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Manufacturing Manager – Engines/Outdoor Power Equip

MBA. Provides manufacturing management expertise relating to air-cooled engines, generators, pumps, rotor dynamics, metering, and outdoor power equipment. Global liaison between factories, design houses, and product test facilities. Ensures process improvements production streamlining, subcontracts management. Initiates cost-saving facility improvement programs, facility overhauls and assembly line station development. Ensures regulatory compliance and has mechanical background. GD&T. 100K. 06102015.8

Project & Field Service Manager – Advanced Metering

Strong, consistent background in advanced metering and data management, to include project management, field installation and service, returns management. Drives entire lifecycle scope of each contract with strategic planning, tracking resources, 3rd party management, customer reporting, schedule, budgets/cost and closure. Strong field implementation leadership. Applies to water, power and utility sectors. Performs load study/demand response projects and tracks industry energy initiatives. Uses GIS. 15 Years. ASEET/Honors, PMP. 110K. 05202015.4

Product Marketing Applications Engineer – Metering

MSEE. Provides design, test, applications and marketing talent for utility/SmartGrid metering, electric handheld devices, substation automation, electrical controls and switches; plus has a background in LED lighting, RFIC/wireless. Publishes technical documentation for field sales and distributors and provides customer support and training. Project management skill and field experience. Uses LabVIEW, Python, PSpice, Cadence, MATLAB, MathCAD, Microstation. 95K. 05192015.3

Substation & Protection/Control Support Engineer

MSEE. A substation, distribution and transmission support engineer, performing both design and oversee of relaying and metering 1/3 diagrams, interconnection diagrams, panel layouts, schematics (transformers, lines, banks, breakers), drawings, DC & AC auxiliary systems, fault studies, and relay settings. Supports full SCADA integration and automation projects. Performs electrical analysis such as short circuit, relay coordination using CYME. Designs auxiliary systems (batteries, chargers, load centers, conduit/cabling). Helps customers define scope/upgrades. 5 Years. 90K. 04272015.3

Utility Power Planning and Metering Analysis Engineer

BSEE. Provides transmission planning for large and municipal utility power authorities, performing load flow, voltage regulation and short circuit analysis for power distribution in both urban and remote locales for commercial and residential. Is involved in power projects related to new legislation, providing feasibility and overall system impact determinations. Specializes in power connectivity and metering regulations development. Has experience training others in field of renewable energy. Awards, honors, publications. Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, Powerworld, PSpice. 10 Years. 70K. 04142015.3

Regional VP/Sales, Utility/Energy Efficiency, Metering

Consultative sales for utility and energy management services/solutions, submetering, multi-unit residential billing and operating costs reduction, resulting in corporate sustainability for clients, energy efficiency and conservation. Increases sales revenue through securing new accounts and develops high performing sales teams/channel partners. Has developed invoice processing programs. Has background in Enterprise energy management solutions. 120K. 03132015.8

Regional Sales / Service Manager – Utility, Industrial

Applies technical hand to product and service contract sales for utilities, municipalities and large industrial sectors. Products are protective relays, metering, breakers, substation testing, cables, connectors, field services. Provides field demonstrations, product training, manages manufacturing sales reps. Builds high-performing customer-focused sales teams, and has history of increasing sales by over one third. International arena success. Awards. Pubs/tech papers. 95K. 03102015.01

Power Systems / Protection and Control Engineer

BSEE-Honors, PE Cert/<10 Years. A professional engineer with power systems and substations expertise, and strong customer focus, relating to protection and control, utility networking automation (Modbus, NDP, IEC61850) and IP architecture, and complex load-flow/short circuit/fault modeling and disturbance/system stability analysis. Experience applies to various relay types (digital microprocessor, universal), SCADA, meters and metering rates concepts, switchgear and components and more. Uses 3-phase relay test sets, performs CT selection, systems simulations, implements asset management projects, and often provides managerial consulting on-site with substantial customer and regulatory officials interaction. Builds customer relationships and increases upgrade revenue. Utility, wind and solar power industries. Uses Matlab, PSpice, PSCAD, ETAP, SKM, Gantt, CRM and more. Available for direct or contract hire. 80-90K. 01222015.2



Power Transmission and Distribution Sales Executive

MS-Business, MSEE-Honors/>20 Years. A global power transmission, distribution and power measurement business developer for million / billion $ projects and programs. Is expert at capitalizing on industry trends / metering initiatives, energy renewables, developing non-traditional utility clients, driving design/build programs, and using overall extensive industry associates to grow revenue. Has substantial marketing and sales / competitor strategy skillsets; a corporate communications, risk management and technical applications engineering background; and protection and control, SCADA and Smart Grid concepts. Highly awarded, multiple recognitions, and very active in relevant industry organizations. Six Sigma Black Belt expert and instructor. 220-260K. 01072015.13

Business Development / Operations – Utility

BSEE/>20 Years. Brings strong technical skills and engineering design background to high level business development and operations for retail electrical generation / utility industry. Responsibilities and business functions managed include sales/marketing, business plans, strategic planning, finance, contracts, regulatory compliance process, rates/tariffs and billing operations, metering technology, and general utility market dynamics. History of design for substations, transformers. 150-160K. 01072015.1

Senior Electrical Engineer – Power Systems / Substations

BSEE/>20 Years. A highly experienced contract design engineer working with gas / steam turbines, power plant systems, substations and all related power electronics and equipment: (High voltage, transformers, protection and control, metering, SCADA, batteries and chargers, UPS, motors, generators, instrumentation and transducers, plus much more). Works to stringent regulations and code, provides facility support such as contractor liaison and schedule, procurement, etc., trains technical staff and has significant test experience. Extremely well traveled. A well-versed contract candidate. 125-135K. 01062015.7

Substation Field Engineer

BSEE/5 Years. A hands on engineering professional working with substation construction, power stations and related equipment. Tests protective relays / microprocessors / metering / breakers, interprets schematics, installs various equipment including transformers, performs repairs and has emergency repair experience. Has eye for process / procedures improvement. Uses AutoCAD, PSpice, MATLAB. 70-80K. 12052014.13

Sales Director – Electrical and Power Electronics

MBA/<15 Years. A proven, global sales and marketing professional with concentrated background in electrical devices and power electronics. Products include: Switchgear, electrical safety and reliability systems, software, meters and more. Has developed significant OEM business, implemented higher industry standards for product performance, covered contracts administration / engaged in substantial negotiations, and drove product development and process improvements. Has also led sales in medical and automotive industries, and filled a vacancy long term as Operations Manager for multi-task. Has extensive marketing background to include value add activities, webinar / seminar development for outreach, and bid processes. Six Sigma, Lean, ISO. Well travelled. 100-120K. 12202014.12

Substation Technical Marketing and Sales Director

BSEE(plus)/>20 Years. Bringing a technical background, this sales professional implements multi-million $ sales and revenue growth, working with utilities, aerospace, industrial, OEM, GIS and petrochemicals industries. Drives channel sales and marketing efforts, performs various market analysis, leads new product development, and monitors profit / loss. Has high value specialty clients and maintenance contract expertise. Substation products involved are transformers, breakers, meters, inverters, switchgear, system software, micro-grid systems and more, plus also data storage and embedded technologies.  SCADA. 150K. 11252014.3

Senior Electrical Project Engineer / Field Service

BSEE/15 Years. A hands-on O&M engineer with multi functions: Design, installation, test, maintenance, repair, overall field service, materials ordering to component level, design review and substantial coordination with on and off site team members. Products / technologies involve transformers, panels, meters, instrumentation, automation systems, relays, protection and control, motor control and high voltage. Contract work would apply. 70K. 11202014.7

Global Sales Manager – Electrical-Grid / Energy / IT Solutions

MBA, BACS/15 Years. Strong sales leader for new business / territory development, sales channel management, large bid processes / multi million $ contract negotiations, team building and training. Products and technologies involved: power controls, sub-metering, grid management with public works planning and design, solar solutions, green power, battery systems, cabling, and a variety of IT products including storage technology. Industries/Users: Utilities, government organizations, defense, communications, IT, Large facilities. Has Six Sigma, SCADA. >100K. 11142014.13

Design Engineer – Substation and Field Installations

BSEE/<10 Years. In depth experience specifically for substation equipment preliminary and final package engineering design, development of schematics (layout, control, grounding, panel, etc), BOM development, SCADA elements, cost estimating and more. Various equipment but expertise with all various relays in particular, plus protection, transformers, bus, grounding switches, metering, etc. Interfaces with team throughout, and lead for local authority reviews. Extensive on site field installations of equipment. Fluent: AutoCAD, ETAP, asSELerator, ESPEN and more. 80-90K. 11112014.1

Power Plant Supervisor

BSEE/>20 Years. Responsible for numerous personnel for high revenue power generation plants and substation maintenance regarding protective relays, metering and other technical areas. Strong compliance background with several entities / multiple standards, and essential safety operations. Also negotiates agreements, implements budgets and ensures they and other goals are met. Has union contract negotiation skill. SCADA, IMUX. >100K. 10202014.15