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Director of Sales and Applications Engineering-Semiconductor

BSME. Executive level microelectronics sales director, managing large direct sales groups, representatives, and field applications engineering staff for analog semiconductor ICs, embedded products and MOSFETs for audio/video, industrial OEM, IT/consumer, medical, military and aerospace applications. Specializes in increased revenue with high volume customers, opening new markets and successfully expanding sales channels. Has sold extensively to Asian markets. Call us for more details! 06122015.6

Sr Product Marketing / Applications Manager

MSEE. Has wealth of power electronics and IC product marketing, sales/business development, project management, and field applications engineering experience.

  • Digital, analog, wireless devices, controls, audio/video, networking and semiconductor (memory, ASIC, RFIC) products and applications.
  • Global sales and customer support, design-in solutions architecture, product roadmaps, specifications definition and new product launch.
  • Excels at tech docs (manuals, white papers) and lab test/qualification processes.

Multilingual. 140K. 05192015.7

Sr PCB Design, Layout and Test Technician

Strong PCB technician working with analog, power management ICs, modules and prototypes for power electronics, DC/DC, RF and audio. Skills include schematic capture, SMT, thru-hole, overall laboratory organization, building/testing demo and evaluation boards, data acquisition, debug/troubleshooting, and characterization. Also develops BOMs, data sheets, test procedures, performs test prep setup and virtually all types of PCB/IC lab tests. Uses Altium, Cadence, PCAD, Camtastic. 15 Years. 70K. 05082015.7

Director, Sales and Marketing – Satellite Telecommunications

BSEE. Grows revenue exponentially in Latin/Caribbean regions and globally for satellite communications equipment, software and services for telecommunications (TV, cellular, internet), commercial, government and military. Introduces breakthrough products with technical hand, employs branding/product positioning, fosters strategic global alliances, develops and manages channel sales. Focus is capturing both new business and displacing competitors. Excellent communicator with top level customer contacts in own regional network. Conducts customer training and presentations. Bilingual. 85K. 04092015.01

Sr Staff Embedded Firmware Engineer

MSEE. Performs firmware architecture and development for embedded devices such as NAND flash and solid state drives (SATA/SCSI/ATA), computer and non-OS systems, RTOS, microcontrollers (ARM, MIPS), set-top-boxes and audio system modules, wireless applications and PCB ASIC/FPGA. Skilled in programming, platform bring-up, verification, test, debug and is “go-to” for problem resolution. Works routinely with device and graphics drivers, Linux, C, JTAG/ICE, and logic/bus analyzers. Strong customer interface experience. 165K. 03242015.4

Embedded Engineer, DSP/FPGA, Audio / Visual – Avionics

MSEE/10 Years. Experienced embedded firmware engineer involved with in-flight audio/visual electronics and entertainment systems. Utilizes DSP, FPGA, high speed interfaces, ethernet, and channel PHY to design, test and troubleshoot multi-layer PCBs for microprocessors and microcontrollers involving both analog and digital. Performs PCB layouts, schematic design, component quality assurance, board bring-up and verification, thermal analysis and stack-up / impedance / trace calculations. Assists overseas manufacturing, performs test evaluations of prototypes, root cause analysis (5-Why) with related reporting, redesigns, monitors component obsolescence, and generates field troubleshooting guides. Experienced with SMT and through-hole rework and implementing design process modifications. Uses ANSI C, MATLAB, Verilog, OrCAD, MathCAD, P/HSpice, ADS and more. 80K. 02122015.5

Analog and Power Semiconductor Product Manager

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level product definition / management leader for analog, power switching, battery chargers, energy harvesting devices, LED drivers, buck/boost regulators, amplifiers, audio systems, plus power management ICs and wafer fabrication; applying to power electronics, mobile telephony / consumer electronics, wireless sensor networks and RF, military/defense and general industrial. Develops product technology roadmaps, manages high 8-figure annual revenue product line, provides “look-ahead” 3-year product line planning strategies, oversees yearly operating plan implementation, achieves design wins, ensures highest return product lines are in pipeline and that revenue commitment goals are met. Substantial customer and supplier interaction, including overseas. Extensive background in wafer fabrication. 200K. 01302015.4

Field Applications Engineer – Regional Sales Management / Semiconductor

MSEE/20 Years. A sales driven field applications Engineer over large regions. Bring applications and high level technical engineering experience to the road, with marketing / sales experience, to drive new business and provide excellent customer care. An expert presentation / demonstration / customer interaction professional, providing pre/post sales support (customer lifecycle), drives sales targets and with channel/manufacturing rep groups management, a known customer advocate, performs on-site troubleshooting, and emulates customer set-ups. Trains sales staff and FAEs, captures design-in wins, provides modeling, analysis, simulations, laboratory test/rework, and writes all manner of technical documentation. Products / technologies: Semiconductor, integrated circuits, digital, AC/DC, audio, infrared, VoIP, power supplies. Very well traveled. 120-130K. 01152015.7

RF PCB and Test Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. Dual talent and innovative hands on engineer for design, test, troubleshoot, debug, and validation for lifecycle PCB, analog, digital, SMART boards, wireless circuitry, audio, video, power supplies, filters, antenna systems, and cables. A test engineer expert involving environmental, sampling, test cases, test plans / equipment / development, ATE systems, designing related hardware and tooling, and software programming. Significant lab and test bench setup, plus manufacturing environment experience. Well versed in all lab tools. Provides additional skillsets such as technical support, specifications, root cause analysis, BOM creation, software programming, applying regulatory standards (FCC plus) including regulatory interaction with overseas factories and suppliers. Uses OrCAD, PADS, PCB Designer, Altium, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Eagleware, ADS and more. Applies 5S and lean principles. 70K. 01122015.9

Director, Applications Engineering / Power Electronics, RF-Microwave

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. A dual-role high level director for field application engineering and business development. Industries involve commercial, space programs, IT/networking, RF/microwave, satellites, telecommunications. Has driven expert design and prototypes for following power electronics and RF systems: Analog, microcontrollers, power supplies, converters, audio/video, radios, security systems, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, attenuators, tuners, ASIC and more. With global customer interaction and technical support, defines requirements and delivers presentations, increasing sales and marketing opportunities. Has managed sales groups for multi million $ revenue development. Provides technical product management and roadmaps. Well published. 150-175K. 01062015.9

Lead Applications Engineer – Power / Optical / Audio

MSEE+/20 Years. An in-depth design, engineering and applications leader with expertise especially in optical, audio and power related technologies for telecommunications, semiconductor, medical and IT industries. Product / technical applications: transceivers, high speed analog circuits / modules, controllers, DC/DC converters, laser drivers, amplifiers, serializers, driver ICs, microwave, EMI, mixed signal and high voltage. Skillsets include: staff management, new product development / definition / design-in, concept research, competitor analysis, full life cycle, high level system architecture, bench work, board layout and very strong expertise with debugging. Cadence Allegro, Spice, Xilinx, ASICS, FPGA, Altium, MATLAB, Simulink and more. Has also physics background. >100K. 10242014.9

Product Engineer – Semiconductors

BSEE/>10 years. Characterization, qualification, yield analysis and product failure analysis. of audio, mobile, and RF semiconductor devices. Supported customers on product issues and estimated product cost and performed cost reduction. Developed an automation program for data collection. 150K #232014.3