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Mechanical Engineer – Oil & Gas Pipelines

MSME. Performs subsea and onshore pipeline and related equipment design, metals fabrication, and various mechanically engineered solutions. Includes pressure vessels, heat exchangers, mixers, tanks, compressors, FEED and rotating machinery. Skilled at various analysis: Stress, vibration, structural. Generates specs/technical docs and flow diagrams, selects/evaluates supplier materials, performs simulation. HazMat Expertise. Uses Pro-E Wildfire, SolidWorks, CAESAR, PV Elite, Algor FEA, PIPESIM, Ansys, Auto/MathCAD. Many Addit’l certs. Contract or Direct. 10 Years. 70K. 06162016.01

Program / Project Manager – Offshore / Power Supplies

PMP. Manages multiple multi-million $ offshore/oil platform and subsea installation projects for oil & gas industry. Acts as primary client point person during entire project. Manages all project elements such as: Vessel operations, tooling, procurement, resource/vendor management, risk assessment, hazmat / safety / quality control and reporting, cost/budget tracking, assets control, commissioning/inspection processes, SOW and related documentation, schedule, and deliverables invoicing. Strong high $ power supply projects background for networking and storage. <10 Years. 110K. 06112015.3


Sr Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Contract

MSEE. Designs converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC – all topologies), inverters, motor drives, power supplies, PFC, sensors, instrumentation, controllers (MOSFET, IGBT, FPGA) with embedded controls interface/debug talent.

  • Performs modeling, validation, characterization, analysis, system integration.
  • Translates customer requirements into specifications/technical documentation & user guides. Supports all design reviews/customer reporting.
  • Ensures EMI compliance, strong component level expertise.

Applies to rugged environments, MIL-STDs, and industrial, aerospace, solar, IT. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, MathCAD, LT/PSpice, PSim. Contract or Direct. 130K. 06092015.01

Power Electronics Mechanical Engineer – Downhole / Subsea

PhD-ME. Very well-rounded Mechanical Engineer designing from concept to assembly and testing. Develops power supplies, inverters, amplifiers, battery chargers, rotary/reluctance motors, turbomachinery, solenoids, subsea communications/downhole electronics (extremely harsh environments), and hybrid vehicle control systems. Strong electromagnetic motor designer and teacher. Talents include feasibility, troubleshooting, testing, simulation, finite element anlysis. AutoCAD, Altium, ANSYS, SolidWorks, ANSOFT, DASYLAB. Contract or Direct. Patents, Pubs. 130K. 06042015.12

Principal Power Electronics Engineer – Contract Only

Ph.D-EE. Strong power electronics design consultant working with varied products:

  • Battery management systems (lithium, polymer), chargers, motor controllers, unique power supplies, high voltage inverters and IGBT drivers, power conversion solutions with special topologies, analog/digital circuitry and RF/wireless devices.
  • Products often R&D, radiation-hardened, and/or utility-grade for undersea, automotive, military, solar, industrial, commercial uses.
  • Develops specs, test procedures, and performs systems integration.

Background in robotics. Many patents. Contract Only. 130K. 05222015.01

Sr Staff RFIC Design Engineer

PhDEE. Strong design skills at chip and board level for active/passive RF components, modules, MMIC, millimeter-wave devices and subsystems including amplifiers, phase shifters, filters, transceivers, and ruggedized devices. Proven experience with GaAs PHEMT/ HBT, SiGe HBT, and GaN process. Concept and architecture into modeling, simulation, layout, test, tuning, and troubleshooting, including military applications. Uses ADS, HFSS, AutoCAD. Patents. 120K. 05192015.6

Mechanical Engineering Manager – Military / Defense

Multi-Degreed. A process improvement expert value-added to electro/opto-mechanical engineering management skillset, designing military cryptographic and ruggedized enclosures for military transportation such as submarines, tactical training systems, and information systems. Performs and trains thermal / heat transfer, shock, vibration, weight, structural, and tolerance stack-up analysis.  Experience with sustainability, NRE development/costing. Background in military integration/production facility management and operations. Countless design & analysis tools including fluent ICEPACK, DOORS, MATLAB, SolidWorks, Pro-Mechanica. Active Secret clearance. 130K. 04092015.4

Director, Engineering/Mechanical High Temp Equip

Ph.D-ME. Leads design teams at technologist level for automation equipment, turbines, power generation/conversion, renewable energy/hydro-power (marine) and power modulation equipment. Performs computational mechanics, risk assessment, validation, budgeting, scheduling, plus drives product roadmaps, generates system-level specifications, and designs to stringent standards for harsh environments (thermals, vibration etc). Structural analysis involves rotor dynamics, bearing system analysis, hydraulics.  ANSYS, CFX, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Abaqus, C, MATLAB, Simulink, Maple, MathCAD. Multi patents/award/honors. >15 Years. 175K. 03172015.01

RF/Communications & Mechatronics Engineer – Contract

PhDEE/Mech. Designs highly advanced electronics and systems for military/DoD electronic warfare, RF/microwave, avionics, wireless and communications industries.

  • Large systems design, test and integration: Communications, radar, missiles, computer-controlled weaponry, antennas, servo-controlled guidance systems.
  • Power electronics/RF subsystems design includes analog, digital, switchmode/linear power supplies, transformers, battery chargers, embedded microprocessors, RF/millimeter wave, antenna systems, filters, receivers, wireless/short range communications devices, GPS, synthesizers, amplifiers, down converters, phase-lock-loops.
  • Strong analysis and pioneers scientific studies involving electromagnetic field theory, nuclear effects, rad-hard concerns, product life reliability, infrared techniques.

Inactive security clearance. Works to many MIL-STDs. Technical papers. MATLAB, Momentum, MathLab/CAD, Simulink, TINA, Maple, LabView, Sonnet, LinearX, Verilog/FPGA, ARM, C, Assembly, Artificial Intelligence S/W. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 03122015.01

Mechanical Design and Analysis Engineer – Defense Radar/RF, Displays, HMI Devices

MSME/10 Years. A mechanical design engineer with complex analysis talent for various RF/radar ruggedized devices, components and systems for avionics/shipboard applications. Has designed test fixtures/environments for radar programs as lead. Provides extensive prototype and verification skill, re-design responsibility, design review presentations to large audiences, and generates required technical documentation including specifications. Applies high level design parameters such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and computational fluid dynamics. Performs various analysis (environmental, thermal & mechanical loads and more).  Has CNC machining abilities. Works collaboratively with all departments necessary to ensure quality design, cost effectiveness and timely delivery. Has standardized and repaired metadata for internal data libraries. Uses SolidWorks (strong), Visual Basic, I-deas, NX CAD, G Code, SolidCAM, HSM Works. 70-80K. 02232015.2

President / CEO – Power Electronics and Systems Solutions

Pre-MBA/20 Years. A highly awarded executive level business developer for power electronics, systems and solutions for military/defense, and commercial / industrial private and public organizations (applying to severe environments such as nuclear submarines and weaponry; and, radar, communications, transportation). Specializes in talent management to reinvent multi-disciplinary, high-performing teams to drive multi-million $ sales revenue increases (8 figures). Achievements include successful labor relations negotiations, exponential global market share increases, quality certification wins, and “Preferred Vendor” formal recognition wins. Has background in marketing / sales for power magnetics and instrumentation. Secret security clearance, Six Sigma and multilingual. Contact us for more details! 02042015.2

Embedded Systems Design Engineering, Consultant

BSEE/>Contract engineering design expertise for a variety of critical control platforms:

  • FPGA ethernet and ECL differential communications interfaces (CMOS/PCBs), encrypted internet connectivity, algorithms, embedded PCB test hardware.
  • Nuclear reactor plant containment/cooling: Bus communications, loop control, ADC/DAC. Verification, validation, simulation, SoC design, staff education.
  • Space/Avionics rad-hard systems design/integration: Docking, launch vehicle & aircraft brushless motor controls, solar array systems, missile guidance systems, embedded systems, CMOS logic, DSP. Documentation within NASA 7123/7150, DO-254 and DO-178B standards. Drives DO-254 wins as Expert.

VHDL, Xilinx, DOORS, Aldec, Altium. 210K. 02032015.8

RTOS Software Systems Engineer/Programmer – Military/Defense

BS/15 Years. Develops, programs, integrates and troubleshoots networking systems (servers, workstations), embedded communications and IT hardware, complex database programming and development, and mass data storage/backup libraries and enclosures, largely for military/defense industry for ruggedized environments. Configures security and encryption functions with risk management focus. Also performs substantial web server app development and porting. Top Secret Clearance. Vast range of tools/languages, a few are: UNIX, Linux/Red Hat, Microsoft; Async, Bisync, Bash, KornShell, PHP, Python, Perl and much, much more. Holds long list of professional certifications. Available for contract or direct hire. 150-160K. 01232015.1

Principal Mechanical Engineer – Aerospace and Space Program

MSME/15 Years. A mechanical engineering and design prototype professional, involving packaging, product development, modeling, simulation, variety of analysis, FEA, packaging, troubleshooting, integration. Performs high level analyses, design performance tests, and environmental test (including rugged). Provide bid process technical support, NRE cost estimating. Extensive experience with high level regulatory standards. Works with very large systems such as satellite communications, antennas, datalink terminals, high-reliability electronics, power supply assemblies, optics, heat exchangers, actual spacecraft with various peripheral units and systems. Industries: Aerospace, avionics, space program, warfare. Delivers specialized training workshops and customer presentations. Fluent: Matlab, DOORS, Primavera, ANSYS and much more. >100K. 12012014.6

Mechanical Project Engineer, RF/Microwave-Contract

MSME. Excellent high level, “large project” mechanical engineer for aerospace/avionics, space, and military/defense [warfare] applications. Products: Power electronics, converters, ruggedized equipment, GPS, radar, microwave, satellites, RF (amplifiers, filters), wireless communications, shipboard systems, underwater vehicles.

Develops design and test concepts, conducts design reviews, performs environmental analyses/FEA, creates assembly hard models, acts as customer liaison, and is expert in electronics packaging. Pro-E, SolidWorks. Secret security clearance. >100K. 11202014.14

Lead Design Engineer – Power Supplies, Semiconductor

BSEE/>20 Years. An excellent contract / consultant / direct candidate with wide background in power electronics and semiconductor. Specific, multiple areas of expertise involves specification, design, scheduling, assembly / qualification and other testing, validations, bridging, topologies (flyback etc), simulations, modeling, customer support, international teaming, field engineer training, regulations compliance and more. Technical products/technologies:  Power supplies, AC/DC, DC/DC, switching, switch-mode, converters, battery chargers (nickel, lithium), rectifiers, analog, circuit boards, SMT / component placement etc, EMC / EMI / RFI control and more. Experienced as an applications engineer. Industries or areas: Military, space program / satellite, avionics, medical, automotive, outdoor (rugged), high volume consumer electronics. Very well-travelled. Uses Unix, cadence, PSpice, Orcad and more. 120-130K. 11112014.4

Regional Business Development Manager – Power Electronics

MS/>20 Years. Provides sales management and leadership, with technical fluency, involving rugged UPS, inverters, converters, DC power, battery chargers, valves, off-grid power fuel cells, electro-mechanical devices and more. Industries/applications are industrial, aerospace, military, utility OEMs, nuclear, oil / gas, biochemical. Performs strategy / forecasting / budgeting, and manages manufacturing representatives and distributors. 100-110K. 11032014.17

Power Supply Design Engineer – Consultant

BSEE. Re-engineering, design and analysis of single/3/split phase, SMPS, linear and switchmode power supplies, surge protection, inverters, non- & isolated converters, and rad-hard missile/space DC/DC electronics hardware. Strong thermal management skill. Prototype evaluation, simulation, validation, lab testing, modification, and enhancement under active Secret clearance, MIL-STD’s and UL. FPGA, SolidWorks, Inventor, Auto/MathCAD, Altium, Cadence, PSpice. >125K. 10162014.4

Engineering Manager/Technical Lead

PhD-EE. New product development leader from concept to product launch for grid-scale energy storage, battery systems, frequency regulation, and reserve power for wind farms, utilities and large critical power organizations/plants. Very strong ruggedized UPS engineering management background. Creates algorithms, performs simulation, complex modeling, and designs/presents complete systems for custom solutions. Delivers within time and budgetary constraints, working directly with customers and regulatory issues. Many design wins and design “firsts”. 160K. 8232023