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Mechanical Product Development Engineer-Surveillance Equipment

BSME. Provides project management and new innovative product development expertise, working with high tech cameras, computerized telescopes, touchscreens. Works from bid process to installation, with onsite training, customer aftercare. Performs systems validation and has strong real time simulation skills. Has worked with aircraft systems such as fuel, hydraulics, landing gear and electrical systems. Uses Python, MATLAB, Catia, SolidWorks, Rhino 3D, Simulink, LabView. Multilingual. 5 Years. 90K. 06102015.2

Principal Design Engineer – Power Management ICs

PhD-EE. Develops and designs power management ICs involving LED drivers, variety of converters (AC/DC, high voltage), mixed signal products, DC/DC switching regulators, controllers, and is skilled with various topologies. Experienced with BiCMOS/CMOS, BCD, CAD, ADC. Defines architecture and manages large SoC projects through to production for lighting, LCD and IT markets. Contract or Direct. 150K. 06102015.01

Software, Surveillance & Imaging Engineering Solutions Manager

Ph.D. Leader in algorithm and software development, advanced technical solutions, and automation involving identification and intelligent surveillance systems, image processing systems and related touchscreen displays – often for high level federal government organizations and mining industry. Team leader and architect for real time systems, access control features, and pattern recognition algorithms. Provides client presentations and training and focuses on systems and image quality. Unix, C, Visual. 15 Years. 105K. 05052015.01

Product Engineer – Power Mgmt ICs, LED

MSEE. A strong R&D product leader in analog & digital semiconductor engineering involving power management ICs, white LED and driver ICs, LCD display ICs, switches, ASICs, memory and IT processors. Provides design, fabrication, test, characterization, failure analysis and reliability engineering while working closely with large, high profile IT and aerospace customers. Strong focus on ESD and yield improvement for mass production. Sets up lab stations – bench test, etc. Uses LabView, Virtuoso, Galaxy and Cadence. 15 Years. 100K. 04272015.4

Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Display & Memory ICs

MSEE. Consistent technical and business development talent in display/analog IC engineering, IT device circuitry and memory semiconductor ICs. Provides global sales and marketing leadership with customer design-in activities and technical support (world-wide field applications), failure analysis, and defining future product lines. Heavily involved in concept and product architecture design. Many patents. Expert on cell structure. >15 Years. Contact us for more details! 04152015.4

Sales and Business Development Manager – Automotive

BS/Honors. Strong background in consistently increasing sales revenue for automotive subsystems: HMI/displays, LCD, touch screens, infotainment, GPS/driver info, plus microcontrollers, memory/mass storage and related software. Has product lifecycle program/project management style. Works with OEMs and Tier 1s and defines new technology for future market potential. Adept at establishing new sales centers. 125K. 04082015.2



Analog/Mixed Signal/CMOS Verification/Design Engineer – Contract

BSEE/Physics-<20 Years. An analog, digital and mixed signal PCB design contract engineer, also involving FPGAs, CMOS ICs and  top-level systems such as imaging and displays/GUI (300MHz, 8bits in 0.18um), MEMs processors, and also products such as HDMI/DVI repeaters and others. Responsible for product lifecycle, intellectual property, evaluation platforms, modeling and simulation, and is collaborative lead for all things CMOS. Has embedded design programming and SAR ADC experience. Uses MatLab, Verilog, Cadence, Spice, NanoSim, Spectre, Perl, Python, Behavioral Compiler, Protec, Altium, Xilinx and much more. 125-135K. 02172015.01

Lead Design Engineer / Project Manager

MBA, MSEE/>20 Years. Provides full lifecycle research, design, development, testing and post-production support for a variety of product lines/technologies: Medical devices, consumer electronics, controls, automation, automotive electronics, instrument systems, analog / digital, motor controls, PCBs, LCDs, wireless, FPGA, CPLD, ASIC, power supply battery systems and more. Leads prototype teams as project manager, supports manufacturing process, manages engineering staff, provides vendor interaction, delivers design reviews, manages regulatory compliance and test, provides simulations / PCB layouts. Expert at packaging, 3rd party fabrication, ROHS compliance. Uses Altera, Xilinx, VHDL and more. 90-100K. 12012014.17

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Electronics Packaging

BSME/>20 Years. An electronics packaging expert with power supplies and digital electronics such as controllers, motor controllers, power distribution units, breakers, power ICs, PCB, amplifiers, GPS, LCDs, semiconductor and more for: telecommunications, consumer electronics, avionics, automotive, RF/microwave and space program applications. Primarily performs variety of analysis (structural, tolerance, thermal), ESD watchdog, full documentation packages, processes development, design calculations, SOWs, component definition, PCBs, cost and schedule estimates, frequent design review presenter, supervision and training. Stringent standards and spec compliance. Has experience with full start-up department development. Solidworks, ANSYS, ProEngineer, Unigraphics and more. 70-80K. 11172014.12

Marketing and Sales Applications Director

20 Years. With a strong technical engineering background, globally grows multi-million $ product lines for power electronics, power supplies, MOSFETs, regulators, but also power semiconductor, consumer electronics and  LCDs. Has substantial marketing experience, technical documentation development, product launching. Sales and Applications Engineering go hand-in-hand on team management over product life cycle. Substantial customer interaction with broad customer base growth. 200K. 11132014.8

Contract Senior Hardware Design Engineer – Electronics

BSEE-CS/>20 Years. A high level principal design engineer with broad experience to include: design from concept and substantial redesign, architecture, simulation, PCB layout / assembly, test bench, complex problem resolutions plus driving many offshore design/production teams. Products and technologies: ASIC, FPGA, digital / analog / power, wide variety of board types (vias, DC-to-microwave), motor sensing / control / power, embedded microprocessors, LCD, RFID, transceivers, substantial fiber optic, data acquisition terminals/IT, RF, high volume telecommunications, and broadband-over-powerline systems for utilities. Xilinx, Altera, Cadence  and more. 11032014.18

Senior Mechanical Architectural Engineer

BSME/>20 Years. A wide array of product/technologies such as: LCD/Displays, optical/cameras, electro-optical, LED, connectors, cables, medical devices, power supplies, wearable electronics, networking/IT devices (high volume consumer electronics), GPS receivers, antennas, amplifiers, vehicle components/systems, and die cast / injection molded parts. Performs mechanical design and engineering, thermal management, on site troubleshooting, all forms of testing, supply chain partner development, and provides technical support. Is a full product life-cycle technical professional. Well-travelled and patented. Catia, SolidWorks and more. 125-150K. 11032014.15

Regional Sales / Business Development – Power Electronics / IT

BSEE/>15 Years. A highly technical new business developer for power electronics and IT, such as: transformers, RF, converters, power supplies, switchgear, magnetics, power protection, UPS, various battery types, DC/DC, AC/DC, high voltage, lighting, LCD, LED, custom and variety of PCBs. HVAC and control systems. Has significant outside representative / consulting experience. Significant experience with OEMs, proposals/bid processes and monitoring sales channel performance. 70-80K. 10302014.12

Global Business Development Manager – LCD / Telecommunications

BSEE/>20 Years. A truly well-rounded, multi-billion $ business development executive with a technical background, allowing managerial expertise to run across all operational levels from design to manufacturing to quality control. Product knowledge entails LCD electronics and telephony – all high volume. Industries involved are: Consumer electronics, industrial, telecommunications, instrumentation, automotive, defense and medical. Skillsets include profit strategy/methodology, developing partnerships and strategic acquisitions, cost effective manufacturing, applying “lean” principles, and all activities within project management. Develops strong partnering within supply chain. OEM relationship developer. Excellent consultant. B2B. 175-200K. 10302014.10

Design and Test Engineer / Consultant – Power Electronics, IT

BSCS, AS CAD/>15 Years. A well rounded, technical background involving development, design, test and debug multiple products and technologies: Power supplies, DC/DC, transformers, regulators, embedded systems, LCD panels, PCB/PWB layout design, analog / digital circuitry, imaging cameras and robotics. Works frequently with customers such as: OEM, high tech industries, communications and IT. MIPS RISC, PADS, Allegro, Viewlogic, AutoCAD and more. 130-150K. 10282014.10