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Product Development Engineer – Motion Controls

Ph.D-ME, MSEE (Honors). An excellent product developer for automotive, electric vehicle, optical, and robotics applications. Highly skilled in motion controls, software embedded controls, battery management, thermal dynamics, fuel cell controls, sensors and laser systems. Performs simulation, modeling, validation, and strong lead for test setup and development, including robotics. Uses ANSI C, Visual Basic, MATLAB, Simulink, ANSY, LabView, ASCET. Patents and Pubs. 130K. 05292015.5

Analog and RF Design Engineer – Automotive

MBA, MSEE. Designs innovative automotive systems, components and software controls involving Steering, starting, entry security, pressure monitors. Specializes in wireless embedded radio systems, antennas (RF), receiver modules for commercial and military vehicles. Strong customer interface, validation, and CAN bus protocol troubleshooting. Cognizant Release Engineer & EMC/EMI specialization. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice, DSP, C. Awards, patents. Contract or Direct. 100K. 05182015.01

Manufacturing, Production & Operations Manager – Auto, Oil & Gas

Manages large manufacturing groups involving ERP systems, factory processes, inventory control, CAD/CAM fabrication, assembly and equipment design, applying to multi-million $ equipment contracts such as: Charging stations, electro-mechanical, rotary power (electric vehicles/general automotive), metals, power electronics/UPS, safety sensing devices and entire harsh environment electrical power plant installations for petroleum drilling. Transforms production and manufacturing facilities to ensure new business capabilities. Lean Six Sigma/Black. 120K. 05142015.5

Sr Power Electronics Engineer – Automotive

MBA, MSEE/CE. Strong DC/DC power conversion design engineer working with power electronics and components for automotive, military and other industries.

  • Wears many hats including staff training, customer interface with presentations and technical documentation, integration, testing, schematic capture, specifications, simulation, modeling, analysis, and supply chain management
  • Has experience in embedded controllers, motor control, fuel pumps, instrumentation/sensors, filters and electronics packaging
  • Solves unique problems/strong program management focus

Uses Spice series, MathCAD, AutoCAD, ECAD. 85K. 05112015.11

Product Development & Engineering Director-Energy Storage

MSEE. Well-rounded executive to lead product development and engineering for electric vehicle industry, involving DC/DC power conversion, powertrain systems, solar cell arrays, lithium-ion battery packs/chargers, components. Exceptional at building strong technical teams from scratch and thrives in start-up environments. Grows product development processes, revamps battery labs, develops specifications and test/validation plans, provides patent support and expert legal consultancy. Uses MathCAD, MATLAB, Simulink, LabView, C. Contract or direct. Many publications/presentations. Contact us for more details! 05052015.01

Regional Sales Manager – Automotive Components/Systems

BSEE. Brings technical hand to sales revenue development involving gyros, timing devices, capacitive touch, wireless access, motor drivers, transceivers, encryption solutions for applications such as brakes, airbags, and various controls. Primarily automotive, but also industrial and appliance/consumer industries. Develops sales initiatives, provides product training and manages direct and indirect sales teams made up of: Manufacturer’s reps, inside sales, field applications engineers, etc. 130K. 05042015.2

Business Development/Sales/Key Account Manager – Automotive ICs

MBA, MSEE. Brings highly technical hand to sales management and large key account development for automotive & HEV semiconductor and components: Power management ICs, SoC, mixed signal, MOSFET, ASIC, MEMS, microcontrollers. Applies specifically to smartpower, battery management, analog decoders, wireless functions, powertrain and navigation. Supervises mfg reps, develops strategies, manages demand creation and IC development and leads customer/design team communications. Initiates new product introductions and directs design-ins. 140K. 04202015.2

Sales Director/Global Accounts Manager-Automotive Power ICs

MBA, BS-Microelectronics. Responsible for high profile/key global accounts and channel sales for power management ICs applicable to automotive subsystems. Expert in building successful sales staff and field applications engineering groups for extreme revenue growth levels. Drives representative firms to capture new business. Negotiates annual pricing agreements and develops realized business plans. Manages custom design programs through fruition. Thrives in startup and revenue critical turn-around environments. 130K. 04142015.7

Systems Engineering / Embedded Firmware Architect

MSEE. Strong engineering leader for development, design, test and validation of analog and digital based systems.

  • Utility, SmartGrid, renewable energy, energy storage and automotive, and EV
  • Systems: Power monitoring, processors, power plant failure detection, plus firmware such as fuel cells, flywheels, batteries and thermal-related
  • Develops complex algorithms and routinely works with FPGA, DSP and ARM

Has background with infrared, radar, RF/antennas, motor controls. PSpice, Viewlogic, Saber, MATLAB, Orcad, Simulink, CAD series, C, Assembly. Awards, patents and publications. 125K. 04092015.3

Sales and Business Development Manager – Automotive

BS/Honors. Strong background in consistently increasing sales revenue for automotive subsystems: HMI/displays, LCD, touch screens, infotainment, GPS/driver info, plus microcontrollers, memory/mass storage and related software. Has product lifecycle program/project management style. Works with OEMs and Tier 1s and defines new technology for future market potential. Adept at establishing new sales centers. 125K. 04082015.2



Mechanical Engineer – Automotive Engine Systems

BSME. An industrial vehicle engine and component (mounts, pipes, hoses) design and product development specialist working with loaders, excavators for harsh terrain.

  • Finite element analysis (FEA), evaluation, validation
  • NPI and global customer product promotion
  • Performance studies and environmental metrics including emission standards
  • Extensive testing and troubleshooting (air restriction, exhaust systems, cold start)

Recent background in military vehicles. Uses Pro/E Wildfire, Mechanica, Creo 2, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MATLAB. Contract or Direct Hire. 75K. 03272015.01

Director, Global PMIC Engineering & Product Dev

Leads semiconductor product innovation/management to include applications and R&D engineering groups. Hatches 100’s of new generation power management ICs, SiC JFET/MOSFETs, diodes, and multi-chip packages for variety of industries and reverse innovates to integrate to end product NPI. Drives projects schedule, budget and forward-years roadmaps, resulting in significant revenue. Works with IGBTs, LED drivers, gate drivers and high voltage applications – especially for automotive. BS-Microelectronics/plus. Patents. 170K. 03242015.2

Applications Engineering Manager-Automotive/Power Supplies

MSEE/CS. Provides engineering management and automotive industry customer applications support for PMICs, controllers, regulators, and converters (various topologies) for DC/DC switching power supplies, radio, instrumentation/LED, and ancillary human assistance devices. Manages design/test IC lab for characterization, EMC, RSC, and RCL for MOSFETs, drivers. Extensive product development/definition activities and substantial customer support (custom specifications, technical documentation, troubleshooting). Spice, Verilog, VHDL, MathCAD. Author, patents. >15 Years. 120K. 03232015.2

Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, LEDs / Lighting

An LED and energy-efficient lighting solutions sales specialist for automotive and industrial sectors with expert knowledge on induction, halogen, flourescent. Consultative seller with onsite visits for total solutions – advising on layout, costing and investment. Leads new product introductions working with production, engineering etc., on beta feedback. Turns around low-performing territories, highly adept at building and developing new direct sales groups and strong rep channels. Heavy marketing skill. 80K. 03202015.3

Regional Sales Director – Power Supplies

MBA. Manages direct and channel sales force for UPS/electronic power supplies, switches, AC/DC and DC/DC products for military, aerospace, automotive, networking/OEM and municipal entities. Manages key accounts, engages C-level client relationships, captures complex contracts/design wins, provides marketing guidelines for new product introductions, and builds and trains sales staff/reps. Has global account experience. 130K. 03182015.3

Lead Mechanical Engineer – EV Battery/Energy Storage

MSME. Provides mechanical/engineering design management and prototype leadership for battery management systems, energy storage and inverters for electrical vehicle/hybrid projects. Performs analysis (thermal, structural, vibration, safety elements), leads FMEA/root cause, conducts design reviews, and collaborates with overseas production efforts. Works to enhance overall product efficiency (i.e., increased energy density) and reduce production costs. Uses SolidWorks, Pro-E, Windchill, MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow. Patents/Publications. Six Sigma. 120K. 031620115.5

Director, H/W & S/W Engineering – Electric Vehicles

MBA/BSME. Hands-on, innovative engineering and NPI leader working with battery charging stations, battery management systems and fuel cells for electric vehicles/automotive and alternative energy industries. Has background in hydrogen vehicle technology and alternative fuels. Reorganizes engineering groups and revamps NPI, ECO and engineering design processes to speed production, improve validation capabilities and overall functionality. Develops product pipeline plans, implements lifecycle principles across all departments and walks products through certification/regulatory compliance (EPA etc). 150K. 03122015.7



Sr Mechanical Engineer – Motors

MSME. Electromechanical design product lead for electric motors and magnetic bearings for automotive industry. Oversees all design efforts, develops drawing packages

  • Performs tolerance stack-up, FEA/motor efficiency/root cause and other product reliability analysis/calculations, validation, and thermal optimization
  • Managed overseas supply chain and all resources to ensure timely deliverables
  • Generates competitive advantage via intellectual property
  • Significant customer technical interaction

Uses C, Pro-E Series/Wildfire, Ideas, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Gambit, IcePak, ANSYS. Six Sigma Black Belt. Patents. 125K. 03122015.2

Mechanical Design Engineer – Contract

BSME. A seasoned mechanical design engineering professional working nationally on contract for a variety of industries: Industrial, automotive, avionics, military, transportation, and lighting. Designs and develops parts, fixtures and tooling using sheet metal, cast, plastics, including prototypes. Provides layouts and develops production parts structures. Pro-E Series Expert through and including Wildfire 5. Contract hire only. 15 Years. 85K. 03052015.5

Sr Electrical Engineer – AC/DC & DC/DC Power Supplies

BSEE. Strong design and “go to” electrical engineer for custom power supplies for telecomm, test/measurement, medical and automotive industries. Design variables concern switchmode, PFC, current sharing, remote sensing, forced cooling and customer-specified safety, immunity, and emissions requirements. Performs various analysis (worst-case stress, HALT, EMI), simulation, and laboratory testing. Verifies product for manufacturing readiness, collaborates with overseas engineering, conducts design reviews and has extensive customer interaction. Uses Code Composer, MathCAD, LTSpice, MPLAB. 110K. 03032015.5

Field Applications Engineer, Power Electronics/Semiconductor

MSEE/15 Years. A dual talented professional engineer working with microelectronics/power components and semiconductors such as power modules (for configurable power supplies, converters and regulators), branch circuit monitoring sensors for DC/DC boost converters, polymeric sensors, power management/analog and ASICs. Additional products include RF and power systems such as switchmode power supplies, high speed digital data transmission, transducer bridges. Provides various types of customer technical support, strives to extend customer support through and beyond delivery, and focuses on demand creation. Applies to military, automotive and transportation industries. Multiple publications and has patent activity.  100K. 02242015.2

Chief Scientist, Photomask Plasma Etch, Lithography

Ph.D.-Metallurgy/20 Years. A principal technical staff member driving various plasma etch technologies such as: Photomask fabrications, ultraviolet lithography, atomic layer deposition, and TSV (3-dimensional). Works with artificial neural network for process optimization and control, provides LER/LWR characterization and modeling, and has designed full plasma laboratory. Applies to opticals, ICs, materials and energy. An innovator, renown author and patent generator. Has a background with nano-composite materials (MMC) and ionic liquid applications. Thrives in start-up environments to make a bottom-line difference. Contact us for more details! 02172015.7

Chief Engineer – Power Electronics / Controllers

BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level engineering and product development leader for power electronics to include, in part: Energy storage, converters (100kW and up), inverters, amplifiers, analog circuitry, embedded firmware, FPGA, DSP, thermal systems, variable frequency/servo drives, and servomotors – applying to aerospace, military/defense, automotive and industrial.

Prior to current role, has held roles as general manager, engineering manager, and has founded small startups.

Identifies, develops and defines product specifications based on market and other global studies. Excels in startup environment to “hatch” engineering groups, and setup processes, control systems and functions (DFMEA, modeling, simulation, 3D PCB and layout). Creates strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Builds large, remote technical teams.

This is the type of candidate that companies build development groups around.

Uses Verilog, C, Embedded Coder, MATLAB, Simulink, PSIM, Altera, Lattice and more. Multiple publications and patents.

Contact us for more details!  02032015.6

Senior Transformer / Magnetics Design Engineer

MS in EE, Communications Engrg., S/W Engrg./10 Years. A comprehensive design engineering leader with deep knowledge of various types of transformers up to 200 MVA. These types include: Units up to 5 windings, multiple combinations of voltage regulation, phase-shifting, mobile hybrids, NOMEX insulated, explosion proof, generators, rectifiers, and dry-type. End usage applies to traction, mining, earthing, furnaces and marine use. Performs complex calculations, overseeing manufacturing, and has substantial customer interaction relating to bid processes, negotiations, design reviews, and more. 110K. 01262015.3

National / Regional Sales Account Manager – Metering, PMICs / Semiconductor

BS-Mktg/>20 Years. A seasoned sales professional for digital metering, FPGA and custom power management ICs and solutions for domestic and international pinnacle accounts in industrial, commercial, automotive, military and IT/networking industries. Develops sales channels, applies strategic marketing and competitor analysis to increase business development with Tier 1. Conducts negotiations, presentations, training, product launch, negotiations, special projects management. Has finance skillsets for budgeting, forecasting, pricing control, margin monitoring. Has additional semiconductor background in hardware/software sales for wireless RF telephony, ASIC-SoC ARM core, PCI bus and 32/64 bit system controllers, sensors. A relationship builder and motivator. 120K. 01202015.1

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Electric Drive Systems

BSME/<10 Years. Mechanical engineering professional experienced in electric drive systems development, design, release, build and test for dual product lines: Downhole drilling tools for oil/gas and drives for vehicles/automotive industry. Has multiple talents for: System and component development, component characterization and structural performance, reliability and quality analysis, test and design standards creation, and specification requirements assurance on delivery. Works with suppliers on non-conformance concerns and as technical “go-to”. A manufacturing problem solver. Tools: SolidWorks, Matlab, Catia, Pro/Engineer series, SAP, Flowmaster and much more. Six Sigma. 100K. 01192015.10

Senior Power Electronics Engineer

Ph.D.-EE/<5 Years. A highly educated power electronics engineer with a massive variety of products involved. A few are: Converters, inverters, power supplies, switch mode, topologies, instrumentation, MOSFET, power management ICs, DSP, ballasts, LED lighting, motor drives, energy storage, fuel cells, and renewable energy systems. Provides design, simulation, modeling, verification, debug, plus generates technical documentation, manages regulatory issues for team, works closely with suppliers and others, and FMEA. Has strong test skillset to develop plans and procedures, provide reliability and qualification testing plus variety of environmental tests. Very prolific technical author. Uses Matlab, Simulink, PSpice, DSPACE, Simplorer and much more. 80-90K. 01142015.1

Project Manager – Mechanical Engineering

MSME/15 Years. Mechanical design engineering professional involving medical devices / trauma products, electromechanical  and consumer products enclosures, industrial system structures, thermals, automotive subsystems and lighting, and appliances. Performs lead design, re-engineering / reverse engineering, drawing packages plus 2D and standardization, qualification, verification, validation, 3D modeling, packaging, tolerance and highly complex analysis, reviews, customer interaction, FMEA, ECAD-EMN exchange, value engineering, BOM creation, and has substantial component engineering expertise – all to stringent regulatory code. Has focus for reliability and quality issues, supplier acceptance/interaction, and leads product development teams for innovation. Expert project monitoring and delivery. Fluent: Pro-Engineer series, Catia, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, SAP, Minitab, Agile and much more. CNC, ISO. 80-90K. 01122015.7

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Automotive / Defense

BSME-Honors/10 Years. A hands on mechanical engineering leader working with equipment and systems for electric and other vehicles, wind power, avionics and weaponry.  Involves prototypes, microcontrollers, motors, generators, thermals, enclosures, turbines, frames, batteries and more.  Provides 3D print, design, fabrication, machining, sheet metal, test and integration, board layouts, packaging, components selection and more – often as team lead. Uses SolidWorks, Pro/E series and Pro/Mechanica, ANSYS, Matlab, Labview and more. Six Sigma. 100-120K. 01092015.9

Product and Mechanical Engineer – Automotive

BSME-Honors/10 Years. A dual-talent engineering professional, bringing mechanical expertise and also product lifecycle and innovation. Conceptualizes, designs, validates. Develops advanced manufacturing processes, provides 3D modeling and detail drawing packages. Products include motors, alternators, generators, batteries (lead acid, Li-Ion, nickel-metal hydride) and more, mostly for automotive/electric vehicle but also has experience with aerospace and medical. Routinely interacts with assembly/production facilities (globally), contributes to intellectual property and manages vendors. Also a background in designing custom material handling industrial equipment. Uses SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro-Engineer series, Inventor, Minitab and more. Six Sigma. 75-85K. 01082015.5

Corporate Quality Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level quality specialist using ISO, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, QS and TS standards. Applies risk management principles and has worked with multiple corporate plants. Has won ISO facility certification and authors manuals, procedures and other required documentation. Industries: Automotive, pumps, lighting, medical, semiconductor, avionics and aerospace. Has knowledge of SMT, machining, Minitab, ERP. Has trained lean principles and Six Sigma. Works with multi million $ budgets and has proven multi million $ cost reductions. Is a warranty claim reduction and supplier management expert. An excellent consultant / contract candidate. 100-120K. 01082015.2

Field Service Electrical Engineer / Protection and Control

BSEE/15 Years. Brings a varied background with multiple technical talents for design engineering, field service installation, maintenance and repair for substations / utility. Includes calibration, extensive test expertise / troubleshooting, failure mitigation, complex analysis and comprehensive regulatory compliance skill. Significant vendor relations/monitoring. Involves transformers, transducers, breakers, switchgear, relays, fiber optics, SCADA. Has aerospace/avionics and automotive design background: VFDs, motors, pumps, video, thermal imaging, instrumentation/sensors, and accelerometers for vibration / reliability systems issues. Also FAA expertise, Top Secret clearance. Fluent: Spice family, Matlab, LabView, Simulink, Catia, SAS and much more. Multi-lingual. Multiple professional certs. 80-100K. 01072015.2

Engineering and Operations Director

MBA, MS-ChemE/15 Years. A multi-role technical professional to drive the bigger picture for both products and services profitability, and operational excellence for very large automotive, transportation and RF/satellite and avionics divisions/organizations, saving multi millions. Employs lean manufacturing, complex strategies, global initiatives, teaming, and reducing cost of overall business operations. Proven record of product development/launches. Products: Motors, motion control, resolvers, titanium components, LED switches and displays. Expertise includes supply chain management, labor relations, customer relations, inventory management and leading large CNC manufacturing plants. Six Sigma, Kaizen, SAP. Very well traveled. 150K. 01062015.11

Program Manager / Automotive

BSME-Honors, PMP/>20 Years. A dual-role highly technical professional with experience in program and lifecycle product management for automotive industry (instrumentation, sensors, engine controls, braking, power). Has many roles within managerial scope such as: Operations, business management, manufacturing / engineering group manager, product development, quality, technical document generation and control, technical proposals, contract negotiations, reliability, budget / profit / loss / cost reductions and more. For manufacturing / production experience, numerous responsibilities such as root cause analysis, reliability, sourcing / purchasing, processes flow, validation, etc.  Has been single point customer liaison. Vast array of professional certifications, very well traveled and multi-lingual. Six Sigma. Pro-Engineer series, CAD, SAP. 100-120K. 01062015.10

Project Manager – Automotive / Consultant

BSEE/15 Years. Provides a variety of skillsets to enhance project management skills, such as quality management, budget/costing control, field service staff management  and training background and supply chain/purchasing experience. Has significant experience with automotive industry for vehicle entertainment systems, safety, security, applied semiconductor, wiring and radio. Has also worked with oil and gas / petrochemicals industry for well extractions in the field. Has extensive test technology background. Is a consultant candidate. Six Sigma and Kaizen. 70-80K. 01062015.6

Principal Engineer – Automotive / Hybrids

MSME/>20 Years. A high level engineering professional with strong influence within all business departments (quality, finance, etc). Provides management expertise to drive innovation, cost effectiveness, lean manufacturing processes, substantial global customer interaction, product development and roadmaps. Is primary “go to” and complex problem solver. Has consistent background in designing for electric vehicle systems and body structures, energy storage systems, fuel cell and thermal science for major automotive manufacturers. Experience includes production project startups, and is materials expert. Excellent consultant candidate. Uses Catia, SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer series, AutoCad, SAP, Matlab and more.  Lean, Six Sigma. 130-140K. 01062015.5

Global Sales and Marketing Director / Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE/20 Years. Brings technical expertise to value add for global sales revenue growth and profit / loss responsibilities. Serves consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, medical, OEMs, and telecommunications sectors. Leads large sales teams, channel management, direct bid / proposal process, negotiates large contracts, performs customer presentations / product roadmaps. Has experience developing sales teams upon startup. Generates technical documentation and performs various complex market analysis. Products involve: Analog, digital, memory modules, microprocessors, power management ICs, AC/DC, DC/DC, battery chargers, lithium ion, switches, and more. 150K. 01062015.3

Vice President of Sales / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated history of proven sales revenue growth for a variety of electronics for fitness, medical, automotive, RF, telephony, security, power management and semiconductor sectors. Product lines: Sensors/instrumentation, wireless, optical, audio/visual, CPS, mixed signal, amplifiers, RS232, RS422 and more. Is major contributor to design process and prototypes and very well traveled. Builds sales channels from scratch. 160-170K. 01062015.1

Test Equipment Engineer / RF, Automotive, Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. A long history designing test equipment, hands on building stations and facilities and procuring all materials necessary, supervising test groups and developing procedures for variety of electronics, including special test equipment for prototypes. Has worked with test technology for: UPS, DSP, converters, motors, transformers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, PLC, various other electronics and semiconductor / software, amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, fuel cells and hybrid vehicle subassemblies. Industries are commercial, automotive, avionics, government and RF / satellite programs. Good contract work candidate. Uses Labview, Spice, ORCAD, RS422 and more. Uses wide array of test tools and analyzers, and well-versed in MIL-STDs.  Very well traveled. 75-85K. 01052015.18

Senior Electrical Test Engineer – Hardware / Software

MSEE>20 Years. A hardware and software test pioneer as it relates to computer-based automatic control systems, data acquisition systems, new test equipment, IT and circuitry, consumer products, various controllers and microcontrollers, electric vehicles, various electronics, instrumentation, visual systems and power supplies. Strong expertise in developing virtually all test plans / procedures / requirements, including for prototypes, calibration, root cause failure and other analysis, implements corrective actions to design and manufacturing processes, develops verification plans, has led manufacturing startup, and analyzes processes. Has project and product management talent. Uses LabView, Assembler, Pascal, and more. Patent activity. Six Sigma. 90-100K. 12052014.8