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Manufacturing Manager – Engines/Outdoor Power Equip

MBA. Provides manufacturing management expertise relating to air-cooled engines, generators, pumps, rotor dynamics, metering, and outdoor power equipment. Global liaison between factories, design houses, and product test facilities. Ensures process improvements production streamlining, subcontracts management. Initiates cost-saving facility improvement programs, facility overhauls and assembly line station development. Ensures regulatory compliance and has mechanical background. GD&T. 100K. 06102015.8

Field Service Engineer – Oil & Gas / Locomotives

Global field service engineering professional with mechanical and repair skillsets involving generators, switchgear, motors, engines, pumps, hydraulics, pneumatics, and valves for oil & gas, electrical and locomotive industries. Talents include equipment installations, electrical circuitry design, schematics, wiring diagrams, wide variety of testing, design and cost analysis, and internal / consultant / customer technical support. Strong safety leader and overall “go-to”. Contract or Direct. 90K. 06042015.11

ElectroMagnetic Design Engineer – PM Motors

Ph.D-EE. An electromagnetics specialist working with permanent magnetic motors, DC inverters, IGBT DC/AC converters, sensors, actuators and components for turbochargers, combustion engines. Provides calculations, analysis, control system setup, characterization. Resolves current loss/winding. Uses JMAG, Maxwell, Flux, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Simulink, Agilent, FEKO, Spice, PiSnoop. Publications. 95K. 06032015.5

Mechanical Systems Engineer – Spacecraft/Space Station

MS-Aero. An aerospace systems and programs engineering professional working with spacecraft, Space Station and planetary unmanned vehicles. Mass properties specialist and performs various space mission elemental analysis and design development, such as space debris solutions, re-entry breakup, propulsion/vibration/thermal concerns, cargo modules, inflatable and other shielding, berthing, pneumatic & environmental control systems, air packs. Strong customer design review participant and go-to. Manages mission budgets, performs critical materials sourcing. Uses MPD, BUMPER, Cradle, CORE, MATLAB, STK, PTC Creo, PRO/E, ANSYS, RedTop. Awards & publications. 10 Years. 100K. 05292015.2

Mechanical Engineer – Automotive Engine Systems

BSME. An industrial vehicle engine and component (mounts, pipes, hoses) design and product development specialist working with loaders, excavators for harsh terrain.

  • Finite element analysis (FEA), evaluation, validation
  • NPI and global customer product promotion
  • Performance studies and environmental metrics including emission standards
  • Extensive testing and troubleshooting (air restriction, exhaust systems, cold start)

Recent background in military vehicles. Uses Pro/E Wildfire, Mechanica, Creo 2, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MATLAB. Contract or Direct Hire. 75K. 03272015.01

Senior Electronics Hardware Engineer – Magnetics

BSEE. Seasoned RF components/magnetics design engineer working with engine controls/sensors, telephony, and power supply components. Is applications engineering minded with technical training presentations. Performs parametric and component evaluation, test, root cause determinations, PCB interconnectivity, and creative problem solving. Collaborates with suppliers. Very strong quality focus (DFSS, TOPS 8D, ESD concerns) with continuous improvement principles. 120K. 03242015.6

Lead Engineer / Electro-Mechanical, Components

MBA, BSME/15 Years. An engineering manager and leader in electro-mechanical design for various products: Engine subsystems, devices, valves, actuators, automation machinery, components. Works with global customers, manages in-depth innovative design projects, conducts high level design reviews and comprehensive presentations, leads and manages reliability teams / engineers, applies global initiatives for formal training, performs and analyzes stress and other factors for optimization to reduce schedule and risk. Performs redesigns and reverse engineering, develops test plans, and investigates returns for root cause. Is highly project oriented. Uses AMESim, Matlab, Pro/E and Mechanica series, SolidWorks and more. Patent activity. 90K. 01152015.5

Senior Quality Engineer and Manager – Avionics

MSME-Honors/18 Years. Solid quality management for hydraulic/fuel systems and precision machine components, turbine engines, and substantial magnetics; for avionics, space program, aerospace, military/defense industries. Drives ISO, AS9100, Lean principles QX-plus, 5S, Pull, Kaizen programs. Skillsets: Managing supply chain, production schedule/resource allocation, involved with MRP, MRB, applies “one piece flow”, internal/external party inspections and creates formal plans, internal/supplier/government audits, customer returns investigations/resolution, control plans, measurements analysis, approves prints and flow charts, and participates in product planning. Performs as DSQR and other roles. Also designs/3D models test fixtures/jigs. Proactive. Contract candidate. 110-130K. 01142015.3

Corporate Quality Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level quality specialist using ISO, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, QS and TS standards. Applies risk management principles and has worked with multiple corporate plants. Has won ISO facility certification and authors manuals, procedures and other required documentation. Industries: Automotive, pumps, lighting, medical, semiconductor, avionics and aerospace. Has knowledge of SMT, machining, Minitab, ERP. Has trained lean principles and Six Sigma. Works with multi million $ budgets and has proven multi million $ cost reductions. Is a warranty claim reduction and supplier management expert. An excellent consultant / contract candidate. 100-120K. 01082015.2

Systems & S/W Engineering, Program Mgr-Embedded Controls

MSCE, BSEE/>20 Years. Well-rounded multi-role engineering leader and program manager for consumer electronics, robotics, aerospace, avionics, defense and space program. A natural variety of products to include: Power electronics (analog, digital, converters, switchgear), embedded controls, controllers (solar array, rocket engine propulsion, ASIC motors), li-ion battery chargers, electro-hydraulics, emulators.  Performs design development for software/firmware, mechanical packaging, develops start-ups, generates complex proposal responses, conducts technical reviews, re-boots under-performing engineering design divisions. Patents. 165K. 01062015.12

Technical Sales and Applications Engineer

BSEE/10 Years. A strong background in avionics subsystems sales experience, bringing a highly technical hand with substantial customer interaction. Significant talent with defining customer requirements, support, reliability analysis, product certification and prototypes. Specific systems are for: Flight simulation, measurement, missile and radar, monitoring, then, past design for engines (plus hybrid), consumer and various other electronics. Very strong FAA, including facility certification. Uses PADS, OrCAD, AutoCAD, DOORS and more. 100K. 01052015.2

Business Development Director – Avionics / Cockpit Systems

BS-Aerosp./>10 Years. An multi-million $ aircraft/helicopter business development specialist for domestic and international customers. Has significant sales background / contract capture experience for cockpit systems including circuit board technologies, panel displays and other equipment, plus fire protection, engines, CPS, passenger-to-freight conversions, and maintenance / aftermarket services.  Brings specialized technical and pilot background. Has also worked with unmanned vehicle programs. 130-140K. 01022015.3

Senior Systems Engineer – Avionics

BSME/>20 Years. A mechanical engineering professional with extensive aircraft/avionics/ground transportations design experience involving embedded systems, applications / driver code programming, hardware and software integration, new product development / debugging / deployment, safety analysis, simulated qualification tests, communications protocols development, customer technical support, security monitoring systems code and more. Products involve digital engine controllers, actuators, harnessing, pumping systems, and various other avionics subsystems for commercial, military with FAA concerns. Manages various teams. Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, ADA, Perl, DOORS, DataSims, CVS, Firewire, pSOS, VxWorks, R232, RS422 and more. Secret security clearance. 100-110K. 12082014.10

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

BSME/20 Years. Performs mechanical and layout design for aerospace, military, avionics, automotive and telecommunications industries working with electronics, “rugged” and multiple types of enclosures and cabinetry, moulds, computer product chassis units, and power electronics such as inverters, generators, and various engines and assemblies. Generates all necessary technical documentation and drawings, performs various analysis, and works with prototypes. Works with SolidWorks, IGES, ANSYS, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer, Wildfire and more. 80-90K. 11252014.1

Lead Engine Systems Engineer – Transportation

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. An R&D, team-leading, gas/diesel large engine expert for transportation industry with concentrated experience in: After-treatment, thermal management, reliability and related documentation, data mining, analysis / evaluation, calibrations, testing – including related sub-systems, test plans and reports. Develops suppliers – including offshore, manages mechanical designs and manufacturing processes, write algorithms, is technical support, performs root cause and more. Technical / Tool Fluencies: FMEA and also UPDOC, Tango, AUTOCAD and more. 100-125K. 11032014.12

Program / Project Manager – Power Engines

MBA-ASME/>20 Years. Strong background in project management (especially cost reduction focus) as it relates to power units such as engines, generators and more. In-depth program management experience in the space, avionics, aerospace, military and commercial industries. Very strong experience in quality principles. R&D, supply chain development, and domestic / international overall liaison for a variety of business sectors (including heavy customer interface). Skillset also includes development of new products and services. Multiple professional awards. >100K. 10222014.10

VP Sales – Large Transformers / Power Supplies

BS/>20 years. Recent experience introducing new products to new markets for large power supplies and transformers. Created and led R&D function, developing new platform products and high precision power transducers. Developed new technologies and  business opportunities in jet and diesel engines, subsea and down hole controls for oil and gas production., and motor drives. Researched and set up outsourcing of electronic ballasts in China which increased gross margins. 250K #242014.1