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Product Marketing Manager – Components

BS-Biz/Ops. Has deep product knowledge for product positioning, creating new markets involving various sourced components such as capacitors, wiring harnesses and PCBs. Performs negotiations, internal/external training, and interacts in an engineering applications fashion with high level customers. Collaborates with design staff and sales channels and monitors competitors. Products apply to renewable energy, power supplies/UPS, motors, HVAC, aerospace and more. 85K. 06102015.5

Director, Global Manufacturing & Operations

MBA, MSME. A manufacturing and operations powerhouse with full profit & loss ownership, working with energy management / systems / solutions, power electronics (UPS, converters), HVAC, compressors, controls, PDU and a variety of mechanical products for utilities and industrial applications. Drives multi-billion $ organizations with multiple sites and overseas factories, executing significant cost and revenue improvements within processes, customer design, new product development, manufacturing optimization, overseas and domestic sourcing. Experience with acquisition integration. Employs lean, Kaizen, TQM and Six Sigma principles. Contact us for more details! 05082015.9



Nat’l B2B Sales & Customer Service Manager – UPS/Data Centers

Build outside B2B sales force to restructure for higher revenue; manages company customer relationships, problem resolution, account development; and owns largest UPS & data center/critical power national accounts for both products and service contracts. Manages very busy customer support call center, overseeing 24 hour standard and emergency technician dispatch. Maintains vendor relations and pricing including for HVAC, generators, fire protection and battery concerns. Has asset management experience. 95K. 04242015.01

President/General Manager – Data Centers/HVAC

MBA/BSEE-Honors. Executive level professional with expertise in hardware and software critical power business (data centers, UPS, monitoring, communications, HVAC). Turns around businesses and is especially skilled at business acquisition and integration, with full infrastructure development. Launches new products with focus on emerging technology development (green initiatives, power density and efficiency). Develops process improvements, multi-year business/strategic plans and budgets, and builds competitive advantages. Grows high-functioning business units and global teams. Call us for more details! 04162015.3

Regional Sales Manager – Data Centers

Is a consultative sales professional for data center design services, equipment sales (UPS, battery management systems, cabling, IT products) plus  HVAC/cooling, security and energy monitoring/optimization solutions. Specializes in selling battery test equipment, working with all battery types on the market. Conducts sales presentations and customer negotiations. 70K. 03192015.2

Sr Business Dev Engineer – Data Centers, Critical Power

MBA, BSEE. Business developer and data center design and planning specialist working with systems level design of cooling containers/cabinets for data centers, UPS, critical power applications and high power load centers up to 250 kW. Proactively captures new business through strategic prospecting and marketing on a global basis. Performs complex power system analysis and studies such as short circuit, harmonic, power load/schedules and arc flash. Uses SKM, MathCAD/Lab, AmpCa14, ETAP, ADS. 15 Years. 90K. 03032015.01

Power Generation Plant Maintenance and Operations Manager

MSEE-Honors, PE Cert/20 Years. Provides M&O and start-up responsibility for power generation, hydro, wind, fossil fuel, and steam/gas turbine plants. Performs variety of maintenance programs: Short circuit studies for generator breakers, step-up transformers, and large electric motors; load flow and motor starting studies; transient stability analysis; power switching (switchgear); reliability tests; protective relay settings; and outage planning and coordination. Implements new installation, rehabilitation and upgrade projects from concept to completion involving construction supervision, asset management, technology development, technical support and training. Routinely monitors and work with HVAC and auxiliary power systems, PLCs, DCIS, and excitation systems. Uses MatLab, Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD, Cadkey, Micro Station, Etap, Mathcad, Primavera and more. Multilingual. 130-150K. 02122015.2

Data Center Solutions Design Architect

MBA, BS-Physics Engrg, PE/>20 Years. An industry-recognized executive level UPS/data center solutions expert who evaluates, designs and implements very large real-time systems involving green technology, critical power and cooling  concerns for federal / local government, and educational, medical and high finance industries, among others. Performs applications engineering at infrastructure-level for new installations, retrofits, relocations and upgrades. Has executed largest supercomputer project in region with highest efficiency ranking globally, valued at $50M. Develops complex business and financial analysis, and delivers comprehensive bid proposals. Is prolific speaker and author, and holds corporate liaison role. Multilingual. 180-200K. Contact us for more details!  01302015.8

Regional Sales manager / HVAC, Lighting, Facilities

MBA, BS-Engrg Sci/<15 Years. An HVAC sales and marketing specialist with additional skillsets in lighting, ultra violet lighting, energy / water use and power monitoring for facilities. Manages sales channels, provides presentations / product training, application support, customer service, contract negotiations, quality assurance, financial / project analyses, aftermarket activities. Prepares specifications, has developed proprietary products. Also has asset management and facility management background, plus heat and power generation projects. 70K. 01132015.13

Senior Design Engineer – Motors

BSEE/>20 Years. Concentrated experience in design of various types of motors / motor drives / controls, generators, rectifiers, inverters, converters, topologies, controls, magnetics, sensors, transducers, MOSFET, PCB and other test fixtures / equipment. Performs re-designs. Applications vary from avionics, pump systems, HVAC to elevator systems, CNC / manufacturing systems. Has SMT / CNC expertise. Uses AutoCAD, Procom Plus, Labview and more. 130K. 01132015.12

IT Networking Software and Services Sales Manager

BSBA(plus) />20 Years. A strong sales leader and manager for software, services and also hardware, mostly for IT / networking industry. Also brings power electronics (motors, drives) and HVAC background. A team builder, contract reviewer / negotiator, and expertise in data centers with power and cooling initiatives, planning and asset deployment. Involves streamlining processes and mapping, emergency response, critical power, custom solutions and comprehensive facility analysis. A team builder and marketing developer. Consultant candidate. Fluent: SaaS, Six Sigma. 120-140K. 01062015.15

Lead Mechanical / Design Engineer – Contract

BSME/15 Years. Has a variety of experience using high level CAD and design skills (3D plus), CNC programming, machining / sheet metal, and large project planning expertise. Experience includes industrial machinery, production lines, structural assemblies, large facility design and installation, HVAC systems, and automation. Has substantial avionics / FAA applications experience and deals with multi-million $ projects. Employs lean manufacturing, Six Sigma Black Belt and ISO standards for process improvement. Has also managed large defense contracts. Uses APT, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer series and more. 80-90K. 01022015.6

Facilities Electrical Engineer

BSEE-CE/<10 Years. A hands-on technician for critical power organizations, providing large facilities power maintenance and operation (distribution / generators / HVAC / industrial lighting) and generating technical documentation as needed – all to stringent regulatory standards. Works with many power systems and products: Infrared testing, power controls, grounding systems, transformers, circuit wiring, breakers, transfer switches, fiber optics and UPS. Also has significant expertise with wind turbine generators for very large farms, using SCADA, performing root cause analysis, applying Six Sigma and lean principles, and working with motors and variable frequency drives. Has background in networking. Uses MiniTab, EAP, PSpice, and more. 70-75K. 12232014.9

Supervising Substation Engineer

MBA, MSEE/<10 Years. A supervisor-level engineering professional with concentrated high voltage utilities substation expertise. Prepares technical drawings / schemes / plans for various purposes: Structural (i.e. elevation), and electronics such as switchgear, relays, meters, breakers, UPS, generators, transformers, etc.  Various project management elements include: Generating SOWs / BOMs, working with customer specifications, complex calculations, preparing estimates / schedules / bid processes, commissioning, site visits / inspections / FAT, customer liaison, and contract management. Also has significant data centers/HVAC experience. Fluencies: SCADA, Minitab, PLC. Has multiple technical certifications (Six Sigma and more). 125-135K. 12232014.7

Director of Mechanical Engineering – Machinery / Fluid Dynamics

Ph.D-ME/10 Years. A concentrated background in engineering design, new product development, high level calculations analysis, software and technical training, 3D modeling, test bench development, and team leading. Product lines / technologies include turbomachinery, fluid dynamics, compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, HVAC, magnetics, motors, bearings, gas turbines, aerodynamic components and more. Acts as consultants liaison. Fluent: ANSYS, AxCent, Wilder, AutoCAD, ProEngineer, Femap, Hypermesh, Matlab and more. Multiple formal awards, patent activity and extensive publications. 100K. 12082014.9

Global Product Management and Strategic Analysis

MBA, MSEE/20 Years. Provides high level analysis, strategy, sustainability and other skillsets for multi million/billion organizations for solar, LED lighting, HVAC, utility and telecommunications industries. Multi-talented in: Innovative solutions, technology assessment, sustainability, product improvements, software deployments, customer program development, process / supply chain management, global alliances, profit / loss responsibilities. Has substantial marketing background. Product lines development/ technologies: generators, backup power systems (fuel cells, batteries, rectifiers, switch-mode), power supplies, condensers, energy monitoring equipment, optical connectivity, energy storage devices and engineering services. Excellent consultancy candidate. Uses MicroStrategies, SAS, APT, Mini-tab. Six Sigma. 150-160K. 12082014.4

Renewable Energy Consulting Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. A “green” driven expert at project consulting for energy efficiencies development, analysis, benchmark, implementation and training, including on-site/field hands-on work. Prepares extensive documentation (training materials, brochures, cost data reporting, utility budget tracking and more. Technologies involved are HVAC, solar, mechanical, electrical, Energy Star. Has regulatory experience, quality assurance and military fluencies. 100-110K. 11032014.11

Regional Sales / Business Development – Power Electronics / IT

BSEE/>15 Years. A highly technical new business developer for power electronics and IT, such as: transformers, RF, converters, power supplies, switchgear, magnetics, power protection, UPS, various battery types, DC/DC, AC/DC, high voltage, lighting, LCD, LED, custom and variety of PCBs. HVAC and control systems. Has significant outside representative / consulting experience. Significant experience with OEMs, proposals/bid processes and monitoring sales channel performance. 70-80K. 10302014.12

Sales Manager / Consultant – Green Energy

Bus Mgmt/>20 Years. Top, proven performer (“closer”) with multiple sales revenue honors. Technical involved variety of hardware and often spearheaded new product development: Power electronics (UPS, power distribution), data centers, specialty lighting, large scope of sensors, structural equipment (HVAC / HEPA etc) – most of which involve green energy principles. Skillsets: Negotiation, training, presentations, forecasting, budgets, quotas, reporting. Has managed very large groups of sales staff and manufacturing representative agencies. Author. 70K. 10242014.4