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Sr Design Engineer – Power Supplies, LED

MSEE. Multi-talented LED lighting engineer performing hardware design, lab and chamber testing, thermal/failure analysis, and optical measurements. Also skilled in software embedded firmware, analog & digital circuitry, and highly skilled in product UL and EMI certification. Works with DC/DC, AC/DC switchmode power supplies, converters, LED lighting engines, PCBs. Uses Altium, SolidWorks, Altera, Xilinx, AutoCAD. Multilingual. 15 Years. 80K. 06122015.01

Applications Engineering Manager – LED/Fiber Optics

Leads customer requirements definition for custom LED (optical & lighting), magnetics, fiber optics, cabling, and enclosures design. Multi-tasks with all departments to ensure quality delivery. Substantial customer interface and business development. Drives bid process, allocates technical resources, issues drawings, specifications, application notes, training and marketing materials. Follows customer complaints to resolution with solution presentation. Well-versed in regulatory standards. Design background in switching power supplies, IT. 85K. 06112015.6

Consulting Engineer – Power Electronics, Lighting

MS-Physics. Strong electronics and magnetics designer fluently skilled in switchmode power conversion & topologies, low/high voltage power supplies, lighting devices (LED drivers, ballasts, controls), analog and digital circuitry, laser drive products. UL, CSA, FCC and ANSI standards for high volume production. Solves various problems such as reliability issues, EMI, harmonics, and thermal management. Uses MathCAD, PSpice, SwitcherCAD, PADS, Altium. CONTRACT ONLY. Multiple patents. $50/hr. 06102015.7

Principal Design Engineer – Power Management ICs

PhD-EE. Develops and designs power management ICs involving LED drivers, variety of converters (AC/DC, high voltage), mixed signal products, DC/DC switching regulators, controllers, and is skilled with various topologies. Experienced with BiCMOS/CMOS, BCD, CAD, ADC. Defines architecture and manages large SoC projects through to production for lighting, LCD and IT markets. Contract or Direct. 150K. 06102015.01

Sr Analog / Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer

MSEE. Strong power management IC designer working with analog, mixed signal, MOSFET switches, and CMOS/BiCMOS processes for power electronics, telecommunications and LED/backlighting. Applies to switching and linear converters with various topologies, regulators, drivers, LDOs and chargers. Performs feasibility analysis, modeling, simulation. Uses Cadence Virtuoso, H/PSpice, MathCAD, Python. 15 Years. 130K. 06012015.10

Product and Test Engineer – LED/Semiconductor

MS-Mfg, BSEE. LED and semiconductor test specialist for electrochemical systems, wafer packaging, LCDs, and solid state lighting. Tests, debugs components and devices, develops test beds, procedures and plans for in-house and outsourcing manufacturing, including fab, wafer, die sort, etc. Monitors quality, manages test technicians and trains outsourced suppliers. Drives all acceptance test processes, with customer demonstration/presentations. Write tech manuals. Leads failure/root cause analysis. Uses AutoCAD, Minitab. Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen. 90K. 05212015.2

Vice President, Product Development – Power ICs, DC/DC Conversion

MSEE. Executive level leadership for power management ICs and DC/DC conversion. Leads all technical departments, plus sales and field applications, for quality product development with strong customer engagement for architectural definition. Product details/applications include: AC/DC, DC/DC conversion & controllers with isolated and non-isolated topologies, Li-ion, for LED backlighting, consumer electronics, portables, power tooling, UPS. Also performs packaging, qualification, validation, and unique problem resolution. Responsible for 100 staff members. Numerous patents. Call us for more details! 05062015.2

Global Director of Business Development – LED Lighting

MBA, BSEE/Honors. Routinely captures additional 7 figures revenue for high/mid power LED lighting semiconductor organizations.

  • Global comfort and looks extensively to Asia for resourcing and product design/manufacturing team building, alliances
  • Specifies/creates next-generation LED products
  • Marketing powerhouse with branding, scientific-level marketing analysis and execution for business capture across all industries, from retail to military

Consultative sales, often displaces competition. Contact us for more details! 04142015.5

Principal Design Engineer-Power Electronics/LED Lighting

MSEE. Specializes in LED driver design and is engineering leader for various power electronics, including AC/DC & DC/DC converters (virtually all topologies), solar inverters, rectifiers, power supplies, and various power and display modules. Drives design from concept to PCB board to final test, regulatory compliance and production. Provides design process improvement and team mentoring. Brings value-add talents such as embedded software/microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA. MathCAD, MATLAB, Simulink, Simplis, Allegro, PSpice, C, Verilog, Assembly. 150K. 03232015.3

Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, LEDs / Lighting

An LED and energy-efficient lighting solutions sales specialist for automotive and industrial sectors with expert knowledge on induction, halogen, flourescent. Consultative seller with onsite visits for total solutions – advising on layout, costing and investment. Leads new product introductions working with production, engineering etc., on beta feedback. Turns around low-performing territories, highly adept at building and developing new direct sales groups and strong rep channels. Heavy marketing skill. 80K. 03202015.3

Power Electronics Engineer – LED Lighting

Ph.D-EE. Designs innovative power electronics to include converters (high density, high voltage, two-stage, photovoltaic, DC/DC/bricks, boost) and has contributed to state-of-the-art power supply design with various topologies. Used in LED lighting but also solar, transportation applications. Works to stringent performance, size and production cost limitations. Brings power management IC design background. Uses OrCAD, PSpice, PADS, MathWorks/CAD. Publications, patents. Mensa. 10 Years. 120K. 03132015.01

Applications Engineering Manager, Power ICs

MSEE. Interfaces with key customers to drive custom designs and specifications/IC product definition for power supplies, power conversion ICs for lighting industry. Includes: LED drivers, ballasts, PFC, AC/DC, HV/PM/rectifier controllers and more. Generates technical and marketing documentation; and performs schematic capture, simulation, layout and verification; and FAE training and sales support. Uses Cadence, Altium, Protel, Orcad, Spice family, Simetrix, MathCAD MATLAB. Multi-patented. 140K. 03032015.2

Product Line Director, Isolated Power Electronics, AC/DC, Lighting

MSEE/>20 Years. An industry leader in innovative product introductions involving isolated power electronics, AC/DC (5W to over 300W adapters with mixed signal platform, SR drivers), LLC and interleave controllers, lighting (dimmable LED drivers, 900V flyback). Works to dominate markets by: Leveraging cost effective platforms with high performing products; providing strategic concept direction and product roadmap/execution; driving/defining customer requirements and field applications; and, employing high level marketing/branding tactics. Has proven product introduction rate improvement of 50%. Consistently builds high tech power design, test and systems engineering teams. Is prolific industry presenter/author and generates relevant patents. Contact us for more details! 02122015.1

Senior Power Electronics Engineer

Ph.D.-EE/<5 Years. A highly educated power electronics engineer with a massive variety of products involved. A few are: Converters, inverters, power supplies, switch mode, topologies, instrumentation, MOSFET, power management ICs, DSP, ballasts, LED lighting, motor drives, energy storage, fuel cells, and renewable energy systems. Provides design, simulation, modeling, verification, debug, plus generates technical documentation, manages regulatory issues for team, works closely with suppliers and others, and FMEA. Has strong test skillset to develop plans and procedures, provide reliability and qualification testing plus variety of environmental tests. Very prolific technical author. Uses Matlab, Simulink, PSpice, DSPACE, Simplorer and much more. 80-90K. 01142015.1

Regional Technical Sales Manager / Power Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. Brings a technical edge to multi million $ sales, marketing and product development for a wide variety of products to include: Power supplies, transformers, converters, EMI filters, power management ICs, DC/DC power, LED lighting, video, motor controls, various instrumentation / sensors. Industries involved range from OEM, security, computers and industrial / residential, to aeronautical, telecommunications, medical and automotive. Very well rounded and well travelled sales professional, driving bid processes, marketing programs, substantial customer interaction, sales channel management / training.  A consultancy candidate. 90K. 01022015.8

Senior Applications Engineer – RF / Analog / Semiconductor

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level leader in design engineering and applications for RF, wireless, data converters, embedded SoC, DSP, GPS and IT/semiconductor (memory) products. Works with GaN, LDMOS, SiGe, mixed signal, FPGA, LED lighting, EMI issues and SMT. Managerial/technical skillsets include lifecycle product ownership and innovation, component engineering, test technology development, customer liaison, training FAEs and overall technical go-to. Industries include telephony, volume consumer electronics, military and aerospace. Fluent: Xilinx, Altera, JTAG and more. 100-120K. 12232014.3

Technical Director / Product Management – Power Management ICs

MSEE/>15 Years. Extensive experience in hardware and firmware product development / architecture / management for power electronics and semiconductors to include primarily power management ICs, and also converters, amplifiers, high voltage, microcontrollers, embedded systems, LED lighting, motor controls, batteries, digital signal processing, and more. Besides hands-on design for applications engineering and high level staff management, performs customer interface, conducts design reviews, negotiations and has substantial marketing strategy, profit and loss. Multi-patented. 180-200K. 12102014.3

Embedded Hardware / Software Engineer – Consultant

Ph.D-Bio Engrg/>20 Years. An engineering professional and excellent consultant candidate whose background and industry reach are well-rounded involving: Embedded firmware processors, analog / digital signal, GUI, FPGA, mixed signal, high level battery systems, critical power, high voltage, motor attenuators, algorithms, mobile power, magnetics, RF, microwave, instrumentation, field monitors, telephony development, robotics, imaging solutions, laser, pulse, electro-optics, detectors, LED lighting, CMOS, data centers, military and more. Specializes in medical implant and instrumentation technology. Performs redesigns, complex problem resolutions. Has conducted military site testing. Complies to ISO. Has a strong quality monitoring and investigation background for EMI, power low performance and other facility problems. Fluent: OrCAD, MathCad, LabView, Python, Visual Ethernet, PSpice, Xcode, Objective-C, and much more. 120-140K. 12032014.11

Thermal Engineering Consultant / Contract

BSME/>20 Years. A leader in thermal principles and design, sizing, optimization, 3D modeling, simulation, and test / airflow / failure mode analysis. Works with prototypes, heatsinks, fans, LED lighting, IT (storage systems, servers, PCs), electronic cooling units and DC power supplies. Formally reviews specifications, feasibility, requirements and also checks quality of supplier / procurement programs and works closely with other technical departments. Uses IcePak/ANSYS, FloTherm, SolidWorks, Qfin and much more. Well travelled. 120-130K. 11242014.5

Consulting Power Systems / Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level resource and consultant for technical design projects and overall design / test department efficacy. Experience includes high level troubleshooting / support to all levels, root cause analysis, setup of design and test labs, design review presenter, managing schedules, development of qualification and test plans, regulatory certification compliance, supply chain and component qualification, and substantial technical documentation generation. Program management experience involved power systems to include: regulators, transmitters, converters, power supplies, switching, LED lighting, AC/DC, DC/DC, stepper motors, plus control and monitoring systems. Technical expertise: Bridging, topologies, PSpice, Sea Level, Express PCB, Fluke View, Unix, Linux and more. Patent activity. 125-135K. 11202014.10

Mechanical Engineer – R&D

MSME/<10 Years. A proven product developer with high level design for R&D accelerated concept to market focus for variety of hardware (lighting, dielectrics). Strengths are in fluid mechanics/dynamics, thermal/heat, and FEM/CAE. Performs high level calculations / computational analyses, simulations, drafts technical drawings and ensures applications successful tests on-site. Energy Star, Solidworks, Matlab, Simulink, LabView and more. Substantial awards, patent activity and publications. 120-140K. 10292014.2