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Sr Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Contract

MSEE. Designs converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC – all topologies), inverters, motor drives, power supplies, PFC, sensors, instrumentation, controllers (MOSFET, IGBT, FPGA) with embedded controls interface/debug talent.

  • Performs modeling, validation, characterization, analysis, system integration.
  • Translates customer requirements into specifications/technical documentation & user guides. Supports all design reviews/customer reporting.
  • Ensures EMI compliance, strong component level expertise.

Applies to rugged environments, MIL-STDs, and industrial, aerospace, solar, IT. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, MathCAD, LT/PSpice, PSim. Contract or Direct. 130K. 06092015.01

ElectroMagnetic Design Engineer – PM Motors

Ph.D-EE. An electromagnetics specialist working with permanent magnetic motors, DC inverters, IGBT DC/AC converters, sensors, actuators and components for turbochargers, combustion engines. Provides calculations, analysis, control system setup, characterization. Resolves current loss/winding. Uses JMAG, Maxwell, Flux, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Simulink, Agilent, FEKO, Spice, PiSnoop. Publications. 95K. 06032015.5

Sr Power Electronics Design Engineer

MSEE. Power electronics design and test leader working with motor drives, electrical control panels, various topologies converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC), inverters, battery test systems & chargers, magnetics, filters, gate drive circuitry. Strong in oil & gas industry (plus rig energy efficiency/storage) and renewable energy. Has quality focus and performs customer & product support. Uses AutoCAD, MATLAB, Cadence, Xilinx, LabView, Altium, Visio, IQS, 90K. 06032015.3

Junior Power Electronics FPGA Engineer

MSEE/Ph.D Pending. Focused power electronics design engineer with beginning experience involving power switching converters, high frequency DC/AC systems and devices, GaN and SiC devices, and FPGA based digital controllers. Performs modeling and embedded coding, PCB layout, and debugging. Has worked with hi-rel defense test and integration projects. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, Spice, ModelSim, COMSOL, Verilog, Perl plus Assembly, Linux and C. <5 Years. 80K. 05042015.3

High Voltage UPS/Power Supply Engineer – Contract

BSEE/Physics. Strong background designing and developing power electronics – especially high voltage power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC), UPS, capacitors, transformers, amplifiers, plus precision calibration and test equipment for military, telecommunications and OEM applications. Includes directing life cycle through production, hardware/software engineer training, customer specifications development, and regulatory approvals. Patents. Contract Only. 100K. 04172015.01

Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Converters, Inverters

MSEE/15 Years. Comprehensive design and engineering applications experience for power management ICs applying to converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, step-up/down, up to several kWs) with all topologies (full/half bridge, push pull, buck, boost, flyback, forward) for ethernet devices, consumer electronics; DC/AC pure sine output inverters up to 500W; Class D amplifiers; and UPS systems for oil/gas. Supervises PCB layout, performs simulations, generates schematics and user guides/application notes. Proof concepts and presents demo boards to customers with evaluation and other technical documentation. Qualifies to DO-160/TSO-73. Extensive patent activity. Uses ORCAD, Spice family, PADS, ExpressPCB. 100-110K. 02032015.4

Solar/Components Sales and Business Development Manager

BS-Aero Engrg/10 Years. A sales revenue developer and marketer for solar / alternative energy and industrial sectors involving DC/AC, DC connectors, cables and modules. Connector types include PST, balance-of-system, circular plastic and high voltage DC. Generates specialized sales plans, and has achieved start-up sales to $1.5M. Has helped developed innovative arc fault detection solutions, residential combiner and junction boxes, and environmentally rugged installation labels.  100-110K. 01302015.2

Sales and Marketing Manager – Renewable Energy

BA-Chem/>20 Years. A regional and national sales and marketing manager for photovoltaic systems and equipment (cells, modules), inverters, DC/AC, monitoring platforms, controls and automation. Employs go-to-market strategies, tactics and B2B/B2C principles for large and emerging renewable energy clients such as wind and solar, but also commercial (>50kW) and residential (>10kW). Implements CRM systems, and develops, manages and trains all sales channels and direct staff. Is an executive level professional. Available for full time roles or part time consulting work. 100K. 01192015.7

Contract Design Engineer – Motors, Magnetics

BSEE (plus)/15 Years. A well-developed engineering contract / consulting professional, working with aerospace and military/defense for design, test and simulation. Also performs PCB board and component level layout/development. Has considerable test technology: Develops bench fixtures, tooling and equipment. Performs evaluations and qualifications and monitors EMI. Circuitry, magnetics and power electronics include: Filters, DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, converters, inverters, analog, digital, MOSFET, multiplexers, motor drives/controllers, FPGA, battery chargers, power supplies, topologies, and current protection technologies. Has product packaging background. Uses Spice family, OrCAD, Cadence and more. 170-190K. 01072015.11

Sr. Analog / Digital Electrical Engineer – Contract

BSEE-Honors/>20 Years. Specialized experience with analog and digital circuitry and switch mode innovative design, including system levels. Background includes converters, inductors, embedded systems, magnetics, DC/AC, AC/DC, MOSFET, gate drives, UPS, battery chargers and more. Primarily for military, space program, aerospace and OEMs. Has worked extensively with green technology and EMC. Also generates lengthy technical proposals and customer reports. Uses PSPICE, MATLAB, Altium, Visio and more. Patents and extensive technical publications. Prefers permanent position. 120K. 01022015.1

Principal Engineer – Power Management ICs, Circuitry

MSEE/20 Years. A high level designer of power management ICs, and various other electronics/technology: Analog, mixed signal, SoC, DC/AC, converters, grid technology, photovoltaic, ADC, VGA, filters, transceivers, amplifiers, RF, CAD,  smart chips, CMOS, BiCMOS, for various applications such as solar, WiFi. An excellent consultancy candidate with project management skillset and focus on schedule.  Uses Cadence, HSPICE, Matlab. 150k. 12082014.2

Contract Power Electronics Engineer

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. Well-travelled engineering design professional with wealth of experience supporting aerospace, avionics, IT and other industries. Performs high level design, modeling, bridging, simulations, system testing plus EMI, fault and thermal analysis, debugging, and full documentation development. Products / technologies are: inverters, converters, controls, sensors, AC/DC, DC/AC, FPGA, VHDL, motor drives and controls, servo systems, photovoltaic, switch-mode, topologies, analog, digital signal processing, algorithms. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Simpower, LabView, C and more. Heavy patent activity. 175-185K. 11172014.16

Firmware, Software, System Integration Engineer – Power / Solar

MSEE/>20 Years. Well-rounded engineering professional with significant experience in following arenas: Firmware, software, systems integration, embedded technology, complex debug / failure analysis for H/W and S/W, field service and support such as generating fault criteria, heavy logic / protocol analyzer knowledge, plus creating test procedures. Products involved: processor firmware, power generation modules, DC/AC converters, inverters, algorithms, RF / Microwave technologies and more for military, commercial, solar, aerospace and IT industries. C/C++, SourceGear, Perl, Ada, Linux, Unix and more. Patents. 100K. 10242014.7

Project Engineering Manager – Solar Power Electronics

MSEE/15 Years. Exceptional project-oriented manager with substantial technical ability for power electronics (power supplies, Li-Ion battery products, solar power devices, power conversion, microcontrollers and more), plus consumer IT products.  Strong leader with analysis, evaluation, and interfacing with all relevant parties to include test laboratories, customers. Significant expertise with topologies such as flyback, well-versed with high level safety regulations, EnergyStar, R&D, and developing and analyzing technical documentation / specifications. AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, Orcad, PADS. 90-100K. 10232014.10

Solar Power Electrical Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Extensive background in commercial (some residential) solar power systems to include design, field service and installation involving: power grid connection, customer interface, permitting processes, technical support, etc. Significant blueprint/drawing experience with AutoCAD, Basic Revit and more. DC/AC, high voltage, motor controls, UPS, inverters, protective relays, etc. 70K. 10222014.11