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RF & Power Supply Design Engineer – Contract

BSEE. Very broad RF and power electronics design experience: Military and programmable power supplies, ballasts, induction motor drivers, multi-kW AC/DC & DC/DC, UPS, radar and communications applications. Strong sustaining engineering talent, project planning, EMI testing, technical bid process, and is tech support “go-to” for manufacturing and production management. Has all relevant design tools skillset & advanced PSpice. Contract Only. $65/Hr. 06112015.5

Consulting Engineer – Power Electronics, Lighting

MS-Physics. Strong electronics and magnetics designer fluently skilled in switchmode power conversion & topologies, low/high voltage power supplies, lighting devices (LED drivers, ballasts, controls), analog and digital circuitry, laser drive products. UL, CSA, FCC and ANSI standards for high volume production. Solves various problems such as reliability issues, EMI, harmonics, and thermal management. Uses MathCAD, PSpice, SwitcherCAD, PADS, Altium. CONTRACT ONLY. Multiple patents. $50/hr. 06102015.7

Power Electronics Engineer – Lighting/Magnetics

BSEE. Performs design, simulation, circuit analysis, and PCB layout for lighting power electronics.

  • AC/DC/AC power supplies, PFC inductors, LC/resonant switching, transformers, ballast power protection, and embedded microcontrollers.
  • Schematics, magnetic design templates and various product development activities to prepare for manufacturing (test procedures, BOM development, SMT setup), with follow-on guidance through product cycle.

Has harsh environment products (sensors, measurement) design experience. Uses MathCAD, MultiSim, SaWin, C; all manner of test lab tooling; is skilled in SPI, 12C communication protocols; and works to UL and IEC compliance. 7 Years. 70K. 03132015.7

Applications Engineering Manager, Power ICs

MSEE. Interfaces with key customers to drive custom designs and specifications/IC product definition for power supplies, power conversion ICs for lighting industry. Includes: LED drivers, ballasts, PFC, AC/DC, HV/PM/rectifier controllers and more. Generates technical and marketing documentation; and performs schematic capture, simulation, layout and verification; and FAE training and sales support. Uses Cadence, Altium, Protel, Orcad, Spice family, Simetrix, MathCAD MATLAB. Multi-patented. 140K. 03032015.2

Senior Power Electronics Engineer

Ph.D.-EE/<5 Years. A highly educated power electronics engineer with a massive variety of products involved. A few are: Converters, inverters, power supplies, switch mode, topologies, instrumentation, MOSFET, power management ICs, DSP, ballasts, LED lighting, motor drives, energy storage, fuel cells, and renewable energy systems. Provides design, simulation, modeling, verification, debug, plus generates technical documentation, manages regulatory issues for team, works closely with suppliers and others, and FMEA. Has strong test skillset to develop plans and procedures, provide reliability and qualification testing plus variety of environmental tests. Very prolific technical author. Uses Matlab, Simulink, PSpice, DSPACE, Simplorer and much more. 80-90K. 01142015.1

Embedded DSP, Power Electronics Engineer-Contract

BSEE. High level, innovative engineer involving:

  • High voltage AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, converters/topologies, DSP embedded firmware/algorithms/microcontrollers, filters, motor controls, PLC, gate drives, inverters, amplifiers, power supplies, thermal-based systems.
  • Applications: Avionics/space, but also including thrusters, hydraulics, chargers, ballasts, RF, antennas, lightning protection, telemetry, ground command, vehicles, robotics, and magnetics.
  • Testing, integration, verification, simulation, equations/analysis, FMEA.

Uses PSpice, Catia. Patents/formal recognitions. 135K. 01122015.4

Lead Embedded Firmware and Software Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. Solid experience with embedded firmware technology. Various products/technologies include smart mini-inverters, topologies work, smart ballasts, memory, SoC, PCs, servers, mass storage, drivers, LAN, CISC, RISC, DC to AC and lighting controls. Develops new technology, test tools, performs large variety of testing, schematic capture, root cause analysis, materials sourcing, capital planning, budget management and team development. Has created technical support organization from startup. Industries: IT, solar, lighting, security. Fluencies: UNIX, PADS, ANSI, 8051 and more. Multi patent activity.  >100K. 11142014.6

Senior Embedded Power Electronics Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level engineering and design professional for automotive, aerospace, RF, Space Program, nuclear and utility business sectors. Design background includes: Motor drives, inverters, converters, power supplies, embedded microprocessors, mixed signal, high voltage, EMC/EMI, analog and digital circuits, ballasts, lithium-ion, breakers. FPGA, MATLAB, AutoCAD and more. Patents, awards. 90-100K. 10292014.3

VP Sales – Large Transformers / Power Supplies

BS/>20 years. Recent experience introducing new products to new markets for large power supplies and transformers. Created and led R&D function, developing new platform products and high precision power transducers. Developed new technologies and  business opportunities in jet and diesel engines, subsea and down hole controls for oil and gas production., and motor drives. Researched and set up outsourcing of electronic ballasts in China which increased gross margins. 250K #242014.1