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Project Engineer/Scheduler – Space/SATCOM, Military, Avionics

MSEE. Manages multiple mission critical program and project schedules, and oversees large groups of team members. Ensures resources for timely delivery for super-sized systems engineering and integration programs for NASA/space and satellite payload programs, military/defense, rocketry, avionics/GPS, and federal government. Includes mission operations, ground-based satellite systems and communications. Related additional talents: Prime/subcontractor monitoring, production management, systems acquisition. Top Secret clearance. 150K. 06152015.4

Staff RF/Microwave Research Engineer-Antennas

PhD-EE. Innovative engineering scientist working with various RF/microwave and electromagnetic technologies:

  • Antennas (including shipboard/aircraft), radar, wireless, autonomous navigation/GPS, RFID sensor systems, EMI/EMC, related computational / embedded / communications systems for space, military/defense, avionics
  • Performs concept design/feasibility, algorithm development, program support, demonstrations. Skilled at related software development. Modeling expert

Uses MATLAB, FEKO, ANSYS/HFSS, Eclectic, COSMOS, HSPice and more. Many Patents, Pubs. Very active in industry. 135K. 06082015.3

Embedded Hardware & Software Engineer

MSEE. Embeds software working with ARM, PCI and various serial buses, FPGA and ASICs.

  • Applies to test equipment, real time operating systems, mixed signal PCB, DC/DC & switching power supplies, laser boards, and communications gear
  • Relates to MIL-STDs, spacecraft, defense/warfare, imaging and various power electronics devices

Uses C, Assembly, PADS, DOORS, Verilog, VHDL, MATLAB, PERL, Python, OrCAD, Altium, Xilinx, Altera, Cadence, RS422/232. Contract/Direct. 95K. 06012015.2

Sr RF/Microwave Antenna Design Engineer

MSEE. Team lead designer for variety of antenna types and phased array development, at both system and component levels, for satellite communications, space, UAV, shipboard, Sigint, military/warfare and wearable navigation applications. Also designs transmitters, receivers, reflectors, microstrip patches and microwave & milimeter wave bands. Performs modeling, chamber measurements, requirements definition, integration/test planning, and generates technical proposals, user manuals. Uses HFSS, Crasp, FEKO, MATLAB. Top Secret/SCI clearance. 130K. 06012015.4

RF/Microwave and MetaMaterials Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE. Industry renown Fellow and scientist-level RF/Microwave engineering leader. Works domestically and often internationally with various next-generation antenna array development, calibration, satellite payloads and GPS contracts including hardware, software and controls. Technical aspects include tapered helix, Ku-band Rx, digital beamforming, and the complex contract-winning applied research in metamaterials development for military, aerospace and space industries. TS/SCI,  DoD Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. Awards, patents and pubs. Please contact us for more details! 05182015.8

R&D Program Manger – Space, SATCOM, Avionics

High level program manager involving multi-million $ space-related programs, spacecraft, satellite arrays and avionics contracts involving RF and other communications systems, payloads, surveillance, navigation, telemetry, power control units, and analog/digital power electronics such as DC/DC converters. Strong R&D/SBIR experience. Drives lifecycle of programs, beginning with customer fact-finding/definition and proposal manager to production phase and closeout. Highly involved in design-in phase, vendor management and leads all engineering aspects from thermal concerns to mechanical design to reliability. Formal awards. BSEE. Negotiable salary range. 05042015.4

Quality Assurance Director – Military/DoD, Space, Aerospace

Certified Quality Auditor. Brings mechanical background to own large quality program responsibility for military/defense contractors, avionics and space programs, working with battery systems (stationary & mobile), satellite & navigation components and other hi-rel electronics.

  • AS9000/9100, ISO 9000/1, MIL-Q-9858 & other MIL-STDs, ASME, ANSI ESD S20.20.
  • Strong DCMA audit interaction, internal/supplier audits, contract requirements flowdown, and maintains annual certs/achieves multi-site certification wins.
  • Experienced establishing SPC process controls, performing system assessments and qualification/FAT testing, RTOS x-ray inspection methods, calibration system development, and strong ESD leader.

Multiple formal awards. Uses TipQA, Visio. 6 Sigma Blackbelt. 150K. 04202015.01

Manager, R&D Engineering, RF / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE. Strong, 10-year background in engineering management for RF, GPS, radio networks, measurement systems and RFID with embedded sensor acquisition systems (ARM, FPGA SoC/IP, C, DSP) for domestic/international military and commercial. Performs customer design reviews, responsible for testing and documentation development. Strong RF design engineering background involving locomotive sensing/tracking systems and various RF and wireless projects (doppler, ground systems, devices etc). Previous security clearance. Long list of design tools – some are: MATLAB, LabView, PADS, Altium, OrCAD, Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, VHDL. 140K. 04172015.4

Staff Engineer – Aircraft Systems Design & Integration

BSCE. Leads entire R&D product line engineering programs and is master at coordinating multiple departments for avionics, military and NASA.

  • Hardware/software products and technologies: Displays, graphics imaging, gate arrays, instrumentation, navigation/vector imaging, radar systems, processors, and power electronics – using signal processing, embedded circuit design, and ASICs design skills.
  • Obsolescence redesign, generates requirements specifications, delivers training and regulatory/customer presentations, factory testing/test software generation.

Strong safety emphasis and extensive product management focus. FAA, EASA, DO-178B. Patents/Patent management. 04082015.4

Sales and Business Development Manager – Automotive

BS/Honors. Strong background in consistently increasing sales revenue for automotive subsystems: HMI/displays, LCD, touch screens, infotainment, GPS/driver info, plus microcontrollers, memory/mass storage and related software. Has product lifecycle program/project management style. Works with OEMs and Tier 1s and defines new technology for future market potential. Adept at establishing new sales centers. 125K. 04082015.2



RF/Communications & Mechatronics Engineer – Contract

PhDEE/Mech. Designs highly advanced electronics and systems for military/DoD electronic warfare, RF/microwave, avionics, wireless and communications industries.

  • Large systems design, test and integration: Communications, radar, missiles, computer-controlled weaponry, antennas, servo-controlled guidance systems.
  • Power electronics/RF subsystems design includes analog, digital, switchmode/linear power supplies, transformers, battery chargers, embedded microprocessors, RF/millimeter wave, antenna systems, filters, receivers, wireless/short range communications devices, GPS, synthesizers, amplifiers, down converters, phase-lock-loops.
  • Strong analysis and pioneers scientific studies involving electromagnetic field theory, nuclear effects, rad-hard concerns, product life reliability, infrared techniques.

Inactive security clearance. Works to many MIL-STDs. Technical papers. MATLAB, Momentum, MathLab/CAD, Simulink, TINA, Maple, LabView, Sonnet, LinearX, Verilog/FPGA, ARM, C, Assembly, Artificial Intelligence S/W. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 03122015.01

Senior RF Design Engineer

BSEE. Performs RF satellite, antenna, GPS, radar, space systems applications design, analysis and test: RF circuitry, communication systems, analog electronics, radios, wireless systems, filters (tunable, harmonic, indoor/outdoor), HF/VHF radio, RFID, and optical transceivers. High level defense/warfare product development. Performs complex analysis, measurements, verifications, calculations (for TX/RX gain, noise, thermal, power dissipation and subsequent tuning and optimization). Uses Altium, Visio, Genesis. U.S. Citizen. 90K. 03062015.7

Systems / Project Engineer – RF/Microwave – Contract

BSEE. Provides design, concept definition, modeling, simulation, fabrication, integration and testing of milimeter/microwave, radar systems, RF communication systems, and signal processing, using MATLAB, Simulink, and STK as follows:

  • Array radar systems
  • Antenna/receiver systems for electronic warfare
  • Acquisition / tracking / pointing systems.
  • Has background in MEMS, MMIC, nano devices, flight control/GPS instrumentation, and infrared sensors.
  • Visual, C#, Java, WindRiver, VxWorks.

Six Sigma. Contract only. 02272015.6

Field Applications Engineer – Power Management ICs, Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. Has significant experience defining customer requirements for power management ICs, converters with various topologies, UPS, DC/DC, AC/DC, and GPS / remote sensing for military/defense, semiconductor, and other industries. Focus is on broad system architectural design customers’ end solutions, generating schematics, layouts, and technical documentation, and performs lab simulation and presentations. Provides frequent pre- and post-sales on-site lab assistance, reviews customer-owned technical documentation, and has constructed customer tooling. 100-140K. 02162015.4

Vice President of Business Development / Power & Tracking Systems, DoD

BSCE/15 Years. Captures new business for high voltage power electronics, amplifiers, plus communications and tracking systems applying to electronic warfare, aircraft integration, unmanned platforms, and tactical programs for DoD, DoS, and various US government and military/defense organizations. Develops strategic partnerships, and captures specialized government funding to spur new program development. Manages customer scope, creates value propositions, and is corporate liaison. Uses E-commerce, RFP/bid sites and other government opportunity programs (such as GSA, set-asides), performs sole source qualifying, and develops international business with full export ITAR knowledge. Has extensive relationships within the DoD community, is very well-versed in the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) market, and has active Top Secret security clearance. Has background in VSAT VIPERSAT, WIMAX/RF. 160-170K. 02092015.2

Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE-CE/>20 Years. Brings program management and technical background to sales and marketing for automation, GPS, wireless, antenna, PCB, magnetics, inductors, transformers, chokes, accelerometers, imaging systems and more. Proven sales and marketing talent for telecommunications, semiconductor, oil/gas, robotics, medical, industrial and military industries. Manages sales force and large channels, provides complex strategies, negotiations / large contracts and brings technical talent to oversee design-ins. Very well traveled. 80-90K. 01092015.3

Antenna Systems Software Operations Engineer

MSEE/<5 Years. Operates and maintains antenna array communications processor for ranging and telemetry / supporting interplanetary spacecraft and other missions. Participates in software upgrades, design / readiness reviews, acceptance testing, procedures development for data delivery anomalies, and helps design and deploy software and tools as needed. Substantial team coordination and involvement. Also has unmanned vehicle background with GPS/navigation, sensors and instrumentation. Is project oriented. Uses Matlab, LabView. 70-80K. 01082015.1

Principal RF / Microwave Design Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background designing RF systems and components such as: boards and circuitry, voltage regulators, switches, filters, a variety of complex transceivers, power management ICs, converters, amplifiers, modulators, synthesizers, video limiters, GPS receivers, attenuators and electronic countermeasures for antennas, radio, wireless and networking technologies. Generates schematics / layouts / BOMs, simulations, performs test and troubleshooting, and tests for EMI. Provides customer resolution. Fluencies: Cadence, PSPICE, ADS, Virtuoso. 150-160K. 01062015.13

Vice President of Sales / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated history of proven sales revenue growth for a variety of electronics for fitness, medical, automotive, RF, telephony, security, power management and semiconductor sectors. Product lines: Sensors/instrumentation, wireless, optical, audio/visual, CPS, mixed signal, amplifiers, RS232, RS422 and more. Is major contributor to design process and prototypes and very well traveled. Builds sales channels from scratch. 160-170K. 01062015.1

Sr ElectroMechanical Packaging/Mechanisms Engineer

MSME. Lead mechanical engineer designing subsystems for aircraft, orbiting rocket motors, ground vehicle propulsion and navigation applications.

  • Airborne fluid/pneumatic controllers and electro-optics precision mechanisms
  • Hub gear box, planet gearing rotating machinery, turbo pump assemblies
  • Gyroscopes, thermal battery banks, enclosures and racks

Performs systems integration, modeling, kinematic simulation, structural analysis, packaging. Provides casting, machining, plastic and sheet metal design, PWB. Formal awards. Uses 3D CAD, ANSI, Pro/E & Mechanica series, SolidWorks, Cosmos. 100K. 01052015.14

Business Development Director – Avionics / Cockpit Systems

BS-Aerosp./>10 Years. An multi-million $ aircraft/helicopter business development specialist for domestic and international customers. Has significant sales background / contract capture experience for cockpit systems including circuit board technologies, panel displays and other equipment, plus fire protection, engines, CPS, passenger-to-freight conversions, and maintenance / aftermarket services.  Brings specialized technical and pilot background. Has also worked with unmanned vehicle programs. 130-140K. 01022015.3

Senior Applications Engineer – RF / Analog / Semiconductor

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level leader in design engineering and applications for RF, wireless, data converters, embedded SoC, DSP, GPS and IT/semiconductor (memory) products. Works with GaN, LDMOS, SiGe, mixed signal, FPGA, LED lighting, EMI issues and SMT. Managerial/technical skillsets include lifecycle product ownership and innovation, component engineering, test technology development, customer liaison, training FAEs and overall technical go-to. Industries include telephony, volume consumer electronics, military and aerospace. Fluent: Xilinx, Altera, JTAG and more. 100-120K. 12232014.3

Chief Design Engineer – RF/Microwave

Ph.D-EE>20 Years. A top talent RF/Microwave engineer, working with satellites and related systems concerns: GPS, navigation, Algorithms, FPGA, ASIC, digital signal processing, amplifiers, receivers, antennas, beam science, ultrasonic instruments, control loops, controller boards, etc. Expert with complex simulations and overall design, modeling, integration, real time test, debugging, data retrieval, algorithms, scan scheduling, investigates link failures, performs complex data analysis, extensive coding. Collaborates with several industry known subcontractors. Has experience with power electronics (inverters, controls). Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, MWO, ADS, Spectrum Digital, NohauICE, Linux, QNX and more. Patent and publications activity. 150K. 12052014.2

Embedded Software Engineer – Automotive / RF / Wireless

MSEE/>5 Years. Works with wireless communications, RF, mobile radios, GPS, antenna applications, microcontrollers, automotive applications (controls and control modules) – all to strict standards (i.e., AUTOSAR, ISO, P25). Analyzes requirements with customer interface activity, designs, implements, tests, debugs and generates documentation. Fluent: C, OOPs, ARM9, NECV850/3378, OSEK, SPI, 12C, RS232, LabView, JTAG, Perl, Doors and much more. Six Sigma. 70-80K. 11172014.3

Senior Embedded Systems and FPGA Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. High level engineer performing processor design, modifies code, bus interfacing, schematic capture, EMC, designs simulator tools, and also project supervision. Products / technologies are: FPGA, CPS, motors controls, switch mode, analog/digital conversion, fibre channel, ethernet, internet protocols, digital control electronics. Substantial implementation, test and integration experience for commercial, telecommunications, military, medical. Fluencies: C, LabVIEW, Orcad, Xilinx, Altera, VHDL and much more. Had Secret Security Clearance, patent activity. 125-135K. 11142014.10

Program Manager – Microwave

MBA/20 Years. Has extensive management background in microwave hardware and systems for space program applications, to include GPS, filters and more. Has program accountability for profit, is first customer contact, supports all key technical and process departments in program maintenance and goals and has heavy facility maintenance and relocation expertise as well as manufacturing and production management. Extremely well-travelled in scope of PM duties. 100-125K. 11062014.1

Senior Software Engineer – Web and Applications

MBA, BSCS – Honors/10 Years. A full life cycle software developer including prototype, concept, design, test, implementation and maintenance plus problem resolution for aerospace, avionics and other industries. Architecture activities involve web systems, desktop applications, creation of analytical solutions, integrations with hardware, peripheral management systems and data extraction. Uses GIS, MSSQL, ESRI, Python, HTML, and much more. 11032014.20

Program Manager – Systems and Software

MBA, BSEE/15 Years. A full concept to completion to O&M/support lifecycle professional for large, complex projects and programs for aerospace / military. Leads and manages teams toward profit and revenue, dealing with budget, schedule, resource and risk. Performs contract negotiation / management, customer integration and support of all types. Programs involve PKI, defense messaging systems, GPS, space, cryptographic programs/products and more. Security clearance. 11032014.16

Senior Mechanical Architectural Engineer

BSME/>20 Years. A wide array of product/technologies such as: LCD/Displays, optical/cameras, electro-optical, LED, connectors, cables, medical devices, power supplies, wearable electronics, networking/IT devices (high volume consumer electronics), GPS receivers, antennas, amplifiers, vehicle components/systems, and die cast / injection molded parts. Performs mechanical design and engineering, thermal management, on site troubleshooting, all forms of testing, supply chain partner development, and provides technical support. Is a full product life-cycle technical professional. Well-travelled and patented. Catia, SolidWorks and more. 125-150K. 11032014.15

Senior Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

BSEE-CS/>20 Years. A specialized software programming / engineering professional, often as Contractor, for the following technologies / environments: Embedded, real-time, simulations, TCP/IP, algorithms, and especially GPS, power electronics (inverters). Uses multiple skillsets such as C/C++, ADA, RS-232 (etc), MATLAB, LINUX and many more. Variety of applications: aerospace, military / defense, avionics, geophysics, satellite, medical. Firmware expertise applies to space navigation, avionics and prototypes. 150-175K. 10272014.10