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Mechanical Engineer – Oil & Gas Pipelines

MSME. Performs subsea and onshore pipeline and related equipment design, metals fabrication, and various mechanically engineered solutions. Includes pressure vessels, heat exchangers, mixers, tanks, compressors, FEED and rotating machinery. Skilled at various analysis: Stress, vibration, structural. Generates specs/technical docs and flow diagrams, selects/evaluates supplier materials, performs simulation. HazMat Expertise. Uses Pro-E Wildfire, SolidWorks, CAESAR, PV Elite, Algor FEA, PIPESIM, Ansys, Auto/MathCAD. Many Addit’l certs. Contract or Direct. 10 Years. 70K. 06162016.01

Manufacturing Manager – Engines/Outdoor Power Equip

MBA. Provides manufacturing management expertise relating to air-cooled engines, generators, pumps, rotor dynamics, metering, and outdoor power equipment. Global liaison between factories, design houses, and product test facilities. Ensures process improvements production streamlining, subcontracts management. Initiates cost-saving facility improvement programs, facility overhauls and assembly line station development. Ensures regulatory compliance and has mechanical background. GD&T. 100K. 06102015.8

Global Sales Engineer – Motors/Turbomachinery, Sensors

Well-traveled, global sales manager working with turbomachinery, electric motors and related test equipment, pumps, actuators, sensors/detectors, robotics, high pressure reactors and industrial equipment and software automation for variety of markets such as automotive, defense, chemical plants, refineries and oil & gas. Excels with new product launch, demonstrations, consultative style, and problem resolution. Expert negotiator. 80K. 06082015.01


Field Service Engineer – Oil & Gas / Locomotives

Global field service engineering professional with mechanical and repair skillsets involving generators, switchgear, motors, engines, pumps, hydraulics, pneumatics, and valves for oil & gas, electrical and locomotive industries. Talents include equipment installations, electrical circuitry design, schematics, wiring diagrams, wide variety of testing, design and cost analysis, and internal / consultant / customer technical support. Strong safety leader and overall “go-to”. Contract or Direct. 90K. 06042015.11

Field Service Applications Engineer – Utility/Hydro

Provides field service/application engineering onsite expertise for hydro power/industrial facilities, working with motor drives, rotary/pump systems, PLC, breakers, high voltage distribution equipment. Specialty in clean water technologies. Interacts with government and end users, trains technicians and sales force. Specifies equipment solutions, approves/releases manufacturing drawing documentation, solves warranty issues. Automotive controls background. Varied Master’s degree. Uses Pro-E, AutoCAD 3D. <15 Years. 80K. 06042015.4

Nuclear Power Plant Field Services Manager

MS-Math. Manages and coordinates domestic and international nuclear power plant equipment field repair and service, involving large circuit breakers, generators, motors, pumps, and components.

  • Administers long-term O & M and project-related contracts through closeout, providing financial reporting, and scheduling
  • Maintains company inventory control, sourcing and lab setup
  • Develops product solutions for complex problems: Environmental mitigation, component aging, critical mechanisms such as airlocks, doors, hatches, chillers
  • Fosters industry partner relationships, and O & M customer support, such as business plans and presentations

Active industry contributor. Specialized certifications. Six Sigma. 100K. 05132015.01

Mechanical & Engineering Design Manager – Motors

BSME. Strong electromagnetics design background applied to engineering management involving various motor types (magnet, pump, induction, wound field, brush DC), rotordynamics, generators, magnetic bearings, electronic drives, starters, and actuators.

  • Oil & gas, avionics (commercial, military, aerospace, spacecraft) and warfare
  • Multiple hats/functions: Product definition, project management, configuration, component engineering, vendor management, mechanical packaging
  • Performs fabrication drawing release, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing, and high level metrics calculations

Uses Pro-E, SolidWorks, NX. Patents. 135K. 05122015.3

Instrumentation / Controls Electrical Engineer – Transportation

BSEE. Designs various controls, devices and systems for pump rooms, fuel systems, electrical/nuclear power and ventilation plants, and depots and stations relating to rail, bus, and subway transit systems. Works with automation controls, programming PLCs/HMIs, generating technical drawings, coordinating with contractors/project teams, and performing calculations for voltage, arc flash, cabling, heat loss and panel loading. Many activities involve post-catastrophe infrastructure rehabilitation field work. Uses Vijeo Citect, LTSpice, Trax Maker, SKM, SolidWorks, LabVIEW, C, VHDL. 5 Years. 70K. 04202015.5

Senior Design Engineer – Motors

BSEE/>20 Years. Concentrated experience in design of various types of motors / motor drives / controls, generators, rectifiers, inverters, converters, topologies, controls, magnetics, sensors, transducers, MOSFET, PCB and other test fixtures / equipment. Performs re-designs. Applications vary from avionics, pump systems, HVAC to elevator systems, CNC / manufacturing systems. Has SMT / CNC expertise. Uses AutoCAD, Procom Plus, Labview and more. 130K. 01132015.12

Corporate Quality Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level quality specialist using ISO, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, QS and TS standards. Applies risk management principles and has worked with multiple corporate plants. Has won ISO facility certification and authors manuals, procedures and other required documentation. Industries: Automotive, pumps, lighting, medical, semiconductor, avionics and aerospace. Has knowledge of SMT, machining, Minitab, ERP. Has trained lean principles and Six Sigma. Works with multi million $ budgets and has proven multi million $ cost reductions. Is a warranty claim reduction and supplier management expert. An excellent consultant / contract candidate. 100-120K. 01082015.2

Field Service Electrical Engineer / Protection and Control

BSEE/15 Years. Brings a varied background with multiple technical talents for design engineering, field service installation, maintenance and repair for substations / utility. Includes calibration, extensive test expertise / troubleshooting, failure mitigation, complex analysis and comprehensive regulatory compliance skill. Significant vendor relations/monitoring. Involves transformers, transducers, breakers, switchgear, relays, fiber optics, SCADA. Has aerospace/avionics and automotive design background: VFDs, motors, pumps, video, thermal imaging, instrumentation/sensors, and accelerometers for vibration / reliability systems issues. Also FAA expertise, Top Secret clearance. Fluent: Spice family, Matlab, LabView, Simulink, Catia, SAS and much more. Multi-lingual. Multiple professional certs. 80-100K. 01072015.2

Global Sales Account Manager

BS/>20 Years. Has concentrated background in sales, supporting energy, commercial, industrial, water plants, oil / gas and other industries. Product lines have included power conversion equipment, power distribution equipment and components, water purification/treatment solutions, motors, pumps and industrial systems. Drives multi million $ sales revenue and has been customer single point of contact. Creates comprehensive sales plans. Team builder. Six Sigma Black Belt.

Senior Systems Engineer – Avionics

BSME/>20 Years. A mechanical engineering professional with extensive aircraft/avionics/ground transportations design experience involving embedded systems, applications / driver code programming, hardware and software integration, new product development / debugging / deployment, safety analysis, simulated qualification tests, communications protocols development, customer technical support, security monitoring systems code and more. Products involve digital engine controllers, actuators, harnessing, pumping systems, and various other avionics subsystems for commercial, military with FAA concerns. Manages various teams. Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, ADA, Perl, DOORS, DataSims, CVS, Firewire, pSOS, VxWorks, R232, RS422 and more. Secret security clearance. 100-110K. 12082014.10

Director of Mechanical Engineering – Machinery / Fluid Dynamics

Ph.D-ME/10 Years. A concentrated background in engineering design, new product development, high level calculations analysis, software and technical training, 3D modeling, test bench development, and team leading. Product lines / technologies include turbomachinery, fluid dynamics, compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, HVAC, magnetics, motors, bearings, gas turbines, aerodynamic components and more. Acts as consultants liaison. Fluent: ANSYS, AxCent, Wilder, AutoCAD, ProEngineer, Femap, Hypermesh, Matlab and more. Multiple formal awards, patent activity and extensive publications. 100K. 12082014.9

Electrical Engineering Consultant – Motors

MSEE/>20 Years. A highly innovative engineering professional for consultancy relating to magnetics, electric motors, electronic pump systems, analysis equipment, robotics, automation systems and IT/semiconductor. Develops and implements new generation 3D modeling, testing programs and software designs. Has extensive experience with designing for oil and gas industry. Large amount of patent activity, publications and presentations. Very well travelled. 200K. 12042014.16

Substation Mechanical Engineer

BSME/15 Years. Concentrated mechanical design experience with substations, treatment plants, pump stations. Provides full structure physical layouts plus control room, foundation, grounding, route maps, elevation. Also designs high voltage equipment, switchgears, transmission lines, cable routing, transformers (with installation). Performs 3D modeling, assembly drawings, translates sketches to full drawing packages, creates BOMs / orders materials, creates additional technical documents (civil works guides etc), manages review meetings, evaluates manufacturing processes (lean), evaluates CNC components, and is well-travelled for customer requirements definition. Is project-oriented. Uses Solidworks, MicroStation, AutoCAD/Desk and more. 90-100K. 12042014.4

Substation Protection and Control Senior Engineer

Ph.D.-EE, CS/10 Years. A high level power protection and control engineering leader, dealing with large transmission stations, grid power, substations and also hydro-generation plants. Besides relay, capacitor bank and system P and C design, works with: Transmission lines, transformers, generators, breakers, FPGA, RF electronics, EMTP / transient / SCADA, Smart Grid, high level monitoring systems, early warning systems. Performs quality analysis, modeling, testing, troubleshooting, automation. Has developed large network architectures, cyber security systems, and an entire substation facility. Provides extensive field training and on site hands on installation and test. Has significant safety and ISO background. Uses Matlab, ASPEN and more. Patented. Published. 100K. 12022014.10

Mechanical and Engineering Manager – Industrial

MSME/15 Years. A high level technical manager overseeing engineering and mechanical projects and staff for processing equipment, conveyor and other assembly systems, dryer plants, hydraulics, pneumatics, piping, and pumps for various plants and factories. Performs design through lifecycle, modeling, R&D, staff instruction and training, plant layout, supply chain cost reductions, complex problem solving, and on site integration and installation support. Generates wealth of technical documentations including BOMs, manuals. Works across departments including electrical staff instruction. Involves multi million $ products. Fluent: FEA, FMEA, AutoCAD, Solidworks, LabVIEW, PT Wizard and more. Patented. Kanban, Six Sigma. 70-80K. 11212014.7

Consultant – Business Development / Power Plants, Petrochemicals

BSEE/>20 Years. A well travelled, multi-lingual business developer for a vast array of industries to include: Power plants, petrochemicals, OEMs, civil engineering, aerospace, military and more. Specialized in various product lines such as power distribution systems, automation, substations, pipelines, fuels, rotary and vacuum pumping systems and more. Skillsets are negotiations, relationship building, presentations and training, plus field training, onsite inspections, and managing large volume sales channels. ISO. 80-90K. 10312014.14