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Mfg. Facilities / Data Center Electrical Engineer

BSEE. Plans, installs, manages, maintains and electrical distribution systems and equipment for multiple or single large facilities (especially semiconductor manufacturing; also data centers, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, universities). Performs engineering calculations, power systems analysis, site surveys, cost estimating and oversees all construction and expansion activities. Involves also UPS, lighting, controls, communications, clean rooms, emergency power, fire systems. Works within NFPA, NEC, OSHA. AutoCAD, SKM, PMCS. 110K. 06102015.9

Sr Mechanical Engineer – Contract or Direct

MSME. Has designed and re-designed a variety of products for medical/imaging, industrial and commercial, to include: Machinery, electro-mechanical equipment, fiber optics, scanners, test fixtures, control cabinets, ion beam systems components, tooling, and cryogenics. Performs GD&T, extensive thermal, structural, and gas flow analysis. Interacts with all levels of technical engineering and clients. Uses SolidWorks, MiniTab, Pro/Engineer Wildfire, Cosmos, AutoCAD, MicroStation. Lean, Six Sigma. 15 Years. 100K. 05152015.3

Regional Sales Manager – Critical Power

Consummate orchestrator to generate critical power sales revenue involving UPS, paralleling switchgear, transfer switches and total solution packages for large entities such as hospitals, data centers, manufacturing and industrial. Often architects solutions on site, surveying, developing specifications, coordinating factory testing, training customers, conducting presentations, and performing front-end project management. Works closely with mfg reps, performs bid processes and remains in play until contract closeout. Collaboratively leads multi-divisional cross-business teams.  115K. 04202015.7

Electro/Opto-Mechanical Engineer – Contract

BSME. Performs precision design of electro-mechanical / opto-mechanical devices, visual systems, instruments and electronic systems for military, avionics, medical, automation, and commercial industries. Performs packaging and component/system level analysis: Thermal, static/dynamic, computational fluid flow, vibration, shock isolation. Generates production & fabrication drawings; concept/detail, 3D and finite element models; develops supply chain; and designs with EMI/RFI shielding. Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Inventor, FloWorks. Contract/Direct. 120K. 04152015.01

Business Development Manager – Data Centers

BSEE. Grows revenue and manages sales channels for multi-tenant and mission critical data center solutions plus power products such as UPS, for medical, industrial, and broadcasting industries. Targets large-organization customers to develop key relationships, and displaces competitors. Identifies exceptional staff and grows sales powerhouses. Has military and FAA/aviation engineering background. 120K. 04142015.01

Business Development Manager, Power Supplies & RF

Adept at developing and reorganizing/restructuring sales and rep channels to turn underperforming sales groups into revenue powerhouses. Focus is power supplies, enclosures and electro-mechanical/RF hi-rel products for military, commercial and medical markets (i.e, portable power, shipboard power, transportation). Fosters team environments; establishes goals and targets. Has worked with military repair depots. 130K. 03302015.01

Product Regulatory & EMC/EMI Compliance Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Specializes in domestic and international regulatory certification for power electronics, RF & wireless, medical imaging and IT. Collaborates test methodology with engineering management and internal/certifying authority test laboratories, performs test data analysis, and drives certification deviation process.

  • Standards: UL, IEC, EN/CISPR, FCC, FDA, ICES, CSA, TUV, Intertek, KC etc.
  • EMC/EMI and safety: CE Marking, UL, IEC, EN
  • Quality: ISO 9001/9002, 17025, 13485, CAPA

Early career directly with international regulatory commission. 80K. 03272015.2

Embedded Controls/Firmware Engineer – Contract

MSCE. Seasoned embedded software/system architectural development and debug engineer for real time operating systems, wireless communications, inter-connectivity, power conversion, flight control systems (fuel, engine systems), and medical implants. Works with DSP, Assembly, ARM, C, CAN, TCP/IP, SPI, RS-422/232. Strong skillsets: Modeling, simulations, complex analysis, requirement definition, coding, board bring up, reverse engineering and is a Zigbee expert. Uses CADRE, TurboCASE, Simulink, MATLAB, DOORS. 120K. 10212014.1

Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer – Contract

MSEE. Experienced embedded software / firmware and test engineering contract professional working with medical/optical devices / implants, user interface programs. Embeds assembly, C and various branded software using MATLAB, Zilog ZDS, IAR, Motorola 6803/68020, Clear Case. Specifies requirements; provides evaluations, verification, and validation; performs testing; and generates code test programs, plus all test documentation, plans, scripts. Collaborates with Q/A under FDA regulations. >15 Years. 100K. 03062015.3

Regional Sales Manager – UPS / Flywheel

Concentrated direct and managerial sales with UPS/flywheel, switchgear, power distribution units and battery management systems for large territories. Captures very large accounts within solar, aerospace, medical, and federal/GSA sectors, among others. Excels at sales channel development / training for resulting revenue growth. Develops end user programs and has extensive marketing talent. History of growing revenue exponentially to 7 figures. 120K. 03062015.2

Sr Electrical Engineer – AC/DC & DC/DC Power Supplies

BSEE. Strong design and “go to” electrical engineer for custom power supplies for telecomm, test/measurement, medical and automotive industries. Design variables concern switchmode, PFC, current sharing, remote sensing, forced cooling and customer-specified safety, immunity, and emissions requirements. Performs various analysis (worst-case stress, HALT, EMI), simulation, and laboratory testing. Verifies product for manufacturing readiness, collaborates with overseas engineering, conducts design reviews and has extensive customer interaction. Uses Code Composer, MathCAD, LTSpice, MPLAB. 110K. 03032015.5

Power Supply Applications Engineer

ASEET. Supports sales and marketing for DC/DC and AC/DC converters for telecommunications, medical and military industries:

  • Design/layout evaluation boards
  • Lab testing and MTBF calculations, thermal deratings
  • Creates application notes, and marketing/sales materials and presentations
  • Conducts comprehensive competitor product analysis
  • Customer and in-house product training.

100K. 02272015.4

Mechanical Engineer – Magnetic Bearings, Rotordynamics, Turbomachinery

MSME (Top Tier Univ)/>5 Years. Creates concepts for energy storage flywheel and rotor product design with concentration on performance improvement and cost reduction. Design activities involve complex analysis and studies: Stress, root cause and failure, thermal, rotordynamics and magnetics. Performs magnetic bearing characterization, rotor trip balancing, bearing controller firmware logic changes and verification testing. Provides production and field support for various troubleshooting (vacuum, bearing, vibration). Has a specialized background in fluid mechanics for high end MRI (medical) and dynamic systems simulation applications involving extreme ultra violet. 90-100K. 02192015.3

Senior FPGA Firmware Engineer

MSEE/20 Years. Provides design, characterization, integration and troubleshooting of embedded digital / analog hardware relating to FPGAs, memory modules, SerDes, microcontrollers, ASIC/DAC/ADCs and high speed serial interfaces. Applications are frequently custom for prototyping. Uses full spectrum of lab tooling, provides initial testing and early resolution, designs innovative firmware verification test systems and timely evaluation boards and collaborates with external sources (i.e. suppliers/component fab houses). Keeps focus on constant industry innovative advancements, design costs, reliability, power consumption concerns, and and many other relevant factors. Industries are medical/implants, semiconductor and mobile telephony. Brings a background in wearable electronics failure analysis. Uses Verilog, ORCAD, PADS, Altera, Xilinx. 125-135K. 02172015.6

Plasma Etch Manufacturing Process Automation Engineer

BS-Chem/> 20 Years. Comprehensive experience to automate and improve plasma etch manufacturing processes (wafer/substrate levels) and semiconductor fabrication (front/back end) for medical packaging/implantables, commercial and IC applications. Designs a wealth of auto/non-automated tooling and fixtures. Has brought facilities to current technology by implementing equipment enhancements for lab demand fulfillment (plasma cleaners, screen printers, reflow machinery), and has sourced/specified custom equipment for automated module processing versus manual (25% higher yield; 50% throughput). Routinely provides technical support for etch processes (polysilicon gate, STI, trench, metals, SWN, cap oxide) with internal/external interface, validates new processes, updates specifications, develops/validates solder reflow profiles/SMT, and implements and maintains controls (SPC). Has implemented special projects, such as start-up wafer fab facilities overseas. 70-80K. 02172015.4

Quality Director – Medical Implants / Telecommunications

MSEE/>20 Years.  An executive level quality manager with additional talents for project management and new product development. Drives ISO 9001/13485, AS9100, Kaizen and Lean principles to streamline design and company-wide processes. Achievements include: Cutting product development cycle 3 years to 1 and prototype development by 25%; introduction of CAD/CAM systems; yearly sales increases (7 figures) with many new product introductions; customer returns reduction by 35%; and, manufacturing costs reduced. Provides excellent ancillary skillsets such as project management (budgets, scheduling), technical staff management, developing in-house HALT/environmental test capabilities, and training teams to perform root cause/corrective action. Owns supply chain quality/reliability with MRB and Counterfeit Parts expertise. Dual industry talent: High reliability satellite programs and bio-med spinal implants. Contact us for more details! 02102015.2

Analog / Digital and Embedded Software Design Engineer

MBA, BSEE/20 Years. Has a variety of design skillsets involving shipboard sonar systems/transmitters, amplifiers (with FPGA, microcontrollers, VHDL control code), high slew rate amplifiers, high voltage off-line PWM switching amplifiers, switching power supplies, converters, servo and other actuators, motors (DC, stepper), AC and DC motor drives, and assembly line machinery. Circuitry experience includes embedded real-time control, DSP and more for communications, device controls, data acquisition, signal processing, display applications, client-servers and internet. Performs and develops custom ATE and often installs/integrates the various sonar/amplifier sets with customer training on site.  Industries include space program, military, aerospace, medical, oceanic systems and industrial. Available for contract or direct hire. Uses Pspice, LabView, VxWorks. 170-180K. 02022015.7

Data Center Solutions Design Architect

MBA, BS-Physics Engrg, PE/>20 Years. An industry-recognized executive level UPS/data center solutions expert who evaluates, designs and implements very large real-time systems involving green technology, critical power and cooling  concerns for federal / local government, and educational, medical and high finance industries, among others. Performs applications engineering at infrastructure-level for new installations, retrofits, relocations and upgrades. Has executed largest supercomputer project in region with highest efficiency ranking globally, valued at $50M. Develops complex business and financial analysis, and delivers comprehensive bid proposals. Is prolific speaker and author, and holds corporate liaison role. Multilingual. 180-200K. Contact us for more details!  01302015.8

Senior Quality Engineer / Manager – Semiconductor

MS-Engrg Mgmt, BSEE, PE/15 Years. Comprehensive experience in quality management with reliability engineering in semiconductor and medical manufacturing laboratory environments. Ensures regulatory compliance to include FDA Waterfall, USDA, ISO 13485. Works with SMT PCB issues, customer problem resolution, new product development Q/C, and is stop-gap for potential market release complications. Approves verification and validation plans. Drives MRB and internal / external corrective action. Manages supply chain from quality perspective including on-site audits, tests. Certified Quality Auditor and Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt. 120-130K. 01302015.3

Power Supply Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

BSET, AASAET/>20 Years. A technical sales professional, business developer and tenacious/organized team player for standard and custom AC/DC, DC/DC products for military, medical and commercial industries. Also has a background with electric vehicle manufacturers, solar inverters and instrumentation. Has direct sales experience, develops customer relationships and effectively manages manufacturer reps. Has history of revenue growth (i.e., from $8M/year to $40M/year) and brings strong marketing expertise in the development of company literature and conducting presentations. 80K. 01292015.2

Regional Sales Manager – Data Centers / Power Systems

BS-Aerosp Engrg/>20 Years. Results oriented sales professional providing channel management over very large regions – working with both large and small entities. Has proactive problem resolution, achieves financial/sales goals, analyzes competitive conditions, develops strategic partners, drives bid processes, negotiates using various vehicles (terms and service agreements, multi-year), and is sole sourcing expert. Gives customer presentations. Thrives on both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Products are large data centers (equipment, maintenance and services), UPS, various power systems and electronics, and automatic lighting controls. Industries: Defense, telecommunications, healthcare, industrial. 100K. 01152015.4

Director of Engineering / Magnetics, Power Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. Executive level engineering manager for military, avionics, medical, industrial and consumer electronics applications. Large array of products. A few are: Power supplies, switch mode, transformers (wire wound, core, planar), inductors, converters / ASIC, logic/control circuits, EMI filters, thermals, chargers (Li-Ion, NiMH). A topologies expert. Performs research, design, development, qualification and component selection for SMT, alternate sourcing, drives low cost/high volume manufacturing principles and streamlining, responsible for NRE budgets, overseas factory production, technical proposals. Strong focus on reliability, plus highly specialized / innovative designs which value-adds business development. 175-185K. 01142015.5

Executive Engineering Management – Consultant

BSEE/>20 Years. A high performing executive with a technical hand, managing the following: Engineering, programs / projects, information systems, customer support, firmware / software programmers, production and more. Multi million $ product lines/technologies involved: Power electronics (converters, inverters, power supplies, circuitry, ASICs, embedded), satellite/antenna – RF, imaging, microprocessors, SoCs, networking/IT and communications systems. Industries involved commercial, military/defense, avionics, TV broadcasting, medical and transportation. Skillsets include policy alignment, team development, processes creation, overseas outsourcing, generates business plans, captures funding, structures startups, substantial customer interface, restructures entire engineering departments and implements automated systems such as CAD/CAM, CAE. Patents. Six Sigma, ISO. 160-180K. 01122015.10

Project Manager – Mechanical Engineering

MSME/15 Years. Mechanical design engineering professional involving medical devices / trauma products, electromechanical  and consumer products enclosures, industrial system structures, thermals, automotive subsystems and lighting, and appliances. Performs lead design, re-engineering / reverse engineering, drawing packages plus 2D and standardization, qualification, verification, validation, 3D modeling, packaging, tolerance and highly complex analysis, reviews, customer interaction, FMEA, ECAD-EMN exchange, value engineering, BOM creation, and has substantial component engineering expertise – all to stringent regulatory code. Has focus for reliability and quality issues, supplier acceptance/interaction, and leads product development teams for innovation. Expert project monitoring and delivery. Fluent: Pro-Engineer series, Catia, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, SAP, Minitab, Agile and much more. CNC, ISO. 80-90K. 01122015.7

Senior PCB Designer / Consultant – Contract

MBA, BSCS / >20 Years. A high level PCB / PCA design professional specializing in various technologies: RF, analog, digital, high speed, DDR3, impedance control, multi layer, high density, stacked microvias, IC test, DFM, DFA, DFT and RFID. Maintains technical libraries, evaluates and improves processes / design procedures for quality, and performs 3-D modeling. Industries are military, aerospace, medical, IT and commercial. A high level, sought-after software program instructor. Very fluent: OrCAD, Cadence, Allegro, PCB Layout and also SolidWorks. Is project oriented. 80-90K. 01122015.5

Control Systems and Integration Engineer

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A vast amount of very innovative systems design, integration and upgrade experience working with various hardware and software, embedded technology, PLC, thermals, automation, RFID, real time operating systems, robotics, HMI/SCADA, motion controls, green energy/generators and more. Varied industries such as industrial, power electronics, medical, entertainment/TV, consumer products and food – along with various stringent regulatory codes (FDA, etc). Provides object/component oriented programming, reverse engineering, modeling, simulation, algorithms, testing, technical documentation, extensive technical support, networking, and drives concepts to fruition. Uses AutoCAD, SQL, XML, OPS, Modbus, Labview, Matlab and more. An excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01122015.2

PCB Layout and Design Specialist / Contract

ASEE (plus)/20 Years. An expert for PCB layout and design relating to high speed, multi-layer, also motherboards, test boards hybrids and analog design. Applications are power supplies, medical, communications, networking, industrial, and electrical construction. Has SMT, supervisory skill, an eye for cost control, establishes and control libraries and has sales experience. Fluent: UNIT, NT, CAD family, Cadence, Allegro, Specctra, Viewlogic, PCAD and more. Well versed in contract work. 80K. 01122015.1

Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE-CE/>20 Years. Brings program management and technical background to sales and marketing for automation, GPS, wireless, antenna, PCB, magnetics, inductors, transformers, chokes, accelerometers, imaging systems and more. Proven sales and marketing talent for telecommunications, semiconductor, oil/gas, robotics, medical, industrial and military industries. Manages sales force and large channels, provides complex strategies, negotiations / large contracts and brings technical talent to oversee design-ins. Very well traveled. 80-90K. 01092015.3

Corporate Quality Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level quality specialist using ISO, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, QS and TS standards. Applies risk management principles and has worked with multiple corporate plants. Has won ISO facility certification and authors manuals, procedures and other required documentation. Industries: Automotive, pumps, lighting, medical, semiconductor, avionics and aerospace. Has knowledge of SMT, machining, Minitab, ERP. Has trained lean principles and Six Sigma. Works with multi million $ budgets and has proven multi million $ cost reductions. Is a warranty claim reduction and supplier management expert. An excellent consultant / contract candidate. 100-120K. 01082015.2

Semiconductor / RF Technical Sales Manager – Regional

BSEE/<20 Years. Brings technical expertise to Hi-Rel customer sales (Aerospace, space, military/defense, telecommunications, wireless, medical). Manages and trains sales force and channels, drives bid process, negotiates large contracts, provides complex forecasting, outside audit liaison, and performs business development activities (major design wins). Many formal awards. Technologies are: Implant sensors/units, RF, high voltage components, radio and other types of integrated circuitry, and electro-optical components. 100-120K. 01072015.10

H/W & S/W Embedded ICs, FPGA Engineer – Contract

MSCE. Embedded hardware and software programming, and circuitry design. Products/technologies: Microcontrollers, FPGA, DSP, ASICs, analog, mixed signal, converters, microprocessors, LED and memory chips/modules. Applies to military/defense, semiconductor, IT/networking (consumer electronics), medical and telecommunications industries. Skillsets include test, debugging, writing complex code, working at board level, simulations. An excellent contract candidate. Uses Xilinx, VHDL, Cadence, Verilog, CMOS, MATLAB. 110K. 01072015.8

Power Management IC Electrical Engineer

MSEE/>15 Years. Specializes in power management IC high level design, and  with various other power electronics also involving product development, simulation, testing, verification, component selection, and complex specifications: Analog, mixed-signal, SoC, ASIC, FPGA, embedded systems, DC/DC, converters, various topologies, Li-Ion and NiMH/ chargers, PCB layout, amplifiers, microcontrollers, switch-mode and electrode systems. Experience applies to stringent standards, including FAA, and critical power, imaging and medical applications. Fluent: Altium, MATLAB, Simulink, OrCAD, Xilinx, Cadence, CMOS, BiCMOS and more. 80-90K. 01072015.5

Global Sales and Marketing Director / Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE/20 Years. Brings technical expertise to value add for global sales revenue growth and profit / loss responsibilities. Serves consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, medical, OEMs, and telecommunications sectors. Leads large sales teams, channel management, direct bid / proposal process, negotiates large contracts, performs customer presentations / product roadmaps. Has experience developing sales teams upon startup. Generates technical documentation and performs various complex market analysis. Products involve: Analog, digital, memory modules, microprocessors, power management ICs, AC/DC, DC/DC, battery chargers, lithium ion, switches, and more. 150K. 01062015.3

Vice President of Sales / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated history of proven sales revenue growth for a variety of electronics for fitness, medical, automotive, RF, telephony, security, power management and semiconductor sectors. Product lines: Sensors/instrumentation, wireless, optical, audio/visual, CPS, mixed signal, amplifiers, RS232, RS422 and more. Is major contributor to design process and prototypes and very well traveled. Builds sales channels from scratch. 160-170K. 01062015.1

Global Sales Director – IT Services and Software

BSEE/>20 Years. A world-wide, multi-million $ / large business sales revenue developer for IT consulting, services, networking and software, focusing on Saas, Cloud, for very large entities in variety of industries including avionics, medical, finance, utility / energy, telephony and more.  Develops strong teams from scratch (direct sales / channels, OEM, resellers) to drive business development. Very well travelled. Has marketing /negotiations / contracts management background as well. An excellent consultant candidate. 110-130K. 01052015.7

Power Systems Project Manager – Aerospace / Defense

BSEE/>20 Years. Drives complex multi million $ projects for high level aerospace, avionics, space program, defense and medical systems, involving system architectural design / test / verification / integration, large and multi location team startups, project planning, milestone scheduling, critical subcontract management, complex studies, customer interaction / design reviews. Products involve hardware and software: spacecraft subsystems, missile systems with relevant power and other electronics, robotics, ground transportation / military electrical vehicles, GUI, medical implants. Has multiple supplemental talents: Cost accounting/audits, extensive test background plus test facility builds. Is a DOORS expert and trainer. Also uses Rose, Visio. Excellent consultant candidate. Secret security clearance, multiple formal awards. 135-145K. 12102014.6

Software Engineering Manager / Imaging

MSCE/10 Years. Is a software programming leader for imaging systems in medical field. Manages large teams including off-site and overseas members for lifecycle software development including technical strategy, design, development deployment and maintenance, plus releases and aftercare. Subsystems include firmware and host, 2nd and 3rd party components. Also has a background in telephony, web applications, gaming. Drives process, productivity and quality improvements with corrective and preventative actions, provides obsolete management and has a focus on preventing recalls. Is large-sized project oriented. Uses Perl, C-shell, TCP/IP, Java, SQL, TrackWise, Linux. Scrum Master, Six sigma, DMAIC, DFSS. 150K. 12082014.1

Embedded Hardware / Software Engineer – Consultant

Ph.D-Bio Engrg/>20 Years. An engineering professional and excellent consultant candidate whose background and industry reach are well-rounded involving: Embedded firmware processors, analog / digital signal, GUI, FPGA, mixed signal, high level battery systems, critical power, high voltage, motor attenuators, algorithms, mobile power, magnetics, RF, microwave, instrumentation, field monitors, telephony development, robotics, imaging solutions, laser, pulse, electro-optics, detectors, LED lighting, CMOS, data centers, military and more. Specializes in medical implant and instrumentation technology. Performs redesigns, complex problem resolutions. Has conducted military site testing. Complies to ISO. Has a strong quality monitoring and investigation background for EMI, power low performance and other facility problems. Fluent: OrCAD, MathCad, LabView, Python, Visual Ethernet, PSpice, Xcode, Objective-C, and much more. 120-140K. 12032014.11

Applied Research Scientist – BioMedical Engineering

MS-BioMed Engrg/10 Years. A top level research scientist in the medical field who drives global innovation through applied engineering, in-depth studies and hands-on design and test. Focuses on hardware and software improvements, data analysis and next generation technology. Products / technology include: Complex sensors, devices, equipment, software algorithms, variety of clinical tools, clinical studies and analysis and developing intellectual property. Develops high level industry teams, often as lead or study director, and provides all levels of complex training. Uses Matlab, Labview, Solidworks, Ladder Logic and more. Very well travelled. Author, presenter and multi-patents. An excellent contract or consultancy candidate. Six Sigma Lean Orange Belt. 100K. 12022014.5

Regional Sales Manager – Power Distribution Systems

ASEE-Honors/>20 Years. Brings a solid technical background to growing sales revenue for large power distribution systems, including also UPS, power conditioners and more (plus service contracts) for commercial, OEM, data centers and medical industries. Skilled in presentations, sales channel setups and training. Good consultancy candidate. 85-95K. 11202014.13