100, Kaizen and Lean principles to streamline design and company-wide processes. Achievements include: Cutting product development cycle 3 years to 1 and prototype development by 25%; introduction of CAD/CAM systems; yearly sales increases (7 figures) with many new product introductions; customer returns reduction by 35%; and, manufacturing costs reduced. Provides excellent ancillary skillsets such as project management (budgets, scheduling), technical staff management, developing in-house HALT/environmental test capabilities, and training teams to perform root cause/corrective action. Owns supply chain quality/reliability with MRB and Counterfeit Parts expertise. Dual industry talent: High reliability satellite programs and bio-med spinal implants. Contact us for more details! 02102015.2

Senior PCB Layout Designer – RF, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal

>20 Years. A prototype and mass production senior level PCB  layout designer for complex, high density, multi-layer boards for through-hole, SMT (FPGA, BGA, uBGA), applying to analog, digital, mixed signal and RF. Designs to all constraints such as differential pairs, impedance control, signal integrity, EMC, EMI and ESD and DFM/DFA/DFT standards. Creates and maintains footprint libraries, schematics and mechanical drawings. Performs feasibility studies, breadboarding and debugging, supervises engineering lab, maintains test equipment, sets up test stations and is “go to” for design engineering staff. Has background in lasers, electro-optics and magnetics. Uses PADS, OrCAD, AutoCAD, CAM350. 02102015.1

Semiconductor Product and Test Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. Has product engineering focus in 150mm to 300mm process factories for advanced 0.13 to 0.25 micron high power, high density analog CMOS and Bi-CMOS for prototype devices. Drives from concept to production, performing qualification / characterization, and generating specifications, and pre-production samples. Significant test engineering lead (test plans, binning, critical ramp through volume, platform conversion). Routinely reduces packaging costs (10%) and has released several mixed signal products to exceed corporate sales revenue goals by 80%. Vast array of tools and languages: Embedded C, PERL, MathLab, SAP, Spotfire and more. Test technologies/platforms: TestWare, ATE, VLCT, IFLEX, Catalyst, A580. 90-100K. 02032015.1

Aircraft Systems Project Engineer / Test Director

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A dual talented project engineer, with extensive test responsibilities, for aircraft systems. Leads large teams for software, hardware and electrical design and integration for the following systems and applications: Unmanned autonomous vehicles, experimental aircraft, flight module structures, propulsion, auto-pilot, auto-gyros, housings and more. Provides test direction related to both ground / flight tests and integrated systems during flight. Oversees testing of flight controls computer software (Linux/ADA/C), develops simulations, instrumentation and test plans, and performs qualification testing. Conducts design reviews with military/defense, aerospace and commercial industries. Has management experience over bid processes/marketing and contract negotiations. Resolves COTS integration issues. Uses SolidWorks, Six Sigma and lean principles. 100-110K. 02022015.2

Power IC Failure Analysis / Test Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. Has comprehensive expertise in failure analysis, test engineering and product launch for semiconductor power ICs, MOSFET drivers, CMOS-integrated voltage regulator ICs for buck converters, and integrated power distribution / protection ICs in CSP and fcQFN packages and more. Performs bench evaluation, ATE characterization, fault isolation, and product qualification. Designs burn-in circuits, generates schematics and approves PCB layouts. Ensures that products packages comply to: JEDEC/HTOL, ESD, LU, HAST, PRECON, HTS, TC, THB. Uses DataPower, Bench-ATE, OrCAD. 100K. 01302015.1

Process Engineer / Facility Manager – ICs, Wafers

MSEE/20 Years. Provides semiconductor IC manufacturing fabrication and MMIC  / SiC / GaAs wafer fabrication facility management. Install new systems such as LPCVD, develops various technologies such as nanowire processes for innovative battery applications, troubleshoots and repairs lab equipment / instruments such as CVD and RTP systems. Develops CVD thin films, gold plating processes, and GaAs wafer wet chemical etch process to improve uniformity for RF power products, and uses SPC for quality control. Has expertise in initial lab setups (startups) and refurbishments with focus on enhanced performance and resulting reduced costs. 70-80K. 01292015.1

Aerospace RF / Communications Project Engineer

MBA, BSEE/>10 Years. Leads high level teams to design complex projects, to include: Airborne laser communications (high bandwidth, link analysis, pointing, acquisition and tracking algorithms); Systems architecture for airborne laser weaponry systems; and, Hardware test bed stations for WiMAX applications (involves ASICs, TX/RX RF paths, power supplies, digital / analog circuitry, and test firmware). Projects are always innovative in nature. Complies with various standards such as IEEE 802.16e. Conducts highly attended design reviews and has substantial customer focus and interaction. Subcontracts management expertise. 120-130K. 01202015.8

RF Design / Test Engineer

BSEE/10 Years. Well rounded RF design and test engineer experienced with cavity resonator filters, front-end modules, PA characterizations and passive devices for ceramic and laminate substrates. Strong internal and customer technical communications / documentation skills for generating specification and more, performing theoretical and electrical analysis, and high level specialization with RF test equipment / bench. Has applications background for PA network design and technical support to include amplifiers and wireless product lines. Substantial acceptance and environmental test / validation responsibilities. 85-95K. 01192015.4

Design and Test Engineer – Power Supplies / Motors / Semiconductor

MSEE/>20 Years. Has good mix of product design and test experience involving digital / analog circuitry, power management ICs, power supplies, various topologies, transformers, converters, switch mode, motor drives, rectifiers, regulators, propulsion systems, and real time operating systems (RTOS). Performs simulations, characterizations, troubleshooting, complex and various analysis, generates BOMs, specifications, schematics capture and provides customer support. Has a very strong alternate role to develop test benches and custom test equipment, providing EMI test/analysis and reporting. Industries: Avionics, satellites, space program. Fluent: Zuken, MathCad, LabView, PSpice and more. Has formal recognition. 125-135K. 01142015.7

Senior Quality Engineer and Manager – Avionics

MSME-Honors/18 Years. Solid quality management for hydraulic/fuel systems and precision machine components, turbine engines, and substantial magnetics; for avionics, space program, aerospace, military/defense industries. Drives ISO, AS9100, Lean principles QX-plus, 5S, Pull, Kaizen programs. Skillsets: Managing supply chain, production schedule/resource allocation, involved with MRP, MRB, applies “one piece flow”, internal/external party inspections and creates formal plans, internal/supplier/government audits, customer returns investigations/resolution, control plans, measurements analysis, approves prints and flow charts, and participates in product planning. Performs as DSQR and other roles. Also designs/3D models test fixtures/jigs. Proactive. Contract candidate. 110-130K. 01142015.3

Senior Design Engineer – Motors

BSEE/>20 Years. Concentrated experience in design of various types of motors / motor drives / controls, generators, rectifiers, inverters, converters, topologies, controls, magnetics, sensors, transducers, MOSFET, PCB and other test fixtures / equipment. Performs re-designs. Applications vary from avionics, pump systems, HVAC to elevator systems, CNC / manufacturing systems. Has SMT / CNC expertise. Uses AutoCAD, Procom Plus, Labview and more. 130K. 01132015.12

Program Manager – Transportation / Avionics / Satellite

BSEE (plus)/>20 Years. Extensive executive managerial experience across transportation (locomotive), avionics (controls) and satellite (payload test systems) industries for commercial and aerospace. Has division operations management, provides strategy planning, quality assurance, timely deliverables for large contracts, additional revenue capture, program reviews, material / subcontract management, substantial high finance / budget responsibilities, formalized risk mitigation, high level reporting. Has developed custom procurement databases. Previous Top Secret clearance. Multiple professional certifications. 130-140K. 01132015-11

Senior Design Engineer / RF and Semiconductor – Contract

MSEE/>20 Years. A dual, high talent design engineering contract professional and mentor for RF, semiconductor industries. RF: Antenna and satellite systems, oscillators for microwave/beam, convolvers, FPGA, specialized military computer systems design, power supplies with topologies, converters, optical, transceivers, DC/DC and more. Semi: PCB, power ICs, digital, mixed-signal, interface cards, networking products, microprocessors, SoC, ASIC, BiCMOS, motherboards and more. Other skillsets include component libraries development, modeling, simulation, schematic capture, optimization, complex analysis, packaging layout, specification generation, design review and redesigns. Has substantial test equipment development expertise. Teaches various technologies to industry, has staff management and extensive project management experience. Very fluent: Cadence, Verilog, DxDesigner, JTAG, Ethernet, Eagle, PathMill and much more. Manuals author. 120-130K. 01122015.13

RF PCB and Test Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. Dual talent and innovative hands on engineer for design, test, troubleshoot, debug, and validation for lifecycle PCB, analog, digital, SMART boards, wireless circuitry, audio, video, power supplies, filters, antenna systems, and cables. A test engineer expert involving environmental, sampling, test cases, test plans / equipment / development, ATE systems, designing related hardware and tooling, and software programming. Significant lab and test bench setup, plus manufacturing environment experience. Well versed in all lab tools. Provides additional skillsets such as technical support, specifications, root cause analysis, BOM creation, software programming, applying regulatory standards (FCC plus) including regulatory interaction with overseas factories and suppliers. Uses OrCAD, PADS, PCB Designer, Altium, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Eagleware, ADS and more. Applies 5S and lean principles. 70K. 01122015.9

Contract Design Engineer – Motors, Magnetics

BSEE (plus)/15 Years. A well-developed engineering contract / consulting professional, working with aerospace and military/defense for design, test and simulation. Also performs PCB board and component level layout/development. Has considerable test technology: Develops bench fixtures, tooling and equipment. Performs evaluations and qualifications and monitors EMI. Circuitry, magnetics and power electronics include: Filters, DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, converters, inverters, analog, digital, MOSFET, multiplexers, motor drives/controllers, FPGA, battery chargers, power supplies, topologies, and current protection technologies. Has product packaging background. Uses Spice family, OrCAD, Cadence and more. 170-190K. 01072015.11

Test Equipment Engineer / RF, Automotive, Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. A long history designing test equipment, hands on building stations and facilities and procuring all materials necessary, supervising test groups and developing procedures for variety of electronics, including special test equipment for prototypes. Has worked with test technology for: UPS, DSP, converters, motors, transformers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, PLC, various other electronics and semiconductor / software, amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, fuel cells and hybrid vehicle subassemblies. Industries are commercial, automotive, avionics, government and RF / satellite programs. Good contract work candidate. Uses Labview, Spice, ORCAD, RS422 and more. Uses wide array of test tools and analyzers, and well-versed in MIL-STDs.  Very well traveled. 75-85K. 01052015.18

Mechanical / Component Engineer – Power Electronics / PCB

BSME/10 Years. Consistent background with power electronics to include power system and PCB components, DC/DC, converters, power supplies, prototypes, and electro-mechanical systems. Has functioned as design / quality / reliability and component engineer. Generates SOWs, performs failure analysis, various technical reporting and drawings / plus 3D, develops work instructions, SMT verifications, and substantial ISO background. Has strong experience with test performance / procedures / analysis and reporting; especially for environmental factors. Uses LabView, SEM, Sebastian, IMADA, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and more. 85-90K. 01052015.16

Lead Electrical Engineer – Power Electronics

BSEE/10 Years. Has a varied engineering management background in lifecycle power electronics projects applicable to: Embedded systems, variable frequency drives (VFD), inverters, motor drives, power supplies, battery management systems, test software / tools / equipment, sensors, generators, wind turbines, microprocessors, mixed signal, PCB layout and components, plus prototypes. Performs high level design reviews, firmware and software development, failure analysis and resolution, comprehensive field service management – including internationally, equipment repair / integration, and schematic capture.  Applies to aerospace, energy and military. Uses Altium, OrCAD, LTspice, Ethernet, Python and more. 100-110K. 01052015.12

Engineering Manager – Power Electronics

BS/20 Years. A frequent problem solver overseeing engineering groups for lifecycle of power electronics / power distribution, such as: AC and DC power, inverters, switch mode, fuel cells, backup power units, engines, microprocessors, instrumentation, test fixtures / equipment, PCB and components engineering. Has extensive product management and applications engineering background. Industries are mainly utility, OEM, telecommunications, avionics, aerospace, military. Works to stringent standards. Provides customer training, fault analysis,  and substantial documentation handling of all kinds. 90-100K. 01052015.10

Business Development / Product Manager

BSET/>20 Years. Brings a technical hand to multi-million $ sales revenue generation and marketing / bid process management. Experience applies to electrical power, avionics subsystems, test equipment, consumables, PCBs and various electronics – mostly for aircraft and aerospace sectors. Has a variety of skillsets for value add: Streamlining processes and manufacturing process flow development, team building, product launches, technical presentations and product training, extensive customer contact, government pricing audits. Uses Oracle ERP, SAP and more. 100K. 01052015.9

Applications / Test Engineering Manager – Relays

>20 Years. A high level technical teacher and customer liaison for protection and control technology in utility / substations sector. Performs detailed training and demonstrations. Expert in relay testing software. Well travelled. Fluencies: SCADA, Megger, SEL, SKM and more. 110-120K. 12232014.4

Mechanical Engineering Manager – Product / Processes

BSME/>20 Years. A concentrated mechanical engineering background involving variety of managerial platforms to include: Substantial process improvements, product qualification and prototypes, design reliability / analysis, packaging, leads and directs large engineering groups, tooling implementation, production costs reductions, and facility automation. Has experience designing various electronics and ATE. Product lines involve electronics, magnetics and subsystems for aerospace, satellite, space program and electrical industries. Vast array of professional certifications: Taguchi, Six Sigma Black Belt, TRIZ and more. Fluent: Pro-Engineer, Pro-Mechanica, FloTherm, Patran, ANSYS, MatLab, Minitab, MathCAD and more. 140-160K. 12102014.5

Regional Sales Director, Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. Manages large sales groups for multi million $ sales volumes for power electronics (switchgear, automation, reclosers, power demand equipment, high voltage) and test instrumentation, cabling. Applicable industries: Utilities, industrial. Responsible for new product and business development, strategic account and sales channel management, planning, forecasting, negotiations, and managing customer service teams. Has significant training and education experience. 120K. 12082014.6

Regional Sales Manager – Industrial Equipment

BSBA/>20 Years. A proven leader over regional sales teams for test and measurement equipment, power distribution units, switchgear and lighting for utilities and industrial sectors. Performs at multi million $ level. Is expert at streamlining sales teams while increasing sales revenue. Has product management, marketing background and hands-on electrical.  160-170K. 12032014.2

Technical Sales Manager – Substation Protection / Control

BS-CIS/>20 Years. Brings substantial design and test background to highly technical sales skillsets for industrial, large facilities and utility applications. Background is concentrated on substation equipment / system sales for SCADA, RTU, meters, reclosers, high voltage, SMART Grid, power supplies, and especially protective relays, automation. Expertise is in sales channel management – all types, marketing, and substantial training (including customer, utility personnel), customer technical support programs, variety of technical analyses, and development of test systems / procedures. Is renown for protection and control technical classes. <150K. 11202014.15

Regional Technical Sales and Field Service Manager

BSEE/Honors. Manages regional sales groups for high voltage power test equipment and instrumentation. Develops service and calibration contracts, with pricing strategies and negotiations, travels domestic and international for installation, demo and training for customers, manages field service and test groups. Substantial technical input to marketing. Has bio-medical applications experience. Uses MATLAB, LabView, SAP, C. 70-90K. 11172014.19