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Staff RF/Microwave Research Engineer-Antennas

PhD-EE. Innovative engineering scientist working with various RF/microwave and electromagnetic technologies:

  • Antennas (including shipboard/aircraft), radar, wireless, autonomous navigation/GPS, RFID sensor systems, EMI/EMC, related computational / embedded / communications systems for space, military/defense, avionics
  • Performs concept design/feasibility, algorithm development, program support, demonstrations. Skilled at related software development. Modeling expert

Uses MATLAB, FEKO, ANSYS/HFSS, Eclectic, COSMOS, HSPice and more. Many Patents, Pubs. Very active in industry. 135K. 06082015.3

RF Antenna / Phased Array Responsible Engineer

Ph.D-EE/Fellow. Accountable RF/microwave engineering leader, bringing antenna systems architectural design/analysis/test talent, working with entire antenna systems, phased arrays, and components (reflectors, horns, couplers). Conducts internal and customer design reviews, manages multiple program budgets, responsible for specifications, SOWs, and manages program engineering staff (reviews drawings, test procedures). Career-long strong customer interaction. Secret Clearance. Patents/Pubs. 140K. 06042015.6

RF Programs Manager, RFIC/Device Technologist

Ph.D-EE. Leads large military/defense warfare RF/microwave programs involving design experimentation. Products: RF/MMIC, GaN/GaAs/SiGe, MEMs, various drivers, sensors, synthesizers, transceivers, and microelectronics for radar systems, infrared applications, cutting edge antennas/duplexers, phased arrays. Principal Architect on many high profile programs. Awards, Patents, Pubs and has Industry Senior-level Memberships. ADS, Cadence, SpectreRF, Sonnet, EMPro/3D. Contact us for more details! 06042015.3

Prinipal Engineer / Scientist – RFIC, Modules, GaN

Ph.D-EE. Strong innovative design and analysis leader working with microwave circuitry; laser/beam technologies; RF filters, oscillators; analog, RFICs and modules; nanotechnology; silicon, GaN devices and MESFETs for semiconductor. Frequently applied to imaging and magnetics. Conducts frequency analysis and research, testing, calculations, modeling, simulation. Uses HFSS, MATLAB, TCAD, Ansoft, ADS, Eagleware, PSPice, Sonnet, ANSYS, MathCAD, Assembly, C. > 15 Years. 160K. 06012015.6

Sr RF/Microwave Antenna Design Engineer

MSEE. Team lead designer for variety of antenna types and phased array development, at both system and component levels, for satellite communications, space, UAV, shipboard, Sigint, military/warfare and wearable navigation applications. Also designs transmitters, receivers, reflectors, microstrip patches and microwave & milimeter wave bands. Performs modeling, chamber measurements, requirements definition, integration/test planning, and generates technical proposals, user manuals. Uses HFSS, Crasp, FEKO, MATLAB. Top Secret/SCI clearance. 130K. 06012015.4

Principal Systems Engineer – RF Antenna Array SME

Ph.D-Physics. Subject Matter Expert  for RF systems in ground and space-based antennas, arrays, radar, satellite communications, electromagnetics, range metrology, upper atmosphere geophysics and remote sensing applications. Performs high level modeling and simulation, data analysis/interpretation, performance analysis, system/hardware design, and propagation – often involving Top Secret electronic warfare applications. Multiple publications. 130K. 06012015.2

RF/Microwave Antenna Design Engineer – R&D

Ph.D-EE. RF/microwave specialist working with large and small antennas, radar/radio wave propagation, receivers, coils, devices. Design innovative and highly experimental concepts applying to satellites, wireless, imaging and telecommunications industries. Develops algorithms, performs 3D simulation, complex analysis, optimization, and lab test/anechoic chamber measurements. Uses MATLAB, HFSS, CST, Microwave Wizard, Pro/E, ADS, CAD, Assembly, C. 10 Years. 120K. 05292015.01

Principal Antenna / Phased Array Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Innovative design engineer for variety of antennas and array systems for military/defense, space and aerospace.

  • Antenna Types: Active, polarized, Ku-band, wideband dipole, antipoldal vivaldi, circular waveguide, planar spiral, compact loop, many more.
  • Has specified/designed measurement chamber, performs calibration, characterization, tuning, mathematical/simulation analysis, test setup/demo.

SBIR projects. Customizes MATLAB. Uses C, CodeWarrior, Microwave Studio, Simulink, SolidWorks, PSpice. Multiple pubs/papers, honors, awards. 5 Years. 105K. 05222015.2

Principal Antenna Array Engineering Manager

Leads innovative antenna design engineering staff and has significant array/base station technology experience for commercial and military. Types include active, passive, wide and broadband, isolated, dipole/dual beam, polarized, horizontal/vertical beam tilt, phase shift and dielectric. Also performs complex calculations, such as for impedance, power distribution, wave length, array progression. Uses Ansoft, CST Microwave, Ensemble, AutoCAD, FEKO and more. Long list of patents. 160K. 05212015.4

Sr Staff RFIC Design Engineer

PhDEE. Strong design skills at chip and board level for active/passive RF components, modules, MMIC, millimeter-wave devices and subsystems including amplifiers, phase shifters, filters, transceivers, and ruggedized devices. Proven experience with GaAs PHEMT/ HBT, SiGe HBT, and GaN process. Concept and architecture into modeling, simulation, layout, test, tuning, and troubleshooting, including military applications. Uses ADS, HFSS, AutoCAD. Patents. 120K. 05192015.6

Manager, Satellite & RF/Microwave Electro-Mechanics

MSEE. Leads design and mechanical engineering team on multiple satellite projects involving mechanical structural and active/passive electronic assemblies, enclosures, amplifiers. Designs thermal interface controls, heat sinks, etc. Performs form factor improvements, fab/assembly validation, component quality assurance, structural, thermal, stress and fatigue analysis and calculations, and root cause. Uses Pro-E/Mechanica, Thermal Desktop, MATLAB, SolidWorks, AutoCAD. 10 Years. 125K. 05192015.4

RF/Microwave and MetaMaterials Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE. Industry renown Fellow and scientist-level RF/Microwave engineering leader. Works domestically and often internationally with various next-generation antenna array development, calibration, satellite payloads and GPS contracts including hardware, software and controls. Technical aspects include tapered helix, Ku-band Rx, digital beamforming, and the complex contract-winning applied research in metamaterials development for military, aerospace and space industries. TS/SCI,  DoD Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. Awards, patents and pubs. Please contact us for more details! 05182015.8

RF/Microwave Components Design Engineer

MSEE. Designs variety of prototype passive and active RF/microwave components: Filters (single/dual, directional, dielectrically loaded, microstrip), input/output multiplexers, and adaptors; applying to military, space and SATCOM. Conducts temperature, voltage and integration analysis, provides tuning and test skill in lab environment, simulation, and participates in design review preparation and presentation. Assists complex payload/flight unit projects. Uses MATLAB, Spice series, Cadence, Microwave Office, Verilog, AutoCAD, C. >5 Years. 100K. 05082015.6

Principal Engineer – RF/Micro & Millimeter-Wave Design

Ph.D-EE. Scientist-level R&D design, development, analysis and debug:

  • RF/microwave circuitry, semiconductor/components, compound devices, planar antenna arrays, communication systems, dual/Ka/X-band SATCOM, and imaging systems for aerospace, defense and commercial.
  • Project examples: Next-generation ultra-fast PLL frequency synthesizers, and multi-stage radar receiver protectors/limiter modules.
  • Performs high-frequency electromagnetic analysis, packaging, 3D modeling, simulation and hands-on fabrication.

Serves industry as theoretical expert and also Program Management, Technology Transfer Head. Uses HFSS, ADS, Microwave Office, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Ansys & much more. >10 Years. 140K. 04272015.2

VP and General Manager – Aerospace/RF, DoD/Electronic Warfare

MS, BS-Physics/Honors. A global executive level business leader:

  • Aerospace, Space, RF/microwave (fixed and mobile antennas, tracking ground stations, SATCOM connectivity) electronic warfare (all divisions of military), support services and commercial electronics for multi-million $ programs
  • Entire company portfolio, business development, and profit/loss responsibility
  • Market assessment/strategy development for exponentially increased revenue, transforms global sales/marketing functionality and cross-sells amongst divisions

Leads industry projects comprised of multiple company alliances.  Active DoD/NATO Secret clearance. Multiple professional awards. Contact us for more details! 04162015.2

Director, Sales and Marketing – Satellite Telecommunications

BSEE. Grows revenue exponentially in Latin/Caribbean regions and globally for satellite communications equipment, software and services for telecommunications (TV, cellular, internet), commercial, government and military. Introduces breakthrough products with technical hand, employs branding/product positioning, fosters strategic global alliances, develops and manages channel sales. Focus is capturing both new business and displacing competitors. Excellent communicator with top level customer contacts in own regional network. Conducts customer training and presentations. Bilingual. 85K. 04092015.01

RFID and RF/Microwave Technology Scientist / Engineer

Ph.D-EE/CE. An RF/Microwave leader, providing innovative product design, evaluation, test/measurement and analysis. Strong EMI/EMC and signal integrity specialist.

  • Develops RFID systems: Antennas, transponders, and wireless signal harvesting, with harsh environments/form factor concerns, next-generation research (ceramics), anechoic test chamber performance, radiation pattern optimization.
  • Military and commercial applications to FCC and ETSI regulations. Provides global training and keeps finger on the RFID marketplace.
  • Miniaturized RF  front end component design experience with planar antennas, MIMO systems, EBG structures and metamaterials.

Vast array of patents including technical doc generation and patent processing experience. Large audience presentations, prolific publications, industry honors. 10 Years. 110K. 04072015.2

R&D Antenna Design Engineer

Ph.D.-EE. An applied electromagnetic and RF/microwave scientist, designing a variety of antenna types: Wide-band, broadband , dipole, slot, lateral disk, microstrip, low profile and more, including related communications systems. Has phased array design experience with feeds and matching networks, reducing mutual coupling, developing scripts. Performs 3D simulation, modeling and complex analysis. Has background in synthesizers, oscillators, imaging and Space Station product development. Uses FEKO, CST Microwave Studio, MATLAB, Ansoft Designer/HFSS. US Citizen. Top Secret clearance. 140K. 03312015.3



RF/Microwave Filter Design Engineer

Broad RF/microwave custom and hybrid design experience for military, defense and wireless industries:

  • Cavity, hybrid LC surface mount, DR bandpass/notch RF filters; 800 MHz to 10 GHz
  • Cavity, LC and lumped element mutliplexers, diplexers, triplexers (30 MHz to 2.5 GHz), and passive components
  • Customizes modeling and simulation software to facilitate ease of design and works with offshore manufacturers

Uses AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Microwave Office. 100K 03252015.01


Director, Product Development/Marketing – RFIC, Mobile

BSEE. High level product development leader for RF/microwave high volume mobile handset multi-mode power amplifier modules, WLAN, and Bluetooth. Bring hands-on innovative lifecycle engineering experience to lead NPI, manage risk, increase yield, perform cost analysis, forecasting, and generate roadmaps. Provides device verification and characterization. Extensive overseas business and customer interaction during bid process, technical reviews, promotional initiatives for resultant design wins. Corporate awards. 180K. 03242015.5

Global Satellite Payload Programs Manager

MBA/CPIM. A strong RF/Microwave program management leader for satellite operations, manufacturing, and production for global commercial and military testing/integration projects. Manages project managers and engineering groups (multi-tasking several concurrent projects), reviews specifications, provides bid process/contract development, and project cost accounting. Strong production management skillset. Has background with power electronics manufacturing for International Space Station. Formal awards. 150K. 03202015.4

Senior RF/Microwave Design Engineer

BSEE. Comprehensive experience in avionics RF/Microwave systems/devices lead design.

  • Works with VHF/UHF receivers, filters (lumped, LC), frequency control, discrete crystal oscillators, plus related simulation software, test equipment design.
  • Simulation, test and debug with concentration on signal integrity, circuit characterization.
  • Achievements: Yield increase/cost reduction and RoHS compliance certification win.

Project-minded. Uses ADS, Genesys, PSpice, MATLAB, Math/AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Momentum. 15 Years. 100K. 03182015.2

RF/Microwave Engineer/Filters, Antennas

Provides RF/microwave design, research, rapid-prototyping, simulation and test:

  • Filter types: Ceramic resonator, cavity, lumped element, band pass, band reject
  • Antennas: Yagi, dipole, mobile, small form factor, ultra broad band, VHF, UHF, concealed (covert)
  • Devices: Du/tri/multiplexers, hybrid & multi-couplers (VHF/UHF), equalizers, transit/resonator combiners and temperature compensation systems

Products apply to military, commercial, automotive. Uses ADS, Cadence, Altium, Ansoft HFSS, CST, Genesys, Parfil, PSpice, MasterCAM, OrCAD, Eagle, MATLAB, MathCAD. Contract or Direct hire. 100K. 03162015.01

RF/Communications & Mechatronics Engineer – Contract

PhDEE/Mech. Designs highly advanced electronics and systems for military/DoD electronic warfare, RF/microwave, avionics, wireless and communications industries.

  • Large systems design, test and integration: Communications, radar, missiles, computer-controlled weaponry, antennas, servo-controlled guidance systems.
  • Power electronics/RF subsystems design includes analog, digital, switchmode/linear power supplies, transformers, battery chargers, embedded microprocessors, RF/millimeter wave, antenna systems, filters, receivers, wireless/short range communications devices, GPS, synthesizers, amplifiers, down converters, phase-lock-loops.
  • Strong analysis and pioneers scientific studies involving electromagnetic field theory, nuclear effects, rad-hard concerns, product life reliability, infrared techniques.

Inactive security clearance. Works to many MIL-STDs. Technical papers. MATLAB, Momentum, MathLab/CAD, Simulink, TINA, Maple, LabView, Sonnet, LinearX, Verilog/FPGA, ARM, C, Assembly, Artificial Intelligence S/W. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 03122015.01

Program/Project Manager – Microwave/Antenna Devices and Subsystems

MSME/>20 Years. An accomplished program/project manager, with an engineering management background, exclusively working with passive microwave devices, robotic antenna measurement systems and other similar subsystems. Works through life of project from definition of scope, resource planning, design management, risk mitigation, cost/profit & loss to project closure. Maintains customer communications, progress reporting, technical & budget support to proposal team & supply chain, and provides design conflict resolution. Has experience with on-site international systems deployment and construction supervision. Is skilled at translating customer requirements into design package reality. Implements advanced design, modeling and simulation tools for product cost reductions. Uses AutoCad Inventor, ANSYS, Encompix ERP and applies Lean, Kaizen. 140-155K. 02232015.5

Chief Engineer – Sic, MOSFETs/RF & Microwave Power ICs

Ph.D-EE/CE, 20 Years. A scientist level professional, managing engineering groups for design and layout for power switching, power RF discretes, microwave ICs (small signal, low noise) for silicon and SiC bandgap (RF JFET/MESFET) technologies (solid state power amplifier applications). Optimizes transconductance, minimizes capacitance and engineers various technical characteristics to boost product quality and performance enhancements. Performs process integration, characterization, simulation and modeling, reliability assessment, and production yield improvements.  Provides high level customer support and technical marketing skillsets. Has a background in hands-on power amplifier design; SiGe bipolar transistors development on silicon BiCMOS platforms; and, mixed signal CMOS. Is project and program management minded. Patent activity and prolific technical author. 150K. 02172015.5

Program & Test Engineering Manager – RF/Satellite Communication Systems

>20 Years. A renown industry leader in innovative satellite and digital communication systems for space program, government, military/defense, and commercial sectors. Has UHF satellite communications, DAMA and integrated waveforms expertise with related systems design and test plan/procedures development.

Provides program management and executive direction to cross-functional teams to drive successful large programs from inception to contract close-out, including extensive customer interface during multiple, concurrent projects. Negotiates development project contracts, analyzes risk management, leads all design reviews, and overcomes all roadblocks (configuration management, logistics, security, etc).

Has piloted various programs to achieve CMMI/3 certification win. For JITC certification win, wrote all necessary test documentation and built entire test environments as an expert systems test architect in this field. Performs alternate role to industry to assist DISA in updating various MIL-STDs as official group member.

Special projects have included upgrading systems to new waveforms integration, line of site and other advanced special communications mode contracts, plus various classified projects as well. Previous secret clearance. DOORS, Code Stricker. Contact us for more details! 02122015.4

Senior RF/Microwave Engineer and Project Manager

20 Years. Has strong hardware and circuit design, construction and product management experience. Hardware involved: Microwave / millimeter wave devices with planer / waveguide topologies from 70MHz to 107 GHz; high efficiency/low noise switch mode power supplies; high power/density RF and multilayer PCB design/layout with high signal integrity and max thermal performance. Works with strong RFI, EMI and ESD suppression and stringent high reliability compliance. Provides simulation, thermal analysis, various complex product analyses, and assembly process enhancements. Applies primarily to space, military and some commercial. Has developed key industry linearized channel amplifiers. Strong focus for reliability processes. Secret security clearance. Uses HFSS, OrCad, AutoCad, SysCalc, Altium, Eagleware, EM simulator and more. Available for contract or direct hire. 100-110K. 01232015.5

International Sales Manager – Microwave, Wireless Equipment

BSEE/20 Years. A proven sales revenue multi million $ increase generator globally, but especially for asian markets, for RF/microwave and wireless equipment, EMC/EMI, radio, amplifiers, antennas / telemetry and more. Develops comprehensive business development plans, represents overseas equipment factories for IT, transportation, military/defense and other industries. 75-85K. 01072015.13

Principal RF / Microwave Design Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background designing RF systems and components such as: boards and circuitry, voltage regulators, switches, filters, a variety of complex transceivers, power management ICs, converters, amplifiers, modulators, synthesizers, video limiters, GPS receivers, attenuators and electronic countermeasures for antennas, radio, wireless and networking technologies. Generates schematics / layouts / BOMs, simulations, performs test and troubleshooting, and tests for EMI. Provides customer resolution. Fluencies: Cadence, PSPICE, ADS, Virtuoso. 150-160K. 01062015.13

Director, Applications Engineering / Power Electronics, RF-Microwave

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. A dual-role high level director for field application engineering and business development. Industries involve commercial, space programs, IT/networking, RF/microwave, satellites, telecommunications. Has driven expert design and prototypes for following power electronics and RF systems: Analog, microcontrollers, power supplies, converters, audio/video, radios, security systems, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, attenuators, tuners, ASIC and more. With global customer interaction and technical support, defines requirements and delivers presentations, increasing sales and marketing opportunities. Has managed sales groups for multi million $ revenue development. Provides technical product management and roadmaps. Well published. 150-175K. 01062015.9

RF Engineering Research Scientist – Consultant

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. An RF/microwave R&D engineering and consulting leader to aerospace, military, space program, telecommunications/wireless communities and background in various other electronics: Algorithms, GPS, amplifiers, wearables, sensors, etc.  Specializes in antenna arrays and satellites. Performs antenna high level analysis and design / packaging / geometry, evaluates / improves risk concerns, performance, calibration methods, participates in subcontractor and customer design reviews / integration and drives design decisions. Supports business capture. Has weather satellite antenna design optimization background. Has definitive expertise in automation testing, thermal and fluid dynamics sciences. Fluent: Ansoft, HFSS, CHAMP, MatLab and more. Multi patents, awards and publications. 150K. 12232014.8



Chief Design Engineer – RF/Microwave

Ph.D-EE>20 Years. A top talent RF/Microwave engineer, working with satellites and related systems concerns: GPS, navigation, Algorithms, FPGA, ASIC, digital signal processing, amplifiers, receivers, antennas, beam science, ultrasonic instruments, control loops, controller boards, etc. Expert with complex simulations and overall design, modeling, integration, real time test, debugging, data retrieval, algorithms, scan scheduling, investigates link failures, performs complex data analysis, extensive coding. Collaborates with several industry known subcontractors. Has experience with power electronics (inverters, controls). Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, MWO, ADS, Spectrum Digital, NohauICE, Linux, QNX and more. Patent and publications activity. 150K. 12052014.2

Chief Systems Engineer – Avionics and Space Program

BSEE (plus)/>15 Years. An extensive, high level systems design and integration background for various types of aircraft and multiple systems/subsystems for space program and spacecraft projects / missions. A solid contract or consultancy candidate. Strongly innovative, performs: test data evaluation, validation, systems requirements / test plans definition, safety documentation, conducts design reviews, leads very large teams, collaborates with all technical, quality etc departments, extensive customer / end user contact, ensures functionality at all levels but also mechanical interfaces, manages subcontracts, generates WBS, provides high level regulatory compliance, voluminous technical proposals, and has significant and in depth variety of test knowledge. Uses DOORS, LabVIEW. Previous Top Secret Clearance. 100K. 12032014.16

Embedded Hardware / Software Engineer – Consultant

Ph.D-Bio Engrg/>20 Years. An engineering professional and excellent consultant candidate whose background and industry reach are well-rounded involving: Embedded firmware processors, analog / digital signal, GUI, FPGA, mixed signal, high level battery systems, critical power, high voltage, motor attenuators, algorithms, mobile power, magnetics, RF, microwave, instrumentation, field monitors, telephony development, robotics, imaging solutions, laser, pulse, electro-optics, detectors, LED lighting, CMOS, data centers, military and more. Specializes in medical implant and instrumentation technology. Performs redesigns, complex problem resolutions. Has conducted military site testing. Complies to ISO. Has a strong quality monitoring and investigation background for EMI, power low performance and other facility problems. Fluent: OrCAD, MathCad, LabView, Python, Visual Ethernet, PSpice, Xcode, Objective-C, and much more. 120-140K. 12032014.11

Electro-Optical / Power Electronics Engineering Manager

MS-Engrg, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level engineering professional overseeing innovative development of laser technology, optics, power electronics, including: Wide variety of lasers, accelerators, lens controls, plus generators, amplifiers, analog, digital and high voltage electronics for defense / warfare, medical and industrial applications. Works at length with infrared, microwave. Skillsets include project and product management, substantial customer support, high level regulatory standards (FDA, ISO), setting up test labs, bringing concept through to manufacturing production, and manages large engineering and mechanical design teams. Also has marketing talent. Extensive publications and patents. 110-130K. 12032014.10

Product Manager / Program Manager – Electronics, Semiconductor

MSEE/>20 Years. A top level, multi-functional business developer who brings technical talent in design engineering to the table. Also an excellent contract or consultancy candidate. Has performed as concept-to-closure program manager with product management, and business development for sales / marketing / teaming and proven multi million $ revenue growth. Substantial customer interaction and development (including international) in military, space program, semiconductor, RF/microwave, PC/cellular, and medical. Strong leader in product development and launch, and is at forefront of technological advances. Has hands-on design engineering experience, and is strong evaluator of customer specifications and requirements. Patent activity. Author. Secret security clearance. Fluent: FPGA, Cadence, SPICE, Verilog and more.  150K. 12022014.1

Sales and Marketing Director – Power Electronics

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A sales, marketing and business development professional with global reach. Maintains extensive customer relationships, develops sales channels plus VARs and integrators for highest sales revenue volume possible up to multi million $. Employs B2B principles and has extensive product management skillset. Product lines and technologies include: Semiconductors, PCBs, test and measurement instrumentation, network communications, wireless, digital signal, ASIC, FPGA, Smart Grid, fiber optics, amplifiers, receivers, transmitters and RF/microwave. Customer base includes utilities, solar, wind, healthcare, data centers, telecommunications and various facilities requiring critical power. >70K. 12012014.9

Executive Director – Advanced Technology / Consultant

BSME, MS-Systems/>20 Years. An executive level professional with consultancy skill for developing business and managing profit and loss factors within aerospace, defense, intelligence, avionics and IT companies involving satellites, space program elements, RF/Microwave systems. Has technical ability also to perform / manage development, design, manufacture, integration, test and sustainability through entire life-cycle. Expert at contract capture in multi million $ range. Is an overall high technology leader to turn a company into a high revenue presence within its industry. Top Secret security clearance. 175-195K. 12012014.8

Senior Systems Engineer – Power / RF / Telecommunications

MSEE/<20 Years. An excellent communicator, working globally and overseas with customers, suppliers, consultants, etc., for lifecycle design projects for large systems applications. Specializes in hardware / firmware / software aspects of: RF, analog, circuitry, battery power of all types, microcontrollers, electrical power systems, UPS, embedded systems, WiFi and more for military, space program, telecommunications, audio and medical industries. Expert in various test equipment, creates procedures for same, conducts design reviews / field tests, mitigates risk, and works to many stringent regulatory standards. Has experience with RF and amplifiers for cellular towers plus converters, transmitters for satellite applications. Uses GSM, CDMA, Agilent, PSpice and more. Well-travelled, Patent activities. 100K. 11252014.12