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Project Engineer/Scheduler – Space/SATCOM, Military, Avionics

MSEE. Manages multiple mission critical program and project schedules, and oversees large groups of team members. Ensures resources for timely delivery for super-sized systems engineering and integration programs for NASA/space and satellite payload programs, military/defense, rocketry, avionics/GPS, and federal government. Includes mission operations, ground-based satellite systems and communications. Related additional talents: Prime/subcontractor monitoring, production management, systems acquisition. Top Secret clearance. 150K. 06152015.4

Staff RF/Microwave Research Engineer-Antennas

PhD-EE. Innovative engineering scientist working with various RF/microwave and electromagnetic technologies:

  • Antennas (including shipboard/aircraft), radar, wireless, autonomous navigation/GPS, RFID sensor systems, EMI/EMC, related computational / embedded / communications systems for space, military/defense, avionics
  • Performs concept design/feasibility, algorithm development, program support, demonstrations. Skilled at related software development. Modeling expert

Uses MATLAB, FEKO, ANSYS/HFSS, Eclectic, COSMOS, HSPice and more. Many Patents, Pubs. Very active in industry. 135K. 06082015.3

President/Engineering Director-Renewable Energy/PM Motors

BS-Physics. Leads corporations in many engineering disciplines, including: Mechanical, electrical, electronics, and structural for: Renewables/wind, turbines, marine propulsion, generators, permanent magnet motors/magnetic bearings, stators, HEV/automotive, and fluid dynamics electronics (i.e. LNG). Builds exceptional technical teams for innovation and resulting in sole source gains. Consultant or direct hire. Multiple patents, pubs and presentations. Please contact us for more details! 06082015.2

Power Electronics Mechanical Engineer – Downhole / Subsea

PhD-ME. Very well-rounded Mechanical Engineer designing from concept to assembly and testing. Develops power supplies, inverters, amplifiers, battery chargers, rotary/reluctance motors, turbomachinery, solenoids, subsea communications/downhole electronics (extremely harsh environments), and hybrid vehicle control systems. Strong electromagnetic motor designer and teacher. Talents include feasibility, troubleshooting, testing, simulation, finite element anlysis. AutoCAD, Altium, ANSYS, SolidWorks, ANSOFT, DASYLAB. Contract or Direct. Patents, Pubs. 130K. 06042015.12

Mechanical Design Engineer – Permanent Magnet Motors

BSME. Mechanical design engineer working with permanent magnet motors, rotor dynamics/rotating hub assemblies, variable frequency drives, electromagnetics/bearings, finned housings, marine turbo chargers and electric generators. Manages full BOMs for motor design concepts. Strong experience with avionics mechanisms (bulkheads, latches). Performs expert GD&T, parametric thermal modeling, and joint analysis. Designs to manufacturability. ASME, Solidworks, COSMOS, AutoCAD, MathCAD. 5 Years. 75K. 06042015.9

ElectroMagnetic Design Engineer – PM Motors

Ph.D-EE. An electromagnetics specialist working with permanent magnetic motors, DC inverters, IGBT DC/AC converters, sensors, actuators and components for turbochargers, combustion engines. Provides calculations, analysis, control system setup, characterization. Resolves current loss/winding. Uses JMAG, Maxwell, Flux, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Simulink, Agilent, FEKO, Spice, PiSnoop. Publications. 95K. 06032015.5

Engineering Research Scientist – HVDC, Cryogenics, Materiel

Ph.D-EE. Performs doctoral-level research applied to real-world production of components and devices, such as: Capacitors, cables, magnetics, high voltage DC power electronics; plus specializes in cryogenics, dielectrics, nano-composites, micro-plasmas, and vacuum technologies in lab environments. Applies to federal organizations, military, imaging and utilities. Has developed required laboratories from ground-up. U.S. Citizen. Many publications. Active global industry member. SBIR/STTR. 125K. 06012015.7

Principal Systems Engineer – RF Antenna Array SME

Ph.D-Physics. Subject Matter Expert  for RF systems in ground and space-based antennas, arrays, radar, satellite communications, electromagnetics, range metrology, upper atmosphere geophysics and remote sensing applications. Performs high level modeling and simulation, data analysis/interpretation, performance analysis, system/hardware design, and propagation – often involving Top Secret electronic warfare applications. Multiple publications. 130K. 06012015.2

Principal Antenna Array Engineering Manager

Leads innovative antenna design engineering staff and has significant array/base station technology experience for commercial and military. Types include active, passive, wide and broadband, isolated, dipole/dual beam, polarized, horizontal/vertical beam tilt, phase shift and dielectric. Also performs complex calculations, such as for impedance, power distribution, wave length, array progression. Uses Ansoft, CST Microwave, Ensemble, AutoCAD, FEKO and more. Long list of patents. 160K. 05212015.4

Oil-Filled Transformer Design Engineering Manager

BSEE/MS-Honors. Hands-on electromagnetics design and staff manager working with oil-filled (up to 700MVA), phase shifting and HVDC conversion transformers, switchgear, reactors, and high voltage insulation. Has developed mobile transformer units. Strong training professional, drives technology transfer, and performs re-engineering projects. TQM. Long list of publications. 140K. 05212015.3

Mechanical & Engineering Design Manager – Motors

BSME. Strong electromagnetics design background applied to engineering management involving various motor types (magnet, pump, induction, wound field, brush DC), rotordynamics, generators, magnetic bearings, electronic drives, starters, and actuators.

  • Oil & gas, avionics (commercial, military, aerospace, spacecraft) and warfare
  • Multiple hats/functions: Product definition, project management, configuration, component engineering, vendor management, mechanical packaging
  • Performs fabrication drawing release, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing, and high level metrics calculations

Uses Pro-E, SolidWorks, NX. Patents. 135K. 05122015.3

Plant Manager – Dry Transformer Production/Manufacturing

BSEE/IE. Seasoned production and manufacturing facility/plant management specialist, primarily for dry-type transformers, electrical components and electro-magnetic equipment for military, commercial and industrial. Wealth of process experience such as winding, vacuum, arc welding, crimping, wave machine soldering and more. Implements manufacturing cells, oversees materiel & purchasing, and maintains master schedule. Supervises 50+ and reduces costs via strategic staff management and resource planning. ISO9001 Manager and applies Kaizen, Lean. 120K. 05052015.2

R&D Antenna Design Engineer

Ph.D.-EE. An applied electromagnetic and RF/microwave scientist, designing a variety of antenna types: Wide-band, broadband , dipole, slot, lateral disk, microstrip, low profile and more, including related communications systems. Has phased array design experience with feeds and matching networks, reducing mutual coupling, developing scripts. Performs 3D simulation, modeling and complex analysis. Has background in synthesizers, oscillators, imaging and Space Station product development. Uses FEKO, CST Microwave Studio, MATLAB, Ansoft Designer/HFSS. US Citizen. Top Secret clearance. 140K. 03312015.3



Embedded FPGA Firmware Engineering Manager

BSEE. Responsible for embedded software and FPGA/VHDL firmware department engineering staff for design, coding, testing and integration. Works with simulation systems, motor controls, magnetic bearing controllers, adjustable speed motors and power supplies/power electronics. Provides requirements specifications, modeling, verification, conducts FPGA design reviews and participates in microcontroller part selection and hardware design process. Works to MIL-STD, DO-178. C/C++, Linux, SQL, ADA; and LabView, cRIO, MATLAB. 115K. 03312015.2

Lead Electromagnetics/RF Design and Test Scientist

BSEE, BS-Phys Sci. Provides electromagnetics engineering, test and project leadership for space, aircraft, RF/satellite and electronic warfare large programs at scientist level.

  • Electrophysics Subject Matter Expert regarding many platforms.
  • HEMP, radiated field, link-up, EMP/EMI/EMC and environmental analysis (survivability, lightning, robustness)
  • Recognized expert in large RF test laboratory design and build with processes, stage gate and plans/procedures development.

Conducts top tier customer presentations/design reviews. MIL-STD, NASA, FAA, DO, UL, FCC compliance. Prolific author. Contract or direct hire. 140K. 03102015.3


Senior RF Design Engineer

BSEE Electromagnetics-Honors/15 Years. A proven senior level RF design engineer and highly skilled technical leader to deliver passive and active in-demand RF products such as: 3DIC, BST and stackable BAW filters; pre-distortion circuitry for transceivers; miniature embedded antennas for 3GPP, BT, GNSS, ZigBee and WiFi with passive/active amplifiers; wired broadband; high speed opticals; various front-end modules; SATCOM; and high efficiency, low profile antennas. Leads design for wearable telecommunications and consumer devices with iOS software interface.

Drives many product development innovations. Skillsets and competencies include PCBA layout, multiphysics simulation, 3D device analysis, circuit modeling. Industries are military, antennas, commercial, and energy harvesting community. Multiple patents. Prolific technical author and standards / specifications contributor to RF industry. Uses/Skilled in: OrCad, LTSpice, AWR, CST Suite, Antenna test tools, M2M principles, Six Sigma and more.

Has held other roles in the RF environment such as Director of Technical Strategy and CTO. 150K. 01222015.5

VP, Operations – Electronic Systems / Communications / Power Electronics

BSIE-Honors/>20 Years. Executive level operations and manufacturing professional for domestic and international concerns in aerospace, avionics, defense/military and commercial industries. Applies cost controls, provides supply chain / configuration / resource management, inventory / production control, strategic business goals, high level customer problem resolution, multi million $ profit / loss / margin / budgets and customer returns program responsibilities. Has grown expansion division startups, overseen multiple locations, and implemented vast cost reduction programs. A significant additional role in quality management. Multiple professional certifications. APICS, Kanban, TQM, Lean, ISO. 200K. 01132015.14

Sr Mechanical Engineer, Antennas – Contract

BSME. Satellite communications and antennas product lifecycle manager for large R&D / often classified projects. Subsystems, electromagnetics, plus sensors, motor drives, transmissions for military, aerospace. Involves design, redesign, predictive/thermal analysis, and integration. Performs geometric dimensioning/tolerancing, form factor and weight solutions. Conducts manufacturing reviews, process/production planning, and drives strict scheduling. MATLAB. Secret clearance. <15 Years. 125K. 11142014.4

Design Development Manager – Power and Electromagnetics

MSEE/>20 Years. Significant management experience over engineering, with substantial design / redesign / development for following power / electromagnetics products: Electric power / systems (high voltage, transformers (including non conventional), generators, shielding, insulation, sensors, thermal and protective applications, switchgear high efficiency motors and more). Strong background in R&D, working to various regulations / specs, CAD/CAE, consulting and technical problem solving. Industries: Military, Space Program, Medical, Industrial and more. Multiple senior memberships (CIGRE, etc.) 90-100K. 10242014.5