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Mfg. Facilities / Data Center Electrical Engineer

BSEE. Plans, installs, manages, maintains and electrical distribution systems and equipment for multiple or single large facilities (especially semiconductor manufacturing; also data centers, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, universities). Performs engineering calculations, power systems analysis, site surveys, cost estimating and oversees all construction and expansion activities. Involves also UPS, lighting, controls, communications, clean rooms, emergency power, fire systems. Works within NFPA, NEC, OSHA. AutoCAD, SKM, PMCS. 110K. 06102015.9

VP / General Manager, Data Centers/Elect Utility

MBA, BSEE. Innovative business leader involved in following products & services: Critical power, data centers, lighting, TVSS, high voltage utility/switchgear, PDUs. Includes oil & gas applications. Experienced with customer and alliance development strategies, strong negotiation skill, domestic/international business development and operations, mergers & acquisitions integration, and developing new product and services offering to grow revenue. Customer satisfaction oriented. Contract or Direct. Contact us for more details! 06012015.01

Project Field Manager – Substations, Facilities, Data Centers

BS/Civil, BS/Proj Mgmt. Oversees start up, construction, commissioning, testing and maintenance for utility substations/control rooms, power plants, critical power / data centers, industrial and commercial facilities. Some elements of many responsibilities include: permitting, site development, bid and materiel management (SOWs, negotiations), protection and control, and layout/specifications for all other related equipment, plus factors such as lighting, cooling, compressed air concerns and energy efficiency.  95K. 04202015.3

Power Electronics Engineer – Lighting/Magnetics

BSEE. Performs design, simulation, circuit analysis, and PCB layout for lighting power electronics.

  • AC/DC/AC power supplies, PFC inductors, LC/resonant switching, transformers, ballast power protection, and embedded microcontrollers.
  • Schematics, magnetic design templates and various product development activities to prepare for manufacturing (test procedures, BOM development, SMT setup), with follow-on guidance through product cycle.

Has harsh environment products (sensors, measurement) design experience. Uses MathCAD, MultiSim, SaWin, C; all manner of test lab tooling; is skilled in SPI, 12C communication protocols; and works to UL and IEC compliance. 7 Years. 70K. 03132015.7

Solar and Energy Storage Design and Applications Engineer

BSCS/<15 Years. Comprehensive experience working with utility scale solar electric projects, energy storage/on-off grid battery systems, photovoltaic systems, power electronics architecture and total package power/storage solutions (with communication systems, lighting control, power distribution) for utility and municipal sectors. Is primary technical liaison and applications engineer, working with various customer, municipal and regulatory representatives on early concepts, conducts presentations and oversees complete and seamless field installations on a project management level. Provides system performance optimization and high level technical support. Has pushed 1000Vdc and ungrounded systems through UL and other standards organizations for certification wins. 120-130K. 02122015.6

UPS / Power Systems Sales and Marketing Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. Sells and markets UPS systems, batteries, chargers, generators, cooling / monitoring systems, surge protection equipment, fuel cells and lighting for solar, wind, utilities / grid, photovoltaic, avionics and commercial applications. Solutions are often turn-key and multi-year contracts. Develops, pursues and trains all sales channels. Seeks out product solution partnerships and has substantial marketing talents. FAA interaction. Brings background in DC power for telecommunications / wireless telephony. 65-75K. 01302015.6

Power Distribution / Substation Design Engineer – Contract

BSEE/>20 Years. Design engineer skilled in medium and low voltage power distribution systems, substations, relays and switchgear, plus integration of arc flash studies analysis. Works under NEC, IEEE/ANSI standards, performs load flow and short circuit complex calculations / analysis. Uses variety of tools such as SKM Dapper and ETAP for high level studies for: Motor starting, voltage drop, and sizing for breakers, transformers, load centers, MCC, UPS, batteries and cabling. Provides ampacity and penetration protection calculations for DCN/EDN/FCR modifications for nuclear power plants. Generates various diagrams for power factor improvements using AutoCAD. Designs / models lighting systems using AGI132. Assists with bid processes. Available for both full time roles and consulting projects. 100K. 01192015.6

Regional Sales manager / HVAC, Lighting, Facilities

MBA, BS-Engrg Sci/<15 Years. An HVAC sales and marketing specialist with additional skillsets in lighting, ultra violet lighting, energy / water use and power monitoring for facilities. Manages sales channels, provides presentations / product training, application support, customer service, contract negotiations, quality assurance, financial / project analyses, aftermarket activities. Prepares specifications, has developed proprietary products. Also has asset management and facility management background, plus heat and power generation projects. 70K. 01132015.13

Corporate Quality Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level quality specialist using ISO, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, QS and TS standards. Applies risk management principles and has worked with multiple corporate plants. Has won ISO facility certification and authors manuals, procedures and other required documentation. Industries: Automotive, pumps, lighting, medical, semiconductor, avionics and aerospace. Has knowledge of SMT, machining, Minitab, ERP. Has trained lean principles and Six Sigma. Works with multi million $ budgets and has proven multi million $ cost reductions. Is a warranty claim reduction and supplier management expert. An excellent consultant / contract candidate. 100-120K. 01082015.2

Consultant – Power Electronics / Energy Sciences

MBA, BSEE, PE/10 Years. A high level business consultant for power electronics and energy technology to drive business development, sales, product management, bid processes, engineering / manufacturing / operations supervision, processes improvement, design management, complex strategies and studies and especially all facets of project management (technical specifications, resources, accounting, Gantt, reporting, scheduling). Varied applications involve power generation / demand, power distribution, systems software, utility substations, Smart Grid, high voltage, generators, switchgear, automation, motor controls / drives, pumps, photovoltaics and lighting. Develops SCRUM process, load flow analysis. Has electrical forensic legal experience. 75-85K. 01052015.8

Electrical Substation Project Engineer – Contract

BSEE/15 Years. Well-versed, hands-on electrical engineer involving substations and power distribution, lighting, various utility equipment, protection and control, panels, station upgrades and heavy facilities experience for utilities, public works, government organizations, retail and some residential. Performs field verifications, test witness, on site support, SOWs, quality control, scheduling, budgeting, equipment procurement, designs drawings / site plans, complex calculations. Uses AutoCAD, SAP, MicroStation, Legacy, and has Archflash. Domestic and international customer services. Excellent contract candidate. 80-90K. 01052015.4

Facilities Electrical Engineer

BSEE-CE/<10 Years. A hands-on technician for critical power organizations, providing large facilities power maintenance and operation (distribution / generators / HVAC / industrial lighting) and generating technical documentation as needed – all to stringent regulatory standards. Works with many power systems and products: Infrared testing, power controls, grounding systems, transformers, circuit wiring, breakers, transfer switches, fiber optics and UPS. Also has significant expertise with wind turbine generators for very large farms, using SCADA, performing root cause analysis, applying Six Sigma and lean principles, and working with motors and variable frequency drives. Has background in networking. Uses MiniTab, EAP, PSpice, and more. 70-75K. 12232014.9

Director – Product Development / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level engineering professional with technical expertise to value add for lifecycle product definition/development of power and other electronics (AC/DC, DC/DC, power supplies, controllers, drivers, mixed signal, inductors, analog), processors, for lighting, security, semiconductor and memory module industries. Significant marketing / branding background. Drives patent strategies, manages profit / loss, provides customer liaison activities, manages large engineering groups, writes applications data, architects innovative products, implements processes, secures funding. Uses Saber. Patents. 12082014.5

Global Product Management and Strategic Analysis

MBA, MSEE/20 Years. Provides high level analysis, strategy, sustainability and other skillsets for multi million/billion organizations for solar, LED lighting, HVAC, utility and telecommunications industries. Multi-talented in: Innovative solutions, technology assessment, sustainability, product improvements, software deployments, customer program development, process / supply chain management, global alliances, profit / loss responsibilities. Has substantial marketing background. Product lines development/ technologies: generators, backup power systems (fuel cells, batteries, rectifiers, switch-mode), power supplies, condensers, energy monitoring equipment, optical connectivity, energy storage devices and engineering services. Excellent consultancy candidate. Uses MicroStrategies, SAS, APT, Mini-tab. Six Sigma. 150-160K. 12082014.4

Lead Hardware Engineer – Electronics

BSEE/15 Years. Work with a variety of product lines: Storage drives, MEMS, lighting controls, automation, microcontrollers, semiconductor, networking, digital / analog, power electronics, embedded systems, telephony, wireless. Designs, develops new innovations, tests, debugs, performs failure analysis, customer support, process improvement, provides EMI validations, part characterizations, and coding (security, encryption). Industries: IT, Lighting, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor. Extensive collaborations. Uses Visio, PADS, DxDesigner, ViewLogic, ICE and more. 120-130K. 12052014.5

Applications Engineer – Lighting

MBA, MSME/5 Years. A solutions driven engineering professional with concentration in customer environment. Generates proposals for new product development, provides various market analysis for strategic sales revenue, orchestrates value add concepts, generates customer specifications. Provides total customer care (design reviews, customer service). Works to code compliance, develops validation plans, and provides technical training. Performs complex studies and data analysis. Patent activity. 90K. 12052014.1

Regional Sales Manager – Industrial Equipment

BSBA/>20 Years. A proven leader over regional sales teams for test and measurement equipment, power distribution units, switchgear and lighting for utilities and industrial sectors. Performs at multi million $ level. Is expert at streamlining sales teams while increasing sales revenue. Has product management, marketing background and hands-on electrical.  160-170K. 12032014.2

Lead Substation Engineering Manager

MSEE/>10 Years. A project leader with responsibilities for the maintainability of various, specific substations, requiring extensive multi-tasking and management abilities. Performs hands-on skillsets of engineering and also supervision, as well as multiple layouts and complex calculations for substation operations, automation and equipment which include transformers, variety of controllers, protection and control systems, grounding, control panels, switchgear and more for multi-voltage including high voltage. Produces all relevant technical documentation, specifications, SOWs, BOMs and complex studies. Participates in FATs and bid process. Is plant lighting systems expert. Develops and modifies software for specific design needs. Fluent: MatLab, Simulink, AcSELerator, Aspen, CALCLUX and more. Multiple certifications. 100-120K. 11252014.11

Sales Manager – Electrical / Power / Lighting

BS-Mktg/15 Years. Proven sales professional involving multi-million $ product lines such as energy solutions, transformers, LED lighting, automation and controls for OEM, utility, public works, industrial, manufacturer plants. Extensive sales and distribution channel management, strong customer relationships, B2B, expanding overseas sourcing and manufacturing for cost reductions, implements new supply chain processes / JIT and has ultimate talent in making facilities energy efficient. Energy Star expert. >100K. 11172014.1

Lead Embedded Firmware and Software Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Solid experience with embedded firmware technology. Various products/technologies include smart mini-inverters, topologies work, smart ballasts, memory, SoC, PCs, servers, mass storage, drivers, LAN, CISC, RISC, DC to AC and lighting controls. Develops new technology, test tools, performs large variety of testing, schematic capture, root cause analysis, materials sourcing, capital planning, budget management and team development. Has created technical support organization from startup. Industries: IT, solar, lighting, security. Fluencies: UNIX, PADS, ANSI, 8051 and more. Multi patent activity.  >100K. 11142014.6

VP, Engineering / Consultant

MSME/>20 Years. Highly awarded executive level R&D engineering management performer involving multi-million $ product lines for multi-billion $ companies. Products/technologies: Automation, robotics, lighting, electromechanical, devices, instrumentation, telecommunications, surveillance hardware, RF, audio, computer peripherals, controls, liquid/gas flow and heat. Industries: Medical, industrial, consumer electronics, military, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive. Expertise in applications engineering, multi-site large staff management, safety, supply chain, overseas manufacturing facilities / supplier development and securing financing. Specialized achievements in revenue increases, new product launches, start-ups, NPD process implementation. Six Sigma, ISO, Lean principles. 130-150K. 10302014.1

Sales Manager – Power Electronics

BS-Mktg/>20 Years. A proven, multi-million $, domestic and international sales professional with technical focus on power electronics industry. Specializes in developing and increasing OEM sales. Develops sales teams and also representative and distributor channels. Experience with products and technologies include: DC power, inverters, generators, converters, UPS, switchgear, sensors, battery, automation, controls, energy sub-metering, lighting, transducers  and custom products. Industries: Power plants, utilities, OEM, telecommunications, transportation and more. Has expertise in applications engineering methods. 80-90K. 10272014.8

Sales Manager / Consultant – Green Energy

Bus Mgmt/>20 Years. Top, proven performer (“closer”) with multiple sales revenue honors. Technical involved variety of hardware and often spearheaded new product development: Power electronics (UPS, power distribution), data centers, specialty lighting, large scope of sensors, structural equipment (HVAC / HEPA etc) – most of which involve green energy principles. Skillsets: Negotiation, training, presentations, forecasting, budgets, quotas, reporting. Has managed very large groups of sales staff and manufacturing representative agencies. Author. 70K. 10242014.4

Substation Protective Electrical Design Engineer

MSEE/<20 Years. Extensive experience designing substation from prelim to detailed completed design. Engineering documentation preparation includes: line and wiring diagrams, layout, schematics and especially skilled in protection and control systems (high voltage, relays, breaker, trips, transformer, bus). Develops also data sheets, BOMs and other relevant docs. Also in background: automation systems, lighting and battery charger design, plus related field service. AC/DC, EAP, ASPEN. 120K. 10242014.1

Firmware/Software Engineer – Lighting/Consumer

BSEE/>15 years. Experience designing and developing multi-threaded software/firmware.  Applications programming and microcontroller experience for 8 and 32 bit. Has performed unit testing and debugging as well as hardware troubleshooting. Has worked with .NET, C/C++,  Linux, Visual Studio and Trace32. 80K #11113