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Hardware/PCB Design Engineer – Semiconductor

MS-Physics. Board level hardware design specialist, with advanced domestic/international customer support skills, EMI/EMC/ESD compliance, tech docs generation, and component engineering. Performs layout, schematic capture, SoC validation. Involves variety of industries/applications such as medical, motors, power electronics, wireless communications, telephony, SerDes, sensors. Uses Cadence, Altium, Viewlogic, Proteus, PSpice, MATLAB, MathCAD, Allegro. Contract or Direct. 115K. 06102015.3

Staff RF/Microwave Research Engineer-Antennas

PhD-EE. Innovative engineering scientist working with various RF/microwave and electromagnetic technologies:

  • Antennas (including shipboard/aircraft), radar, wireless, autonomous navigation/GPS, RFID sensor systems, EMI/EMC, related computational / embedded / communications systems for space, military/defense, avionics
  • Performs concept design/feasibility, algorithm development, program support, demonstrations. Skilled at related software development. Modeling expert

Uses MATLAB, FEKO, ANSYS/HFSS, Eclectic, COSMOS, HSPice and more. Many Patents, Pubs. Very active in industry. 135K. 06082015.3

Power Electronics Engineer-Industrial Vehicles

Ph.D-EE. Provides design engineering skill for industrial vehicle manufacturing and high temperature/high density power electronics including various types of inverters, converters, analog/digital circuitry, DC/DC. Performs simulations, verification, stress screening and EMC concerns. Has electro-mechanical and embedded FPGA skillsets. Uses LabView, Protel, Multisim, MATLAB, Simulink, Xilinx, PSpice, MathCAD. <5 Years. 80K. 06042015.5

Analog and RF Design Engineer – Automotive

MBA, MSEE. Designs innovative automotive systems, components and software controls involving Steering, starting, entry security, pressure monitors. Specializes in wireless embedded radio systems, antennas (RF), receiver modules for commercial and military vehicles. Strong customer interface, validation, and CAN bus protocol troubleshooting. Cognizant Release Engineer & EMC/EMI specialization. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice, DSP, C. Awards, patents. Contract or Direct. 100K. 05182015.01

Product Regulatory & EMC/EMI Compliance Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Specializes in domestic and international regulatory certification for power electronics, RF & wireless, medical imaging and IT. Collaborates test methodology with engineering management and internal/certifying authority test laboratories, performs test data analysis, and drives certification deviation process.

  • Standards: UL, IEC, EN/CISPR, FCC, FDA, ICES, CSA, TUV, Intertek, KC etc.
  • EMC/EMI and safety: CE Marking, UL, IEC, EN
  • Quality: ISO 9001/9002, 17025, 13485, CAPA

Early career directly with international regulatory commission. 80K. 03272015.2

Mechanical Engineering and Product Dev Manager

BSME. Provides mechanical design engineering, evaluation and test management for product development of very high volume networking switch products.

  • Specialist in electronics packaging, final packaging, structural analysis, thermal management and interconnects development
  • Designs to variety of solutions for shock, vibration, acoustics, power, EMC/ESD, fault tolerances and user friendliness
  • Ensures customer requirements and specifications functionality before production with focus of resulting billion $ level revenue

Uses NX, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Flotherm, Ansys. 100K. 03192015.3

Electrical EMC/Regulatory Specialist & Project Manager

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. A multi-talented professional with extensive engineering design management and full responsibility for EMC mitigation. Leads special projects for highly innovative electrical grid products such as solar inverters with various embedded topologies for as-needed applications. Works with magnetic components, and various other high voltage electrical subsystems for utilities, solar and fuel cell power plants. Owns product EMC/EMI and noise mitigation program to ensure signal integrity, quality and resulting cost reductions. Reviews all mechanical, electrical and filter designs, tests and corrects product designs for regulatory compliance, and “walks” products through FCC/EMC certification. Has designed and built on-site EMC test laboratory. Has RF background and software development expertise. Multiple publications. 85-95K. 02242015.4

Principal Power Electronics Engineer – AC/DC, DC/DC – Converters

MSEE/20 Years. Design leader for AC/DC (up to 60W) and DC/DC power electronics to include converters/various topologies, hi-rel modules, MOSFETs, SS relays, linear and buck regulators (to board level), and battery pack design. Team expert on Lithium Ion battery chargers. Drives concept to production, generates schematics, oversees board power circuitry layouts, specifies magnetic components, performs simulation and verification, and troubleshoots to ensure EMC compliance. Has a background in FAE for business development, technical support and has held role as single point of contact with extensive onsite support. Industries include aerospace, defense, and IT/consumer electronics. 100-110K. 02132015.2

Senior PCB Layout Designer – RF, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal

>20 Years. A prototype and mass production senior level PCB  layout designer for complex, high density, multi-layer boards for through-hole, SMT (FPGA, BGA, uBGA), applying to analog, digital, mixed signal and RF. Designs to all constraints such as differential pairs, impedance control, signal integrity, EMC, EMI and ESD and DFM/DFA/DFT standards. Creates and maintains footprint libraries, schematics and mechanical drawings. Performs feasibility studies, breadboarding and debugging, supervises engineering lab, maintains test equipment, sets up test stations and is “go to” for design engineering staff. Has background in lasers, electro-optics and magnetics. Uses PADS, OrCAD, AutoCAD, CAM350. 02102015.1

Senior Hardware / Software Development Engineer – Instrumentation / PCB / RF

BSEE/>20 Years. A well-rounded, experienced hardware and software engineering lead for design/test, involving: Radiation detectors, RF, amplifiers, controls, electronics cards, instrumentation, sensors, magnetics, thermals, audio products, mixed signal, converters, opticals, PCB/semiconductors, analog, DSP, embedded firmware, repeaters, fiber-optics, and test fixtures/equipment. Performs specialized and innovative design projects, temperature mapping, PCB layouts, overseas layout supervision. Has developed new prototype labs for business expansion purposes. Industries: Consumer electronics, aerospace, avionics; and applications vary from fuel gauging to voltage regulating. Meets EMC directives. Also has quality and telecommunications background. Uses Protel, Viewlogic, ORCAD, VHDL code, SwitcherCAD and more. 70-80K. 01152015.6


Electrical Engineering Manager – Circuit Boards

BSEE/>20 Years. An engineering leader for various systems such as parking systems, material handling, test equipment and other electro-mechanical. Has extensive expertise with design and development of multilayer circuit boards, PLC. Performs and oversees new system architecture, schematics, layouts, specifications. Provides product presentations, monitors EMC/ESD and complies to various standards such as RoHS. Performs verification, testing and troubleshooting, tracks schedules and costs. Uses PADS, DxDesigner, AutoCAD, PLC. 90-100K. 01132015.8

International Sales Manager – Microwave, Wireless Equipment

BSEE/20 Years. A proven sales revenue multi million $ increase generator globally, but especially for asian markets, for RF/microwave and wireless equipment, EMC/EMI, radio, amplifiers, antennas / telemetry and more. Develops comprehensive business development plans, represents overseas equipment factories for IT, transportation, military/defense and other industries. 75-85K. 01072015.13

Hardware Engineering Manager – Embedded Systems / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level product design and redesign architect with extensive engineering management experience. Various end uses but primarily defense, avionics / payload / aircraft, RF. Also lasers, IT / networking, telecommunications and medical. Products specifically include analog, mixed signal, embedded systems, DSP, power supplies / UPS, converters, battery management, motor drives / controls, switch mode, sensors, MOSFET, AC/DC, RS232/422/485, encoders, FPGA, and light metrology. Extensive root cause determination talent and substantial support of complex proposal responses. Is project oriented and driven. Fluent: Spice family, PADS, Agile, Orcad, Solidworks, Xilinx and more. Awards, patents, publications. Six Sigma. 135-145K. 01062015.14

Lead Electrical Engineer – Power Electronics

MSEE/10 Years. Strong power electronics leader working with inverters, filters, gate drivers, control circuitry, inductors, resistors, protection and control, DC/DC, power supplies, motor drives and more. Provides design and supervision, verifications, simulations, substantial test technology, debugging. Also experienced in complex calculations, drives manufacturing process efficiency, works to RoHS, EMC, thermal sciences, PCB layouts, prototypes and has strong topologies skillset. Patents. 130-140K. 01052015.5

Sr. Analog / Digital Electrical Engineer – Contract

BSEE-Honors/>20 Years. Specialized experience with analog and digital circuitry and switch mode innovative design, including system levels. Background includes converters, inductors, embedded systems, magnetics, DC/AC, AC/DC, MOSFET, gate drives, UPS, battery chargers and more. Primarily for military, space program, aerospace and OEMs. Has worked extensively with green technology and EMC. Also generates lengthy technical proposals and customer reports. Uses PSPICE, MATLAB, Altium, Visio and more. Patents and extensive technical publications. Prefers permanent position. 120K. 01022015.1

Mechanical Engineer-RF/SAT, AC, DC Power-Contract

MSME. A high performing electro-mechanical contract professional performing design, modeling, verification, qualification, architectural development, systems packaging and various analysis (thermal, structural).

  • Transceivers, servo-motors, AC and DC power, encryption modules, gimbal, robotics, electronic enclosures/racks
  • Thermal dynamics, rugged, harsh environment specialty
  • FMEA, EMC/EMI and stringent regulatory compliance
  • Strong engineering/project management, customer liaison skills

Industries involved are: RF/satellite, E/O, fiber optics, aerospace, defense, medical, utilities. SolidWorks, FloTherm, DOORS.  Secret clearance. >100K. 12012014.4

Senior Power Electronics and RF / Microwave Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level staff engineer with extensive experience for design of power electronics, analog and substantial RF/microwave. Performs safety / EMC and multiple certifications compliance, R&D development, analysis, modeling, simulation, onsite applications engineering for customers, and field service engineer training for aerospace, space program, satellite technology, commercial and instrumentation industries. Products/technologies involved: Power electronics, power supplies and ICs, converters, analog, switch-mode, amplifiers, generators, high voltage, tubes / magnetics / transmission components, DC motor drives and more. Uses Pspice, Magnetic Designer, Orcad, PADS, Viewlogic and more. 110-130K. 11202014.3

Senior Embedded Systems and FPGA Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. High level engineer performing processor design, modifies code, bus interfacing, schematic capture, EMC, designs simulator tools, and also project supervision. Products / technologies are: FPGA, CPS, motors controls, switch mode, analog/digital conversion, fibre channel, ethernet, internet protocols, digital control electronics. Substantial implementation, test and integration experience for commercial, telecommunications, military, medical. Fluencies: C, LabVIEW, Orcad, Xilinx, Altera, VHDL and much more. Had Secret Security Clearance, patent activity. 125-135K. 11142014.10

Senior Embedded Engineer – Hardware, Microcontrollers

BSEE/>15 Years. Possesses high level technical design and product life cycle skill for: PCBs, microcontrollers and programming, digital signal processors, transformers, power supplies and filters, power distribution units, R&D and AC/DC. Extensive testing to various standards, including EMC, NEC, FMEA. Highly proficient in circuitry / thermal analysis,, simulation, schematics and all manner of technical documentation developing (including procedures, training), conducting verification / design reviews. Industrial, automotive and other applications. Uses Xilinx, LabView, ORCAD and more. Lean Mfg., Six SIGMA, ISO. Heavily patented. 100K. 11102014.2

Chief RF Systems Engineer / Consultant

BSEE-Honors/>20 Years. In depth expertise in entire scope of RF / microwave technology, from system architecture to circuit level design to software development, for military, avionics and consumer applications. Specialties are spread spectrum, design and packaging, embedded, fiber optic, mixed signal and complete PCB/PWB designs, high volume production prototypes. Some of the hardware involved: transceivers, oscillators, transponders, scanners, radios and much more. MatLab, SpectreRf, LabView, Spice. Patents. 100K. 10232014.14

Project Engineering Manager – Solar Power Electronics

MSEE/15 Years. Exceptional project-oriented manager with substantial technical ability for power electronics (power supplies, Li-Ion battery products, solar power devices, power conversion, microcontrollers and more), plus consumer IT products.  Strong leader with analysis, evaluation, and interfacing with all relevant parties to include test laboratories, customers. Significant expertise with topologies such as flyback, well-versed with high level safety regulations, EnergyStar, R&D, and developing and analyzing technical documentation / specifications. AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, Orcad, PADS. 90-100K. 10232014.10

Lead Project Engineer – Electrical Systems

MSEE-BSCS/>20 Years. A wealth of high level design / engineering projects (with strategy / risk, planning, scheduling and other factors), involving a variety of systems and hardware, such as: missile power subsystems, inverters, microcontrollers, PCB boards, power circuit topology, modems/routers, PC motherboards, gas meters, medical technology and much more. Mostly for aerospace, military, bio-medical, communications and IT industries. Areas of experience are also: AC/DC, DC/DC, EMI/EMC, developing test scripts and specifications, DO-254 / DO-178B and other test processes /standards. FPGA, HyperLynx. Secret clearance. >125K. 10202014.13

Product Development / Systems Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Full background with aerospace, space, military, communications and computer peripheral industries involving robotics, FPGAs, microwave communications / satellite Earth Stations, electronic circuits, embedded processor design and consumer electronics. Substantial IR&D, team building and ISO experience. Has multiple awards and is well-travelled. Various levels of security clearances. EMC/EMI Energy Star compliance program, PLC, VHDL, ABLE. 80-100K. 10202014.5

VP Engineering – Critical Power / UPS

MBA, BSEE. Experienced engineering manager of electrical, software, and mechanical engineers and field team services for design of critical power electronics. Concept through production of single and 3 phase UPS including 50 different models, power conditioners, and HMI software control. Experienced with overseas partner product planning for new launches. Has background in AC & DC ICs. UL, TUV, EMC. Patents. 140K. 82613