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Sr Power Electronics Design Engineer – Motor Drives

MSEE. Multi-talented design engineer working with:

  • Power Electronics: Power conversion, DC & permanent magnetic synchronous motor controls, variable frequency drives, inverters, H-bridge topology
  • Embedded Software: C, C++, DSP, FPGA, VHDL, ARM, microcontrollers
  • Performs: Worst case analysis, modeling, simulation, lab test, verification, customer support and works through product lifecycle

Applies to automotive/HEV, appliances, oil & gas, nuclear industries. Uses Verilog, MATLAB, Cadence, Simulink, Ansys, Eagle, LabView, AutoCAD, Keil. <10 Years. 95K. 06102015.11

Principal Engineer – Digital Design / Lighting, Semiconductor

MSEE. Digital chip design expert applying to LED lighting, 2/3D video, communications, and IT/networking consumer products (power supplies, memory/DRAM). Works with DSP, FPGA on MIPS, ARM processors and others. Strong experience with LED drivers, MEMs and solid state electronics with background in algorithm development. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, Modelsim, Altera, Xilinx, Verilog, Cadence, VHDL, Pearl, C. Contract or direct. 120K. 06012015.11

Principal Engineer – Embedded Controls / FPGA, DSP

Ph.D-EE/CS. Performs architectural S/W design for DSP & FPGA embedded controls: Real time operating systems, robotics, motor drives, motion control, DC & AC conversion with various topologies, inverters, UPS, processors. Generates custom specifications, develops complex algorithms, designs data acquisition, and performs troubleshooting, simulation. Optimizes for quick turnaround. Works with CAN, MATLAB, Simulink, LTSpice, Code Composer, OrCAD, C, Assembly, uC/OS, RS-232/422/485, EtherCAT, Actel. Patents/Pubs. >15 Years. 150K. 06012015.5

Analog / Mixed Signal Power IC Design Engineering Consultant

MSEE, BSCE. A multi-disciplined applications and design engineering consultant, working mostly with analog and mixed signal power management ICs/ASICs and working with embedded FPGA, VHDL, DSP, SoC, CMOS, VLSI. Experienced with variety of firmware: Fiber channel, ARM, ADC, DAC, various filters, wireless transceivers, receivers, transmitters, real time operating systems, and networking/IT. Performs lab characterization, tape-out, simulation, layout, testing and debug, staff training and generates specifications. Very long list of software, design and analysis tools too numerous to list. Contract Hire. 130K. 05122015.6

Sr Embedded and Software Development Engineer

MSCS, BSEE. Works with CAN, C, DSP, ARM, ethernet, RS-232 for firmware such as battery energy storage, DC/DC and AC power electronics (rectifiers, inverters), power supplies (fuel cell, 1/2 bridge plasma, switching), sensors, and web-based control systems for industrial power. Creates automated data collection and transfer systems, real time simulation, network protocol applications, and generates diagrams, specifications and test procedures. Is often integration leader and is experienced with RoHS compliant firmware. Uses MATLAB, Firebug, Verilog, Xilinx, Chrome, iMacros, xPCTarget, Coldfire. Contract or Direct hire. Patents. 15 Years. 115K. 05122015.5

Sr Embedded Software Engineer – Inverter Controls

BSCS. Strong embedded software inverter controls lead engineer working with variety of related protocols, software and devices for products and design tools: CAN communications and TCP/IP stacks/data collection, I/O board modules, analog controllers, DSP, USB debug interfaces, EEPROM interfaces, synchronization schemes, event logging modules, plus algorithms (router, boost, etc). Industries: Solar/renewables-utility, automation, defense power, telecommunications. Uses C, Assembly, Unix, Linux, uCOS, CVS, GNU, Coldfire, ARM, Ethernet, SCADA. 120K.

Embedded Software Solutions Engineer/Architect

BSCE. Develops embedded software/firmware for robotics, motor controls, DC motors, DSP/microcontrollers, and real time operating systems. Provides global training and customer support, often onsite. Manages new product launch projects, designs to custom customer requirements, manages control algorithm test projects and works with multiple RTOS architectures. Uses Linux, C, Assembly, MATLAB, Eagle, Eclipse, Code Warrior/Composer, Openembedded & more. <10 Years. 100K. 04272015.01

Manager, R&D Engineering, RF / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE. Strong, 10-year background in engineering management for RF, GPS, radio networks, measurement systems and RFID with embedded sensor acquisition systems (ARM, FPGA SoC/IP, C, DSP) for domestic/international military and commercial. Performs customer design reviews, responsible for testing and documentation development. Strong RF design engineering background involving locomotive sensing/tracking systems and various RF and wireless projects (doppler, ground systems, devices etc). Previous security clearance. Long list of design tools – some are: MATLAB, LabView, PADS, Altium, OrCAD, Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, VHDL. 140K. 04172015.4

Systems Engineering / Embedded Firmware Architect

MSEE. Strong engineering leader for development, design, test and validation of analog and digital based systems.

  • Utility, SmartGrid, renewable energy, energy storage and automotive, and EV
  • Systems: Power monitoring, processors, power plant failure detection, plus firmware such as fuel cells, flywheels, batteries and thermal-related
  • Develops complex algorithms and routinely works with FPGA, DSP and ARM

Has background with infrared, radar, RF/antennas, motor controls. PSpice, Viewlogic, Saber, MATLAB, Orcad, Simulink, CAD series, C, Assembly. Awards, patents and publications. 125K. 04092015.3

Senior Field Applications Engineer – PMIC, RF / Wireless

Designs power management ICs, ASIC, interface and logic circuitry for analog/digital converters, PLLs, amplifiers, applying to RF, wireless communications, and power electronics. Designs customer-configurable DSP and works with embedded microprocessors hardware and software (6500, 80C286, RTX2000, 8080, 6805). Specializes in application-specific communications, provides customer technical support, and performs evaluation board driver alpha/beta testing. Has worked with imaging, audio-visual products. Uses C, Fortran, Linux, Cadence. 03172015.4




Embedded Controls/Firmware Engineer – Contract

MSCE. Seasoned embedded software/system architectural development and debug engineer for real time operating systems, wireless communications, inter-connectivity, power conversion, flight control systems (fuel, engine systems), and medical implants. Works with DSP, Assembly, ARM, C, CAN, TCP/IP, SPI, RS-422/232. Strong skillsets: Modeling, simulations, complex analysis, requirement definition, coding, board bring up, reverse engineering and is a Zigbee expert. Uses CADRE, TurboCASE, Simulink, MATLAB, DOORS. 120K. 10212014.1

Controls Engineer, Solar Inverters

Ph.D-EE. Designs control algorithms for grid-tied solar inverters/microinverters, hardware and software applying to Smart photovoltaic string combiners, and DSP-based current monitoring systems. Has DSP embedded design experience. Performs simulation, modeling, component selection, thermal analysis and power efficiency calculations. Uses Altium, MATLAB, Simulink, PLECS, PSCAD, Spice series, MathCAD, Protel, and C, Code Composer Studio. Extensive publications. <10 Years. 95K. 03032015.3

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Performs embedded design for digital controllers for variety of power applications such as motor controls, converters. Works with FPGA, DSP, ASIC, power management ICs, and algorithms. Performs modeling, various analysis and extensive research for prototypes prior to production release. Uses MATLAB, C. 150K. 02272015.01

Embedded Firmware / Power Conversion Engineer

MSEE/<15 Years. A dual talent engineering professional, providing embedded firmware development and power electronics design for solar and utility power generation. Has developed function architecture for entire PV monitoring system.

  • Works with photovoltaic, magnetics, converters (various topologies, ZVS, ZCS), inverters, gate drivers (IGBT, MOSFET), switchmode and more.
  • Embedded firmware, controls and devices involve 12C/SPI/USB communication interfaces, algorithm, DSP, FPGA/PCB layout.
  • Performs high level analysis (stress, reliability prediction, thermal); troubleshooting (also EMI/EMC); simulation; modeling; proves out UL/FCC testing.

Uses PSIM, SIMetrix, VHDL, Altium, Simulink, MATLAB, C. HazMat Certs. 120K. 02252015.01

Senior Engineer – Power Supply/Embedded Controls

Ph.D-EE. Senior-level engineering pioneer, designing innovative power electronics and embedded systems for multiple power supply systems such as DC/DC 2-phase with AC waveform, design-in digital systems recovery and embedded microcontrollers in multiple analog power supply systems (with virtual software control loops). Uses MathCAD, PSpice, OrCAD, C, Assembly, Xilinx. 150K. 02162015.1

Contract FPGA Design Engineer – Avionics/Imaging, Networking/IT

MSEE/20 Years. Concentrated experience with FPGA, embedded DSP, RTL coding and logic design/implementation on architectural level. Is a hands-on and “go-to” lead engineer providing high level performance analysis, test and debugging and other skillsets such as feasibility, synthesis, place and route, static timing, simulation, data recovery, software/hardware benchmarking, and documentation (user guides, data sheets). Manages competitor strategy, and provides FAE training and various presentations. Product applications are for avionics, imaging/video, and networking/IT. Uses VHDL, Verilog, ModelSim, Exemplar, Synplicity, Xilinx, Chipscope Pro, Perl, Matlab, Simulink and more. 100-125K. 02132015.1

Embedded Engineer, DSP/FPGA, Audio / Visual – Avionics

MSEE/10 Years. Experienced embedded firmware engineer involved with in-flight audio/visual electronics and entertainment systems. Utilizes DSP, FPGA, high speed interfaces, ethernet, and channel PHY to design, test and troubleshoot multi-layer PCBs for microprocessors and microcontrollers involving both analog and digital. Performs PCB layouts, schematic design, component quality assurance, board bring-up and verification, thermal analysis and stack-up / impedance / trace calculations. Assists overseas manufacturing, performs test evaluations of prototypes, root cause analysis (5-Why) with related reporting, redesigns, monitors component obsolescence, and generates field troubleshooting guides. Experienced with SMT and through-hole rework and implementing design process modifications. Uses ANSI C, MATLAB, Verilog, OrCAD, MathCAD, P/HSpice, ADS and more. 80K. 02122015.5

Embedded Systems Design Engineering, Consultant

BSEE/>Contract engineering design expertise for a variety of critical control platforms:

  • FPGA ethernet and ECL differential communications interfaces (CMOS/PCBs), encrypted internet connectivity, algorithms, embedded PCB test hardware.
  • Nuclear reactor plant containment/cooling: Bus communications, loop control, ADC/DAC. Verification, validation, simulation, SoC design, staff education.
  • Space/Avionics rad-hard systems design/integration: Docking, launch vehicle & aircraft brushless motor controls, solar array systems, missile guidance systems, embedded systems, CMOS logic, DSP. Documentation within NASA 7123/7150, DO-254 and DO-178B standards. Drives DO-254 wins as Expert.

VHDL, Xilinx, DOORS, Aldec, Altium. 210K. 02032015.8

Chief Engineer – Power Electronics / Controllers

BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level engineering and product development leader for power electronics to include, in part: Energy storage, converters (100kW and up), inverters, amplifiers, analog circuitry, embedded firmware, FPGA, DSP, thermal systems, variable frequency/servo drives, and servomotors – applying to aerospace, military/defense, automotive and industrial.

Prior to current role, has held roles as general manager, engineering manager, and has founded small startups.

Identifies, develops and defines product specifications based on market and other global studies. Excels in startup environment to “hatch” engineering groups, and setup processes, control systems and functions (DFMEA, modeling, simulation, 3D PCB and layout). Creates strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Builds large, remote technical teams.

This is the type of candidate that companies build development groups around.

Uses Verilog, C, Embedded Coder, MATLAB, Simulink, PSIM, Altera, Lattice and more. Multiple publications and patents.

Contact us for more details!  02032015.6

Analog / Digital and Embedded Software Design Engineer

MBA, BSEE/20 Years. Has a variety of design skillsets involving shipboard sonar systems/transmitters, amplifiers (with FPGA, microcontrollers, VHDL control code), high slew rate amplifiers, high voltage off-line PWM switching amplifiers, switching power supplies, converters, servo and other actuators, motors (DC, stepper), AC and DC motor drives, and assembly line machinery. Circuitry experience includes embedded real-time control, DSP and more for communications, device controls, data acquisition, signal processing, display applications, client-servers and internet. Performs and develops custom ATE and often installs/integrates the various sonar/amplifier sets with customer training on site.  Industries include space program, military, aerospace, medical, oceanic systems and industrial. Available for contract or direct hire. Uses Pspice, LabView, VxWorks. 170-180K. 02022015.7

IT Storage / Software Solutions Technical Sales Account Manager

BSEE/CE, 20 Years. Applies substantial technical knowledge to sales management for networking products, including: Hard drives/data storage solutions (SATA, SAS, SCSI, SSD, Fibre Channel), host bus, ethernet devices, routers, high speed interfaces, sensors, adapters and boards, ASICs, digitial-to-analog, DSP, processors, embedded microprocessors and a variety of related software. Also has a background in other various semiconductor ICs, SoC and power conditioning. Relates to large customers and senior level executives. 100K. 02022015.4

Dir., Release Engineering/Customer Service – RF/Aerospace, IT

BS-Engrg/>20 Years. A customer and product-driven professional for RF/aerospace and IT/networking industries. Provides customer service management and escalation with problem resolution expertise, domestic and international. For IT, directs all software and hardware solutions releases via build/sync team leadership, drives timely deliverables, and restructures related teams to meet higher performance goals. For aerospace, has extensive large program management experience involving satellites (and payload systems/subsystems, DSP), telecommunications and mobile telephony. Has additional applications are: Marine, sonar, radar and avionics. Has background in bid processes and executive level operations management. Consulting or direct hire. Multiple formal awards. 150-300K. 01282015.1

Senior Embedded Power Electronics Engineer

MSEE/10 Years. A strong, project related range of experience for embedded systems within various power electronics and real time operating systems (RTOS) firmware. Hardware includes microcontrollers and related devices, high/low voltage switchgear, UPS, converters (DC/DC, DC/AC and hybrid), power supplies, and motor controls. Varied circuitry expertise involving gate drives, sensors, power management ICs, op-amps and IGBT.

Performs complex calculations, ARC flash and load flow studies, algorithm modeling, verification, validation, simulation, integration, test and also program managing and new product development. Has additional background working in-depth with high voltage, various topologies, battery systems, turbines, fuel cells, and more. Substantial domestic and widespread international customer interaction. Applies to telecommunications, electric vehicles, renewable energy, industrial, power plants.

Vast array of tools, languages, etc: MathCAD, Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, ETAP, GAMS; TCP/IP, Profibus; Perl, ARM and far to much more to list. 120-130K. 01262015.4

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Senior Electrical Hardware Design Engineer

BS-Physics, Chem, EE/>20 Years. Multi-faceted, senior level engineer working most recently with high-rel products such as mixed-signal, NFC, power conversion systems (to 30KW), solar cell array power point tracking, power line communications/PLM, switchmode power supply converters, inverters, regulators, circuit breakers and signal processing. Designs controllers for actuators; electro-optical and RF communications systems for avionics; spacecraft power systems, sensors, instrumentation and subsystems; and medical implants. Also has undersea sonar background. Strong, applicable regulatory compliance (MIL-STD-882, EMI, EMC, ESC) with risk analysis focus. Has strong patent processing expertise. Consultant or direct hire. Uses OrCAD, Capture, PSpice. 140-170K. 01232015.3

Analog / Digital / Mixed Signal Design Engineer

BSEE, CE/<10 Years. Performs oil/gas hi temp downhole electronics design involving rotary steerable drilling tools, rotating / geostationary measurement devices (magnetic and gravitational), and low latency data acquisition systems, multi-rate DSP with embedded C and control systems. Data acquisition and design expertise also applies to hi rel military, defense/missile weaponry, space program and aerospace/avionics industries for wireless instrumentation systems, fuel cell controls, power electronics (power supplies), RF SoC, specialized lithium Smart Battery technology, schematic capture, supervising PCB layout, hardware debugging, and field installations. Current DoD Secret Clearance. Performs simulation with Matlab, Simulink and works with PADS, Altium, Microchip PIC / dsPIC and more. 80-90K. 01222015.3

Global Sales and Marketing Manager – Semiconductor / Networking

MBA/>20 Years. An executive level sales pioneer, thriving on travel and high level/OEM customer large account management. Additional skillsets: Sales / business accelerated expansion, complex accounts, large supply agreements/contract development and negotiations, customer satisfaction programs, vastly improved customer support programs, and specialized forecasting techniques. Concentrated history of working with semiconductor and networking/IT industry with highly developed product knowledge and innovation participation. Develops special programs for customers (JIT, EDI, inventory controls, etc). Known to grow sales exponentially. Initiates partnering to stay ahead of competition. 200K. 01142015.2

Senior Power Electronics Engineer

Ph.D.-EE/<5 Years. A highly educated power electronics engineer with a massive variety of products involved. A few are: Converters, inverters, power supplies, switch mode, topologies, instrumentation, MOSFET, power management ICs, DSP, ballasts, LED lighting, motor drives, energy storage, fuel cells, and renewable energy systems. Provides design, simulation, modeling, verification, debug, plus generates technical documentation, manages regulatory issues for team, works closely with suppliers and others, and FMEA. Has strong test skillset to develop plans and procedures, provide reliability and qualification testing plus variety of environmental tests. Very prolific technical author. Uses Matlab, Simulink, PSpice, DSPACE, Simplorer and much more. 80-90K. 01142015.1

Embedded DSP, Power Electronics Engineer-Contract

BSEE. High level, innovative engineer involving:

  • High voltage AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, converters/topologies, DSP embedded firmware/algorithms/microcontrollers, filters, motor controls, PLC, gate drives, inverters, amplifiers, power supplies, thermal-based systems.
  • Applications: Avionics/space, but also including thrusters, hydraulics, chargers, ballasts, RF, antennas, lightning protection, telemetry, ground command, vehicles, robotics, and magnetics.
  • Testing, integration, verification, simulation, equations/analysis, FMEA.

Uses PSpice, Catia. Patents/formal recognitions. 135K. 01122015.4

Sr Software Engineer / Embedded Controls, Power Electronics

MS-S/W Engrg-Honors / 20 Years. A software design and engineering leader with project management experience for utility, aerospace and military. Designs and integrates life cycle systems and software for: Grid power electronics, embedded controls, algorithms, microprocessors, real time operating systems, DSP, PLCs, and various other platforms and equipment. Forms strategic alliances and works routinely with overseas engineering, integration labs, resource allocation, risk assessment and mitigation and simulation. Participates in corporate technology transfer concerns. A consultant candidate. Multi-lingual. ISO. 120-130K. 01082015.3

H/W & S/W Embedded ICs, FPGA Engineer – Contract

MSCE. Embedded hardware and software programming, and circuitry design. Products/technologies: Microcontrollers, FPGA, DSP, ASICs, analog, mixed signal, converters, microprocessors, LED and memory chips/modules. Applies to military/defense, semiconductor, IT/networking (consumer electronics), medical and telecommunications industries. Skillsets include test, debugging, writing complex code, working at board level, simulations. An excellent contract candidate. Uses Xilinx, VHDL, Cadence, Verilog, CMOS, MATLAB. 110K. 01072015.8

Principal FPGA Digital Hardware Design Engineer

BSEE/>15 Years. A highly technical circuitry architect, managing engineering design teams (globally and multi locations) and bringing many talents for high quality, innovative product development: Modeling, validating, coding, debugging, generating specifications / technical documentation, and providing customer resolution / requirements definition for IT/networking and semiconductor industry. Is expert FPGA designer, and also: Embedded systems, memory controllers, SDRAM, DDR/2/3, fibre channel, microcontrollers, DSP, embedded systems, SoC, all types of circuitry, RTL, IP cores, and load modules. Fluent: Ethernet, JTAG, TCP/IP, DOORS, ModelSim, Xilinx, Altera, VHDL, Verilog, Python and too many more to list. Awards and Patents. 150K. 01062015.17

Hardware Engineering Manager – Embedded Systems / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level product design and redesign architect with extensive engineering management experience. Various end uses but primarily defense, avionics / payload / aircraft, RF. Also lasers, IT / networking, telecommunications and medical. Products specifically include analog, mixed signal, embedded systems, DSP, power supplies / UPS, converters, battery management, motor drives / controls, switch mode, sensors, MOSFET, AC/DC, RS232/422/485, encoders, FPGA, and light metrology. Extensive root cause determination talent and substantial support of complex proposal responses. Is project oriented and driven. Fluent: Spice family, PADS, Agile, Orcad, Solidworks, Xilinx and more. Awards, patents, publications. Six Sigma. 135-145K. 01062015.14

Analog / Digital Hardware Design Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. A highly technical engineering professional working with RF, analog, digital, embedded technology, instrumentation, power supplies, lighting, fiber optics, LED drivers, PCBs, motor control, DSP, FPGA, algorithms, amplifiers, transceivers, receivers, and networking products. Applies to space program, RF, defense/military, robotics and IT. Leads and trains engineering staff, generates drawings / schematics / layouts, writes code, regulatory liaison and is highly project oriented. Significant test technology expertise. Uses Xilinx, Verilog, Modula-2, Pascal and more. 110K. 01062015.4

Test Equipment Engineer / RF, Automotive, Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. A long history designing test equipment, hands on building stations and facilities and procuring all materials necessary, supervising test groups and developing procedures for variety of electronics, including special test equipment for prototypes. Has worked with test technology for: UPS, DSP, converters, motors, transformers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, PLC, various other electronics and semiconductor / software, amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, fuel cells and hybrid vehicle subassemblies. Industries are commercial, automotive, avionics, government and RF / satellite programs. Good contract work candidate. Uses Labview, Spice, ORCAD, RS422 and more. Uses wide array of test tools and analyzers, and well-versed in MIL-STDs.  Very well traveled. 75-85K. 01052015.18

Lead Power Electronics Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE/10 Years. Highly educated design engineering leader involving: Embedded firmware and software, motor drives, mixed signal, inverters, converters plus topologies, generators, protection and control, DSP, AC/DC, DC/AC, FPGA, amplifiers, microcontrollers, piezoelectric systems and more. Performs HMI customer training, complex analysis / calculations / design, 3D modeling, simulation, prototyping, FEA. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, PSpice, LaTeX and more. Publications. 100-110K. 01052015.6

Senior Applications Engineer – RF / Analog / Semiconductor

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level leader in design engineering and applications for RF, wireless, data converters, embedded SoC, DSP, GPS and IT/semiconductor (memory) products. Works with GaN, LDMOS, SiGe, mixed signal, FPGA, LED lighting, EMI issues and SMT. Managerial/technical skillsets include lifecycle product ownership and innovation, component engineering, test technology development, customer liaison, training FAEs and overall technical go-to. Industries include telephony, volume consumer electronics, military and aerospace. Fluent: Xilinx, Altera, JTAG and more. 100-120K. 12232014.3

Technical Director / Product Management – Power Management ICs

MSEE/>15 Years. Extensive experience in hardware and firmware product development / architecture / management for power electronics and semiconductors to include primarily power management ICs, and also converters, amplifiers, high voltage, microcontrollers, embedded systems, LED lighting, motor controls, batteries, digital signal processing, and more. Besides hands-on design for applications engineering and high level staff management, performs customer interface, conducts design reviews, negotiations and has substantial marketing strategy, profit and loss. Multi-patented. 180-200K. 12102014.3

Chief Design Engineer – RF/Microwave

Ph.D-EE>20 Years. A top talent RF/Microwave engineer, working with satellites and related systems concerns: GPS, navigation, Algorithms, FPGA, ASIC, digital signal processing, amplifiers, receivers, antennas, beam science, ultrasonic instruments, control loops, controller boards, etc. Expert with complex simulations and overall design, modeling, integration, real time test, debugging, data retrieval, algorithms, scan scheduling, investigates link failures, performs complex data analysis, extensive coding. Collaborates with several industry known subcontractors. Has experience with power electronics (inverters, controls). Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, MWO, ADS, Spectrum Digital, NohauICE, Linux, QNX and more. Patent and publications activity. 150K. 12052014.2

Sales and Marketing Director – Power Electronics

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A sales, marketing and business development professional with global reach. Maintains extensive customer relationships, develops sales channels plus VARs and integrators for highest sales revenue volume possible up to multi million $. Employs B2B principles and has extensive product management skillset. Product lines and technologies include: Semiconductors, PCBs, test and measurement instrumentation, network communications, wireless, digital signal, ASIC, FPGA, Smart Grid, fiber optics, amplifiers, receivers, transmitters and RF/microwave. Customer base includes utilities, solar, wind, healthcare, data centers, telecommunications and various facilities requiring critical power. >70K. 12012014.9

Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer – FPGA / Processors, Controllers

MSCS/10 Years. A highly technical embedded firmware and software engineer involving lifecycle development, design, design constraints, simulation, various analysis, coding, debugging, test benching and test plan development. Technologies are: SoC, FPGA, ASP, ADC, DSP, GUI and RTL. Applications are processors, microcontrollers, control systems, circuitry drivers, modules, peripherals and more. Works with Xlinx, Altera, VHDL, C and more. Uses variety of lab equipment. 125-135K. 11202014.9