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Sr Power Electronics Design Engineer – Motor Drives

MSEE. Multi-talented design engineer working with:

  • Power Electronics: Power conversion, DC & permanent magnetic synchronous motor controls, variable frequency drives, inverters, H-bridge topology
  • Embedded Software: C, C++, DSP, FPGA, VHDL, ARM, microcontrollers
  • Performs: Worst case analysis, modeling, simulation, lab test, verification, customer support and works through product lifecycle

Applies to automotive/HEV, appliances, oil & gas, nuclear industries. Uses Verilog, MATLAB, Cadence, Simulink, Ansys, Eagle, LabView, AutoCAD, Keil. <10 Years. 95K. 06102015.11

Power Electronics Mechanical Engineer – Downhole / Subsea

PhD-ME. Very well-rounded Mechanical Engineer designing from concept to assembly and testing. Develops power supplies, inverters, amplifiers, battery chargers, rotary/reluctance motors, turbomachinery, solenoids, subsea communications/downhole electronics (extremely harsh environments), and hybrid vehicle control systems. Strong electromagnetic motor designer and teacher. Talents include feasibility, troubleshooting, testing, simulation, finite element anlysis. AutoCAD, Altium, ANSYS, SolidWorks, ANSOFT, DASYLAB. Contract or Direct. Patents, Pubs. 130K. 06042015.12

Electrical Controls Systems Design Engineer

BSEE. Designs electrical industrial, wastewater, data center and utility plant controls and PLC for facility equipment. Brings exceptional mechanical maintenance/repair background for installation planning and management regarding equipment such as motors (MCC), chillers, boilers, variable frequency drives, transformers, switchgear. Tests to regulatory & requirements specifications, creates diagrams, generates load calculations/protective relay sizing. Advanced experience with onsite contractor management. Uses MATLAB, PSpice, Assembly, C. 70K. 06042015.10

Mechanical Systems Engineer – Spacecraft/Space Station

MS-Aero. An aerospace systems and programs engineering professional working with spacecraft, Space Station and planetary unmanned vehicles. Mass properties specialist and performs various space mission elemental analysis and design development, such as space debris solutions, re-entry breakup, propulsion/vibration/thermal concerns, cargo modules, inflatable and other shielding, berthing, pneumatic & environmental control systems, air packs. Strong customer design review participant and go-to. Manages mission budgets, performs critical materials sourcing. Uses MPD, BUMPER, Cradle, CORE, MATLAB, STK, PTC Creo, PRO/E, ANSYS, RedTop. Awards & publications. 10 Years. 100K. 05292015.2

Principal Power Electronics Engineer – Contract Only

Ph.D-EE. Strong power electronics design consultant working with varied products:

  • Battery management systems (lithium, polymer), chargers, motor controllers, unique power supplies, high voltage inverters and IGBT drivers, power conversion solutions with special topologies, analog/digital circuitry and RF/wireless devices.
  • Products often R&D, radiation-hardened, and/or utility-grade for undersea, automotive, military, solar, industrial, commercial uses.
  • Develops specs, test procedures, and performs systems integration.

Background in robotics. Many patents. Contract Only. 130K. 05222015.01

Principal Power Supply/Motor Controls Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Specializes in power electronics design to include: Various power supply types, converters, inverters with various topologies, motors/drives (wound, rotor induction, magnetic, servo DC, stepper), DC /DC, PFC, “black boxes”, optoelectronics, fluid measurement/motion control. Expert at signal processing, analysis, measurement and control algorithms. Strong embedded skill working with C, CAN Open, ARM, DSP, FPGA and implementing GUI.  Background includes DO-178B and FAA standards. Awards, patents, pubs. MATLAB, Simulink, Vienna. 125K. 05212015.01

Utility Hardware Design Engineer

BSEE. Designs control panels, motors, motor controls, variable frequency drives, disconnects, switches, and tests, troubleshoots load banks and fuel systems for power distribution and production facilities. Develops drawings, and layouts, analyzes schematics, assesses engineering changes and component updates, and performs electrical load calculations. Background in satellite dish installation and repair. NFPA and UL standards. Uses AutoCAD, SolidWorks, PSpice, Multisim. <5 Years. Multilingual. 75K. 05142015.6

Sr Power Electronics Engineer – Automotive

MBA, MSEE/CE. Strong DC/DC power conversion design engineer working with power electronics and components for automotive, military and other industries.

  • Wears many hats including staff training, customer interface with presentations and technical documentation, integration, testing, schematic capture, specifications, simulation, modeling, analysis, and supply chain management
  • Has experience in embedded controllers, motor control, fuel pumps, instrumentation/sensors, filters and electronics packaging
  • Solves unique problems/strong program management focus

Uses Spice series, MathCAD, AutoCAD, ECAD. 85K. 05112015.11

Sr FPGA Aircraft Controls Design Engineer

BSEE. Strong design talent for FPGA, motor (stepper/servo), propulsion, sensors/instrumentation, signalling, and power supplies for aerospace and military/defense aircraft and space systems. Expertise involves both analog and digital, plus VHDL, CMOS, LVDT/RVDT, and related test equipment. Designs to hi-rel and stringent MIL-STDs. Uses C, Assembly, Basic, Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Verilog. 115K. 05112015.01

Embedded Software Solutions Engineer/Architect

BSCE. Develops embedded software/firmware for robotics, motor controls, DC motors, DSP/microcontrollers, and real time operating systems. Provides global training and customer support, often onsite. Manages new product launch projects, designs to custom customer requirements, manages control algorithm test projects and works with multiple RTOS architectures. Uses Linux, C, Assembly, MATLAB, Eagle, Eclipse, Code Warrior/Composer, Openembedded & more. <10 Years. 100K. 04272015.01

Mechatronics Engineer, Military/DoD and Industrial Motion

MSEE/CE. Multi-disciplined engineering talent including design, embedded firmware, mechanical, software development and robotics/motion control. Products involve 3PH motors, fuel engines, generators, amplifiers, sensors, control loops, and on industrial side: precision CNC equipment, automated part handling systems, and robotics for optical applications. Often project design leader. Also performs servo loop tuning, analog/digital schematics, board and system level schematics, data analysis, diagnosis, debug and control theory research. MATLAB, CAD, Linux, C. 5 Years. 80K. 04152015.2

Embedded FPGA Firmware Engineering Manager

BSEE. Responsible for embedded software and FPGA/VHDL firmware department engineering staff for design, coding, testing and integration. Works with simulation systems, motor controls, magnetic bearing controllers, adjustable speed motors and power supplies/power electronics. Provides requirements specifications, modeling, verification, conducts FPGA design reviews and participates in microcontroller part selection and hardware design process. Works to MIL-STD, DO-178. C/C++, Linux, SQL, ADA; and LabView, cRIO, MATLAB. 115K. 03312015.2

Senior Electronics Hardware Engineer – Magnetics

BSEE. Seasoned RF components/magnetics design engineer working with engine controls/sensors, telephony, and power supply components. Is applications engineering minded with technical training presentations. Performs parametric and component evaluation, test, root cause determinations, PCB interconnectivity, and creative problem solving. Collaborates with suppliers. Very strong quality focus (DFSS, TOPS 8D, ESD concerns) with continuous improvement principles. 120K. 03242015.6

Lead Embedded Sys Software Test Engineer-Contract

MSCS. A leader in embedded systems software with test procedure/script Subject Matter Expertise. Applies to object-oriented aircraft applications: Analog feedback motors, engine controls, flight communication systems (RTOS) and on-board servers/processors. Leads product development lifecycle to include design, analysis, test, debug, verification, and specifications creation. Works to DO-178B with C, Java, Perl, Unix, Linux, Python, DOORS, Tortoise, Sublime, ClearCase etc. Contract or Direct Hire. 150K. 03202015.01




Controls and Communications Engineer

MSEE. Strong embedded microcontroller designer applying to UPS and modems for GPS tracking systems. Embedded products are variable stepper motor drives, rectifiers (6 pulse full bridge), battery chargers, and IGBT boost/buck converters. Skillsets: LCD/memory and GPS module interfacing, serial communications (i2C, SPI, RS232, Modbus, and TCP/IP. Performs complex calculations, simulations and generates technical documentation. Uses Code Composer Studio, Keil, C, Verilog, VHDL, Linux, AutoCAD, and Cadian for TI, Picolo, 8051, Cypress. 5 Years. 70K. 03032015.4

LV/MV Substation and Facilities Electrical Technician

<10 Years. Provides a variety of field technical support involving substations, facilities and related motor control centers for utilities, oil & gas refineries, government facilities. Prepares documentation deliverables, maintains electrical load lists for motors and variable frequency drives, sources various power equipment and components, generates drawing packages (equipment layout and installation) and provides on-site drawing verification, performs arc flash studies, participates in factory equipment testing, and prepares/conducts technical presentations. Uses AutoCAD, MicroStation, EasyPower, SKM. 80-90K. 02252015.2

Power Generation Plant M&O and Project Manager

MSEE/>15 Years. Oversees and manages various technical aspects of power generation plant operations and concepts, working with: Electrical “balance of plant”, energy storage systems, motor control centers, SCADA, excitation systems, protection and control, transformers, rectifiers, converters and more. Has hands-on initial concept design for specifications and develops: Excitation system software patches, simulation models and factory test protocols with FAT coordination. Performs field/design staff and other resource allocations and provides customer technical support. Is project-minded. Has a background in power generation, nuclear and other types of plants retrofit and modernization, domestically and internationally. Has worked with steam turbines. 100-120K. 02112015.3

Embedded Systems Design Engineering, Consultant

BSEE/>Contract engineering design expertise for a variety of critical control platforms:

  • FPGA ethernet and ECL differential communications interfaces (CMOS/PCBs), encrypted internet connectivity, algorithms, embedded PCB test hardware.
  • Nuclear reactor plant containment/cooling: Bus communications, loop control, ADC/DAC. Verification, validation, simulation, SoC design, staff education.
  • Space/Avionics rad-hard systems design/integration: Docking, launch vehicle & aircraft brushless motor controls, solar array systems, missile guidance systems, embedded systems, CMOS logic, DSP. Documentation within NASA 7123/7150, DO-254 and DO-178B standards. Drives DO-254 wins as Expert.

VHDL, Xilinx, DOORS, Aldec, Altium. 210K. 02032015.8

Embedded Flight Systems Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. Leads large teams in the development of unmanned aerial vehicular and autonomous systems for aerospace and avionics with robotics, motor controls and computer systems integration and development, system capability upgrades, and long term research projects which transition from concept to sales revenue. Captures project funding. Manages corporate projects planning, scheduling, tasking. Develops voluminous bid proposals. Oversees and guides global suppliers and generates SOWs for vision and adaptive systems, algorithms and virtual technology. Has established, led and maintained multi-disciplinary vehicular collaborative systems laboratories involving testbed design, embedded processor / microcontroller hardware integration / programming, and mission and control software development. 130-140K. 02022015.1

Project, Systems and Engineering Director / Petrochemicals, Avionics

Ph.D.-EE, ME/20 Years. Very high level engineering and large project leader for petrochemicals and avionics industries. Works with 1. Oil/gas technology (wireline, sub-sea/shipboard, down-hole, land applications to include cooling systems, fluid dynamics, rotors, magnetics, actuators, compressors, controllers), 2. Electric vehicle systems, wind power (turbine generators, converters, backup power), 3. Avionics (motor controllers, generators, thermals). Also has nuclear, wind energy background. Performs physics-based complex analysis, total cost management, technical proposal process and negotiations, program management, performance verification, on-site support, high level testing, root cause analysis, manufacturing process simplification. Strong for intellectual property, business acquisitions. Highly awarded and published. An array of patents. 01142015.4

Senior Design Engineer – Motors

BSEE/>20 Years. Concentrated experience in design of various types of motors / motor drives / controls, generators, rectifiers, inverters, converters, topologies, controls, magnetics, sensors, transducers, MOSFET, PCB and other test fixtures / equipment. Performs re-designs. Applications vary from avionics, pump systems, HVAC to elevator systems, CNC / manufacturing systems. Has SMT / CNC expertise. Uses AutoCAD, Procom Plus, Labview and more. 130K. 01132015.12

Embedded DSP, Power Electronics Engineer-Contract

BSEE. High level, innovative engineer involving:

  • High voltage AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, converters/topologies, DSP embedded firmware/algorithms/microcontrollers, filters, motor controls, PLC, gate drives, inverters, amplifiers, power supplies, thermal-based systems.
  • Applications: Avionics/space, but also including thrusters, hydraulics, chargers, ballasts, RF, antennas, lightning protection, telemetry, ground command, vehicles, robotics, and magnetics.
  • Testing, integration, verification, simulation, equations/analysis, FMEA.

Uses PSpice, Catia. Patents/formal recognitions. 135K. 01122015.4

Protection and Control Substation Lead Technician

20 Years. Has a concentrated background in substation power electronics involving: Relay protection and control, SCADA, transformers, breakers, switches, regulators, motor controls, VFDs, fiber optics, instrumentation and more for utility, plants, avionics, telecommunications and nuclear applications. Performs programming, upgrades, extensive test, repair and troubleshooting. Has a variety of additional skillsets: Technician supervision, labor union / contractor / vendor interaction, CNC and conveyor systems, and robotics. Background has significant work with power generation, transmission and distribution grid systems. Work to variety of code standards, plus FAA. Uses AcSELerator, EnerVista. ISO. 90-100K. 01082015.4

Hardware Engineering Manager – Embedded Systems / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level product design and redesign architect with extensive engineering management experience. Various end uses but primarily defense, avionics / payload / aircraft, RF. Also lasers, IT / networking, telecommunications and medical. Products specifically include analog, mixed signal, embedded systems, DSP, power supplies / UPS, converters, battery management, motor drives / controls, switch mode, sensors, MOSFET, AC/DC, RS232/422/485, encoders, FPGA, and light metrology. Extensive root cause determination talent and substantial support of complex proposal responses. Is project oriented and driven. Fluent: Spice family, PADS, Agile, Orcad, Solidworks, Xilinx and more. Awards, patents, publications. Six Sigma. 135-145K. 01062015.14

Program Manager / Automotive

BSME-Honors, PMP/>20 Years. A dual-role highly technical professional with experience in program and lifecycle product management for automotive industry (instrumentation, sensors, engine controls, braking, power). Has many roles within managerial scope such as: Operations, business management, manufacturing / engineering group manager, product development, quality, technical document generation and control, technical proposals, contract negotiations, reliability, budget / profit / loss / cost reductions and more. For manufacturing / production experience, numerous responsibilities such as root cause analysis, reliability, sourcing / purchasing, processes flow, validation, etc.  Has been single point customer liaison. Vast array of professional certifications, very well traveled and multi-lingual. Six Sigma. Pro-Engineer series, CAD, SAP. 100-120K. 01062015.10

Consultant – Power Electronics / Energy Sciences

MBA, BSEE, PE/10 Years. A high level business consultant for power electronics and energy technology to drive business development, sales, product management, bid processes, engineering / manufacturing / operations supervision, processes improvement, design management, complex strategies and studies and especially all facets of project management (technical specifications, resources, accounting, Gantt, reporting, scheduling). Varied applications involve power generation / demand, power distribution, systems software, utility substations, Smart Grid, high voltage, generators, switchgear, automation, motor controls / drives, pumps, photovoltaics and lighting. Develops SCRUM process, load flow analysis. Has electrical forensic legal experience. 75-85K. 01052015.8

Regional Technical Sales Manager / Power Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. Brings a technical edge to multi million $ sales, marketing and product development for a wide variety of products to include: Power supplies, transformers, converters, EMI filters, power management ICs, DC/DC power, LED lighting, video, motor controls, various instrumentation / sensors. Industries involved range from OEM, security, computers and industrial / residential, to aeronautical, telecommunications, medical and automotive. Very well rounded and well travelled sales professional, driving bid processes, marketing programs, substantial customer interaction, sales channel management / training.  A consultancy candidate. 90K. 01022015.8

Technical Director / Product Management – Power Management ICs

MSEE/>15 Years. Extensive experience in hardware and firmware product development / architecture / management for power electronics and semiconductors to include primarily power management ICs, and also converters, amplifiers, high voltage, microcontrollers, embedded systems, LED lighting, motor controls, batteries, digital signal processing, and more. Besides hands-on design for applications engineering and high level staff management, performs customer interface, conducts design reviews, negotiations and has substantial marketing strategy, profit and loss. Multi-patented. 180-200K. 12102014.3

Senior Electrical Test Engineer – Hardware / Software

MSEE>20 Years. A hardware and software test pioneer as it relates to computer-based automatic control systems, data acquisition systems, new test equipment, IT and circuitry, consumer products, various controllers and microcontrollers, electric vehicles, various electronics, instrumentation, visual systems and power supplies. Strong expertise in developing virtually all test plans / procedures / requirements, including for prototypes, calibration, root cause failure and other analysis, implements corrective actions to design and manufacturing processes, develops verification plans, has led manufacturing startup, and analyzes processes. Has project and product management talent. Uses LabView, Assembler, Pascal, and more. Patent activity. Six Sigma. 90-100K. 12052014.8

Regional Power Systems Manager

BSEE (plus)/20 Years. A sales professional working with companies having multi-million and billion $ sales revenues and a global reach for variety of industries including utilities, government, military, industrial, commercial, residential, medical and more. Power management, automation, protection and control units involve also motor controls and variety of motor drives, transformers, GIS, switchgear, metering, AC/DC, turbines and more. Conducts both sales and marketing for new business development, using value add solutions, substantial specifications abilities, service sales development. Expert in regulatory code and safety. Brings technical expertise to customer interaction and has program management background. 110-130K. 11252014.13

Senior Electrical Project Engineer / Field Service

BSEE/15 Years. A hands-on O&M engineer with multi functions: Design, installation, test, maintenance, repair, overall field service, materials ordering to component level, design review and substantial coordination with on and off site team members. Products / technologies involve transformers, panels, meters, instrumentation, automation systems, relays, protection and control, motor control and high voltage. Contract work would apply. 70K. 11202014.7

Technical Sales Consultant – Electrical Components

BSBA-EE/>20 Years. A sales consulting professional with varied background, but primarily with electrical power and energy components relating to motor control and other disciplines for OEM, industrial and construction. Extensive sales and marketing experience, product launches, manufacturing representatives development, partnering, strong customer service and relating, and expert at presentations. Routinely enhances customer requirements for revenue growth. 100K. 11172014.18

Consultant Controls/PLC Engineer

MSEE/>15 Years. Has concentrated design, simulation, calculations, analysis, test, troubleshooting (field service), maintenance, optimization and upgrading background. Related systems are: Industrial automation, and power conversion, embedded firmware and more. Product units include programmable PLCs, regulators, converters, transformers, switchgear, protection circuitry, motion controls, and AC/DC motors. Produces related technical documentation. Has R&D, GUI, EMI expertise. Uses MatLab, Simulink and more. 70-90K. 11102014.6

Technical Staff Engineer – Consultant

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. Highly experienced power electronics engineering leader in the design, development, integration and test of analog / digital, FPGA, power conversion and circuitry, motor generators, switching, rectifiers, filters, inverters, UPS, controllers, magnetics, transformers and more. Expertise in power protection, packaging, solar and wind applications, and R&D. Has developed a state-of-the-art on board hybrid state space vector, widely used today. Uses Triacs, MOSFET, Altium, Egle, Pspice and more. Multi patented. 120-130K. 11072014.5

Solar Power Electrical Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Extensive background in commercial (some residential) solar power systems to include design, field service and installation involving: power grid connection, customer interface, permitting processes, technical support, etc. Significant blueprint/drawing experience with AutoCAD, Basic Revit and more. DC/AC, high voltage, motor controls, UPS, inverters, protective relays, etc. 70K. 10222014.11

Senior Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

MSME-BS Physics/>20 Years. Significant experience includes: debug, simulate, and analyze graphics processing units, control components and servo motor controls; firmware change implementation; develop, synchronize and construct test plans and instrumentation; analyze coding discrepancies, and re-engineering auto circuit board test systems. Primary industries: Aerospace, IT and educational. Huge range of programming languages and tools: C/C++/VC++, Python, Perl, Matrix-X, Labview, and many more. Worked to MIL-STD, DO and multiple other standards. >120K. 10212014.2