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Sales Account Manager – UPS, PDUs

Direct customer contact sales for low power single and 3 phase UPS, power conversion, and PDUs for military, industrial and commercial. Creates/conducts presentations, generates proposals, ensures manufacturability of customer technical requirements, and develops/works closely with manufacturers rep channel. Has wire wound components and inductors sales experience and has worked with international customer base.  70K. 06122015.2

Power Electronics Engineer – Lighting/Magnetics

BSEE. Performs design, simulation, circuit analysis, and PCB layout for lighting power electronics.

  • AC/DC/AC power supplies, PFC inductors, LC/resonant switching, transformers, ballast power protection, and embedded microcontrollers.
  • Schematics, magnetic design templates and various product development activities to prepare for manufacturing (test procedures, BOM development, SMT setup), with follow-on guidance through product cycle.

Has harsh environment products (sensors, measurement) design experience. Uses MathCAD, MultiSim, SaWin, C; all manner of test lab tooling; is skilled in SPI, 12C communication protocols; and works to UL and IEC compliance. 7 Years. 70K. 03132015.7

Technical Sales Engineer – Magnetics

ASET-Honors/>20 Years. A strong technical design and sales background in magnetics for commercial and military industries with substantial customer interface, Brings multiple skillsets to proven sales revenue growth such as implementing costing systems, delivery tracking program, production and manufacturing process improvements with new software packages. Very involved in new product development. Past design engineering involved magnetic components, prototypes, product lifecycle for battery chargers, transformers, inductors. Strong ISO and lean principles. Safety representative and standards expert. Fluent: Visual manufacturing, Macola. 70K. 01132015.3

Lead Electrical Engineer – Power Electronics

MSEE/10 Years. Strong power electronics leader working with inverters, filters, gate drivers, control circuitry, inductors, resistors, protection and control, DC/DC, power supplies, motor drives and more. Provides design and supervision, verifications, simulations, substantial test technology, debugging. Also experienced in complex calculations, drives manufacturing process efficiency, works to RoHS, EMC, thermal sciences, PCB layouts, prototypes and has strong topologies skillset. Patents. 130-140K. 01052015.5

Engineering Design Manager – Transformers

BSEE/>20 Years. Specializes in engineering management / team development for custom, prototype and variety of transformers and other power electronic magnetics to include: inductors and chokes. Wide applications from power converters to satellites, space program, military and solar. Skillsets include substantial onsite customer / supplier / internal technical support, product management, manufacturing process improvements, technical documentation generation and management, and extensive product design qualification.  90-100K. 12102014.4

Director – Product Development / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level engineering professional with technical expertise to value add for lifecycle product definition/development of power and other electronics (AC/DC, DC/DC, power supplies, controllers, drivers, mixed signal, inductors, analog), processors, for lighting, security, semiconductor and memory module industries. Significant marketing / branding background. Drives patent strategies, manages profit / loss, provides customer liaison activities, manages large engineering groups, writes applications data, architects innovative products, implements processes, secures funding. Uses Saber. Patents. 12082014.5

Senior Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. A very well-rounded power electronics engineer for IT, medical and other industries – all to regulatory standards. Performs design, modeling, analysis, test, debugging, optimizations, implementation, theory, and authors vast array of technical documentation. Specializes in power fail redesign and circuitry performance. Products / technologies are: Transformers, power supplies, switch-mode, converters (with all topologies), clamp resets, inductors, chokes, protection and control, magnetics, battery chargers, AC/DC, DC/DC. Uses PSpice, Orcad and others. 90-100K. 12042014.2

Power Electronics Design Engineer – Magnetics / Electrical

MSEE/>5 Years. A highly educated design engineer involving electrical and magnetics: Large variety of transformers, rectifiers, power supplies, reactors, inductors, AC/DC, protection and control, and power distribution units for data centers, IT facilities and hazardous environment facilities. provides various analysis, high level calculations, works in depth with multiple departments, prepares BOMs and sources / commissions materials. Performs to stringent specifications and maintains lifecycle of each customer requirement. Uses OPS, PSPICE, MATLAB and more. 80-90K. 12032014.4

Engineering Manager – Efficiency and Process Improvement

BSEE. An engineering manager, prototype and design engineer for power electronics, magnetics and automated controls for production assembly lines.  Involves transformers, inductors, high voltage technology and more for military, aerospace, medical, automotive, commercial and industrial. Designs hardware and provides variety of technical documentation, works with extensive regulatory standards and ISO, concentrates on efficiency and organizational improvements, manages engineering staff, generates proposals / cost estimating, performs as technical sales lead, and is often primary customer liaison. Has a strong safety background. Brings very significant IT / networking expertise, having worked multi locations, website development, implemented cloud platforms, developed all new computer networks and much more. 90K. 12022014.11

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager – Power Electronics

BS/20 Years. Brings technical expertise to proven sales and marketing skillsets. Performs value add, customer service and interaction, manufacturing rep development, bid processing and negotiations, and a vast array of both marketing talent and materials generation – all to drive multi million $ sales revenue for power electronics. Works with variety of transformers (with various topologies), power supplies, inductors, battery chargers, magnetics, amplifiers and transportation systems. Has managed manufacturing and operations facilities and setup of overseas partnerships. Develops new product lines with technical design talent. 120-130K. 12012014.7

Principal Analog Power Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A renown scientific thinker and developer having multiple high technology patents. Products / technologies include wide variety of power supplies, high voltage, TWT power amplifiers, power conditioners, magnetics, topologies, switch mode, transformers, converters, inductors, transistors, transmitters, modulators and more for military, aerospace. Performs complex analysis and calculations. An excellent consultant candidate. Expertise in modeling, simulation, implementing technical operations processes. Uses Pspice, Simetrix, Mathcad and more, plus designs software for such tools. Secret security clearance. Multiple formal awards and prolific author, presenter. 125-135K. 11172014.10

Design Engineer – Power Electronics, Magnetics, Lighting

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background in power electronics, magnetics, RF / microwave, telecommunications, health and lighting industries product design with substantial test expertise. Includes component levels. Products / technologies involve switching power supplies, transformers, inductors, chokes and more for EMI suppression, plus high voltage, DC/DC, converters, topologies (flyback, bridging, etc), switch mode, MOSFET, ballast circuitry and more. Uses variety of analyzers and photometric equipment for testing. Expertise includes developing manufacturing processes and resolving technical problem in the field. Uses Altium, TurboCad, Spice, Oracle and more. 80-90K. 11052014.12

Sales Manager – Power Electronics

B-Business & Mktg (honors)/<20 Years. An extensive track record for sales revenue and territory growth. Substantial departmental work relationships (Engineering, design, supply chain, etc), builds OEM business and works in depth with manufacturer representatives. Products are: power components and subsystems, inductors, transformers, connectors, RF and fiber optic devices. >100K. 11052014.10

Contract Applications Engineer – Magnetic Components / Electronics

MS-Physics/15 Years. An experienced contract work engineer involving magnetics, power electronics such as transformers, inductors, power supplies, RoHS. Generates technical statistical data /reports, performs product characterizations, extensive supply chain involvement, prepares documentation for  manufacturing startup, new product development, bid processes, technical product support and troubleshooting (often on site). Has extensive component level background. Well-travelled. Technical author. 70-80K. 11052014.8

Field Applications / Design Engineer – Power Systems

BSEE/>20 Years. In-depth applications and substantial design experience relating to power electronics (power supplies, battery chargers, converters (DC/DC and more), transformers, inductors, filters and magnetic components. Technological plus is extensive expertise in bridging principles and topologies (fly-back, forward, etc.). Skillset includes engineering forensic services, customer presentations. Primary industries: consumer, OEM, communications, IT, industrial, defense, aerospace. ISO plus stringent industry/foreign standards, requirements. Vicor, Westcor and others. Patents. 90-100K. 10232014.12

Magnetics Applications Engineer – Power Electronics

BSEE/<20 Years. Team driven new technology design and development implementation for power electronics / conversion, including high voltage and resonant converters, power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC, programmable, auxiliary, etc) and mixed signal circuits. Also magnetics design on EMI filters, inductors, transformers, magamps and more. Additional skillsets include cost analysis, troubleshooting, parametric / functionality testing, test method and specifications documentation preparation, and production / manufacturing problem resolution. PADS, PSpice. 80-90K. 10222014.5

Design Engineer – Magnetics/Components

BSEE/>20 Years. Extensive design experience of RF components (with filter topology), inductors and transformers for high frequency switching power supply applications. Ensures conformance to quality standards and extensive involvement toward safety regulations compliance. Active participant in prototype/R&D team. ADS, PSPICE. 90-100K. #10172014.7