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Applications Engineering Manager – LED/Fiber Optics

Leads customer requirements definition for custom LED (optical & lighting), magnetics, fiber optics, cabling, and enclosures design. Multi-tasks with all departments to ensure quality delivery. Substantial customer interface and business development. Drives bid process, allocates technical resources, issues drawings, specifications, application notes, training and marketing materials. Follows customer complaints to resolution with solution presentation. Well-versed in regulatory standards. Design background in switching power supplies, IT. 85K. 06112015.6

Product Development Engineer – Motion Controls

Ph.D-ME, MSEE (Honors). An excellent product developer for automotive, electric vehicle, optical, and robotics applications. Highly skilled in motion controls, software embedded controls, battery management, thermal dynamics, fuel cell controls, sensors and laser systems. Performs simulation, modeling, validation, and strong lead for test setup and development, including robotics. Uses ANSI C, Visual Basic, MATLAB, Simulink, ANSY, LabView, ASCET. Patents and Pubs. 130K. 05292015.5

Principal Power Supply/Motor Controls Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Specializes in power electronics design to include: Various power supply types, converters, inverters with various topologies, motors/drives (wound, rotor induction, magnetic, servo DC, stepper), DC /DC, PFC, “black boxes”, optoelectronics, fluid measurement/motion control. Expert at signal processing, analysis, measurement and control algorithms. Strong embedded skill working with C, CAN Open, ARM, DSP, FPGA and implementing GUI.  Background includes DO-178B and FAA standards. Awards, patents, pubs. MATLAB, Simulink, Vienna. 125K. 05212015.01

Mechatronics Engineer, Military/DoD and Industrial Motion

MSEE/CE. Multi-disciplined engineering talent including design, embedded firmware, mechanical, software development and robotics/motion control. Products involve 3PH motors, fuel engines, generators, amplifiers, sensors, control loops, and on industrial side: precision CNC equipment, automated part handling systems, and robotics for optical applications. Often project design leader. Also performs servo loop tuning, analog/digital schematics, board and system level schematics, data analysis, diagnosis, debug and control theory research. MATLAB, CAD, Linux, C. 5 Years. 80K. 04152015.2

Electro/Opto-Mechanical Engineer – Contract

BSME. Performs precision design of electro-mechanical / opto-mechanical devices, visual systems, instruments and electronic systems for military, avionics, medical, automation, and commercial industries. Performs packaging and component/system level analysis: Thermal, static/dynamic, computational fluid flow, vibration, shock isolation. Generates production & fabrication drawings; concept/detail, 3D and finite element models; develops supply chain; and designs with EMI/RFI shielding. Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Inventor, FloWorks. Contract/Direct. 120K. 04152015.01

Sr Thermo-Mechanical Design and Test Engineer

Ph.D-ME. A scientific leader for design, verification, validation, simulation, 3D modeling, complex test and analysis for microelectronics.

  • High level expertise in computational fluid dynamics, cooling and especially  thermal, vibration, stress, shock, airflow, acoustic and drop testing and analysis, including wind tunnel and benchmark. Generates test procedures.
  • Products: AC/DC chargers, IT (servers, power supplies, enclosures, racks), MEMS, optical/LED and infrared cameras. Applies to IT, wireless, electric vehicles and SmartHome energy.
  • Evaluates materials/components for reliability concerns, develops design algorithms, explores new technology (i.e., fan-less convection cooling).

Uses MATLAB, Ice-Pack/Flotherm, Creo, Algor, AutoDesk. Multilingual, publications. 10 Years. 100K. 04082015.01


Algorithm and Software Development Engineer/Scientist

Ph.D-ME. A computational algorithm, thermodynamics and software “guru” for a variety of optical and imaging technologies (high end photography lenses, night vision). Works with highly precisioned surfaces, performs applications of probabilistic and statistical analysis for quality control. Systems FEA for impedance matching, interferometry, metrology. Automotive and DoD/military industries. Uses C/C#, Unix, MATLAB, MathCAD, MAGNET, Ansys, etc. Multiple technical pubs, patents. Contract or direct hire. 120K. 03112015.5

VP, Product Development Engineering – Avionics

Ph.D-Physics. Leads with a “large” programs management style for electro-optical and power electronics engineering for avionics/commercial, aerospace, military/DoD. Systems include power supplies, converters, rectifiers, instrumentation, and optical/photonics networking.

  • Manages projects requiring oversee of electrical, mechanical, software engineering
  • Develops customer requirements and has talent capturing sole source business
  • Develops custom software programs for business development wins, for contract management, and for technical design cost reduction

Has telecommunications/VOIP background, embedded DSP/FPGA. 135K. 03232015.01

Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer – Contract

MSEE. Experienced embedded software / firmware and test engineering contract professional working with medical/optical devices / implants, user interface programs. Embeds assembly, C and various branded software using MATLAB, Zilog ZDS, IAR, Motorola 6803/68020, Clear Case. Specifies requirements; provides evaluations, verification, and validation; performs testing; and generates code test programs, plus all test documentation, plans, scripts. Collaborates with Q/A under FDA regulations. >15 Years. 100K. 03062015.3

Contract Thermal Mechanical Engineer

MSME. Provides thermal design, analysis, modeling and test for electronics, signal processing assemblies, cooling systems, including infrared and optical devices, satellite and avionics subsystems, space vehicles and payloads. Implements cryogenics and develops/models high power, high density electronic packaging. Manages test lab (shock, vibration, temp cycles) and develops SBIRs. Uses Sinda (Fluent, Trasys), I-DEAS/TMG, TSS, Thermal Desktop, Thermica, MathCAD, Patran. Contract only. U.S. Citizen. Previous SSBI security clearance. $80K. 02262015.01

Chief Scientist, Photomask Plasma Etch, Lithography

Ph.D.-Metallurgy/20 Years. A principal technical staff member driving various plasma etch technologies such as: Photomask fabrications, ultraviolet lithography, atomic layer deposition, and TSV (3-dimensional). Works with artificial neural network for process optimization and control, provides LER/LWR characterization and modeling, and has designed full plasma laboratory. Applies to opticals, ICs, materials and energy. An innovator, renown author and patent generator. Has a background with nano-composite materials (MMC) and ionic liquid applications. Thrives in start-up environments to make a bottom-line difference. Contact us for more details! 02172015.7

Senior Product Engineer – Analog / Digital Power ICs

MSEE, MS-Physics/>20 Years. Performs new product introductions (NPI) and development for semiconductor analog / digital power management products, SoC and ICs, involving signal processors in mix-mode CMOS, switching amplifiers in BiC-DMOS, optical storage and more. Performs mixed-signal testing (including ADC/DAC), multi-temp and voltage characterization, product and burn-in boards qualification, validation (latch-up, ESD, life test failure), SPC and yield enhancements, and complex failure analysis. Works with off-shore manufacturing and customer returns program, and resolves specification problems. Has strong focus on product reliability and process improvements / optimization. Industries are audio/visual, RF wireless telephony and networking/IT (processors, ethernet, consumer electronics). Uses Eagle, IDS E-beam, Credence, Agilent and more. 100K. 02042015.1

Semiconductor ICs / Fab Equipment Applications / DCS Engineer

Ph.D.-Chem/>10 Years. Develops, designs, implements and integrates distributed control systems, PLCs/software, lithography metrology, CMOS/FEOL processes, silicon photonic and other device physics/engineering, and germanium on silicon. Fab and laboratory metrology includes SEM, TEM, XRD, and SIMS, optical metrology (interferometry), plus advanced statistical and overall process controls, factory automation / manufacturing execution systems. Maintains diffusion tools reliability for maximum performance and provides new materials development / characterization. Is project driven with substantial customer interaction. JMP and LabView expert. Extensive publications and is patented. 90-120K. 02022015.3

Embedded Flight Systems Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. Leads large teams in the development of unmanned aerial vehicular and autonomous systems for aerospace and avionics with robotics, motor controls and computer systems integration and development, system capability upgrades, and long term research projects which transition from concept to sales revenue. Captures project funding. Manages corporate projects planning, scheduling, tasking. Develops voluminous bid proposals. Oversees and guides global suppliers and generates SOWs for vision and adaptive systems, algorithms and virtual technology. Has established, led and maintained multi-disciplinary vehicular collaborative systems laboratories involving testbed design, embedded processor / microcontroller hardware integration / programming, and mission and control software development. 130-140K. 02022015.1

Senior Electrical Hardware Design Engineer

BS-Physics, Chem, EE/>20 Years. Multi-faceted, senior level engineer working most recently with high-rel products such as mixed-signal, NFC, power conversion systems (to 30KW), solar cell array power point tracking, power line communications/PLM, switchmode power supply converters, inverters, regulators, circuit breakers and signal processing. Designs controllers for actuators; electro-optical and RF communications systems for avionics; spacecraft power systems, sensors, instrumentation and subsystems; and medical implants. Also has undersea sonar background. Strong, applicable regulatory compliance (MIL-STD-882, EMI, EMC, ESC) with risk analysis focus. Has strong patent processing expertise. Consultant or direct hire. Uses OrCAD, Capture, PSpice. 140-170K. 01232015.3

Senior RF Design Engineer

BSEE Electromagnetics-Honors/15 Years. A proven senior level RF design engineer and highly skilled technical leader to deliver passive and active in-demand RF products such as: 3DIC, BST and stackable BAW filters; pre-distortion circuitry for transceivers; miniature embedded antennas for 3GPP, BT, GNSS, ZigBee and WiFi with passive/active amplifiers; wired broadband; high speed opticals; various front-end modules; SATCOM; and high efficiency, low profile antennas. Leads design for wearable telecommunications and consumer devices with iOS software interface.

Drives many product development innovations. Skillsets and competencies include PCBA layout, multiphysics simulation, 3D device analysis, circuit modeling. Industries are military, antennas, commercial, and energy harvesting community. Multiple patents. Prolific technical author and standards / specifications contributor to RF industry. Uses/Skilled in: OrCad, LTSpice, AWR, CST Suite, Antenna test tools, M2M principles, Six Sigma and more.

Has held other roles in the RF environment such as Director of Technical Strategy and CTO. 150K. 01222015.5

Power IC and Isolation Products Manager

MSEE/>20 Years. Comprehensive semiconductor experience in applications engineering / product development / sales. Over 40 patents for isolation technology; digital power and mixed-signal microcontrollers; defined/developed innovative optocoupler/optodriver drop-in replacements and fully digital power controller; and helped develop novel CMOS digital isolator IP – which opened new development for gate drivers, audio components circuits and 100Mbps/2.5KV/5KV digital isolator families. Patents granted for enabling this industry-leading IP. Products apply to power, wireless telephony / telecommunications and networking industries. Also has a strong background in marketing and raising venture capital. 100K. 01222015.1

Senior Process Engineer – Thin / Dielectric Films

Ph.D.-Chem/Materials, 15 Years. An applied science process engineering professional with concentrated expertise in thin, CFD and dielectric films to apply chemical vapor and various materials onto wafers, substrates and other semiconductor components (plasma processing) for the IT, RF and optical industries. Has experience with piezoelectronic ceramics, PECVD, V-NAND and IMD/TSV, performs experimentation, and implements process, hardware and software startup, troubleshooting / field support, optimization and metrology characterization. Focuses on particle reduction and also clean process techniques. A Super Chemist. Uses vast amount of tools, instruments and technologies: GC-MS, SEM, AES, DTA, BET, VI probe, SQUID and much more. Six Sigma. 120-130K. 01202015.2

Senior Hardware / Software Development Engineer – Instrumentation / PCB / RF

BSEE/>20 Years. A well-rounded, experienced hardware and software engineering lead for design/test, involving: Radiation detectors, RF, amplifiers, controls, electronics cards, instrumentation, sensors, magnetics, thermals, audio products, mixed signal, converters, opticals, PCB/semiconductors, analog, DSP, embedded firmware, repeaters, fiber-optics, and test fixtures/equipment. Performs specialized and innovative design projects, temperature mapping, PCB layouts, overseas layout supervision. Has developed new prototype labs for business expansion purposes. Industries: Consumer electronics, aerospace, avionics; and applications vary from fuel gauging to voltage regulating. Meets EMC directives. Also has quality and telecommunications background. Uses Protel, Viewlogic, ORCAD, VHDL code, SwitcherCAD and more. 70-80K. 01152015.6


Senior Design Engineer / RF and Semiconductor – Contract

MSEE/>20 Years. A dual, high talent design engineering contract professional and mentor for RF, semiconductor industries. RF: Antenna and satellite systems, oscillators for microwave/beam, convolvers, FPGA, specialized military computer systems design, power supplies with topologies, converters, optical, transceivers, DC/DC and more. Semi: PCB, power ICs, digital, mixed-signal, interface cards, networking products, microprocessors, SoC, ASIC, BiCMOS, motherboards and more. Other skillsets include component libraries development, modeling, simulation, schematic capture, optimization, complex analysis, packaging layout, specification generation, design review and redesigns. Has substantial test equipment development expertise. Teaches various technologies to industry, has staff management and extensive project management experience. Very fluent: Cadence, Verilog, DxDesigner, JTAG, Ethernet, Eagle, PathMill and much more. Manuals author. 120-130K. 01122015.13

Semiconductor / RF Technical Sales Manager – Regional

BSEE/<20 Years. Brings technical expertise to Hi-Rel customer sales (Aerospace, space, military/defense, telecommunications, wireless, medical). Manages and trains sales force and channels, drives bid process, negotiates large contracts, provides complex forecasting, outside audit liaison, and performs business development activities (major design wins). Many formal awards. Technologies are: Implant sensors/units, RF, high voltage components, radio and other types of integrated circuitry, and electro-optical components. 100-120K. 01072015.10

Vice President of Sales / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated history of proven sales revenue growth for a variety of electronics for fitness, medical, automotive, RF, telephony, security, power management and semiconductor sectors. Product lines: Sensors/instrumentation, wireless, optical, audio/visual, CPS, mixed signal, amplifiers, RS232, RS422 and more. Is major contributor to design process and prototypes and very well traveled. Builds sales channels from scratch. 160-170K. 01062015.1

Global Product Management and Strategic Analysis

MBA, MSEE/20 Years. Provides high level analysis, strategy, sustainability and other skillsets for multi million/billion organizations for solar, LED lighting, HVAC, utility and telecommunications industries. Multi-talented in: Innovative solutions, technology assessment, sustainability, product improvements, software deployments, customer program development, process / supply chain management, global alliances, profit / loss responsibilities. Has substantial marketing background. Product lines development/ technologies: generators, backup power systems (fuel cells, batteries, rectifiers, switch-mode), power supplies, condensers, energy monitoring equipment, optical connectivity, energy storage devices and engineering services. Excellent consultancy candidate. Uses MicroStrategies, SAS, APT, Mini-tab. Six Sigma. 150-160K. 12082014.4

Electro-Optical / Power Electronics Engineering Manager

MS-Engrg, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level engineering professional overseeing innovative development of laser technology, optics, power electronics, including: Wide variety of lasers, accelerators, lens controls, plus generators, amplifiers, analog, digital and high voltage electronics for defense / warfare, medical and industrial applications. Works at length with infrared, microwave. Skillsets include project and product management, substantial customer support, high level regulatory standards (FDA, ISO), setting up test labs, bringing concept through to manufacturing production, and manages large engineering and mechanical design teams. Also has marketing talent. Extensive publications and patents. 110-130K. 12032014.10

Electrical / Electronics Engineering – Contract / Consulting

BSEE/>20 Years. A well rounded background in design of power electronics, instrumentation, optics, magnetics, consumer electronics and R&D for IT, aerospace, space program and other industries. Besides technical design and related functions, performs redesigns/upgrades, MOSFET, packaging, extensive customer interaction, significant amount of field service, and all program management elements. Works with high voltage, power management ICs, power supplies, PCB, analog and thermal technologies and more. Has knowledge of patent particulars and previous Top Secret security clearance. Has used Pspice, Orcad, MicroCAP and more. 125-140K. 11202014.4

Senior Mechanical Architectural Engineer

BSME/>20 Years. A wide array of product/technologies such as: LCD/Displays, optical/cameras, electro-optical, LED, connectors, cables, medical devices, power supplies, wearable electronics, networking/IT devices (high volume consumer electronics), GPS receivers, antennas, amplifiers, vehicle components/systems, and die cast / injection molded parts. Performs mechanical design and engineering, thermal management, on site troubleshooting, all forms of testing, supply chain partner development, and provides technical support. Is a full product life-cycle technical professional. Well-travelled and patented. Catia, SolidWorks and more. 125-150K. 11032014.15

Sales Engineer – Components

BSEE/10 Years. A process-driven sales professional with technical background for IT, power and industrial components, plus microelectronics for multi-million $ projects/programs. Products/technologies involve power electronics/systems, semiconductor, integrated circuits, analog/digital, mixed signal, LED, optical electronics, wireless, RF and communications devices. Expertise in territory development/expansion, revenue growth, team leader and staff training. Has specialized background in ISO, supply chain and material requirements fulfillment/quality. Has several certifications. 80-90K. 10302014.4

Director, Technology / Business Development – RF/Microwave

BS-Engrg Mgmt/>20 Years. A very well-travelled IR&D producer from concept to production, driving new business expansion for multi-million $ entities (electronic warfare, avionics), with the end user being all sectors of domestic and foreign military / defense (Navy, Marines, etc). Technical expert with wireless, RF/microwave, antenna and radar product lines, plus wearable hardware/software devices such as wrist watches, garments, helmets (for tracking/nav and many other purposes), motion video cameras, emergency response and communications optics, plus much more. An expert in capturing contracts, develops SBIR, leads proposal teams, develops ITAR procedures, effectively communicates with top level customers, sales/representative management and full marketing skillset. Author of variety of technical papers and documentation, substantial background implementing ISO and uses Karrass negotiations program. Has high level field installation background experience. Previous secret clearance. Multiple relevant patents. 150K. 10292014.1

VP, Technology Sales (Distribution Channel)

BSME+ (w/Honors)/>20 Years. A global sales executive with applicable product life cycle technical ability to launch new product development, grow existing product sales, and build representative networks and distribution channels for multi million $ accounts. Develops and utilizes statistical data tools plus a well-rounded wealth of management principles to optimize company performance on business elements such as start-up territories, marketing strategies, ecommerce, restructuring of customer service / technical support functionality. Products involved: power connectivity (microwave, RF, optical and PLC, drives and sensors), electromechanical, electrical distribution / control,  175-200K. 10242014.13

Lead Applications Engineer – Power / Optical / Audio

MSEE+/20 Years. An in-depth design, engineering and applications leader with expertise especially in optical, audio and power related technologies for telecommunications, semiconductor, medical and IT industries. Product / technical applications: transceivers, high speed analog circuits / modules, controllers, DC/DC converters, laser drivers, amplifiers, serializers, driver ICs, microwave, EMI, mixed signal and high voltage. Skillsets include: staff management, new product development / definition / design-in, concept research, competitor analysis, full life cycle, high level system architecture, bench work, board layout and very strong expertise with debugging. Cadence Allegro, Spice, Xilinx, ASICS, FPGA, Altium, MATLAB, Simulink and more. Has also physics background. >100K. 10242014.9

Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

MBA-BSEE/>14 Years. Delivered a variety of embedded software platforms and related firmware – often from concept to production, with expertise at board level and integration, ethernet, infrared, laser technology, IR&D, optical projects and stepper motors among other applications. A skilled customer liaison. Numerous programming languages such as C, C++, Sharc, etc. FPGA, Matlab, Simulink, Linux. 130-150K. 10202014.10