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Applications Engineering Manager – LED/Fiber Optics

Leads customer requirements definition for custom LED (optical & lighting), magnetics, fiber optics, cabling, and enclosures design. Multi-tasks with all departments to ensure quality delivery. Substantial customer interface and business development. Drives bid process, allocates technical resources, issues drawings, specifications, application notes, training and marketing materials. Follows customer complaints to resolution with solution presentation. Well-versed in regulatory standards. Design background in switching power supplies, IT. 85K. 06112015.6

Sr Applications Process Engineer – MEMS, Thin Films

BS-Physics. High level processing engineering professional, leading process engineers for telecommunications optical device component manufacturing. Performs equipment start-up, yield improvement (>99%), root cause/failure analysis, employs complex mathematical methods & statistical data, and manages departments, projects. Involves wafer fab, thin film metrology, metallization (IAD, IBS, sputtering, MEMS, etch), AR/HR coatings (lasers, silica, Si, GaP, InP, SLEDS), dichroic mirror stress/evaporation concerns, and SiO2 masking. Strong customer interaction. Multilingual. 170K. 05182015.3

Sr Mechanical Engineer – Contract or Direct

MSME. Has designed and re-designed a variety of products for medical/imaging, industrial and commercial, to include: Machinery, electro-mechanical equipment, fiber optics, scanners, test fixtures, control cabinets, ion beam systems components, tooling, and cryogenics. Performs GD&T, extensive thermal, structural, and gas flow analysis. Interacts with all levels of technical engineering and clients. Uses SolidWorks, MiniTab, Pro/Engineer Wildfire, Cosmos, AutoCAD, MicroStation. Lean, Six Sigma. 15 Years. 100K. 05152015.3

Director of Operations / Manufacturing, RF/Optical

Strong production, manufacturing and project manager for next-generation technical devices for cable TV (CATV), such as optical, fiber optic and analog devices; laser modules; and transmitters, receivers.

  • Production resource planning and allocation (assembly and work instructions, test station setup/procedures, yield calculations), implements manufacturing & NPI processes, and provides supply chain management/qualification/audit.
  • GO-TO: Overall production, overseas manufacturing training, production setups.

Has RF/microwave design and applications background. 150K. 05112015.6

Technology Engineering Manager/CTO – Fiber Optic Sensing

MSEE/PMP. Specializes in R&D fiber optic sensing engineering and product line management for subsea oil & gas temperature  and other monitoring and telemetry applications. Provides various executive management such as re-design, project management, product roadmaps / certifications / marketing, business development, project leadership, direct customer support, and budget development. Numerous publications and patents. 190K. 05112015.2

Electrical Design and Test Engineer – Transformers

MSEE. Engineering design professional working with dry and oil-filled transformers, controls, transducers, monitoring equipment, breakers and fiber optics for solar and wind grid applications. Performs huge variety of testing methods, customer technical support, failure analysis, troubleshooting, calibration, and generates diagrams and test documentation. Works to IEEE/ANSI, CSA, NEMA and NEC standards. Strong quality focus. ETAP, PS CAD. 5 Years. 75K. 04232015.01

Regional Sales Manager – Power Connectors, Cabling

BSBA/>20 Years. Builds and manages entire regional sales organization (includes direct, manufacturing reps and distributors) to increase sales revenue for power connectors and cables, applying to fiber optics, telecommunications, coax and datacom. Participates in new product introduction process and conducts thorough training presentations. Also works internationally with large OEM accounts. Business sectors include power utilities, substations, mining, telecommunications, transportation and industrial. 100K. 02092015.1

Embedded Flight Systems Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. Leads large teams in the development of unmanned aerial vehicular and autonomous systems for aerospace and avionics with robotics, motor controls and computer systems integration and development, system capability upgrades, and long term research projects which transition from concept to sales revenue. Captures project funding. Manages corporate projects planning, scheduling, tasking. Develops voluminous bid proposals. Oversees and guides global suppliers and generates SOWs for vision and adaptive systems, algorithms and virtual technology. Has established, led and maintained multi-disciplinary vehicular collaborative systems laboratories involving testbed design, embedded processor / microcontroller hardware integration / programming, and mission and control software development. 130-140K. 02022015.1

Senior Hardware / Software Development Engineer – Instrumentation / PCB / RF

BSEE/>20 Years. A well-rounded, experienced hardware and software engineering lead for design/test, involving: Radiation detectors, RF, amplifiers, controls, electronics cards, instrumentation, sensors, magnetics, thermals, audio products, mixed signal, converters, opticals, PCB/semiconductors, analog, DSP, embedded firmware, repeaters, fiber-optics, and test fixtures/equipment. Performs specialized and innovative design projects, temperature mapping, PCB layouts, overseas layout supervision. Has developed new prototype labs for business expansion purposes. Industries: Consumer electronics, aerospace, avionics; and applications vary from fuel gauging to voltage regulating. Meets EMC directives. Also has quality and telecommunications background. Uses Protel, Viewlogic, ORCAD, VHDL code, SwitcherCAD and more. 70-80K. 01152015.6


Protection and Control Substation Lead Technician

20 Years. Has a concentrated background in substation power electronics involving: Relay protection and control, SCADA, transformers, breakers, switches, regulators, motor controls, VFDs, fiber optics, instrumentation and more for utility, plants, avionics, telecommunications and nuclear applications. Performs programming, upgrades, extensive test, repair and troubleshooting. Has a variety of additional skillsets: Technician supervision, labor union / contractor / vendor interaction, CNC and conveyor systems, and robotics. Background has significant work with power generation, transmission and distribution grid systems. Work to variety of code standards, plus FAA. Uses AcSELerator, EnerVista. ISO. 90-100K. 01082015.4

Field Service Electrical Engineer / Protection and Control

BSEE/15 Years. Brings a varied background with multiple technical talents for design engineering, field service installation, maintenance and repair for substations / utility. Includes calibration, extensive test expertise / troubleshooting, failure mitigation, complex analysis and comprehensive regulatory compliance skill. Significant vendor relations/monitoring. Involves transformers, transducers, breakers, switchgear, relays, fiber optics, SCADA. Has aerospace/avionics and automotive design background: VFDs, motors, pumps, video, thermal imaging, instrumentation/sensors, and accelerometers for vibration / reliability systems issues. Also FAA expertise, Top Secret clearance. Fluent: Spice family, Matlab, LabView, Simulink, Catia, SAS and much more. Multi-lingual. Multiple professional certs. 80-100K. 01072015.2

Facilities Electrical Engineer

BSEE-CE/<10 Years. A hands-on technician for critical power organizations, providing large facilities power maintenance and operation (distribution / generators / HVAC / industrial lighting) and generating technical documentation as needed – all to stringent regulatory standards. Works with many power systems and products: Infrared testing, power controls, grounding systems, transformers, circuit wiring, breakers, transfer switches, fiber optics and UPS. Also has significant expertise with wind turbine generators for very large farms, using SCADA, performing root cause analysis, applying Six Sigma and lean principles, and working with motors and variable frequency drives. Has background in networking. Uses MiniTab, EAP, PSpice, and more. 70-75K. 12232014.9

IT/Networking Regional Sales Manager

BA/20 Years. A concentrated background in all things IT/networking. Specializes in IP cyber security, video surveillance, ethernet, IT communications, wireless, fiber optics, and highly complex solutions. Applications and industries are utility, public works, data centers, military , transportation, industrial automation, oil/gas (petrochemicals) and OEM. Authors many technical guides and presentations, plus frequently conducts formal training. Leads large sales groups over large territories, and forms collaborative teams to drive sales revenue. A consultant candidate. SCADA, Linux and more. 80K. 12232014.1

Sales and Marketing Director – Power Electronics

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A sales, marketing and business development professional with global reach. Maintains extensive customer relationships, develops sales channels plus VARs and integrators for highest sales revenue volume possible up to multi million $. Employs B2B principles and has extensive product management skillset. Product lines and technologies include: Semiconductors, PCBs, test and measurement instrumentation, network communications, wireless, digital signal, ASIC, FPGA, Smart Grid, fiber optics, amplifiers, receivers, transmitters and RF/microwave. Customer base includes utilities, solar, wind, healthcare, data centers, telecommunications and various facilities requiring critical power. >70K. 12012014.9

Mechanical Engineer-RF/SAT, AC, DC Power-Contract

MSME. A high performing electro-mechanical contract professional performing design, modeling, verification, qualification, architectural development, systems packaging and various analysis (thermal, structural).

  • Transceivers, servo-motors, AC and DC power, encryption modules, gimbal, robotics, electronic enclosures/racks
  • Thermal dynamics, rugged, harsh environment specialty
  • FMEA, EMC/EMI and stringent regulatory compliance
  • Strong engineering/project management, customer liaison skills

Industries involved are: RF/satellite, E/O, fiber optics, aerospace, defense, medical, utilities. SolidWorks, FloTherm, DOORS.  Secret clearance. >100K. 12012014.4

Director of Sales – Power Electronics

BSBM/>20 Years. Executive level, proven revenue growth expert for variety of power generation and distribution systems: Embedded controllers, various control systems, fuel cells, battery chargers, UPS, rectifiers, DC power, power protection, data centers, wireless technologies, energy storage, fiber optics, solar grid power, data networks and more. Manages groups of hundreds nationwide through all sales channels including OEM / VARs, heads proposal activity, grows business development, implements continuous process improvements, and has created e-commerce sites. Various industries to include industrial, medical, military, telecommunications. Six Sigma. 175K. 11212014.3

Operations / Engineering Manager – Consumer Electronics

MSIE, BSEE/>20 Years. Has a wealth of high level business experience to include every facet of departmental expertise (manufacturing, engineering, quality, etc). An excellent consultant candidate. Products / technologies include: computer electronics / networking, wireless and fiber optics for consumers, OEM, medical and other industries. Responsible for multi million $ budgets, profit and loss, start ups, overseeing new product development, quality goals achievement, process improvements and implementation, automation. Has experience with technology transfer, factory relocations, and directing large bodies of engineering and manufacturing staff for product lifecycles. 130-150K. 11172014.13

Consultant – Mechanical Design Engineer

ASCS/>20 Years. A substantial history working with R&D RF antenna solutions, communications, and fiber optic switches / filters for aerospace and military applications. Strengths are in electro-mechanical, instrumentation, motion systems, CNC,  design and packaging and analysis to anticipate engineering and manufacturing problems. Performs modeling, full technical documentation, vibration / thermal / environmental analysis, fabrication house interface and re-engineering – all to stringent industry standards. Achieved high level expertise in 3D conceptual designs and presentation of same. Expert in production tooling and fixtures design. Specializes in refurbishing and upgrading machine shop. Has also background in intranet LAN setup. AutoDESK, COSMO, ALGOR FEA, SolidWorks and more. 100K. 11102014.10

Contract Design Engineer / Imaging and RF Devices

MS-BioMed, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level contract hardware design R&D engineer, primarily with imaging, RF, magnetics, fiber optics and more with systems integration. Products/technologies involved are mostly medical applications: Radiation / MRI systems, various detection devices, data analysis software, analog circuitry, variety of sensors, coils and probes, power amplifiers and more. Has substantial background in networking IT. Uses MATLAB, Spice, UNIX, Linux and much more. Very heavily published. 125-135K. 11052014.11

Sales Manager – Power Electronics

B-Business & Mktg (honors)/<20 Years. An extensive track record for sales revenue and territory growth. Substantial departmental work relationships (Engineering, design, supply chain, etc), builds OEM business and works in depth with manufacturer representatives. Products are: power components and subsystems, inductors, transformers, connectors, RF and fiber optic devices. >100K. 11052014.10

Contract Senior Hardware Design Engineer – Electronics

BSEE-CS/>20 Years. A high level principal design engineer with broad experience to include: design from concept and substantial redesign, architecture, simulation, PCB layout / assembly, test bench, complex problem resolutions plus driving many offshore design/production teams. Products and technologies: ASIC, FPGA, digital / analog / power, wide variety of board types (vias, DC-to-microwave), motor sensing / control / power, embedded microprocessors, LCD, RFID, transceivers, substantial fiber optic, data acquisition terminals/IT, RF, high volume telecommunications, and broadband-over-powerline systems for utilities. Xilinx, Altera, Cadence  and more. 11032014.18

Power Substation Automation Engineer

MBA, MSEE/<10 Years. Proficient automation and telecommunications systems, hardware and software engineer for electrical substations for power distribution / energy industry. Experience encompasses protection and control schemes, drawings review, FAT, scheduling, database management, onsite installation and test/field service, diagnostics, simulations, technical documentation, cost management and other project management elements. Involves microwave, fiber optic, digital and analog signals, and cellular systems. SCADA, WiMAX, AUTOCAD. 70K. 10312014.9

Sales Engineer – Components

BSEE/10 Years. A process-driven sales professional with technical background for IT, power and industrial components, plus microelectronics for multi-million $ projects/programs. Products/technologies involve power electronics/systems, semiconductor, integrated circuits, analog/digital, mixed signal, LED, optical electronics, wireless, RF and communications devices. Expertise in territory development/expansion, revenue growth, team leader and staff training. Has specialized background in ISO, supply chain and material requirements fulfillment/quality. Has several certifications. 80-90K. 10302014.4

Chief RF Systems Engineer / Consultant

BSEE-Honors/>20 Years. In depth expertise in entire scope of RF / microwave technology, from system architecture to circuit level design to software development, for military, avionics and consumer applications. Specialties are spread spectrum, design and packaging, embedded, fiber optic, mixed signal and complete PCB/PWB designs, high volume production prototypes. Some of the hardware involved: transceivers, oscillators, transponders, scanners, radios and much more. MatLab, SpectreRf, LabView, Spice. Patents. 100K. 10232014.14

IT / Data Center Manager

AAEE-CS, Multiple Certs/>20 Years. Broad foundation in IT software, service, data centers and call centers. Huge array of certifications: APC Data Center, ITIL, CompTIA, NetApp ASE2/3, CISSP, and more. Large variety of OSs and S/W environments. Work background in IT and military/aerospace industries: Networking, equipment planning/installation, data center project from design to follow-on support, servers install / M&O, and extensive call center management. Very well travelled. Variety of high level security clearances. 70-80K. 10212014.4