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Sr Switching Power Supply Design Engineer

BSEE. Highly experience design engineer, working almost exclusively with switching power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC) of custom and next-generation nature. As Staff Technologist, performs research and concept on various related projects. Provides validation and HALT/HASS test skills. Writes software for data collection purposes. Has magnetics (transformers) design experience. Uses MathCAD, Hypercube, Assembly, C, GerberCAD, Spice. 100K. 06122015.3

Sr Design Engineer – Power Supplies, LED

MSEE. Multi-talented LED lighting engineer performing hardware design, lab and chamber testing, thermal/failure analysis, and optical measurements. Also skilled in software embedded firmware, analog & digital circuitry, and highly skilled in product UL and EMI certification. Works with DC/DC, AC/DC switchmode power supplies, converters, LED lighting engines, PCBs. Uses Altium, SolidWorks, Altera, Xilinx, AutoCAD. Multilingual. 15 Years. 80K. 06122015.01

RF & Power Supply Design Engineer – Contract

BSEE. Very broad RF and power electronics design experience: Military and programmable power supplies, ballasts, induction motor drivers, multi-kW AC/DC & DC/DC, UPS, radar and communications applications. Strong sustaining engineering talent, project planning, EMI testing, technical bid process, and is tech support “go-to” for manufacturing and production management. Has all relevant design tools skillset & advanced PSpice. Contract Only. $65/Hr. 06112015.5

Consulting Engineer – Power Electronics, Lighting

MS-Physics. Strong electronics and magnetics designer fluently skilled in switchmode power conversion & topologies, low/high voltage power supplies, lighting devices (LED drivers, ballasts, controls), analog and digital circuitry, laser drive products. UL, CSA, FCC and ANSI standards for high volume production. Solves various problems such as reliability issues, EMI, harmonics, and thermal management. Uses MathCAD, PSpice, SwitcherCAD, PADS, Altium. CONTRACT ONLY. Multiple patents. $50/hr. 06102015.7

Sr Transformer Design Engineer

BSEE. Consistent experience designing transformers for UPS and inverter products, working with single and 3 phase, switchmode, ferro-resonance, high voltage & frequency – up to 3000KVA, and next-generation custom applications. Routinely provides redesign and streamlining of design process, test equipment, and component sourcing, resulting in up to 40% in cost reductions. Applies to industrial, oil & gas, utility and nuclear markets. 115K. 06102015.4

Power Electronics & Magnetics Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE/BSEE-Honors. Specializes in design, research and testing of various power electronics for oil & gas industry: Custom DC/DC converters, motor drivers, transformers, inductors, switch mode power supplies plus semiconductor devices and modules. Performs design, test, characterization, validation, simulation, analysis, schematic capture and PCB layout. Designs to reliability and form factor concerns. Uses PSCAD, MATLAB, Simulink. 5 Years. 100K. 04062015.2

Lead Power Supply Design & Reliability Engineer

MSEE. Leads large engineering design teams  for energy conversion, power distribution and magnetics equipment to include:

  • Switchmode power supplies, UPS, transformers, inverters, converters, and battery management systems/chargers.
  • Develops, trains and manages seasoned/high performing engineers, develops communication protocols for new product development, and implements high $ cost-saving changes to supply chain and processes.
  • Very strong quality and reliability focus as C.R.E. (5S, TQM, Six Sigma, ISO). Has won ISO facility certification.

Industries: Aerospace, defense, commercial, green energy, data centers. Contract or Direct. 145K. 03162015.3

Contract Power Supply Design Engineer – Space, Military/DoD

BSEE. A power supply design specialist working with a variety of types: Forward switching, switch mode, ASIC, high/low power, rad-hard, and flyback – applying to space launch vehicles, military aircraft/ground transport and various DoD/NASA classified projects. Works to very high reliability standards, performs stress analysis and production & EMI test support. Designs related analog circuits and has experience with motor controls, regulators, Li-Ion battery chargers and fuel cell power systems. Uses ORCAD, PSpice, LTSpice, MathCAD, SiMetrix/Simplis, Contract Only. 90K. 03112015.2

Sr Electrical Engineer – AC/DC & DC/DC Power Supplies

BSEE. Strong design and “go to” electrical engineer for custom power supplies for telecomm, test/measurement, medical and automotive industries. Design variables concern switchmode, PFC, current sharing, remote sensing, forced cooling and customer-specified safety, immunity, and emissions requirements. Performs various analysis (worst-case stress, HALT, EMI), simulation, and laboratory testing. Verifies product for manufacturing readiness, collaborates with overseas engineering, conducts design reviews and has extensive customer interaction. Uses Code Composer, MathCAD, LTSpice, MPLAB. 110K. 03032015.5

Embedded Firmware / Power Conversion Engineer

MSEE/<15 Years. A dual talent engineering professional, providing embedded firmware development and power electronics design for solar and utility power generation. Has developed function architecture for entire PV monitoring system.

  • Works with photovoltaic, magnetics, converters (various topologies, ZVS, ZCS), inverters, gate drivers (IGBT, MOSFET), switchmode and more.
  • Embedded firmware, controls and devices involve 12C/SPI/USB communication interfaces, algorithm, DSP, FPGA/PCB layout.
  • Performs high level analysis (stress, reliability prediction, thermal); troubleshooting (also EMI/EMC); simulation; modeling; proves out UL/FCC testing.

Uses PSIM, SIMetrix, VHDL, Altium, Simulink, MATLAB, C. HazMat Certs. 120K. 02252015.01

Field Applications Engineer, Power Electronics/Semiconductor

MSEE/15 Years. A dual talented professional engineer working with microelectronics/power components and semiconductors such as power modules (for configurable power supplies, converters and regulators), branch circuit monitoring sensors for DC/DC boost converters, polymeric sensors, power management/analog and ASICs. Additional products include RF and power systems such as switchmode power supplies, high speed digital data transmission, transducer bridges. Provides various types of customer technical support, strives to extend customer support through and beyond delivery, and focuses on demand creation. Applies to military, automotive and transportation industries. Multiple publications and has patent activity.  100K. 02242015.2

Senior Design Engineer – Power Supplies

MSEE. Designs power supplies (switchmode, pulsed 4kW, 300V, 45A), motor drives, planar transformers, converters / inverters (UCD3138), battery chargers, and drivers.

  • Is resonant PFC circuitry and various topologies expert (LLC, interleaved bridgeless, half bridge, phase shift ZVS, buck, flyback).
  • Mathematical modeling, simulation and designs to EMI and thermal management concerns.

Uses MATLAB, PSpice, OrCAD, LabView, Eagle, Altium, Simulink, Visio. Skilled in majority of lab test tools. 100K. 02042015.5

Senior RF/Microwave Engineer and Project Manager

20 Years. Has strong hardware and circuit design, construction and product management experience. Hardware involved: Microwave / millimeter wave devices with planer / waveguide topologies from 70MHz to 107 GHz; high efficiency/low noise switch mode power supplies; high power/density RF and multilayer PCB design/layout with high signal integrity and max thermal performance. Works with strong RFI, EMI and ESD suppression and stringent high reliability compliance. Provides simulation, thermal analysis, various complex product analyses, and assembly process enhancements. Applies primarily to space, military and some commercial. Has developed key industry linearized channel amplifiers. Strong focus for reliability processes. Secret security clearance. Uses HFSS, OrCad, AutoCad, SysCalc, Altium, Eagleware, EM simulator and more. Available for contract or direct hire. 100-110K. 01232015.5

Senior Electrical Hardware Design Engineer

BS-Physics, Chem, EE/>20 Years. Multi-faceted, senior level engineer working most recently with high-rel products such as mixed-signal, NFC, power conversion systems (to 30KW), solar cell array power point tracking, power line communications/PLM, switchmode power supply converters, inverters, regulators, circuit breakers and signal processing. Designs controllers for actuators; electro-optical and RF communications systems for avionics; spacecraft power systems, sensors, instrumentation and subsystems; and medical implants. Also has undersea sonar background. Strong, applicable regulatory compliance (MIL-STD-882, EMI, EMC, ESC) with risk analysis focus. Has strong patent processing expertise. Consultant or direct hire. Uses OrCAD, Capture, PSpice. 140-170K. 01232015.3

Design and Test Engineer – Power Supplies / Motors / Semiconductor

MSEE/>20 Years. Has good mix of product design and test experience involving digital / analog circuitry, power management ICs, power supplies, various topologies, transformers, converters, switch mode, motor drives, rectifiers, regulators, propulsion systems, and real time operating systems (RTOS). Performs simulations, characterizations, troubleshooting, complex and various analysis, generates BOMs, specifications, schematics capture and provides customer support. Has a very strong alternate role to develop test benches and custom test equipment, providing EMI test/analysis and reporting. Industries: Avionics, satellites, space program. Fluent: Zuken, MathCad, LabView, PSpice and more. Has formal recognition. 125-135K. 01142015.7

Director of Engineering / Magnetics, Power Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. Executive level engineering manager for military, avionics, medical, industrial and consumer electronics applications. Large array of products. A few are: Power supplies, switch mode, transformers (wire wound, core, planar), inductors, converters / ASIC, logic/control circuits, EMI filters, thermals, chargers (Li-Ion, NiMH). A topologies expert. Performs research, design, development, qualification and component selection for SMT, alternate sourcing, drives low cost/high volume manufacturing principles and streamlining, responsible for NRE budgets, overseas factory production, technical proposals. Strong focus on reliability, plus highly specialized / innovative designs which value-adds business development. 175-185K. 01142015.5

Senior Power Electronics Engineer

Ph.D.-EE/<5 Years. A highly educated power electronics engineer with a massive variety of products involved. A few are: Converters, inverters, power supplies, switch mode, topologies, instrumentation, MOSFET, power management ICs, DSP, ballasts, LED lighting, motor drives, energy storage, fuel cells, and renewable energy systems. Provides design, simulation, modeling, verification, debug, plus generates technical documentation, manages regulatory issues for team, works closely with suppliers and others, and FMEA. Has strong test skillset to develop plans and procedures, provide reliability and qualification testing plus variety of environmental tests. Very prolific technical author. Uses Matlab, Simulink, PSpice, DSPACE, Simplorer and much more. 80-90K. 01142015.1

VP, Operations – Electronic Systems / Communications / Power Electronics

BSIE-Honors/>20 Years. Executive level operations and manufacturing professional for domestic and international concerns in aerospace, avionics, defense/military and commercial industries. Applies cost controls, provides supply chain / configuration / resource management, inventory / production control, strategic business goals, high level customer problem resolution, multi million $ profit / loss / margin / budgets and customer returns program responsibilities. Has grown expansion division startups, overseen multiple locations, and implemented vast cost reduction programs. A significant additional role in quality management. Multiple professional certifications. APICS, Kanban, TQM, Lean, ISO. 200K. 01132015.14

Power Management IC Electrical Engineer

MSEE/>15 Years. Specializes in power management IC high level design, and  with various other power electronics also involving product development, simulation, testing, verification, component selection, and complex specifications: Analog, mixed-signal, SoC, ASIC, FPGA, embedded systems, DC/DC, converters, various topologies, Li-Ion and NiMH/ chargers, PCB layout, amplifiers, microcontrollers, switch-mode and electrode systems. Experience applies to stringent standards, including FAA, and critical power, imaging and medical applications. Fluent: Altium, MATLAB, Simulink, OrCAD, Xilinx, Cadence, CMOS, BiCMOS and more. 80-90K. 01072015.5

Hardware Engineering Manager – Embedded Systems / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level product design and redesign architect with extensive engineering management experience. Various end uses but primarily defense, avionics / payload / aircraft, RF. Also lasers, IT / networking, telecommunications and medical. Products specifically include analog, mixed signal, embedded systems, DSP, power supplies / UPS, converters, battery management, motor drives / controls, switch mode, sensors, MOSFET, AC/DC, RS232/422/485, encoders, FPGA, and light metrology. Extensive root cause determination talent and substantial support of complex proposal responses. Is project oriented and driven. Fluent: Spice family, PADS, Agile, Orcad, Solidworks, Xilinx and more. Awards, patents, publications. Six Sigma. 135-145K. 01062015.14

Senior Electrical Design Engineer – Power Electronics / Contract

MSEE/>20 Years. A highly skilled contract engineering professional with a varied background primarily power electronics such as design of: Power supplies, converters, inductors, transformers, lithium battery chargers, AC/DC, DC/DC, switch mode LED drivers and virtually all topologies. Has prototype expertise. Also experienced integrated circuit designer with PCB and layout, analog, mixed signal, MOSFET. Industries are semiconductor, IT, aerospace, telephony, networking/PC applications, satellites. Works for product integrity regarding EMI and thermal issues. Generates complex technical and also safety documentation. Patents. Fluent: SPICE family, Eagle, CMOS, BiCMOS. 110-130K. 01062015.8

Engineering Manager – Power Electronics

BS/20 Years. A frequent problem solver overseeing engineering groups for lifecycle of power electronics / power distribution, such as: AC and DC power, inverters, switch mode, fuel cells, backup power units, engines, microprocessors, instrumentation, test fixtures / equipment, PCB and components engineering. Has extensive product management and applications engineering background. Industries are mainly utility, OEM, telecommunications, avionics, aerospace, military. Works to stringent standards. Provides customer training, fault analysis,  and substantial documentation handling of all kinds. 90-100K. 01052015.10

Global Product Management and Strategic Analysis

MBA, MSEE/20 Years. Provides high level analysis, strategy, sustainability and other skillsets for multi million/billion organizations for solar, LED lighting, HVAC, utility and telecommunications industries. Multi-talented in: Innovative solutions, technology assessment, sustainability, product improvements, software deployments, customer program development, process / supply chain management, global alliances, profit / loss responsibilities. Has substantial marketing background. Product lines development/ technologies: generators, backup power systems (fuel cells, batteries, rectifiers, switch-mode), power supplies, condensers, energy monitoring equipment, optical connectivity, energy storage devices and engineering services. Excellent consultancy candidate. Uses MicroStrategies, SAS, APT, Mini-tab. Six Sigma. 150-160K. 12082014.4

Chief Engineer – Power Electronics / Grid

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. A high level engineering professional for solar grid / power plant electrical systems architecture. Provides plant design, validation, modelling, load profiling, reliability reviews, new product innovation, intellectual property management, project/program management, customer design reviews, engineering team management, funding/grant wins, technical proposal generation, first article builds, cost modelling, reliability studies and allocation of resources. Products / technologies: Smart Grid, DC/DC, DC/AC, converters, topologies, inverters, UPS, generators, controls, motor drives, analog, power protection, battery management / chargers, switch mode, MOSFET, stabilizers, excitations systems, magnetics, RF, SoC, power systems software and more. An excellent consultancy candidate. Collaborates with industry leaders. Multiple patents, publications and presentations. 200K. 12052014.3

Design Engineering Manager – Power Electronics / Magnetics

BSEE/>20 Years. A multi-talented power electronics / magnetics expert for satellite, military, telecommunications, OEM, IT/semiconductor, and automotive industries. Leads large engineering groups in multiple locations for all tasks including packaging. Develops applications engineering teams, various infrastructures, methodologies, on-site product training, project management with cost/schedule concerns. Involves multi-million $ product lines including: Analog, mixed signal, power management ICs, semiconductor, MOSFET, regulators, various converters and topologies, DC/DC, switch-mode, power supplies, power controllers. Extensive customer interaction and support, often on-site. Well travelled. Has in depth technical marketing and sales channel management experience. Vast array of patents and publications. 120-130K. 12042014.18

Senior Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. A very well-rounded power electronics engineer for IT, medical and other industries – all to regulatory standards. Performs design, modeling, analysis, test, debugging, optimizations, implementation, theory, and authors vast array of technical documentation. Specializes in power fail redesign and circuitry performance. Products / technologies are: Transformers, power supplies, switch-mode, converters (with all topologies), clamp resets, inductors, chokes, protection and control, magnetics, battery chargers, AC/DC, DC/DC. Uses PSpice, Orcad and others. 90-100K. 12042014.2

Design and Applications Engineer – Power Electronics

MSEE/5 Years. Performs design, component selection, evaluations, simulations, validations, troubleshooting and debugging for power management ICs, converters, regulators, switch-mode, DC/DC, analog electronics and more. Proficient in FPGA / ASIC technologies, power supply solutions, PCB layout and mitigating EMI. Generates technical documentation and acts as customer liaison for unique solutions. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, Altium and more. 80-90K. 11202014.16

Senior Power Electronics and RF / Microwave Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level staff engineer with extensive experience for design of power electronics, analog and substantial RF/microwave. Performs safety / EMC and multiple certifications compliance, R&D development, analysis, modeling, simulation, onsite applications engineering for customers, and field service engineer training for aerospace, space program, satellite technology, commercial and instrumentation industries. Products/technologies involved: Power electronics, power supplies and ICs, converters, analog, switch-mode, amplifiers, generators, high voltage, tubes / magnetics / transmission components, DC motor drives and more. Uses Pspice, Magnetic Designer, Orcad, PADS, Viewlogic and more. 110-130K. 11202014.3

Contract Power Electronics Engineer

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. Well-travelled engineering design professional with wealth of experience supporting aerospace, avionics, IT and other industries. Performs high level design, modeling, bridging, simulations, system testing plus EMI, fault and thermal analysis, debugging, and full documentation development. Products / technologies are: inverters, converters, controls, sensors, AC/DC, DC/AC, FPGA, VHDL, motor drives and controls, servo systems, photovoltaic, switch-mode, topologies, analog, digital signal processing, algorithms. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Simpower, LabView, C and more. Heavy patent activity. 175-185K. 11172014.16

Engineering Manager – Magnetics

>20 Years. A well-rounded wealth of experience from sales / marketing to operations, to mechanical and engineering hands-on design, R&D, technical support and training for magnetics, lighting and power electronics (power conditioning, frequency conversion, wide variety of transformers, switch mode, switches, inductors, high voltage, etc). Performs failure analysis, material supplier negotiations (and offshore), substantial customer interface / technical support and extensive new product development. Industries: Avionics, military, commercial. Uses AutoCAD Mech, Autodesk Inventor (3D) and has experience with high volumes. Well-travelled, patent activity. >100K. 11142014.12

Senior Embedded Systems and FPGA Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. High level engineer performing processor design, modifies code, bus interfacing, schematic capture, EMC, designs simulator tools, and also project supervision. Products / technologies are: FPGA, CPS, motors controls, switch mode, analog/digital conversion, fibre channel, ethernet, internet protocols, digital control electronics. Substantial implementation, test and integration experience for commercial, telecommunications, military, medical. Fluencies: C, LabVIEW, Orcad, Xilinx, Altera, VHDL and much more. Had Secret Security Clearance, patent activity. 125-135K. 11142014.10

Power Electronics Principal Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE/20 Years. Well-rounded background in design, develop, evaluate, simulate, verify, test, diagnose and troubleshoot power electronics for military, LED and IT applications. Products include power supplies, drivers, AC/DC, DC/DC, battery chargers, switch mode, analog, filters and converters – often R&D. Technical talents include bridging, topologies, stringent regulation compliance (Energy Star, MIL-STDs etc) and EMC. Uses Mathcad, Protel, ASIC and more. Prolific author and patent activity. >100K. 11142014.3

Lead Design Engineer – Power Supplies, Semiconductor

BSEE/>20 Years. An excellent contract / consultant / direct candidate with wide background in power electronics and semiconductor. Specific, multiple areas of expertise involves specification, design, scheduling, assembly / qualification and other testing, validations, bridging, topologies (flyback etc), simulations, modeling, customer support, international teaming, field engineer training, regulations compliance and more. Technical products/technologies:  Power supplies, AC/DC, DC/DC, switching, switch-mode, converters, battery chargers (nickel, lithium), rectifiers, analog, circuit boards, SMT / component placement etc, EMC / EMI / RFI control and more. Experienced as an applications engineer. Industries or areas: Military, space program / satellite, avionics, medical, automotive, outdoor (rugged), high volume consumer electronics. Very well-travelled. Uses Unix, cadence, PSpice, Orcad and more. 120-130K. 11112014.4

Consultant, Operations and Mechanical – Energy and Power Systems

>20 Years. An excellent candidate for upgrading company processes or building start ups. Various expertise includes: technical staff leader, product definition, production and engineering processes such as setup of PDM databases, tools and equipment, building test beds, implementing SMT and is point person for regulatory bodies. Has implemented entire large company technical and operational databases (networking, TCP/IP) for various usage applications. Multi-million $ product lines to include: Micro inverters, high volume consumer electronics, other power conversion (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC, AC/AC), smart energy modules, switching, switch-mode and rectifiers.  Solar, radar and utility applications. Uses Cadence, Orcad, SQL, Visual FoxPro and more. 160-180K. 11102014.11

Design Engineer – Power Electronics, Magnetics, Lighting

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background in power electronics, magnetics, RF / microwave, telecommunications, health and lighting industries product design with substantial test expertise. Includes component levels. Products / technologies involve switching power supplies, transformers, inductors, chokes and more for EMI suppression, plus high voltage, DC/DC, converters, topologies (flyback, bridging, etc), switch mode, MOSFET, ballast circuitry and more. Uses variety of analyzers and photometric equipment for testing. Expertise includes developing manufacturing processes and resolving technical problem in the field. Uses Altium, TurboCad, Spice, Oracle and more. 80-90K. 11052014.12

S/W, F/W & Test Development Engineer – Contract

BSEE-ME. Broadly experienced project manager and test/product development contract engineer with applied research expertise involving variety of products and embedded systems: Power supplies, ATE and highly complex test equipment/systems, actuators, switch mode, digital, FPGA/microcontrollers, TCP/IP platforms, signal conditioning/processing, interface bus, process controls. Applies to: Space, aerospace, communications, power systems, R&D, instrumentation. Expert in designing/developing test stations including software with EMI focus. Oversees technical staff, training. LabView, Altium, Doors. Patents, awards. >15 Years. 130K. 11052014.2

Design Engineer – Power Electronics

BSEE/5 Years. Designs and tests variety of power electronics to include: power supplies, transformers, converters, PFC, RF/microwave amplifiers, high voltage, switch mode, embedded, and prototypes. Conducts design reviews, development test requirements / procedures, resolves failure causes, and has an IT background as well. Uses wide variety of analyzers and other equipment. MATLAB, AJAX, Linux and others. ISO.  90-100K. 11032014.7

Project Engineering Manager – Solar Power Electronics

MSEE/15 Years. Exceptional project-oriented manager with substantial technical ability for power electronics (power supplies, Li-Ion battery products, solar power devices, power conversion, microcontrollers and more), plus consumer IT products.  Strong leader with analysis, evaluation, and interfacing with all relevant parties to include test laboratories, customers. Significant expertise with topologies such as flyback, well-versed with high level safety regulations, EnergyStar, R&D, and developing and analyzing technical documentation / specifications. AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, Orcad, PADS. 90-100K. 10232014.10

Lead Design Engineer – Power Supplies

BSEE/>5 Years. Majority of background with high voltage power supplies and components (buck, flyback, etc), drivers, amplifiers, converters, switch mode, embedded and other power-related devices and technologies. Is often Lead. Applicable industries: Power plants, military, medical. Related skillsets: prototype, test / troubleshooting, volume production,  develop documentation / procedures. MATLAB, C/C++, PSpice and more. 100K. 10222014.4

Business Development Consultant – Power Electronics

MSEE/<20 Years. Strong high technology business development background involving lighting (LED/solid state aka SSL) power management, power semiconductor and communications arenas: Power ICs, power switches, communication transceivers, high voltage DC/DC converters and switchmode, high power inverters, AC/DC LED drivers and more for military, IT, OEMs, global customer base. Extensive experience on start-up and management of applications engineering staff due to strong background in that field. Extensive experience in entire product life cycle, authoring technical documentation, marketing. Patent holder. Well travelled. Strong consulting skills. 150K. 10212014.13