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Staff RF/Microwave Research Engineer-Antennas

PhD-EE. Innovative engineering scientist working with various RF/microwave and electromagnetic technologies:

  • Antennas (including shipboard/aircraft), radar, wireless, autonomous navigation/GPS, RFID sensor systems, EMI/EMC, related computational / embedded / communications systems for space, military/defense, avionics
  • Performs concept design/feasibility, algorithm development, program support, demonstrations. Skilled at related software development. Modeling expert

Uses MATLAB, FEKO, ANSYS/HFSS, Eclectic, COSMOS, HSPice and more. Many Patents, Pubs. Very active in industry. 135K. 06082015.3

Sr RF/Microwave Antenna Design Engineer

MSEE. Team lead designer for variety of antenna types and phased array development, at both system and component levels, for satellite communications, space, UAV, shipboard, Sigint, military/warfare and wearable navigation applications. Also designs transmitters, receivers, reflectors, microstrip patches and microwave & milimeter wave bands. Performs modeling, chamber measurements, requirements definition, integration/test planning, and generates technical proposals, user manuals. Uses HFSS, Crasp, FEKO, MATLAB. Top Secret/SCI clearance. 130K. 06012015.4

RF/Microwave Antenna Design Engineer – R&D

Ph.D-EE. RF/microwave specialist working with large and small antennas, radar/radio wave propagation, receivers, coils, devices. Design innovative and highly experimental concepts applying to satellites, wireless, imaging and telecommunications industries. Develops algorithms, performs 3D simulation, complex analysis, optimization, and lab test/anechoic chamber measurements. Uses MATLAB, HFSS, CST, Microwave Wizard, Pro/E, ADS, CAD, Assembly, C. 10 Years. 120K. 05292015.01

Staff Engineer – Aircraft Systems Design & Integration

BSCE. Leads entire R&D product line engineering programs and is master at coordinating multiple departments for avionics, military and NASA.

  • Hardware/software products and technologies: Displays, graphics imaging, gate arrays, instrumentation, navigation/vector imaging, radar systems, processors, and power electronics – using signal processing, embedded circuit design, and ASICs design skills.
  • Obsolescence redesign, generates requirements specifications, delivers training and regulatory/customer presentations, factory testing/test software generation.

Strong safety emphasis and extensive product management focus. FAA, EASA, DO-178B. Patents/Patent management. 04082015.4

Project Manager, Transformers/Electronic Enclosures – Military/DoD

Professional project manager from bid stage to contract closeout, working on various types of custom, hi-rel transformers, magnetic components and electronic/power enclosures, supplying power to “systems of systems”. End applications are DoD/military and foreign government classified programs dealing with shipboard/undersea transportation, electronic/airborne/ground warfare equipment, radar systems, electronic countermeasures and intelligence collection. Concentrates on initial design wins, project costing/budgets, subcontractor management/quality and on-time deliverables. ISO. 15 Years. 85K. 03132015.5

RF/Communications & Mechatronics Engineer – Contract

PhDEE/Mech. Designs highly advanced electronics and systems for military/DoD electronic warfare, RF/microwave, avionics, wireless and communications industries.

  • Large systems design, test and integration: Communications, radar, missiles, computer-controlled weaponry, antennas, servo-controlled guidance systems.
  • Power electronics/RF subsystems design includes analog, digital, switchmode/linear power supplies, transformers, battery chargers, embedded microprocessors, RF/millimeter wave, antenna systems, filters, receivers, wireless/short range communications devices, GPS, synthesizers, amplifiers, down converters, phase-lock-loops.
  • Strong analysis and pioneers scientific studies involving electromagnetic field theory, nuclear effects, rad-hard concerns, product life reliability, infrared techniques.

Inactive security clearance. Works to many MIL-STDs. Technical papers. MATLAB, Momentum, MathLab/CAD, Simulink, TINA, Maple, LabView, Sonnet, LinearX, Verilog/FPGA, ARM, C, Assembly, Artificial Intelligence S/W. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 03122015.01

Systems / Project Engineer – RF/Microwave – Contract

BSEE. Provides design, concept definition, modeling, simulation, fabrication, integration and testing of milimeter/microwave, radar systems, RF communication systems, and signal processing, using MATLAB, Simulink, and STK as follows:

  • Array radar systems
  • Antenna/receiver systems for electronic warfare
  • Acquisition / tracking / pointing systems.
  • Has background in MEMS, MMIC, nano devices, flight control/GPS instrumentation, and infrared sensors.
  • Visual, C#, Java, WindRiver, VxWorks.

Six Sigma. Contract only. 02272015.6

Mechanical Design and Analysis Engineer – Defense Radar/RF, Displays, HMI Devices

MSME/10 Years. A mechanical design engineer with complex analysis talent for various RF/radar ruggedized devices, components and systems for avionics/shipboard applications. Has designed test fixtures/environments for radar programs as lead. Provides extensive prototype and verification skill, re-design responsibility, design review presentations to large audiences, and generates required technical documentation including specifications. Applies high level design parameters such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and computational fluid dynamics. Performs various analysis (environmental, thermal & mechanical loads and more).  Has CNC machining abilities. Works collaboratively with all departments necessary to ensure quality design, cost effectiveness and timely delivery. Has standardized and repaired metadata for internal data libraries. Uses SolidWorks (strong), Visual Basic, I-deas, NX CAD, G Code, SolidCAM, HSM Works. 70-80K. 02232015.2

Aerospace Lead Project Engineer, Flight Control Systems

MBA, BSEE/>15 Years. Provides network-based communications and flight control systems design and integration expertise for primarily unmanned, though also manned aerial vehicles for aerospace, military/defense and commercial applications. Hardware and software systems also involve radar altimeters/RF and variable sensors / instrumentation. Skillsets include electromechanical specification development, is lead on software and design documentation, military review lead with interoperability working groups, boosts system capabilities and enhancements, directs simulation lab development, conducts high level training and is formal internal/external technical liaison. Often spearheads government and technology initiatives. Has a background in autopilot and actuator systems development and integration. Previous Secret security clearance. Doors, Dimensions. Multiple formal awards and patent activity. 100-110K. 02172015.2

President / CEO – Power Electronics and Systems Solutions

Pre-MBA/20 Years. A highly awarded executive level business developer for power electronics, systems and solutions for military/defense, and commercial / industrial private and public organizations (applying to severe environments such as nuclear submarines and weaponry; and, radar, communications, transportation). Specializes in talent management to reinvent multi-disciplinary, high-performing teams to drive multi-million $ sales revenue increases (8 figures). Achievements include successful labor relations negotiations, exponential global market share increases, quality certification wins, and “Preferred Vendor” formal recognition wins. Has background in marketing / sales for power magnetics and instrumentation. Secret security clearance, Six Sigma and multilingual. Contact us for more details! 02042015.2

Senior Electrical Hardware Design Engineer

BS-Physics, Chem, EE/>20 Years. Multi-faceted, senior level engineer working most recently with high-rel products such as mixed-signal, NFC, power conversion systems (to 30KW), solar cell array power point tracking, power line communications/PLM, switchmode power supply converters, inverters, regulators, circuit breakers and signal processing. Designs controllers for actuators; electro-optical and RF communications systems for avionics; spacecraft power systems, sensors, instrumentation and subsystems; and medical implants. Also has undersea sonar background. Strong, applicable regulatory compliance (MIL-STD-882, EMI, EMC, ESC) with risk analysis focus. Has strong patent processing expertise. Consultant or direct hire. Uses OrCAD, Capture, PSpice. 140-170K. 01232015.3

Director, Business Development and Marketing/Aerospace, DoD

MS-Aero Sciences/>20 Years. Highly experienced business developer and program manager for aerospace/government involving air and marine structures, communications, subsea navigation and control, autonomous vehicles, fire control and other platforms. Ensures timely deliverables for weaponry systems analysis for multiple programs. Builds teams to drive proactive multi million $ contract captures. Implements strategic goals for integrated communications which has effected 300% revenue growth. Experience applies to aerospace, avionics, DoD weaponry, international ministry of defense depts., and commercial licensing of products and technology. FAA certifications, Top Secret clearance and bilingual. Executive level. 150K. 01232015.2

Business Development / Program Manager – Power Electronics, Magnetics

MBA, MSEE/>20 Years. Sells high-rel power systems, power supplies and power magnetics to industrial, avionics/FAA and military/defense markets. Develops Tier 1 DoD-related partnerships and captures resulting contract awards for various applications such as undersea applications, weaponry, radar and ground transportation. Builds sales channels for revenue growth, and employs various marketing strategies to elevate market position. Drives capability to compete at prime contract level directly with end customers – largely major military and government installations and organizations. Brings design engineering talent background. Available for direct or consultancy. Previous secret clearance. 90K. 01192015.11

Antenna Systems Software Operations Engineer

MSEE/<5 Years. Operates and maintains antenna array communications processor for ranging and telemetry / supporting interplanetary spacecraft and other missions. Participates in software upgrades, design / readiness reviews, acceptance testing, procedures development for data delivery anomalies, and helps design and deploy software and tools as needed. Substantial team coordination and involvement. Also has unmanned vehicle background with GPS/navigation, sensors and instrumentation. Is project oriented. Uses Matlab, LabView. 70-80K. 01082015.1

Technical Sales Engineer – Power Electronics / Defense Systems

MBA, MSEE-ME/20 Years. A multi-talented professional with high level sales/business development/marketing, contracts administration/negotiations, operations, field applications engineering experience for industrial, avionics, military / defense semiconductor and commercial industries. Varied skillsets including: product design innovation, government regulations applications, production costs reduction. Concentrated expertise with customer interaction / technical support. Products/technologies involved: Power electronics (distribution systems, power supplies, motion control), fibre channel, weaponry, vehicular systems, radar, control systems, substantial hydraulics systems. An excellent consultancy candidate. Fluent: CADAM, Pro-Engineer, ProModel, CATIA, SolidWorks and more. Patent activity. 110-130K. 12042014.8

Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

BSEE-CS/10 Years. Has experience with embedded technology for commercial, consumer electronics and defense / military industries. Is known for debugging expertise resulting in multi million $ cost savings, advanced testing, calculations expertise, and resolving special problems at customer site. Provides simulation, upgrades, redesigns, and works with microprocessors, timers, high level printers, digital and analog, serial communications  (IT) plus various systems for radar, navigation and weaponry. Secret security clearance. Has technical teaching background. Fluent: C, FAT, ColdFire, Linux, VXWorks and others. 70-80K. 12012014.13

Consultant, Operations and Mechanical – Energy and Power Systems

>20 Years. An excellent candidate for upgrading company processes or building start ups. Various expertise includes: technical staff leader, product definition, production and engineering processes such as setup of PDM databases, tools and equipment, building test beds, implementing SMT and is point person for regulatory bodies. Has implemented entire large company technical and operational databases (networking, TCP/IP) for various usage applications. Multi-million $ product lines to include: Micro inverters, high volume consumer electronics, other power conversion (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC, AC/AC), smart energy modules, switching, switch-mode and rectifiers.  Solar, radar and utility applications. Uses Cadence, Orcad, SQL, Visual FoxPro and more. 160-180K. 11102014.11

Microwave/RF Business Development and Sales

BSEE/>20 Years. With very substantial engineering and design / program management background, drives new business for aerospace and military programs and product lines. Includes IR&D, global sales, marketing, substantial customer support, bid processes, competitor analysis, trade shows, contract negotiations / administration, export processes and development of sales staff. A vast array of product lines: Radar / microwave subsystems, telecommunications, amplifiers, power supplies, jammers, circuitry and more. ISO cert win and facility security clearance win expert. Previous Secret clearance. 75-85K. 11102014.3

Research / Systems Engineering Architect

Ph.D-CE/>20 Years. Works with airborne / mobile networking (avionics), radar, RF, algorithms, image processing code modules, process controllers, encoders / decoders and various sensor technologies (with resultant data analysis) and more. Uses, emulation, modeling, experimental design, project documentation and management plus substantial vendor / subcontractor and other external interaction – often at customer site. Is a staff builder. 11042014.8

Senior Software Engineer – Web and Applications

MBA, BSCS – Honors/10 Years. A full life cycle software developer including prototype, concept, design, test, implementation and maintenance plus problem resolution for aerospace, avionics and other industries. Architecture activities involve web systems, desktop applications, creation of analytical solutions, integrations with hardware, peripheral management systems and data extraction. Uses GIS, MSSQL, ESRI, Python, HTML, and much more. 11032014.20

Lead Software Engineer – Radar Systems

MSCE/>20 Years. An in-depth software professional working with radar software and systems / display / embedded applications for aerospace industry. Software engineering leader to maintain project schedule, resolve issues and direct team focus. Implements enhancements and bug fixes, updates with new features, holds design reviews, creates sequence diagrams, develops code and scripts, writes test documentation, and supports on site customer integration and testing. Uses ADA, QNX, Linux, DOORS and more. 11032014.19

Director, Program Management – Network Security / Communications

MSCS/>20 Years. An executive level management professional for very large, multi-million $, domestic and international programs and contracts for aerospace, military and IT industries. Has a specialized expertise involving systems and business security / risk management. Manages very large staffing teams, is a key developer for new business with proposal leadership, and especially turns problem programs into profit makers. Program/project types: Software/system/security solutions – IT, communications (satellite and more), radar, IR&D. Top Secret security clearance. 200K. 10292014.5

Director, Technology / Business Development – RF/Microwave

BS-Engrg Mgmt/>20 Years. A very well-travelled IR&D producer from concept to production, driving new business expansion for multi-million $ entities (electronic warfare, avionics), with the end user being all sectors of domestic and foreign military / defense (Navy, Marines, etc). Technical expert with wireless, RF/microwave, antenna and radar product lines, plus wearable hardware/software devices such as wrist watches, garments, helmets (for tracking/nav and many other purposes), motion video cameras, emergency response and communications optics, plus much more. An expert in capturing contracts, develops SBIR, leads proposal teams, develops ITAR procedures, effectively communicates with top level customers, sales/representative management and full marketing skillset. Author of variety of technical papers and documentation, substantial background implementing ISO and uses Karrass negotiations program. Has high level field installation background experience. Previous secret clearance. Multiple relevant patents. 150K. 10292014.1

Program Manager – RF / IT Communications

MBA-BSEE/15 Years. Engineering Management talent includes a technical background, adding value to tasks such as new product innovations, team leading, scheduling, cost reduction, end user training systems and more. Has also overseen large number of programmers for IT industry, plus led engineering / technicians / assembly staff to design RF for prototype satellites, under stringent schedules and budgets. Domestic and international industries: military, aerospace, avionics, communications, hospitality. Six Sigma Green, AutoCAD, C/C++. 100K. 10242014.8

Power Systems Design Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Substantial experience designing a variety of highly complex and often custom power systems to include: switching power supplies, AC/DC, DC/DC, converters, battery chargers, regulators, motors, drivers, antenna control electronics, radar/satellite applications, and more. Global team member relating to defense/military, aerospace, space program, industrial, commercial, and networking business sectors. Six Sigma. Secret Clearance. Multiple patent holder. >100K. #10202104.3

Senior Engineer – Radar/Microwave

BSEE-Graduate Studies/20 Years. High level project management and design for aerospace radar, antenna and aircraft programs. Experience encompasses IR&D, reconnaissance hardware & software. Domestic/international customer interface. Project management responsibility begins with bid/proposal stage through to and including contract closure. MATLAB. Top Secret Clearance. Multiple high level engineering and management certifications. >150K. #10162014.9

Power Supply Design Engineer – Consultant

BSEE. Re-engineering, design and analysis of single/3/split phase, SMPS, linear and switchmode power supplies, surge protection, inverters, non- & isolated converters, and rad-hard missile/space DC/DC electronics hardware. Strong thermal management skill. Prototype evaluation, simulation, validation, lab testing, modification, and enhancement under active Secret clearance, MIL-STD’s and UL. FPGA, SolidWorks, Inventor, Auto/MathCAD, Altium, Cadence, PSpice. >125K. 10162014.4

RF Engineer – Power Amplifiers/Radar/Space

MSEE/>20 years. Experienced in SW and HW test systems, RF circuit design, subsystems, component and antenna design. Have designed for power amplifiers, radar, communications and space hardware. Stong modeling and simulation skills Debugged RF systems and brought them to production. Labview, Simulink, OrCAD, Eagleware, and Visual Basic. 90.5K #1302014.1

RF/Microwave Field Engineer

>20 years. Engineering in RF satellite communications, radar systems, high voltage power supply generation and motion control. Digital microwave communications equipment and systems customer support for installation, implementation, modification and maintenance. Installation and  alignment of high power amplifiers, satellite dishes and control units. 90K #1292014.1

Sr. Power Systems/Analog Engineer – Shipboard/Radar

BSE/>15 years. Experience in analog circuit design, power supply design and project leadership. Power systems for radar and shipboard applications. Managed engineers, coordinated employee recruitment, selection and training. Helped with design and analog hardware technical reviews to ensure program guideline compliance. 137K #11252