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Lead Product Engineer – HydroElectric Controls

BSEE. Provides engineering skill for utility power generation products including custom hydro-electric governor control systems and generators, and has also worked with relay logic, PLCs/HMIs, automation, servos, pressure controls, digital controllers, and AC power systems. Provides design, facility upgrades, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, often as project manager with supervisory responsibilities. Frequent engineering teacher on software and tools. Uses, Advantech, AutoCAD, Creo, MATLAB. < 10 Years. 100K. 06152015.2

Global Sales Engineer – Motors/Turbomachinery, Sensors

Well-traveled, global sales manager working with turbomachinery, electric motors and related test equipment, pumps, actuators, sensors/detectors, robotics, high pressure reactors and industrial equipment and software automation for variety of markets such as automotive, defense, chemical plants, refineries and oil & gas. Excels with new product launch, demonstrations, consultative style, and problem resolution. Expert negotiator. 80K. 06082015.01


Project Manager – Security and Control Software

BSCS/PMP. Excels working in project management office (PMO) team or solo environments, for software development/upgrades for commercial, energy controls, security industry, and custom satellite ground station applications. Involved in varied aspects: Design-to-cost estimations, cost/risk analysis, schedule and scope, training and project management of offshore teams, software testing, and customer negotiations. Technical support for contract lifecycle and frequent technical liaison. Has developed PMO websites. PM tools: Concerto, Agile, Spiral, Waterfall, SAP, Sharepoint. Contract or Direct. 05112015.6

Instrumentation / Controls Electrical Engineer – Transportation

BSEE. Designs various controls, devices and systems for pump rooms, fuel systems, electrical/nuclear power and ventilation plants, and depots and stations relating to rail, bus, and subway transit systems. Works with automation controls, programming PLCs/HMIs, generating technical drawings, coordinating with contractors/project teams, and performing calculations for voltage, arc flash, cabling, heat loss and panel loading. Many activities involve post-catastrophe infrastructure rehabilitation field work. Uses Vijeo Citect, LTSpice, Trax Maker, SKM, SolidWorks, LabVIEW, C, VHDL. 5 Years. 70K. 04202015.5

Electrical & Systems Design/Integration Engineer

BSEE. A truly diversified engineering professional:

  • Substation, SCADA and Protection & Control: Leads field installations, performs switching, wiring and drawings verifications, troubleshooting
  • Critical Power: Designs, integrates and installs UPS, power monitoring and other equipment, optimizes data management and provides customer technical support for large entities (data centers, military (FAA), Internet-of-Things)
  • Communications:  Experienced developer and systems integrator with HMI, video, audio and security control systems for military and government organizations. Subject Matter Expert on video monitoring

Contract or Direct hire. 80K. 03182015.01

Power Solutions and Smart Grid Architect

Ph.D.EE. A transmission and distribution power solutions developer, providing Subject Matter Expertise for Smart Grid applications. Also designs and develops specification for complex distribution feeder automation projects, energy management systems from co-defined customer requirements. Uses industry network to convert emerging technologies/trends into realized product development and capitalizes on utility cross-business opportunities. Focus is on operational reliability and provides on-site service, troubleshooting. Fortran, C, Pascal, Unix, MATLAB Expert, EMTP, AutoCAD. 120K. 03172015.11

Power T&D / Substations Sales & Services Manager

BSEE. Brings technical edge to power transmission and distribution automation and equipment sales and service. Utilizes industry experts to enhance sales revenue for Smart Grid, advanced metering, demand response, SCADA control, voltage optimization/monitoring equipment, and wireless communications. Oversees regional management, channel sales staff and partners, providing custom sales plans and applied industry research initiatives. Provides overhead/underground switchgear expertise. Maintains 7-figure budgets and tracks performance goals results. Utilizes cross-business principles. 10 Years. 90K. 03172015.10

Director, Engineering/Mechanical High Temp Equip

Ph.D-ME. Leads design teams at technologist level for automation equipment, turbines, power generation/conversion, renewable energy/hydro-power (marine) and power modulation equipment. Performs computational mechanics, risk assessment, validation, budgeting, scheduling, plus drives product roadmaps, generates system-level specifications, and designs to stringent standards for harsh environments (thermals, vibration etc). Structural analysis involves rotor dynamics, bearing system analysis, hydraulics.  ANSYS, CFX, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Abaqus, C, MATLAB, Simulink, Maple, MathCAD. Multi patents/award/honors. >15 Years. 175K. 03172015.01

Software Systems Test Lead – Contract – Utility

BSCS. Performs large software systems test and defect resolution on contract/on site for large organizations and utilities. Provides customization, configuration, upgrades, version control, implementation planning and and risk mitigation with strong quality assurance focus. Performs lifecycle tests including function, integration, end-to-end, user acceptance, load, stress and performance under both manual and automated test methods. Systems include billing/meter data management, SmartMeter, CIS and power outage applications. Oracle, DB2, ALM, Win/LoadRunner, SQL, Cobol, Assembler. Contract Only. $120/hour.

Power Systems/SCADA Substation Automation Engineer

Performs automation and planning for large, high voltage substations for utility and industrial sectors.

  • Complete drawing packages for SCADA/HMI, protection and control, metering and communications.
  • Comprehensive analysis and studies, using ETAP & SKM for short circuit, load flow, device coordination, relay settings and arc flash.
  • Single line, block and wiring diagrams; A/C and D/C schematics; and wiring, DCS, PLC, grounding, power equipment and panel layouts.
  • Power factor and harmonic modeling, simulation, workload demand, PFC.

Has experience with real time data management systems and global electrical codes, and is project-minded. 110K. 03052015.01

Director, Substations, Power Distribution and Transmission

Ph.D-EE, P.E. Cert. An electrical engineering & construction team leader, working with substation automation/protection and control, power distribution and transmission lines/SmartGrid, and all types of electrical equipment for utility sector and with international reach. Variety of applications to include combined gas/electric, hydro, wind, and overhead/underground distribution feeders. Brings new technology through US & foreign regulatory certification and performs risk mitigation. Multilingual. 175K. 02242015.7

Substation and Plant Automation Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Integrates, configures and programs routines/code for various systems into power transmission and distribution electrical substations, power plants, plus oil & gas and mining refineries. Works with SCADA, HMI, protection & control, PLC, DCS and ERP for site automation. Manages teams on various refurbish, re-instrumentation and new installation projects; monitors cost, budget and schedule; develops ESD programs; and generates user-friendly but highly technical maintenance programs. Is very project-minded. Has developed prototype libraries for documentability. Is a hands-on expert with various protocols such as IEC-61850 (and more), DNP, OPC, Modbus and too many to list. Uses C, Gensym, Visual Basic and more for programming. Multi-lingual. 90K. 02232015.4

Facilities, Factory Automation General Manager / Board Level Magnetics Design

MBA, MSME, P.E. Cert/20 Years. Has many achievements in power systems, factory automation and robotics for industrial, military, aerospace and semiconductor industries. Leads new product introductions with product roadmaps (such as >50% transformer innovation revenue growth), has profit/loss ownership for custom automation projects, key customer account responsibility, provides on-time delivery milestones and engineering resource scheduling, implements design process improvements, and develops / implements branding, among other talents. Has background in applications engineering involving actuators, motion control and more, plus a particularly successful electromechanical product design – singularly effecting 8 figure sales revenue growth. 150K. 02162015.3

Product Line Director, Isolated Power Electronics, AC/DC, Lighting

MSEE/>20 Years. An industry leader in innovative product introductions involving isolated power electronics, AC/DC (5W to over 300W adapters with mixed signal platform, SR drivers), LLC and interleave controllers, lighting (dimmable LED drivers, 900V flyback). Works to dominate markets by: Leveraging cost effective platforms with high performing products; providing strategic concept direction and product roadmap/execution; driving/defining customer requirements and field applications; and, employing high level marketing/branding tactics. Has proven product introduction rate improvement of 50%. Consistently builds high tech power design, test and systems engineering teams. Is prolific industry presenter/author and generates relevant patents. Contact us for more details! 02122015.1

Director of Sales / Business Development – Utility Products

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level sales and business development leader for large power transformers, switchgear, SmartGrid and distribution automation solutions / substations for utility, investor-owned and large industrial entities. Orchestrates sales revenue and business development plans and strategy road plan with defined goals and expectations. Uses various techniques including partnerships development, tactical concepts, branding, plus customer training and value-add propositions. Owns profit and loss, and penetrates national and South American markets. Drives global manufacturing facilities utilization. Brings backgrounds in high finance, and applications engineering regarding grid power, energy management systems, and energy automation software/hardware for transmission utilities with substantial technical presentation/live demonstration expertise. Multilingual. 130-140K. 01302015.5

Power Systems Project / Operations Manager

MBA, BS-Systems/15 Years. Manages turnkey projects for electrical transmission and distribution substations facilities, protection / control (relays), and automation systems for utilities, industrial and commercial end users. Has completed approximately 80 automation system contracts with 98% on-time delivery and 99% were below budget. Actively participates in new product development such as “intelligent” electronic P and C relays, leading innovation performance improvement and reducing launch time/costs. Integrates SAP/ERP systems. Uses a wealth of software tools to effect proactive project management and manufacturing principles. Brings a background in finance, involving systems development for effective international billing, cloud CRM and resource management. A significant, high level background in quality management with TQM, Six Sigma, ISO, PMI PMP (using Agile, SOX, CMMI and more) and involving FAA, IEEE, MIL-Q-9858A and DoD standards. Consultant or direct hire. 80-90K. 01282015.3

Power Systems / Protection and Control Engineer

BSEE-Honors, PE Cert/<10 Years. A professional engineer with power systems and substations expertise, and strong customer focus, relating to protection and control, utility networking automation (Modbus, NDP, IEC61850) and IP architecture, and complex load-flow/short circuit/fault modeling and disturbance/system stability analysis. Experience applies to various relay types (digital microprocessor, universal), SCADA, meters and metering rates concepts, switchgear and components and more. Uses 3-phase relay test sets, performs CT selection, systems simulations, implements asset management projects, and often provides managerial consulting on-site with substantial customer and regulatory officials interaction. Builds customer relationships and increases upgrade revenue. Utility, wind and solar power industries. Uses Matlab, PSpice, PSCAD, ETAP, SKM, Gantt, CRM and more. Available for direct or contract hire. 80-90K. 01222015.2



Systems Integration / Automation / SCADA Engineer

BSEET/>20 Years. Designs and programs substation automation solutions/SCADA and HMI using SQL, DMS/EMS systems and network configuration, and integrates protection / control and data acquisition devices for utilities. Integrates data from analog feedback, digital IO and variable frequency drives. Design experience includes various hardware, panels and layouts.  Manages bid processes and technical proposals. Works with various resources to actively resolve all customer issues. Uses AutoCAD, Visio. 80-90K. 01202015.6

Power Electronics Engineering / Operations Manager

BSEE-Honors/15 Years. Dual product line engineering and operations manager for semiconductor test equipment, high current power supplies, switches, drive/motion components, analog, digital, microprocessors, instrumentation, sensors, thermal and automation/process engineering solutions, and various software. Manages engineering groups and operations, including overseas; builds teams, creates various system architectures (PLM), implements TQM and process improvements, leads product introductions, and facilitates costs/budgets/profit and loss benefits. Has a mechanical design background. A direct or consultant candidate. 130K. 01202015.4

Sales and Marketing Manager – Renewable Energy

BA-Chem/>20 Years. A regional and national sales and marketing manager for photovoltaic systems and equipment (cells, modules), inverters, DC/AC, monitoring platforms, controls and automation. Employs go-to-market strategies, tactics and B2B/B2C principles for large and emerging renewable energy clients such as wind and solar, but also commercial (>50kW) and residential (>10kW). Implements CRM systems, and develops, manages and trains all sales channels and direct staff. Is an executive level professional. Available for full time roles or part time consulting work. 100K. 01192015.7

Lead Engineer / Electro-Mechanical, Components

MBA, BSME/15 Years. An engineering manager and leader in electro-mechanical design for various products: Engine subsystems, devices, valves, actuators, automation machinery, components. Works with global customers, manages in-depth innovative design projects, conducts high level design reviews and comprehensive presentations, leads and manages reliability teams / engineers, applies global initiatives for formal training, performs and analyzes stress and other factors for optimization to reduce schedule and risk. Performs redesigns and reverse engineering, develops test plans, and investigates returns for root cause. Is highly project oriented. Uses AMESim, Matlab, Pro/E and Mechanica series, SolidWorks and more. Patent activity. 90K. 01152015.5

VP, Operations – Electronic Systems / Communications / Power Electronics

BSIE-Honors/>20 Years. Executive level operations and manufacturing professional for domestic and international concerns in aerospace, avionics, defense/military and commercial industries. Applies cost controls, provides supply chain / configuration / resource management, inventory / production control, strategic business goals, high level customer problem resolution, multi million $ profit / loss / margin / budgets and customer returns program responsibilities. Has grown expansion division startups, overseen multiple locations, and implemented vast cost reduction programs. A significant additional role in quality management. Multiple professional certifications. APICS, Kanban, TQM, Lean, ISO. 200K. 01132015.14

Control Systems and Integration Engineer

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A vast amount of very innovative systems design, integration and upgrade experience working with various hardware and software, embedded technology, PLC, thermals, automation, RFID, real time operating systems, robotics, HMI/SCADA, motion controls, green energy/generators and more. Varied industries such as industrial, power electronics, medical, entertainment/TV, consumer products and food – along with various stringent regulatory codes (FDA, etc). Provides object/component oriented programming, reverse engineering, modeling, simulation, algorithms, testing, technical documentation, extensive technical support, networking, and drives concepts to fruition. Uses AutoCAD, SQL, XML, OPS, Modbus, Labview, Matlab and more. An excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01122015.2

Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE-CE/>20 Years. Brings program management and technical background to sales and marketing for automation, GPS, wireless, antenna, PCB, magnetics, inductors, transformers, chokes, accelerometers, imaging systems and more. Proven sales and marketing talent for telecommunications, semiconductor, oil/gas, robotics, medical, industrial and military industries. Manages sales force and large channels, provides complex strategies, negotiations / large contracts and brings technical talent to oversee design-ins. Very well traveled. 80-90K. 01092015.3

Global Consultant – IT / Networking

MSCS/>20 Years. A high level consultant or executive to drive business development and especially technology innovations. Specializes in product launches, capturing venture income to start-up companies, complex business strategies, high level marketing, IT systems architecture / user interface / software / services, product engineering, and streamlining operations. Some products include: Enterprise, cloud, security, automation and RFID. Industries are media/entertainment, wireless / telecommunications, transportation, and consumer electronics. Has international reach. 130-140K. 01072015.4

Field Service Electrical Engineer / Protection and Control

BSEE/15 Years. Brings a varied background with multiple technical talents for design engineering, field service installation, maintenance and repair for substations / utility. Includes calibration, extensive test expertise / troubleshooting, failure mitigation, complex analysis and comprehensive regulatory compliance skill. Significant vendor relations/monitoring. Involves transformers, transducers, breakers, switchgear, relays, fiber optics, SCADA. Has aerospace/avionics and automotive design background: VFDs, motors, pumps, video, thermal imaging, instrumentation/sensors, and accelerometers for vibration / reliability systems issues. Also FAA expertise, Top Secret clearance. Fluent: Spice family, Matlab, LabView, Simulink, Catia, SAS and much more. Multi-lingual. Multiple professional certs. 80-100K. 01072015.2

Consultant – Power Electronics / Energy Sciences

MBA, BSEE, PE/10 Years. A high level business consultant for power electronics and energy technology to drive business development, sales, product management, bid processes, engineering / manufacturing / operations supervision, processes improvement, design management, complex strategies and studies and especially all facets of project management (technical specifications, resources, accounting, Gantt, reporting, scheduling). Varied applications involve power generation / demand, power distribution, systems software, utility substations, Smart Grid, high voltage, generators, switchgear, automation, motor controls / drives, pumps, photovoltaics and lighting. Develops SCRUM process, load flow analysis. Has electrical forensic legal experience. 75-85K. 01052015.8

IT/Networking Regional Sales Manager

BA/20 Years. A concentrated background in all things IT/networking. Specializes in IP cyber security, video surveillance, ethernet, IT communications, wireless, fiber optics, and highly complex solutions. Applications and industries are utility, public works, data centers, military , transportation, industrial automation, oil/gas (petrochemicals) and OEM. Authors many technical guides and presentations, plus frequently conducts formal training. Leads large sales groups over large territories, and forms collaborative teams to drive sales revenue. A consultant candidate. SCADA, Linux and more. 80K. 12232014.1

Regional Sales Director, Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. Manages large sales groups for multi million $ sales volumes for power electronics (switchgear, automation, reclosers, power demand equipment, high voltage) and test instrumentation, cabling. Applicable industries: Utilities, industrial. Responsible for new product and business development, strategic account and sales channel management, planning, forecasting, negotiations, and managing customer service teams. Has significant training and education experience. 120K. 12082014.6

Lead Hardware Engineer – Electronics

BSEE/15 Years. Work with a variety of product lines: Storage drives, MEMS, lighting controls, automation, microcontrollers, semiconductor, networking, digital / analog, power electronics, embedded systems, telephony, wireless. Designs, develops new innovations, tests, debugs, performs failure analysis, customer support, process improvement, provides EMI validations, part characterizations, and coding (security, encryption). Industries: IT, Lighting, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor. Extensive collaborations. Uses Visio, PADS, DxDesigner, ViewLogic, ICE and more. 120-130K. 12052014.5

Electrical Engineering Consultant – Motors

MSEE/>20 Years. A highly innovative engineering professional for consultancy relating to magnetics, electric motors, electronic pump systems, analysis equipment, robotics, automation systems and IT/semiconductor. Develops and implements new generation 3D modeling, testing programs and software designs. Has extensive experience with designing for oil and gas industry. Large amount of patent activity, publications and presentations. Very well travelled. 200K. 12042014.16

Manufacturing and Design Process Engineer / Quality

AAEE(plus)/20 Years. A manufacturing engineering leader who drives quality and process improvements across multiple design and operational platforms, brings product development to volume production, performs business turnaround and builds start-ups, and reduces cost / grows efficiency.  Performs root cause and other analysis, characterizations, reduces scrap / rework, implements technical software applications and enhanced tools for optimization, and improves automation. Multi-billion $ industries: Aerospace, avionics, optical, imaging, communications, consumer electronics. Product line examples: Actuators, semiconductors, MOSFET, cable connectors, metrology systems. An excellent consultancy candidate. Has website and app expertise. Uses SolidWorks, Perl, Minitab, EyeLit, WIPtrac, Gage RR, SPC, RCA. Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO. Patent activity. 100K. 12042014.12

National Sales Manager – Power Electronics

BSEE/20 Years. Potential high grade consultant for various industries to include following products/industries/technologies: Power electronics, utility systems, lighting, electrical automation and control, detection systems, and software applicable to medical, healthcare, transportation, industrial, telecommunications, military and IT. Has managed very large sales groups, developed OEM sales, substantial experience completely restructuring sales channels and has extensive marketing background. Brings technical expertise to sales revenue generation talent. A prolific public speaker and author. 100K. 12022014.13

Engineering Manager – Efficiency and Process Improvement

BSEE. An engineering manager, prototype and design engineer for power electronics, magnetics and automated controls for production assembly lines.  Involves transformers, inductors, high voltage technology and more for military, aerospace, medical, automotive, commercial and industrial. Designs hardware and provides variety of technical documentation, works with extensive regulatory standards and ISO, concentrates on efficiency and organizational improvements, manages engineering staff, generates proposals / cost estimating, performs as technical sales lead, and is often primary customer liaison. Has a strong safety background. Brings very significant IT / networking expertise, having worked multi locations, website development, implemented cloud platforms, developed all new computer networks and much more. 90K. 12022014.11

Substation Protection and Control Senior Engineer

Ph.D.-EE, CS/10 Years. A high level power protection and control engineering leader, dealing with large transmission stations, grid power, substations and also hydro-generation plants. Besides relay, capacitor bank and system P and C design, works with: Transmission lines, transformers, generators, breakers, FPGA, RF electronics, EMTP / transient / SCADA, Smart Grid, high level monitoring systems, early warning systems. Performs quality analysis, modeling, testing, troubleshooting, automation. Has developed large network architectures, cyber security systems, and an entire substation facility. Provides extensive field training and on site hands on installation and test. Has significant safety and ISO background. Uses Matlab, ASPEN and more. Patented. Published. 100K. 12022014.10

Internet Software Consultant – Contract

MSCS-Automation/>10 Years. Has a concentrated experience base with various website applications (Ruby on Rails), mobile, wireless, data center management, cloud platforms, embedded system software and more. Uses design, development, simulation, modeling, and complex calculations / analysis. Uses Java, Ruby, Python, jQuery, HTML and more.  Has worked extensively with CISCO equipment. 90K. 12022014.8

National Business Development Manager

BSBA/20 Years. Sells and hands on project manages control rooms and building security systems to include power management for large facilities. Very high level sales and R&D with management of staff and teams. Vast array of industries to include utilities, government, sensitive military projects, oil / gas, wind farms, transportation and much more. Solves complex high voltage power problems. High level plant operations for very large customers. Develops building green energy automation concepts. Multi million $ negotiations with corporate contracts. Develops/presents 3D simulations. Multi-awarded and renown for business leadership. SCADA, LEEDS. Security clearance. Very well travelled. 100-120K. 11262014.2

Lead Substation Engineering Manager

MSEE/>10 Years. A project leader with responsibilities for the maintainability of various, specific substations, requiring extensive multi-tasking and management abilities. Performs hands-on skillsets of engineering and also supervision, as well as multiple layouts and complex calculations for substation operations, automation and equipment which include transformers, variety of controllers, protection and control systems, grounding, control panels, switchgear and more for multi-voltage including high voltage. Produces all relevant technical documentation, specifications, SOWs, BOMs and complex studies. Participates in FATs and bid process. Is plant lighting systems expert. Develops and modifies software for specific design needs. Fluent: MatLab, Simulink, AcSELerator, Aspen, CALCLUX and more. Multiple certifications. 100-120K. 11252014.11

Senior Electrical Project Engineer / Field Service

BSEE/15 Years. A hands-on O&M engineer with multi functions: Design, installation, test, maintenance, repair, overall field service, materials ordering to component level, design review and substantial coordination with on and off site team members. Products / technologies involve transformers, panels, meters, instrumentation, automation systems, relays, protection and control, motor control and high voltage. Contract work would apply. 70K. 11202014.7

Operations / Engineering Manager – Consumer Electronics

MSIE, BSEE/>20 Years. Has a wealth of high level business experience to include every facet of departmental expertise (manufacturing, engineering, quality, etc). An excellent consultant candidate. Products / technologies include: computer electronics / networking, wireless and fiber optics for consumers, OEM, medical and other industries. Responsible for multi million $ budgets, profit and loss, start ups, overseeing new product development, quality goals achievement, process improvements and implementation, automation. Has experience with technology transfer, factory relocations, and directing large bodies of engineering and manufacturing staff for product lifecycles. 130-150K. 11172014.13