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Electrical Power Systems Engineer – Nuclear Plants/Weaponry

BSEE. International design and power systems engineer with variety of applied low/medium/high voltage electrical sciences: Gas turbine power generation plants, nuclear reactors/weaponry. Also data centers/UPS, military installations, petrochemical, mining and utility facilities, working to all electrical standards.

  • Performs both equipment design and project management for overall facilities
  • Generates wiring diagrams, schematics; provides plant elevation, balance loads, grounding, short circuit, arc flash studies; site assessments; testing/commissioning; tech support/training; implements environmental protection (i.e., lightning)

Equipment includes VFD, motors, large drives, heat exchangers, and has strong background in UAV/Avionics. Math/AuthCAD, Enovia, Ansys, Wireless InSite. Top Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. 110K. 06102015.10

Nuclear Power Plant Field Services Manager

MS-Math. Manages and coordinates domestic and international nuclear power plant equipment field repair and service, involving large circuit breakers, generators, motors, pumps, and components.

  • Administers long-term O & M and project-related contracts through closeout, providing financial reporting, and scheduling
  • Maintains company inventory control, sourcing and lab setup
  • Develops product solutions for complex problems: Environmental mitigation, component aging, critical mechanisms such as airlocks, doors, hatches, chillers
  • Fosters industry partner relationships, and O & M customer support, such as business plans and presentations

Active industry contributor. Specialized certifications. Six Sigma. 100K. 05132015.01

Instrumentation / Controls Electrical Engineer – Transportation

BSEE. Designs various controls, devices and systems for pump rooms, fuel systems, electrical/nuclear power and ventilation plants, and depots and stations relating to rail, bus, and subway transit systems. Works with automation controls, programming PLCs/HMIs, generating technical drawings, coordinating with contractors/project teams, and performing calculations for voltage, arc flash, cabling, heat loss and panel loading. Many activities involve post-catastrophe infrastructure rehabilitation field work. Uses Vijeo Citect, LTSpice, Trax Maker, SKM, SolidWorks, LabVIEW, C, VHDL. 5 Years. 70K. 04202015.5

Facilities O&M Manager – HVDC/Power Plants

BS-Mgmt/>20 years. Provides all phases of facilities management for overall maintenance and operation of high voltage DC converter stations, power plants and large transmission projects. Routinely enhances plant performance, streamlines internal processes and implements personnel and operational efficiency. Leads safety, compliance, Q/A and commissioning activities. Captures regulatory audit wins, manages/negotiates with labor relations as corporate representative, ensures project scheduling goals are met early, manages facility construction activities and revamps customer billing systems. Responsible for inventory management and equipment assets >$1B. Has coordinated an 8 figure plant restoration project. Also has background with power transmission, nuclear, oil, gas and power generation plants. Many additional training certifications. 110-130K. 02242015.5

President / CEO – Power Electronics and Systems Solutions

Pre-MBA/20 Years. A highly awarded executive level business developer for power electronics, systems and solutions for military/defense, and commercial / industrial private and public organizations (applying to severe environments such as nuclear submarines and weaponry; and, radar, communications, transportation). Specializes in talent management to reinvent multi-disciplinary, high-performing teams to drive multi-million $ sales revenue increases (8 figures). Achievements include successful labor relations negotiations, exponential global market share increases, quality certification wins, and “Preferred Vendor” formal recognition wins. Has background in marketing / sales for power magnetics and instrumentation. Secret security clearance, Six Sigma and multilingual. Contact us for more details! 02042015.2

Embedded Systems Design Engineering, Consultant

BSEE/>Contract engineering design expertise for a variety of critical control platforms:

  • FPGA ethernet and ECL differential communications interfaces (CMOS/PCBs), encrypted internet connectivity, algorithms, embedded PCB test hardware.
  • Nuclear reactor plant containment/cooling: Bus communications, loop control, ADC/DAC. Verification, validation, simulation, SoC design, staff education.
  • Space/Avionics rad-hard systems design/integration: Docking, launch vehicle & aircraft brushless motor controls, solar array systems, missile guidance systems, embedded systems, CMOS logic, DSP. Documentation within NASA 7123/7150, DO-254 and DO-178B standards. Drives DO-254 wins as Expert.

VHDL, Xilinx, DOORS, Aldec, Altium. 210K. 02032015.8

Sr. Substations / Instrumentation and Controls Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Provides instrumentation and controls, fuel handling and other systems design engineering for nuclear power plants. Also designs, installs, and tests electrical power systems, 40MVA substations and 600V E-Houses for utility, solar farms and petrochemical industry with expertise in complex studies (short circuit, load flow, arc flash, mitigation), concept development, design layouts, and photovoltaic analysis. Experience includes DCN projects including generating specifications, drawings, test procedures development, equipment selection, site inspection and commissioning. Applies regulatory standards knowledge. Uses AutoCAD, CRC-COV, ETAP, SKM, Easypower. Extensive publications. 90-100K. 01292015.4

Power Distribution / Substation Design Engineer – Contract

BSEE/>20 Years. Design engineer skilled in medium and low voltage power distribution systems, substations, relays and switchgear, plus integration of arc flash studies analysis. Works under NEC, IEEE/ANSI standards, performs load flow and short circuit complex calculations / analysis. Uses variety of tools such as SKM Dapper and ETAP for high level studies for: Motor starting, voltage drop, and sizing for breakers, transformers, load centers, MCC, UPS, batteries and cabling. Provides ampacity and penetration protection calculations for DCN/EDN/FCR modifications for nuclear power plants. Generates various diagrams for power factor improvements using AutoCAD. Designs / models lighting systems using AGI132. Assists with bid processes. Available for both full time roles and consulting projects. 100K. 01192015.6

Project, Systems and Engineering Director / Petrochemicals, Avionics

Ph.D.-EE, ME/20 Years. Very high level engineering and large project leader for petrochemicals and avionics industries. Works with 1. Oil/gas technology (wireline, sub-sea/shipboard, down-hole, land applications to include cooling systems, fluid dynamics, rotors, magnetics, actuators, compressors, controllers), 2. Electric vehicle systems, wind power (turbine generators, converters, backup power), 3. Avionics (motor controllers, generators, thermals). Also has nuclear, wind energy background. Performs physics-based complex analysis, total cost management, technical proposal process and negotiations, program management, performance verification, on-site support, high level testing, root cause analysis, manufacturing process simplification. Strong for intellectual property, business acquisitions. Highly awarded and published. An array of patents. 01142015.4

Project Manager – Substations / Power Transmission

BSEE, ME, Honors/>20 Years. A specialized project manager with engineering skill for utility industry involving substations, power transmission, generation and distribution. Manages installations, variety of upgrades (storm hardening etc), public safety, flood protection and oil spill prevention programs implementation, plant M&O and more. Frequent installations for new generators, transformers. Manages staff, including union personnel, coordinates all field activity and teaches system courses to officials. Has experience as official liaison for emergency management, and sourcing/configuring software applications for same. Goal oriented. Has significant background in accounting/leasing as to rates. PE, PMP. 130-140K. 01132015.5

Protection and Control Substation Lead Technician

20 Years. Has a concentrated background in substation power electronics involving: Relay protection and control, SCADA, transformers, breakers, switches, regulators, motor controls, VFDs, fiber optics, instrumentation and more for utility, plants, avionics, telecommunications and nuclear applications. Performs programming, upgrades, extensive test, repair and troubleshooting. Has a variety of additional skillsets: Technician supervision, labor union / contractor / vendor interaction, CNC and conveyor systems, and robotics. Background has significant work with power generation, transmission and distribution grid systems. Work to variety of code standards, plus FAA. Uses AcSELerator, EnerVista. ISO. 90-100K. 01082015.4

Transmission / Grid Project Engineer

BS-Civil Engrg (plus)/<10 Years. A strong project background with transmission line grid / power distribution design and supervision. Skillsets involve actual hands-on design, modeling, various reporting (man-hours, final design, complex calculations – including loads, on-site and customer support, budgets and schedules – all to stringent code standards. Substantial experience also with structural, foundations, and their layouts. Has background additionally with substations, nuclear power. Uses RISA, STAADPro, Solidworks, PLS-CADD / POLE, Sag and more. 100-120K. 01052015.3

Engineering Manager – Substation / Grid Electrical Systems

MBA, BSEE/Nuclear. A project lifecycle and customer driven engineering professional, overseeing all aspects of engineering groups and tasks, from workload assessment to revenue forecasting plus everything in between. Drives grid and substation design, implementation of SCADA equipment, technical details / integration of RTUs, PLCs and more, is utility and customer liaison, and develops large bid responses. Has many plant projects in background, including reactors and hydroelectric. Has standards authorship. 100K. 01022015.9

Software Engineer / Quality Engineer – Nuclear Power

BACS/>20 Years. A multi-talented professional working with nuclear critical power, systems, and related custom embedded controls, and real time operating systems. Is often lead on system design and redesign, extensive test expertise, has performed in bid processes, and is project driven. Quality experience includes process audits, formal witnessing, code inspections, software verification / validation / SQA plans author, and processes corrective/preventative and non-conformance actions. Has combined ISO, CMMi, SS473 and other regulatory standards and quality programs into one TQM Plan. DoD clearance. Uses Visual, Oracle, TIPQA and more. Special hydro and nuclear formal training. 100-110K. 12032014.12

Power Electronics Design Engineer – Magnetics / Electrical

MSEE/>5 Years. A highly educated design engineer involving electrical and magnetics: Large variety of transformers, rectifiers, power supplies, reactors, inductors, AC/DC, protection and control, and power distribution units for data centers, IT facilities and hazardous environment facilities. provides various analysis, high level calculations, works in depth with multiple departments, prepares BOMs and sources / commissions materials. Performs to stringent specifications and maintains lifecycle of each customer requirement. Uses OPS, PSPICE, MATLAB and more. 80-90K. 12032014.4

Electrical Maintenance Manager – Power Plant / Power Distribution Sys

>10 Years. Wealth of experience at power plants and high level organizations (nuclear, hydro, data centers, factories, military, federal organizations and more) for installation, startup, M&O, test, troubleshooting and emergency support for critical power. Also develops test procedures and manages / trains test technician staff. Has power electronics sales background. Equipment includes: UPS, power supplies, distribution units and switchgear, transfer switches, rectifiers, inverters, battery systems and more. 70-80K. 11202014.6

Vice President / General Manager – Power Electronics

MBA, MSME/11172014.14. An executive level manager for power electronics with utility and industrial markets. Reach is global with experience in all departments (sales, marketing, product management, domestic and international operations, safety, profit / loss accountability, supply chain management, process improvements, partnering etc). Specializes in acquisitions integration, new product development, multi-plant management and manufacturing operations. Multi million $ products experience is with breakers, reclosers, variety of switches, switchgear, transformers, fuse cutouts, etc., and consumables (wiring, cables etc). Previous Top Secret security clearance. Previous military background in nuclear engineering. Uses Lean principles, Six Sigma Black Belt. Patent and formal awards activity. 200K. 11172014.14

Substation Protection and Control Engineer

MSEE-Honors/5 Years. A well-studied engineering professional for substation protection / control, high voltage, power transmission, schematics / diagrams / specifications development, battery design, AC/DC loads, instrumentation, modeling, test acceptance parameters and more. Has nuclear power plant subsystems design experience for systems installation, O&M, data networking and other significant field service duties. Has linear and nonlinear, communications interfaces, thermodynamics background. SCADA, MatLab, Visual Basic, AutoCAD, GIS and more. 70-90K. 11102014.17

Regional Business Development Manager – Power Electronics

MS/>20 Years. Provides sales management and leadership, with technical fluency, involving rugged UPS, inverters, converters, DC power, battery chargers, valves, off-grid power fuel cells, electro-mechanical devices and more. Industries/applications are industrial, aerospace, military, utility OEMs, nuclear, oil / gas, biochemical. Performs strategy / forecasting / budgeting, and manages manufacturing representatives and distributors. 100-110K. 11032014.17

Power Transmission Field Engineer

MSEE-Honors/5 Years. Well-studied, high communicating power distribution engineer for substations applications / utilities / nuclear power plants. Involves high voltage, relays and controls, battery charging systems, AC/DC, prototypes, instrumentation and more. Develops diagrams and drawings, performs calculations, systems modelling, and on-site installation, test and technical support. Also has data networking background. AutoCAD, MATLAB, SCADA and more. 70-75K. 11032014.8

Facilities / Power Plant Project Manager – Consultant

>20 Years. A top level facilities operations expert for multi-billion $ projects encompassing all levels of O&M. Background covers the utility, nuclear, military, federal installations, petrochemical, industrial, public works, construction and plant management arenas. Areas of strong influence include: planning, commissioning, turnkey / critical path development, design and installation and much more. Has maintained outstanding safety record often working in hazardous environments. Has significant electrical high voltage power generation / grid substation experience, developing outage plans / site surveys etc., grounding systems and more. High level security clearances and specialized skill certifications. Six Sigma Green Belt . 10302014.17

Staff Scientist / Consultant – Semiconductor / ASICs

Ph.D-Matls Sci, MS-Nuclear Physics/>20 Years. Exceptional, well-rounded background, specifically for high volume semiconductor ASICs, but also radiation monitoring device development. Expert in R&D, cost reduction, high quality staff development, proposal bid and contracts management, funding sourcing and strict quality monitoring (microfab facilities, etc), and technology transfer process. Skillsets: Engineering / scientist staff training and management, mentoring, consulting and more. Technical aspects: SPICE, FPGA concepts, code development and design validation, and early failure detection. Is frequent Visiting Scientist. Extremely well-travelled. 10282014.14

Director of Engineering – Power Transformers

MBA-MSEE/>20 Years. Direct experience in every business department (engineering, design, “lean” manufacturing, sales, marketing, R&D, quality, program management, training) makes this executive highly effective to lead engineering departments in a cost effective manner. Primary products base is various types of complex transformers (three-phase, core, coil, liquid filled, etc), reactors, switchgear, AC/DC circuitry, bus and more. Historically, extensive design and engineering work: thermal analysis, modeling, drawing prep / technical documentation and much more. Very well travelled with high level customer interactions, ISO/quality focus, and an IEEE Standards Expert. AutoCAD. >100K. 10282014.13

Senior Substation / Power Plant Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated history in consultancy, planning, grid and subcomponents design, O and M, Systems Control / Protection, automation, T and D, and regulatory compliance as it relates to high voltage power substations and plant (power / nuclear / reactor systems) and recovery systems applications. Technical / specialized skillsets: AC/DC, generating engineering drawings / documents / diagrams / layout etc., team builder and leader, and project ownership and accountability. Well versed in all facets of leadership and project management. AC/DC devices, circuits, relays and many various other subcomponents. ETAP, SKM, AUTOCAD and more. 110-120K. 10242014.12

Senior Public Works Specialist – Power / Energy / Nuclear

MS-Nuclear Eng., BSME (Honors)/>20 Years. Highly skilled program management professional in all facets of public works, power sources (electricity, generators, UPS) and various energy, military and nuclear applications. Specializes in revamping archaic systems and operations relating to: sustainability, productivity, efficiency, modernization and other improvements. Specific skillsets /special talents include: Thermonuclear power plant microwave engineering research and modeling, new construction projects, re-designing utility billing systems for profitability, regulatory liaison, budgeting, disaster preparation, generating a variety of technical documentation / reports (including SOWs, specifications), and “green” technologies – all under very large contracts. SCADA. Recipient of formal, high level accolades. 80-100K. 10242014.10

Principal Design Engineer / Mixed Signal, FPGA

Ph.D-EE. Full design, verification, re-design, flaw correction, modeling and enhancement skill for microelectronics/mixed signal products/tool development. Substantial work with controllers, sensors, detectors, voltage monitors, diode drivers, semiconductor and more. Technical team lead. Substantial CMOS, Altera FPGA, RTL, C/C++, Python, Perl, H/PSpice and more. Industries: Space/Aerospace, Nuclear, Medical, IT. Multiple patents, awards. > 15 Years. 150K. 10222014.2

Power / Solar Business Development Manager

BSEE/>15 Years. Extensive global business development experience involving utility, nuclear, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and industrial business sectors, particularly in Europe. Focus is primarily on solar/wind, power generation/power plants and automation technology. Substantial technical leadership with electrical power conversion for renewable energy with patent activity.  Product and business development are key accomplishments. Has worked with generators and related power components, substations, grids, inverters and transformers. Multilingual. Certified PMP. 110-125K. #10172014.4

Sr. Construction/Project Manager – Substations, Wind, Nuclear

>20 years. Construction management experience including  electrical substations, wind turbine erections, and secondary containment structures; projects up to $5 billion. Managed multiple teams during construction; responsible for safety, quality and production. Has worked with soil excavations, storm drains and building decontamination and demolition. 135k #1074