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Global Sales Engineer – Motors/Turbomachinery, Sensors

Well-traveled, global sales manager working with turbomachinery, electric motors and related test equipment, pumps, actuators, sensors/detectors, robotics, high pressure reactors and industrial equipment and software automation for variety of markets such as automotive, defense, chemical plants, refineries and oil & gas. Excels with new product launch, demonstrations, consultative style, and problem resolution. Expert negotiator. 80K. 06082015.01


Principal Engineer – Embedded Controls / FPGA, DSP

Ph.D-EE/CS. Performs architectural S/W design for DSP & FPGA embedded controls: Real time operating systems, robotics, motor drives, motion control, DC & AC conversion with various topologies, inverters, UPS, processors. Generates custom specifications, develops complex algorithms, designs data acquisition, and performs troubleshooting, simulation. Optimizes for quick turnaround. Works with CAN, MATLAB, Simulink, LTSpice, Code Composer, OrCAD, C, Assembly, uC/OS, RS-232/422/485, EtherCAT, Actel. Patents/Pubs. >15 Years. 150K. 06012015.5

Product Development Engineer – Motion Controls

Ph.D-ME, MSEE (Honors). An excellent product developer for automotive, electric vehicle, optical, and robotics applications. Highly skilled in motion controls, software embedded controls, battery management, thermal dynamics, fuel cell controls, sensors and laser systems. Performs simulation, modeling, validation, and strong lead for test setup and development, including robotics. Uses ANSI C, Visual Basic, MATLAB, Simulink, ANSY, LabView, ASCET. Patents and Pubs. 130K. 05292015.5

Mechanical Systems Engineer – Spacecraft/Space Station

MS-Aero. An aerospace systems and programs engineering professional working with spacecraft, Space Station and planetary unmanned vehicles. Mass properties specialist and performs various space mission elemental analysis and design development, such as space debris solutions, re-entry breakup, propulsion/vibration/thermal concerns, cargo modules, inflatable and other shielding, berthing, pneumatic & environmental control systems, air packs. Strong customer design review participant and go-to. Manages mission budgets, performs critical materials sourcing. Uses MPD, BUMPER, Cradle, CORE, MATLAB, STK, PTC Creo, PRO/E, ANSYS, RedTop. Awards & publications. 10 Years. 100K. 05292015.2

Mechanical Engineering Manager – Aerospace/Military

BSME. Mechanical engineering professional, leading multi-disciplinary engineering groups for design and systems integration, aircraft automated systems, cargo mechanisms, regulators, actuators, DC/DC power conversion, enclosures, RF/satellite devices, filters, amplifiers, robotics, controls and various tooling. Performs 3D modeling, ASME GD&T, test, troubleshooting, training, FEA and structural, vibration and thermal analysis, ensuring compliance to customer requirements. Often project lead with customer interaction. Uses Pro/E Wildfire and Mechanica, AutoCAD. 120K. 05202015.3

Chief Engineer – Power Electronics & Systems

Ph.D/MS-EE. Hands-on & “Go-To” Electromechanical power systems design scientist: Motion control/robotics, Space Station power generation systems, thermal sciences, AC/DC conversion, avionics such as actuation, electric vehicle systems/drives.

  • Mentorship/training, has authored design manuals, process improvements, simulation and design tool development, and components/system feasibility
  • Expertise defining customer requirements, bid process risk avoidance, multi-site/international design review with high level client relationship development
  • Review/approval stop-gap. Drives product development/Intellectual Property

Patents, pubs, awards. Call us for more details! 05192015.01

Embedded Software Solutions Engineer/Architect

BSCE. Develops embedded software/firmware for robotics, motor controls, DC motors, DSP/microcontrollers, and real time operating systems. Provides global training and customer support, often onsite. Manages new product launch projects, designs to custom customer requirements, manages control algorithm test projects and works with multiple RTOS architectures. Uses Linux, C, Assembly, MATLAB, Eagle, Eclipse, Code Warrior/Composer, Openembedded & more. <10 Years. 100K. 04272015.01

Mechatronics Engineer, Military/DoD and Industrial Motion

MSEE/CE. Multi-disciplined engineering talent including design, embedded firmware, mechanical, software development and robotics/motion control. Products involve 3PH motors, fuel engines, generators, amplifiers, sensors, control loops, and on industrial side: precision CNC equipment, automated part handling systems, and robotics for optical applications. Often project design leader. Also performs servo loop tuning, analog/digital schematics, board and system level schematics, data analysis, diagnosis, debug and control theory research. MATLAB, CAD, Linux, C. 5 Years. 80K. 04152015.2

Mechanical Engineer – Aerospace/Space Program

MSME. Designs spaceflight and aerospace/avionics hardware, instrumentation, robotics, onboard computer systems and chassis, laser equipment, and various electro-mechanical systems to rad-hard constraints. Provides project management expertise, electronic packaging and complex analysis such as precision stack-up. Oversees project engineering design and technical staff, provides training, and ensures timeliness of deliverables. Performs support tasks such as design reviews, subcontractor selection and marketing activities. Uses Pro-E, SolidWorks, ANSYS, Cosmos, AutoCAD. Previous DoD/NASA security clearance. >15 Years. 90K. 03192015.4

Program/Project Manager – Microwave/Antenna Devices and Subsystems

MSME/>20 Years. An accomplished program/project manager, with an engineering management background, exclusively working with passive microwave devices, robotic antenna measurement systems and other similar subsystems. Works through life of project from definition of scope, resource planning, design management, risk mitigation, cost/profit & loss to project closure. Maintains customer communications, progress reporting, technical & budget support to proposal team & supply chain, and provides design conflict resolution. Has experience with on-site international systems deployment and construction supervision. Is skilled at translating customer requirements into design package reality. Implements advanced design, modeling and simulation tools for product cost reductions. Uses AutoCad Inventor, ANSYS, Encompix ERP and applies Lean, Kaizen. 140-155K. 02232015.5

Senior Engineer – Battery Systems

BS-Chem/20 Years. Specializes in designing, manufacturing and testing large scale lithium ion batteries, cells and systems. Applications involve aircraft and related weaponry; hybrid and full electric vehicles/automotive; undersea marine vehicles, shipboard systems and robotics/oceanic organizations; and, military projects. Also has experience with the Space Program as a technical liaison and with energy storage systems for grid power, solar and transportation. Available for contract or direct hire. 140K. 02022015.5

Embedded Flight Systems Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. Leads large teams in the development of unmanned aerial vehicular and autonomous systems for aerospace and avionics with robotics, motor controls and computer systems integration and development, system capability upgrades, and long term research projects which transition from concept to sales revenue. Captures project funding. Manages corporate projects planning, scheduling, tasking. Develops voluminous bid proposals. Oversees and guides global suppliers and generates SOWs for vision and adaptive systems, algorithms and virtual technology. Has established, led and maintained multi-disciplinary vehicular collaborative systems laboratories involving testbed design, embedded processor / microcontroller hardware integration / programming, and mission and control software development. 130-140K. 02022015.1

Control Systems and Integration Engineer

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A vast amount of very innovative systems design, integration and upgrade experience working with various hardware and software, embedded technology, PLC, thermals, automation, RFID, real time operating systems, robotics, HMI/SCADA, motion controls, green energy/generators and more. Varied industries such as industrial, power electronics, medical, entertainment/TV, consumer products and food – along with various stringent regulatory codes (FDA, etc). Provides object/component oriented programming, reverse engineering, modeling, simulation, algorithms, testing, technical documentation, extensive technical support, networking, and drives concepts to fruition. Uses AutoCAD, SQL, XML, OPS, Modbus, Labview, Matlab and more. An excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01122015.2

Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE-CE/>20 Years. Brings program management and technical background to sales and marketing for automation, GPS, wireless, antenna, PCB, magnetics, inductors, transformers, chokes, accelerometers, imaging systems and more. Proven sales and marketing talent for telecommunications, semiconductor, oil/gas, robotics, medical, industrial and military industries. Manages sales force and large channels, provides complex strategies, negotiations / large contracts and brings technical talent to oversee design-ins. Very well traveled. 80-90K. 01092015.3

Protection and Control Substation Lead Technician

20 Years. Has a concentrated background in substation power electronics involving: Relay protection and control, SCADA, transformers, breakers, switches, regulators, motor controls, VFDs, fiber optics, instrumentation and more for utility, plants, avionics, telecommunications and nuclear applications. Performs programming, upgrades, extensive test, repair and troubleshooting. Has a variety of additional skillsets: Technician supervision, labor union / contractor / vendor interaction, CNC and conveyor systems, and robotics. Background has significant work with power generation, transmission and distribution grid systems. Work to variety of code standards, plus FAA. Uses AcSELerator, EnerVista. ISO. 90-100K. 01082015.4

Field Service Manager / Business Manager

BSEE/15 Years. Brings technical talent to managerial expertise for field engineering staff with an eye toward customer service/profitability. Works with multi million $ budgets, drives process and workflow improvements, generates service contracts and manages finance and cost reduction aspects. Industry background is in IT, automotive, plant management, robotics, healthcare, water purification systems, and CNC/machining. 85-95K. 01072015.3

Systems & S/W Engineering, Program Mgr-Embedded Controls

MSCE, BSEE/>20 Years. Well-rounded multi-role engineering leader and program manager for consumer electronics, robotics, aerospace, avionics, defense and space program. A natural variety of products to include: Power electronics (analog, digital, converters, switchgear), embedded controls, controllers (solar array, rocket engine propulsion, ASIC motors), li-ion battery chargers, electro-hydraulics, emulators.  Performs design development for software/firmware, mechanical packaging, develops start-ups, generates complex proposal responses, conducts technical reviews, re-boots under-performing engineering design divisions. Patents. 165K. 01062015.12

Analog / Digital Hardware Design Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. A highly technical engineering professional working with RF, analog, digital, embedded technology, instrumentation, power supplies, lighting, fiber optics, LED drivers, PCBs, motor control, DSP, FPGA, algorithms, amplifiers, transceivers, receivers, and networking products. Applies to space program, RF, defense/military, robotics and IT. Leads and trains engineering staff, generates drawings / schematics / layouts, writes code, regulatory liaison and is highly project oriented. Significant test technology expertise. Uses Xilinx, Verilog, Modula-2, Pascal and more. 110K. 01062015.4

Power Systems Project Manager – Aerospace / Defense

BSEE/>20 Years. Drives complex multi million $ projects for high level aerospace, avionics, space program, defense and medical systems, involving system architectural design / test / verification / integration, large and multi location team startups, project planning, milestone scheduling, critical subcontract management, complex studies, customer interaction / design reviews. Products involve hardware and software: spacecraft subsystems, missile systems with relevant power and other electronics, robotics, ground transportation / military electrical vehicles, GUI, medical implants. Has multiple supplemental talents: Cost accounting/audits, extensive test background plus test facility builds. Is a DOORS expert and trainer. Also uses Rose, Visio. Excellent consultant candidate. Secret security clearance, multiple formal awards. 135-145K. 12102014.6

Electrical Engineering Consultant – Motors

MSEE/>20 Years. A highly innovative engineering professional for consultancy relating to magnetics, electric motors, electronic pump systems, analysis equipment, robotics, automation systems and IT/semiconductor. Develops and implements new generation 3D modeling, testing programs and software designs. Has extensive experience with designing for oil and gas industry. Large amount of patent activity, publications and presentations. Very well travelled. 200K. 12042014.16

Embedded Hardware / Software Engineer – Consultant

Ph.D-Bio Engrg/>20 Years. An engineering professional and excellent consultant candidate whose background and industry reach are well-rounded involving: Embedded firmware processors, analog / digital signal, GUI, FPGA, mixed signal, high level battery systems, critical power, high voltage, motor attenuators, algorithms, mobile power, magnetics, RF, microwave, instrumentation, field monitors, telephony development, robotics, imaging solutions, laser, pulse, electro-optics, detectors, LED lighting, CMOS, data centers, military and more. Specializes in medical implant and instrumentation technology. Performs redesigns, complex problem resolutions. Has conducted military site testing. Complies to ISO. Has a strong quality monitoring and investigation background for EMI, power low performance and other facility problems. Fluent: OrCAD, MathCad, LabView, Python, Visual Ethernet, PSpice, Xcode, Objective-C, and much more. 120-140K. 12032014.11

Mechanical Engineer-RF/SAT, AC, DC Power-Contract

MSME. A high performing electro-mechanical contract professional performing design, modeling, verification, qualification, architectural development, systems packaging and various analysis (thermal, structural).

  • Transceivers, servo-motors, AC and DC power, encryption modules, gimbal, robotics, electronic enclosures/racks
  • Thermal dynamics, rugged, harsh environment specialty
  • FMEA, EMC/EMI and stringent regulatory compliance
  • Strong engineering/project management, customer liaison skills

Industries involved are: RF/satellite, E/O, fiber optics, aerospace, defense, medical, utilities. SolidWorks, FloTherm, DOORS.  Secret clearance. >100K. 12012014.4

Regional Sales Manager – Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/15 Years. A proven, very well-travelled sales professional for multi million $ product lines to include: Power protection, UPS, inverters, battery chargers and more, plus robotics assembly solutions, and security and safety systems. Expertise includes technical fluency with coordinating engineering teams, proposal development and also extensive presentations and negotiation skill, sales plan development, territory performance turnaround and leading sole sourcing strategies. Is also a consultancy candidate. 100K. 11212014.4

Mechanical / Manufacturing / Production Manager – Avionics, Aerospace

MSME/>20 Years. A lengthy, successful history to implement high quality programs such as lean manufacturing and Q/A-Q/C standards to gain optimization, standardization, high level cost reductions and overall process improvements. Expert at product development / conceptual design, root cause analysis, complex regulatory compliance, reliability, FMEA, robotics, liaison for supply chain, develops analytical tools, improved manufacturing methods, training technical groups and complex problem solving. Industries are related to avionics, aerospace and warfare transportation. Top Secret Security Clearance. Multiple award recipient. Has Kaizen, 3D Simulation, APQP, ISO, Six Sigma. 70-100K. 11142014.2

Senior Software Engineer – Contract

MSEE/15 Years. This contract engineer specializes in software development (drivers, kernels, apps, on board computers, in circuit emulators, processors and more), socket programming, hardware debugging and implements scripts. Uses various technologies such as TCP/IP, ethernet, fiber optic, PSOS, embedded applications, Eclipse and many more. Various industries, but including communications, robotics. 125-135K. 11072014.6

Senior Electrical Design Engineer – Power Electronics

15 Years. A well-rounded technical professional with wide array of product experience for consumer electronics, medical and ATE arenas such as: Substantial circuitry (analog / digital etc), mixed signal, power supplies, drive motors, RoHS, EOL, consoles, various controls and processors, PCB design and R&D. Applications are many and include: ADC, DAC, robotics, semiconductor and more. Also performs redesign, full test, component specification, verification, debugging, and conducts design reviews for product lifecycle. Has background in Contract assignments. Altium, Serena and more. 100K. 11042014.1

VP, Engineering / Consultant

MSME/>20 Years. Highly awarded executive level R&D engineering management performer involving multi-million $ product lines for multi-billion $ companies. Products/technologies: Automation, robotics, lighting, electromechanical, devices, instrumentation, telecommunications, surveillance hardware, RF, audio, computer peripherals, controls, liquid/gas flow and heat. Industries: Medical, industrial, consumer electronics, military, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive. Expertise in applications engineering, multi-site large staff management, safety, supply chain, overseas manufacturing facilities / supplier development and securing financing. Specialized achievements in revenue increases, new product launches, start-ups, NPD process implementation. Six Sigma, ISO, Lean principles. 130-150K. 10302014.1

Design and Test Engineer / Consultant – Power Electronics, IT

BSCS, AS CAD/>15 Years. A well rounded, technical background involving development, design, test and debug multiple products and technologies: Power supplies, DC/DC, transformers, regulators, embedded systems, LCD panels, PCB/PWB layout design, analog / digital circuitry, imaging cameras and robotics. Works frequently with customers such as: OEM, high tech industries, communications and IT. MIPS RISC, PADS, Allegro, Viewlogic, AutoCAD and more. 130-150K. 10282014.10

Product Development / Systems Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Full background with aerospace, space, military, communications and computer peripheral industries involving robotics, FPGAs, microwave communications / satellite Earth Stations, electronic circuits, embedded processor design and consumer electronics. Substantial IR&D, team building and ISO experience. Has multiple awards and is well-travelled. Various levels of security clearances. EMC/EMI Energy Star compliance program, PLC, VHDL, ABLE. 80-100K. 10202014.5