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Global Technical Sales Engineer – Motors / Marine

A project-oriented sales/marketing professional involving rotating machinery, motors, generators, steam turbines, boilers, waste mgmt equipment, and power electronics for marine, heat recovery, renewables/green energy, industrial, commercial end users. Conventional and magnetic bearings experience. Extensive domestic/international customer interface and system troubleshooting. Delivers consultative presentations to new customers. MS/BS degrees with marine engineering. Uses LadderLogic, LabView, SolidWorks, VersaPro. <10 Years. 90K. 06112015.2

Energy Efficiency Sales and Marketing Executive

BSBA. Works collaboratively amongst industry leaders and investor-owned utilities to capture state-of-the-art contracts for energy efficiency, natural gas, renewables/wind, green energy, SmartGrid, power demand and storage, and electric transportation (EV). Sells under PHEV program for electric cars, bucket trucks and fleet utility vehicles. Prepares bid responses, conducts high level negotiations. Contract or direct hire. 140K. 03062015.4

Director of Engineering and NPI/MicroGrid, SmartGrid, Power Systems

MSME/>20 Years. A dual talented executive engineering leader in both applications design staff management/NPI and quality principles for power electronic and grid systems, involving micro grids, solar, battery/energy storage, gas/steam turbines, power generation systems, controls and more for power generation at customer sites. Develops and releases significant quantity of new product introductions (patentable) for 9 figure sales revenue increases annually, generates high volume technical proposals for upgrade options with high win rate, improves product costing through redesign/simplification, executes business development joint ventures/acquisitions and develops NPI engineering teams for same, significantly improves warranty rates through various quality methods, and implements high impact design process improvements. Lean, Agile, Six Sigma Black Belt. Multiple patents, awards, formal recognition. Contact us for more details! 02162015.2

Data Center Solutions Design Architect

MBA, BS-Physics Engrg, PE/>20 Years. An industry-recognized executive level UPS/data center solutions expert who evaluates, designs and implements very large real-time systems involving green technology, critical power and cooling  concerns for federal / local government, and educational, medical and high finance industries, among others. Performs applications engineering at infrastructure-level for new installations, retrofits, relocations and upgrades. Has executed largest supercomputer project in region with highest efficiency ranking globally, valued at $50M. Develops complex business and financial analysis, and delivers comprehensive bid proposals. Is prolific speaker and author, and holds corporate liaison role. Multilingual. 180-200K. Contact us for more details!  01302015.8

Solar/Components Sales and Business Development Manager

BS-Aero Engrg/10 Years. A sales revenue developer and marketer for solar / alternative energy and industrial sectors involving DC/AC, DC connectors, cables and modules. Connector types include PST, balance-of-system, circular plastic and high voltage DC. Generates specialized sales plans, and has achieved start-up sales to $1.5M. Has helped developed innovative arc fault detection solutions, residential combiner and junction boxes, and environmentally rugged installation labels.  100-110K. 01302015.2

General Manager / Operations Executive

BSME/>20 Years. A leader, manager and company officer for high technology manufacturers involving a wealth of systems and equipment product development: Medium voltage and high speed subsea motors, generators, power electronics, drive systems, turbo machinery, heat recovery and ORC waste heat to energy systems, flywheel energy systems, and avionics power generation. Industries include aerospace, oceanics, oil/gas and pipelines, and renewable/green energy applications.  Responsible for diverse workforce (engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, quality, finance, marketing, HR).

Thrives in fast paced, early stage start up environments and hatches sister companies for high investment gains. Achieves ambitious big picture goals on schedule/budget. Employs TQM, ISO, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles. Has >5 patents: Electric and turbo machinery.

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Control Systems and Integration Engineer

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A vast amount of very innovative systems design, integration and upgrade experience working with various hardware and software, embedded technology, PLC, thermals, automation, RFID, real time operating systems, robotics, HMI/SCADA, motion controls, green energy/generators and more. Varied industries such as industrial, power electronics, medical, entertainment/TV, consumer products and food – along with various stringent regulatory codes (FDA, etc). Provides object/component oriented programming, reverse engineering, modeling, simulation, algorithms, testing, technical documentation, extensive technical support, networking, and drives concepts to fruition. Uses AutoCAD, SQL, XML, OPS, Modbus, Labview, Matlab and more. An excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01122015.2

Project Manager – Electrical Plant Engineering

BSEE/>15 Years. Long term experience managing projects for installations and upgrades of water and electrical power plants for utilities, industrial, municipalities and government organizations. Works with small and very large multi million $ contracts, and manages relevant engineering personnel. Involves substations, instrumentation, fire protection, telecommunications, security, power protection and control, power electronics replacement, feasibility and other studies, critical power issues and green energy. Equipment ranges from transformers, generators, switchgear, regulators and more, to gas/steam turbine engines. Liaison for regulatory and permitting / construction related requirements. Has many professional certifications. 150K. 01092015.5

Global Power Electronics Sales Manager

BA/<10 Years. A professional sales leader with in-depth sales cycle process knowledge. Provides sales channel management, territory startups / expansions, breaks into new markets, provides committed customer service with unique applications, has marketing skill.  Power electronics is primarily generators, including green technology. Has finance and production background as well. 70-80K. 12052014.17

National Business Development Manager

BSBA/20 Years. Sells and hands on project manages control rooms and building security systems to include power management for large facilities. Very high level sales and R&D with management of staff and teams. Vast array of industries to include utilities, government, sensitive military projects, oil / gas, wind farms, transportation and much more. Solves complex high voltage power problems. High level plant operations for very large customers. Develops building green energy automation concepts. Multi million $ negotiations with corporate contracts. Develops/presents 3D simulations. Multi-awarded and renown for business leadership. SCADA, LEEDS. Security clearance. Very well travelled. 100-120K. 11262014.2

Global Sales Manager – Electrical-Grid / Energy / IT Solutions

MBA, BACS/15 Years. Strong sales leader for new business / territory development, sales channel management, large bid processes / multi million $ contract negotiations, team building and training. Products and technologies involved: power controls, sub-metering, grid management with public works planning and design, solar solutions, green power, battery systems, cabling, and a variety of IT products including storage technology. Industries/Users: Utilities, government organizations, defense, communications, IT, Large facilities. Has Six Sigma, SCADA. >100K. 11142014.13

Global Business Strategy Consultant

MBA, BSME/10 Years. A recognized leader for revenue and business growth to include ground-breaking strategies, R&D / product development and enhancements, complex problem solving, key account management. Has built wide reach to high level customers and multi billion $ revenue manufacturing and high technology companies. Expertise includes data centers, it infrastructures, green technology, cloud computing and more. Background in customer presentations, sales team training. Six Sigma Green Belt. 180-200K. 11122014.3

Senior Public Works Specialist – Power / Energy / Nuclear

MS-Nuclear Eng., BSME (Honors)/>20 Years. Highly skilled program management professional in all facets of public works, power sources (electricity, generators, UPS) and various energy, military and nuclear applications. Specializes in revamping archaic systems and operations relating to: sustainability, productivity, efficiency, modernization and other improvements. Specific skillsets /special talents include: Thermonuclear power plant microwave engineering research and modeling, new construction projects, re-designing utility billing systems for profitability, regulatory liaison, budgeting, disaster preparation, generating a variety of technical documentation / reports (including SOWs, specifications), and “green” technologies – all under very large contracts. SCADA. Recipient of formal, high level accolades. 80-100K. 10242014.10

Sales Manager / Consultant – Green Energy

Bus Mgmt/>20 Years. Top, proven performer (“closer”) with multiple sales revenue honors. Technical involved variety of hardware and often spearheaded new product development: Power electronics (UPS, power distribution), data centers, specialty lighting, large scope of sensors, structural equipment (HVAC / HEPA etc) – most of which involve green energy principles. Skillsets: Negotiation, training, presentations, forecasting, budgets, quotas, reporting. Has managed very large groups of sales staff and manufacturing representative agencies. Author. 70K. 10242014.4

Director, Business Development / Sales

BA-BM/15 Years. Revenue growth leader, growing sales teams and territory representation for software, power systems / data centers, and telecommunications industries. Extensive experience with marketing strategies, bid processes and proposal presentations, forecasting, partnering, expanding territories and contract negotiations. An expert with data centers. Excellent sales growth records. Jigsaw. 200-275K. 10232014.5

Engineering Innovation Manager – Electronics

MSEE/15 Years.  Leader in product development with a history of rebuilding vast areas of product life cycle and departments within businesses for greater efficiency and multi million $ profitability (engineering teams, cost, design, manufacturing flow, production, supply chain, sales methodology and other processes).  Product line experience: electronics / communications architecture for submersible pumps, PLC based systems (HVAC), embedded controllers, consumer electronics, green energy, appliances, industrial automation. Extensive SCADA. Multiple patents – many for circuit breaker technology. 125-150K. 10232014.3

Program / Project Manager – Power Engines

MBA-ASME/>20 Years. Strong background in project management (especially cost reduction focus) as it relates to power units such as engines, generators and more. In-depth program management experience in the space, avionics, aerospace, military and commercial industries. Very strong experience in quality principles. R&D, supply chain development, and domestic / international overall liaison for a variety of business sectors (including heavy customer interface). Skillset also includes development of new products and services. Multiple professional awards. >100K. 10222014.10

Senior Engineer – Power Electronics / Green Energy

Ph.D-EE/>5 Years. A well-studied professional for model, design, test, analysis, simulation and optimization on variety of power electronics (motor drives, inverters, filters, power monitoring devices, etc). Specializes in battery and energy storage systems for power grid, solar, wind, “Green Energy” and renewable energy programs. Matlab (expert), PSCAD, Spice, LabVIEW and many more. Multiple awards and honors, plus extensive list of technical papers and conference presentations. 80-100K. 10222014.9

Power Distribution Equipment Automation Engineer

MSEE/>10 Years. Extensive experience with SCADA mapping for electrical power distribution and other applications for multiple locations, plants, structures, data centers and substations for: medical, communications, military installations, green technology and more. Skillsets: Programming, networking, validation test development, communications implementation, integration, troubleshooting and government bid process/contracts support. Equipment involved: Switch gear, controls, transformers, relays, controllers and more. Huge array of design software, OSs, applications packages and programming languages (i.e., HSpice, Unix, VHDL, Verilog Perl, etc). 90-100K. 10222014.6