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Sr Regional Technical Sales Manager – Transformers

BSEE. Brings principal engineering design background to global sales management talent for transformer sales and service / utility voltage regulation. Includes related test equipment, and also breakers, relays, controls, substation monitoring equipment. Works routinely with OEMs and closely with clients/end users providing tech support, problem resolution and training in an applications role. Contract or Direct. 135K. 06112015.01

Sr Software/Systems Field Engineer – Renewables

MSME/BSEE. Strong software development, simulation, validation, and systems engineering talent for wind/solar markets working with SCADA automation and substation / transmission line layout. Extensive domestic/international field work with upgrades, modifications, farm management systems, and testing. Provides equipment mechanical/electrical support, turbine optimization, root cause analysis and prototype commissioning. Background in harsh environment data acquisition, wireless telecom embedded software. Uses Wind/SolarSCADA software, WindPro2, MATLAB, Simulink, SQL, CanBUS, C. >15 Years. 100K. 05142015.01

Vice President – Business Development, Utility Equip / Automation

MSEE. Strong executive-level business developer for utility/renewable energy equipment and services such as: Large transformers, switchgear, high/medium voltage breakers, and power transmission and distribution solutions and automation, such as substation SCADA. Strategizes, defines and monitors utility market/competition, provides marketing and promotion leadership, establishes regional service sectors and introduces strategic sales programs to boost revenue. Is liaison for overseas factories and performs product certifications. 130K. 05112015.8

Protection and Controls Design Engineer – Utility, Generators

BSEE. Develops and updates P&C schematics, wiring diagrams and design packages for distribution/transmission utility substation equipment such as for line switching, breakers, transformers. Experienced with substation modification/upgrade projects, including SCADA, automation, and RTU. Generates and executes test procedures and provides overall engineering support to field crews and onsite technicians. Has experience leading teams on reclamation generator projects. Strong technical documentation specialist. 5 Years. 75K. 05082015.01

R&D Electrical Engineer-Micro/SmartGrid Systems

Ph.D-EE. A well-studied electrical scientist and applied research engineer for high voltage power distribution/SmartGrid, with experience in system security and economics. Well organized for automation, optimization, re-structuring, analysis, monitoring and voltage controls, and data analytics. Applies to utility, solar and electric vehicles business. Multiple publications, awards, and strong industry participant. MATLAB, C, Python, PSCAD, WindMil, CYME, MilSoft, SAS. Thrives in innovative environments. 10 Years. 70K. 05062015.01

Sr Substation Standards Engineer – Protection & Control

BSEE/Honors. Responsible for evaluating, developing and leading others in engineering standards for substation protective relay equipment and controls, SCADA, plus transmission, distribution and fossil plant electrical equipment. Evaluates emerging technologies, regulatory changes and develops resulting design/planning integration strategies. Strong supervisory experience. Often is member of focus teams (i.e., customer satisfaction, reliability engineering). Many professional certifications (PE, PMP etc) and awards. 125K. 04272015.6

Substation & Protection/Control Support Engineer

MSEE. A substation, distribution and transmission support engineer, performing both design and oversee of relaying and metering 1/3 diagrams, interconnection diagrams, panel layouts, schematics (transformers, lines, banks, breakers), drawings, DC & AC auxiliary systems, fault studies, and relay settings. Supports full SCADA integration and automation projects. Performs electrical analysis such as short circuit, relay coordination using CYME. Designs auxiliary systems (batteries, chargers, load centers, conduit/cabling). Helps customers define scope/upgrades. 5 Years. 90K. 04272015.3

Principal Electrical Engineer – T & D Planning

BSME/EE, PE. High voltage electrical planning leader working with power distribution, substations, SCADA; power transmission/grid; and power generation plants, all to IEEE, NERC and other regulations.

  • T&D planning: Concept, licensing/permits, easements, structural, foundations, physical layout, switching/protective relays schemes, reserve/auxiliary power, and equipment selection. Strong skills working with variety of transformers.
  • Strong analysis and technical studies skills: load flow/forecasting, grounding, fault, stability, lightning, harmonic.
  • Transmission line design including underground, overhead and subsea.

120K. 04082015.3

Electrical & Systems Design/Integration Engineer

BSEE. A truly diversified engineering professional:

  • Substation, SCADA and Protection & Control: Leads field installations, performs switching, wiring and drawings verifications, troubleshooting
  • Critical Power: Designs, integrates and installs UPS, power monitoring and other equipment, optimizes data management and provides customer technical support for large entities (data centers, military (FAA), Internet-of-Things)
  • Communications:  Experienced developer and systems integrator with HMI, video, audio and security control systems for military and government organizations. Subject Matter Expert on video monitoring

Contract or Direct hire. 80K. 03182015.01

Power T&D / Substations Sales & Services Manager

BSEE. Brings technical edge to power transmission and distribution automation and equipment sales and service. Utilizes industry experts to enhance sales revenue for Smart Grid, advanced metering, demand response, SCADA control, voltage optimization/monitoring equipment, and wireless communications. Oversees regional management, channel sales staff and partners, providing custom sales plans and applied industry research initiatives. Provides overhead/underground switchgear expertise. Maintains 7-figure budgets and tracks performance goals results. Utilizes cross-business principles. 10 Years. 90K. 03172015.10

Project Manager – Power T&D

BSEE. Project manager for utility power transmission/distribution systems, Smart Grid, concentrating on customized power equipment, communications and monitoring systems (SCADA) integration with end users. Owns transformer bushing monitoring platforms product line. Implements market-driven system enhancements, performs product testing (hardware, code, IEEE/UL/IEC compliance, environmental) and manages warranty concerns. Responsible for vast amount of technical documentation including user manuals. AutoCAD. <10 years. 70K. 03132015.9

Power Systems/SCADA Substation Automation Engineer

Performs automation and planning for large, high voltage substations for utility and industrial sectors.

  • Complete drawing packages for SCADA/HMI, protection and control, metering and communications.
  • Comprehensive analysis and studies, using ETAP & SKM for short circuit, load flow, device coordination, relay settings and arc flash.
  • Single line, block and wiring diagrams; A/C and D/C schematics; and wiring, DCS, PLC, grounding, power equipment and panel layouts.
  • Power factor and harmonic modeling, simulation, workload demand, PFC.

Has experience with real time data management systems and global electrical codes, and is project-minded. 110K. 03052015.01

Substation and Plant Automation Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Integrates, configures and programs routines/code for various systems into power transmission and distribution electrical substations, power plants, plus oil & gas and mining refineries. Works with SCADA, HMI, protection & control, PLC, DCS and ERP for site automation. Manages teams on various refurbish, re-instrumentation and new installation projects; monitors cost, budget and schedule; develops ESD programs; and generates user-friendly but highly technical maintenance programs. Is very project-minded. Has developed prototype libraries for documentability. Is a hands-on expert with various protocols such as IEC-61850 (and more), DNP, OPC, Modbus and too many to list. Uses C, Gensym, Visual Basic and more for programming. Multi-lingual. 90K. 02232015.4

Power Generation Plant M&O and Project Manager

MSEE/>15 Years. Oversees and manages various technical aspects of power generation plant operations and concepts, working with: Electrical “balance of plant”, energy storage systems, motor control centers, SCADA, excitation systems, protection and control, transformers, rectifiers, converters and more. Has hands-on initial concept design for specifications and develops: Excitation system software patches, simulation models and factory test protocols with FAT coordination. Performs field/design staff and other resource allocations and provides customer technical support. Is project-minded. Has a background in power generation, nuclear and other types of plants retrofit and modernization, domestically and internationally. Has worked with steam turbines. 100-120K. 02112015.3

Power Systems / Protection and Control Engineer

BSEE-Honors, PE Cert/<10 Years. A professional engineer with power systems and substations expertise, and strong customer focus, relating to protection and control, utility networking automation (Modbus, NDP, IEC61850) and IP architecture, and complex load-flow/short circuit/fault modeling and disturbance/system stability analysis. Experience applies to various relay types (digital microprocessor, universal), SCADA, meters and metering rates concepts, switchgear and components and more. Uses 3-phase relay test sets, performs CT selection, systems simulations, implements asset management projects, and often provides managerial consulting on-site with substantial customer and regulatory officials interaction. Builds customer relationships and increases upgrade revenue. Utility, wind and solar power industries. Uses Matlab, PSpice, PSCAD, ETAP, SKM, Gantt, CRM and more. Available for direct or contract hire. 80-90K. 01222015.2



Systems Integration / Automation / SCADA Engineer

BSEET/>20 Years. Designs and programs substation automation solutions/SCADA and HMI using SQL, DMS/EMS systems and network configuration, and integrates protection / control and data acquisition devices for utilities. Integrates data from analog feedback, digital IO and variable frequency drives. Design experience includes various hardware, panels and layouts.  Manages bid processes and technical proposals. Works with various resources to actively resolve all customer issues. Uses AutoCAD, Visio. 80-90K. 01202015.6

Regional Sales Manager / Substation, Telecommunications

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A proven technical sales professional with dual product line talent. Drives new product development, marketing campaigns, very large contract negotiations, applies customer influence, interacts with suppliers, manages groups of channel sales / territory coverage plan startups, develops non-existing market for new products, and provides technical training / presentations. For power electronics, involves substation protection and control, SCADA, and various electrical systems and equipment and maintenance services for utilities and government organizations. For telecommunications, involves carrier plans, equipment, and wireless systems. Awards and formal recognition.  80K. 01132015.10

Engineering Manager – Utility/Grid, Wind and Solar

MBA, MSEE. A diversified, top level managing professional for large engineering groups with talents affecting multi million $ in revenue and cost savings.

  • Smart Grid, power transmission and distribution for solar/wind, substations/SCADA, power electronics (switchgear, generators, UPS), software/embedded projects.
  • Drives lifecycle product innovation and special skillsets include project/program management, overseas outsourcing, proof of concept.
  • Diversified Industries: Utility, solar, wind, avionics, aerospace, petrochemicals, automotive, medical, robotics.

Six Sigma Black Belt, TQM and lean. 125K. 01122015.11

Applications and Power Electronics Design Engineer

MSEE/>10 Years. An innovative design engineering professional involved with drives, switchgear, converters, transformers, embedded controls, microcontrollers, circuitry (analog, digital), MOSFETs, gate drives, generators, protection and control, PLC, SCADA, excitation systems, turbines and more. Provides design, simulation, test, troubleshooting, and extensive specifications / manuals / manufacturing documentation. Applications vary and include substations and power plants for utility industry. Has significant test engineering involvement and some field installation / startup / failure analysis management expertise. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Labview, PSCAD, SIMetrix, and more, and has some FPGA. 70-85K. 01122015.3

Control Systems and Integration Engineer

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A vast amount of very innovative systems design, integration and upgrade experience working with various hardware and software, embedded technology, PLC, thermals, automation, RFID, real time operating systems, robotics, HMI/SCADA, motion controls, green energy/generators and more. Varied industries such as industrial, power electronics, medical, entertainment/TV, consumer products and food – along with various stringent regulatory codes (FDA, etc). Provides object/component oriented programming, reverse engineering, modeling, simulation, algorithms, testing, technical documentation, extensive technical support, networking, and drives concepts to fruition. Uses AutoCAD, SQL, XML, OPS, Modbus, Labview, Matlab and more. An excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01122015.2

Protection and Control Substation Lead Technician

20 Years. Has a concentrated background in substation power electronics involving: Relay protection and control, SCADA, transformers, breakers, switches, regulators, motor controls, VFDs, fiber optics, instrumentation and more for utility, plants, avionics, telecommunications and nuclear applications. Performs programming, upgrades, extensive test, repair and troubleshooting. Has a variety of additional skillsets: Technician supervision, labor union / contractor / vendor interaction, CNC and conveyor systems, and robotics. Background has significant work with power generation, transmission and distribution grid systems. Work to variety of code standards, plus FAA. Uses AcSELerator, EnerVista. ISO. 90-100K. 01082015.4

Power Transmission and Distribution Sales Executive

MS-Business, MSEE-Honors/>20 Years. A global power transmission, distribution and power measurement business developer for million / billion $ projects and programs. Is expert at capitalizing on industry trends / metering initiatives, energy renewables, developing non-traditional utility clients, driving design/build programs, and using overall extensive industry associates to grow revenue. Has substantial marketing and sales / competitor strategy skillsets; a corporate communications, risk management and technical applications engineering background; and protection and control, SCADA and Smart Grid concepts. Highly awarded, multiple recognitions, and very active in relevant industry organizations. Six Sigma Black Belt expert and instructor. 220-260K. 01072015.13

Director, Protection and Control Engineering / Utility

BSEE/>20 Years. Provides top level utility plant protection and control engineering management. Responsible for planning, managing and coordinating all activities related to P/C installation and maintenance. Is technical go-to for power distribution, transmission and generation areas as to facilities stability, performance. Provides complex analysis, investigations/studies, advises system upgrades, uses high level relay software test programs and conducts P/C formal instruction. Supports outage/emergency failure resolution. Reviews drawings, designs, schematics. Fluent: SCADA, CAPE, AREVA, ETAP and more. Has multiple professional certifications, frequent presentations. 90-100K. 01072015.12

Field Service Electrical Engineer / Protection and Control

BSEE/15 Years. Brings a varied background with multiple technical talents for design engineering, field service installation, maintenance and repair for substations / utility. Includes calibration, extensive test expertise / troubleshooting, failure mitigation, complex analysis and comprehensive regulatory compliance skill. Significant vendor relations/monitoring. Involves transformers, transducers, breakers, switchgear, relays, fiber optics, SCADA. Has aerospace/avionics and automotive design background: VFDs, motors, pumps, video, thermal imaging, instrumentation/sensors, and accelerometers for vibration / reliability systems issues. Also FAA expertise, Top Secret clearance. Fluent: Spice family, Matlab, LabView, Simulink, Catia, SAS and much more. Multi-lingual. Multiple professional certs. 80-100K. 01072015.2

Senior Electrical Engineer – Power Systems / Substations

BSEE/>20 Years. A highly experienced contract design engineer working with gas / steam turbines, power plant systems, substations and all related power electronics and equipment: (High voltage, transformers, protection and control, metering, SCADA, batteries and chargers, UPS, motors, generators, instrumentation and transducers, plus much more). Works to stringent regulations and code, provides facility support such as contractor liaison and schedule, procurement, etc., trains technical staff and has significant test experience. Extremely well traveled. A well-versed contract candidate. 125-135K. 01062015.7

Electrical Project Manager – Substations / Transmission Lines

AS (plus)/>20 Years. A lifecycle project oriented leader for very large substations w/SCADA, transmission/grid lines and electrical construction for utilities, plants, space program facilities, military and various governmental organizations. Vast lineup of professional certifications. Works with high voltage / arc flash (expert), underground and overhead lines, O&M, power distribution, critical power, battery systems and more. Multi tasks contracts through to closeout, performs all phases or project management (planning, budget, analysis, scheduling, negotiations, reporting, technical drawings / specifications compliance, outside contractor responsibilities), employs safety programs, is frequently equipment instructor, and hands on constructs and installs substations and their subsystems. Uses NIMBUS, has FAA experience, and substantial field service. Very well traveled.  Excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01052015.15



Engineering Manager – Substation / Grid Electrical Systems

MBA, BSEE/Nuclear. A project lifecycle and customer driven engineering professional, overseeing all aspects of engineering groups and tasks, from workload assessment to revenue forecasting plus everything in between. Drives grid and substation design, implementation of SCADA equipment, technical details / integration of RTUs, PLCs and more, is utility and customer liaison, and develops large bid responses. Has many plant projects in background, including reactors and hydroelectric. Has standards authorship. 100K. 01022015.9

Facilities Electrical Engineer

BSEE-CE/<10 Years. A hands-on technician for critical power organizations, providing large facilities power maintenance and operation (distribution / generators / HVAC / industrial lighting) and generating technical documentation as needed – all to stringent regulatory standards. Works with many power systems and products: Infrared testing, power controls, grounding systems, transformers, circuit wiring, breakers, transfer switches, fiber optics and UPS. Also has significant expertise with wind turbine generators for very large farms, using SCADA, performing root cause analysis, applying Six Sigma and lean principles, and working with motors and variable frequency drives. Has background in networking. Uses MiniTab, EAP, PSpice, and more. 70-75K. 12232014.9

Supervising Substation Engineer

MBA, MSEE/<10 Years. A supervisor-level engineering professional with concentrated high voltage utilities substation expertise. Prepares technical drawings / schemes / plans for various purposes: Structural (i.e. elevation), and electronics such as switchgear, relays, meters, breakers, UPS, generators, transformers, etc.  Various project management elements include: Generating SOWs / BOMs, working with customer specifications, complex calculations, preparing estimates / schedules / bid processes, commissioning, site visits / inspections / FAT, customer liaison, and contract management. Also has significant data centers/HVAC experience. Fluencies: SCADA, Minitab, PLC. Has multiple technical certifications (Six Sigma and more). 125-135K. 12232014.7

Applications / Test Engineering Manager – Relays

>20 Years. A high level technical teacher and customer liaison for protection and control technology in utility / substations sector. Performs detailed training and demonstrations. Expert in relay testing software. Well travelled. Fluencies: SCADA, Megger, SEL, SKM and more. 110-120K. 12232014.4

IT/Networking Regional Sales Manager

BA/20 Years. A concentrated background in all things IT/networking. Specializes in IP cyber security, video surveillance, ethernet, IT communications, wireless, fiber optics, and highly complex solutions. Applications and industries are utility, public works, data centers, military , transportation, industrial automation, oil/gas (petrochemicals) and OEM. Authors many technical guides and presentations, plus frequently conducts formal training. Leads large sales groups over large territories, and forms collaborative teams to drive sales revenue. A consultant candidate. SCADA, Linux and more. 80K. 12232014.1

Senior Software Architect – Power / Utility Industry

MS-Applied Math/>15 Years. A high level software architect, working with embedded firmware technology, for following applications: Desktops, client-servers, configuration management, communications, SCADA protocols, XML data processing, user interface, intelligent control products, object-oriented projects, and proprietary software / firmware development. Performs high level customer troubleshooting, testing and maintenance for utility industry, performs scripting and many other design and development talents for full software life cycle. Uses Trac, Jira, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, WCF, SQL, ADO.Net. 130-150K. 12022014.14


Substation Protection and Control Senior Engineer

Ph.D.-EE, CS/10 Years. A high level power protection and control engineering leader, dealing with large transmission stations, grid power, substations and also hydro-generation plants. Besides relay, capacitor bank and system P and C design, works with: Transmission lines, transformers, generators, breakers, FPGA, RF electronics, EMTP / transient / SCADA, Smart Grid, high level monitoring systems, early warning systems. Performs quality analysis, modeling, testing, troubleshooting, automation. Has developed large network architectures, cyber security systems, and an entire substation facility. Provides extensive field training and on site hands on installation and test. Has significant safety and ISO background. Uses Matlab, ASPEN and more. Patented. Published. 100K. 12022014.10

Electric Utility Power Distribution Switching Engineer

BSEE/>5 Years. works with utility high voltage substations and power distribution on an operational / planning / hands on level to ensure reduced service outages and reliability. Extensive knowledge of interconnects, switching execution and planning. Works to stringent electrical standards, trains employees, performs root cause analysis and has significant expertise with power protection and control (relay) with lab test environment and on site. Maintains SCADA, performs various studies such as line impedance, employs load, voltage and equipment considerations for switching activities – especially for emergency or storm scenarios. Uses MatLab, Visual Basic and more. 75-85K. 12022014.7

National Business Development Manager

BSBA/20 Years. Sells and hands on project manages control rooms and building security systems to include power management for large facilities. Very high level sales and R&D with management of staff and teams. Vast array of industries to include utilities, government, sensitive military projects, oil / gas, wind farms, transportation and much more. Solves complex high voltage power problems. High level plant operations for very large customers. Develops building green energy automation concepts. Multi million $ negotiations with corporate contracts. Develops/presents 3D simulations. Multi-awarded and renown for business leadership. SCADA, LEEDS. Security clearance. Very well travelled. 100-120K. 11262014.2

Senior Test Engineer – Transformers

MSEE/<10 Years. A power electronics engineer with significant expertise to include virtually all test methods (plus design ability) for a wide variety of transformers. Uses added technical knowledge of grid, power generation / transmission / distribution, protection and control, high voltage/HVDC, SCADA, and various other power electronics strong familiarity for field service substation test responsibilities. Has test technician group supervision experience. Focuses on reliability, design procedures, regulatory code compliance, test schedules, reports and root cause analysis, with background in quality assurance. Uses MatLab, PowerWorld, AutoCAD and more. 70K. 11252014.9

Substation Technical Marketing and Sales Director

BSEE(plus)/>20 Years. Bringing a technical background, this sales professional implements multi-million $ sales and revenue growth, working with utilities, aerospace, industrial, OEM, GIS and petrochemicals industries. Drives channel sales and marketing efforts, performs various market analysis, leads new product development, and monitors profit / loss. Has high value specialty clients and maintenance contract expertise. Substation products involved are transformers, breakers, meters, inverters, switchgear, system software, micro-grid systems and more, plus also data storage and embedded technologies.  SCADA. 150K. 11252014.3

Electrical Engineering Project Manager – Utility / Solar

BSEE/10 Years. High level engineering manager responsible for large groups in the utility, solar, commercial, industrial and residential applications sectors. Significant staff development, training, teaming and customer service expertise. Develop new methodologies / processes / technical applications, extensive special projects and innovation management, cost estimating, safety principles and code compliance fluency. Experience involves substation systems, power protection, relay, panels, SCADA, photovoltaic, GIS and other transmission and distribution projects. Uses AutoCAD, Permits Plus, ASPEN and more. 130-150K. 11252014.2

Simulation and Interoperability Engineer – Aircraft

MS-Systems Engrg/11212014.5 A systems and software engineering expert in communications, navigation / tracking and implementation interoperability for avionics, weaponry and satellite systems. Performs system architectural design, modeling, simulation and various analysis, root cause, etc. Prepares complex technical proposals. Uses SCADA, ClearCase / Quest, iSMART, ADA, Fortran, Linux and more. 70K. 11212014.5

Technical Sales Manager – Substation Protection / Control

BS-CIS/>20 Years. Brings substantial design and test background to highly technical sales skillsets for industrial, large facilities and utility applications. Background is concentrated on substation equipment / system sales for SCADA, RTU, meters, reclosers, high voltage, SMART Grid, power supplies, and especially protective relays, automation. Expertise is in sales channel management – all types, marketing, and substantial training (including customer, utility personnel), customer technical support programs, variety of technical analyses, and development of test systems / procedures. Is renown for protection and control technical classes. <150K. 11202014.15