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Manager, RF/Satellite Ground Systems Engineering

MBA, MSEE. Manages worldwide ground system infrastructure engineering systems design and integration to support spacecraft/high throughput satellite communications via scanned phased antenna arrays. Architects telemetry, tracking, control subsystems, and carrier monitoring. Authors disaster recovery plans and other technical/operational documentation. Very strong VP-quality background and has project-engineered large offshore drilling programs. Solves critical, complex and high profile engineering problems. Highly skilled at customer relations. Patents, Pubs. 125K. 06112015.4

RF Antenna / Phased Array Responsible Engineer

Ph.D-EE/Fellow. Accountable RF/microwave engineering leader, bringing antenna systems architectural design/analysis/test talent, working with entire antenna systems, phased arrays, and components (reflectors, horns, couplers). Conducts internal and customer design reviews, manages multiple program budgets, responsible for specifications, SOWs, and manages program engineering staff (reviews drawings, test procedures). Career-long strong customer interaction. Secret Clearance. Patents/Pubs. 140K. 06042015.6

RF Programs Manager, RFIC/Device Technologist

Ph.D-EE. Leads large military/defense warfare RF/microwave programs involving design experimentation. Products: RF/MMIC, GaN/GaAs/SiGe, MEMs, various drivers, sensors, synthesizers, transceivers, and microelectronics for radar systems, infrared applications, cutting edge antennas/duplexers, phased arrays. Principal Architect on many high profile programs. Awards, Patents, Pubs and has Industry Senior-level Memberships. ADS, Cadence, SpectreRF, Sonnet, EMPro/3D. Contact us for more details! 06042015.3

Principal Systems Engineer – RF Antenna Array SME

Ph.D-Physics. Subject Matter Expert  for RF systems in ground and space-based antennas, arrays, radar, satellite communications, electromagnetics, range metrology, upper atmosphere geophysics and remote sensing applications. Performs high level modeling and simulation, data analysis/interpretation, performance analysis, system/hardware design, and propagation – often involving Top Secret electronic warfare applications. Multiple publications. 130K. 06012015.2

RF/Microwave Antenna Design Engineer – R&D

Ph.D-EE. RF/microwave specialist working with large and small antennas, radar/radio wave propagation, receivers, coils, devices. Design innovative and highly experimental concepts applying to satellites, wireless, imaging and telecommunications industries. Develops algorithms, performs 3D simulation, complex analysis, optimization, and lab test/anechoic chamber measurements. Uses MATLAB, HFSS, CST, Microwave Wizard, Pro/E, ADS, CAD, Assembly, C. 10 Years. 120K. 05292015.01

Principal Antenna / Phased Array Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Innovative design engineer for variety of antennas and array systems for military/defense, space and aerospace.

  • Antenna Types: Active, polarized, Ku-band, wideband dipole, antipoldal vivaldi, circular waveguide, planar spiral, compact loop, many more.
  • Has specified/designed measurement chamber, performs calibration, characterization, tuning, mathematical/simulation analysis, test setup/demo.

SBIR projects. Customizes MATLAB. Uses C, CodeWarrior, Microwave Studio, Simulink, SolidWorks, PSpice. Multiple pubs/papers, honors, awards. 5 Years. 105K. 05222015.2

Principal Antenna Array Engineering Manager

Leads innovative antenna design engineering staff and has significant array/base station technology experience for commercial and military. Types include active, passive, wide and broadband, isolated, dipole/dual beam, polarized, horizontal/vertical beam tilt, phase shift and dielectric. Also performs complex calculations, such as for impedance, power distribution, wave length, array progression. Uses Ansoft, CST Microwave, Ensemble, AutoCAD, FEKO and more. Long list of patents. 160K. 05212015.4

RF/Microwave and MetaMaterials Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE. Industry renown Fellow and scientist-level RF/Microwave engineering leader. Works domestically and often internationally with various next-generation antenna array development, calibration, satellite payloads and GPS contracts including hardware, software and controls. Technical aspects include tapered helix, Ku-band Rx, digital beamforming, and the complex contract-winning applied research in metamaterials development for military, aerospace and space industries. TS/SCI,  DoD Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. Awards, patents and pubs. Please contact us for more details! 05182015.8

Analog and RF Design Engineer – Automotive

MBA, MSEE. Designs innovative automotive systems, components and software controls involving Steering, starting, entry security, pressure monitors. Specializes in wireless embedded radio systems, antennas (RF), receiver modules for commercial and military vehicles. Strong customer interface, validation, and CAN bus protocol troubleshooting. Cognizant Release Engineer & EMC/EMI specialization. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice, DSP, C. Awards, patents. Contract or Direct. 100K. 05182015.01

Principal Engineer – RF/Micro & Millimeter-Wave Design

Ph.D-EE. Scientist-level R&D design, development, analysis and debug:

  • RF/microwave circuitry, semiconductor/components, compound devices, planar antenna arrays, communication systems, dual/Ka/X-band SATCOM, and imaging systems for aerospace, defense and commercial.
  • Project examples: Next-generation ultra-fast PLL frequency synthesizers, and multi-stage radar receiver protectors/limiter modules.
  • Performs high-frequency electromagnetic analysis, packaging, 3D modeling, simulation and hands-on fabrication.

Serves industry as theoretical expert and also Program Management, Technology Transfer Head. Uses HFSS, ADS, Microwave Office, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Ansys & much more. >10 Years. 140K. 04272015.2

VP and General Manager – Aerospace/RF, DoD/Electronic Warfare

MS, BS-Physics/Honors. A global executive level business leader:

  • Aerospace, Space, RF/microwave (fixed and mobile antennas, tracking ground stations, SATCOM connectivity) electronic warfare (all divisions of military), support services and commercial electronics for multi-million $ programs
  • Entire company portfolio, business development, and profit/loss responsibility
  • Market assessment/strategy development for exponentially increased revenue, transforms global sales/marketing functionality and cross-sells amongst divisions

Leads industry projects comprised of multiple company alliances.  Active DoD/NATO Secret clearance. Multiple professional awards. Contact us for more details! 04162015.2

RFID and RF/Microwave Technology Scientist / Engineer

Ph.D-EE/CE. An RF/Microwave leader, providing innovative product design, evaluation, test/measurement and analysis. Strong EMI/EMC and signal integrity specialist.

  • Develops RFID systems: Antennas, transponders, and wireless signal harvesting, with harsh environments/form factor concerns, next-generation research (ceramics), anechoic test chamber performance, radiation pattern optimization.
  • Military and commercial applications to FCC and ETSI regulations. Provides global training and keeps finger on the RFID marketplace.
  • Miniaturized RF  front end component design experience with planar antennas, MIMO systems, EBG structures and metamaterials.

Vast array of patents including technical doc generation and patent processing experience. Large audience presentations, prolific publications, industry honors. 10 Years. 110K. 04072015.2

R&D Antenna Design Engineer

Ph.D.-EE. An applied electromagnetic and RF/microwave scientist, designing a variety of antenna types: Wide-band, broadband , dipole, slot, lateral disk, microstrip, low profile and more, including related communications systems. Has phased array design experience with feeds and matching networks, reducing mutual coupling, developing scripts. Performs 3D simulation, modeling and complex analysis. Has background in synthesizers, oscillators, imaging and Space Station product development. Uses FEKO, CST Microwave Studio, MATLAB, Ansoft Designer/HFSS. US Citizen. Top Secret clearance. 140K. 03312015.3



RF/Microwave Engineer/Filters, Antennas

Provides RF/microwave design, research, rapid-prototyping, simulation and test:

  • Filter types: Ceramic resonator, cavity, lumped element, band pass, band reject
  • Antennas: Yagi, dipole, mobile, small form factor, ultra broad band, VHF, UHF, concealed (covert)
  • Devices: Du/tri/multiplexers, hybrid & multi-couplers (VHF/UHF), equalizers, transit/resonator combiners and temperature compensation systems

Products apply to military, commercial, automotive. Uses ADS, Cadence, Altium, Ansoft HFSS, CST, Genesys, Parfil, PSpice, MasterCAM, OrCAD, Eagle, MATLAB, MathCAD. Contract or Direct hire. 100K. 03162015.01

Senior RF Design Engineer

BSEE. Performs RF satellite, antenna, GPS, radar, space systems applications design, analysis and test: RF circuitry, communication systems, analog electronics, radios, wireless systems, filters (tunable, harmonic, indoor/outdoor), HF/VHF radio, RFID, and optical transceivers. High level defense/warfare product development. Performs complex analysis, measurements, verifications, calculations (for TX/RX gain, noise, thermal, power dissipation and subsequent tuning and optimization). Uses Altium, Visio, Genesis. U.S. Citizen. 90K. 03062015.7

Mechanical Engineer -Contract/Avionics, RF, Space

BSME/Aero. Designs high rel mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, mechanisms and components such as antenna drives and inflatable systems, RF packaging, gear motors, aircraft struts, fasteners, latch systems, and power transmission. Performs product development/qualification, test, failure diagnostics, troubleshooting, re-designs and integration. Experienced with machining, casting, forging, welding, and sheet metal assembly. Prepares technical specs/procedures and conducts presentations. 100K. 03052015.7

Contract Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer / Power Supplies

BSME/>20 Years. Wealth of experience in high voltage electro-mechanical packaging involving power supplies and electronics for medical, communications and security industries. Provides packaging PCBs, hybrid ICs and other circuitry for aerospace/military, avionics, shipboard systems, and RF/antennas. Creates layouts, detailed drawings (specifications, schematics, envelope), performs integration tasks, redesigns, and employs human factoring, cooling, vibration suppression and thermal characteristics. Contract only. Uses substantial AutoCAD. 02252015.3

Program/Project Manager – Microwave/Antenna Devices and Subsystems

MSME/>20 Years. An accomplished program/project manager, with an engineering management background, exclusively working with passive microwave devices, robotic antenna measurement systems and other similar subsystems. Works through life of project from definition of scope, resource planning, design management, risk mitigation, cost/profit & loss to project closure. Maintains customer communications, progress reporting, technical & budget support to proposal team & supply chain, and provides design conflict resolution. Has experience with on-site international systems deployment and construction supervision. Is skilled at translating customer requirements into design package reality. Implements advanced design, modeling and simulation tools for product cost reductions. Uses AutoCad Inventor, ANSYS, Encompix ERP and applies Lean, Kaizen. 140-155K. 02232015.5

Operations / Project Manager – SATCOM / RF

BABA-Honors/15 Years. A very project-oriented operations executive for satellite communications, mobile terminals, antenna assemblies and more. Manages multiple large contract projects up to $700M to include overall implementation, coordination and close-out, involving customer interface, project cost accounting, export compliance and logistics. Effectively accelerates delivery schedules/reduces lead times by several weeks to six months resulting in significant cost savings / profitability. Has implemented single piece flow production process as required, leads design process conversions from high cost to low cost product lines, and beneficially modifies various other design processes. Proven inventory and WIP reduction achievements ($8M to 4.3M). 100K. 01282015.2

Senior RF Design Engineer

BSEE Electromagnetics-Honors/15 Years. A proven senior level RF design engineer and highly skilled technical leader to deliver passive and active in-demand RF products such as: 3DIC, BST and stackable BAW filters; pre-distortion circuitry for transceivers; miniature embedded antennas for 3GPP, BT, GNSS, ZigBee and WiFi with passive/active amplifiers; wired broadband; high speed opticals; various front-end modules; SATCOM; and high efficiency, low profile antennas. Leads design for wearable telecommunications and consumer devices with iOS software interface.

Drives many product development innovations. Skillsets and competencies include PCBA layout, multiphysics simulation, 3D device analysis, circuit modeling. Industries are military, antennas, commercial, and energy harvesting community. Multiple patents. Prolific technical author and standards / specifications contributor to RF industry. Uses/Skilled in: OrCad, LTSpice, AWR, CST Suite, Antenna test tools, M2M principles, Six Sigma and more.

Has held other roles in the RF environment such as Director of Technical Strategy and CTO. 150K. 01222015.5

Senior Design Engineer / RF and Semiconductor – Contract

MSEE/>20 Years. A dual, high talent design engineering contract professional and mentor for RF, semiconductor industries. RF: Antenna and satellite systems, oscillators for microwave/beam, convolvers, FPGA, specialized military computer systems design, power supplies with topologies, converters, optical, transceivers, DC/DC and more. Semi: PCB, power ICs, digital, mixed-signal, interface cards, networking products, microprocessors, SoC, ASIC, BiCMOS, motherboards and more. Other skillsets include component libraries development, modeling, simulation, schematic capture, optimization, complex analysis, packaging layout, specification generation, design review and redesigns. Has substantial test equipment development expertise. Teaches various technologies to industry, has staff management and extensive project management experience. Very fluent: Cadence, Verilog, DxDesigner, JTAG, Ethernet, Eagle, PathMill and much more. Manuals author. 120-130K. 01122015.13

Executive Engineering Management – Consultant

BSEE/>20 Years. A high performing executive with a technical hand, managing the following: Engineering, programs / projects, information systems, customer support, firmware / software programmers, production and more. Multi million $ product lines/technologies involved: Power electronics (converters, inverters, power supplies, circuitry, ASICs, embedded), satellite/antenna – RF, imaging, microprocessors, SoCs, networking/IT and communications systems. Industries involved commercial, military/defense, avionics, TV broadcasting, medical and transportation. Skillsets include policy alignment, team development, processes creation, overseas outsourcing, generates business plans, captures funding, structures startups, substantial customer interface, restructures entire engineering departments and implements automated systems such as CAD/CAM, CAE. Patents. Six Sigma, ISO. 160-180K. 01122015.10

RF PCB and Test Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. Dual talent and innovative hands on engineer for design, test, troubleshoot, debug, and validation for lifecycle PCB, analog, digital, SMART boards, wireless circuitry, audio, video, power supplies, filters, antenna systems, and cables. A test engineer expert involving environmental, sampling, test cases, test plans / equipment / development, ATE systems, designing related hardware and tooling, and software programming. Significant lab and test bench setup, plus manufacturing environment experience. Well versed in all lab tools. Provides additional skillsets such as technical support, specifications, root cause analysis, BOM creation, software programming, applying regulatory standards (FCC plus) including regulatory interaction with overseas factories and suppliers. Uses OrCAD, PADS, PCB Designer, Altium, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Eagleware, ADS and more. Applies 5S and lean principles. 70K. 01122015.9

Mechanical Designer – Aerospace / Avionics Structures

ASME/10 Years. Has experience with avionics primary and secondary structural modifications design, adapters, antenna adapters, and various parts and assemblies for mobile and airborne platforms. Provides electronic packaging, works with heat / vibration issues, prepares drawings / routings / technical documentation, and coordinates various players within project scope. Fluent: Catia. 70K. 01122015.6

Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE-CE/>20 Years. Brings program management and technical background to sales and marketing for automation, GPS, wireless, antenna, PCB, magnetics, inductors, transformers, chokes, accelerometers, imaging systems and more. Proven sales and marketing talent for telecommunications, semiconductor, oil/gas, robotics, medical, industrial and military industries. Manages sales force and large channels, provides complex strategies, negotiations / large contracts and brings technical talent to oversee design-ins. Very well traveled. 80-90K. 01092015.3

Antenna Systems Software Operations Engineer

MSEE/<5 Years. Operates and maintains antenna array communications processor for ranging and telemetry / supporting interplanetary spacecraft and other missions. Participates in software upgrades, design / readiness reviews, acceptance testing, procedures development for data delivery anomalies, and helps design and deploy software and tools as needed. Substantial team coordination and involvement. Also has unmanned vehicle background with GPS/navigation, sensors and instrumentation. Is project oriented. Uses Matlab, LabView. 70-80K. 01082015.1

International Sales Manager – Microwave, Wireless Equipment

BSEE/20 Years. A proven sales revenue multi million $ increase generator globally, but especially for asian markets, for RF/microwave and wireless equipment, EMC/EMI, radio, amplifiers, antennas / telemetry and more. Develops comprehensive business development plans, represents overseas equipment factories for IT, transportation, military/defense and other industries. 75-85K. 01072015.13

Principal RF / Microwave Design Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background designing RF systems and components such as: boards and circuitry, voltage regulators, switches, filters, a variety of complex transceivers, power management ICs, converters, amplifiers, modulators, synthesizers, video limiters, GPS receivers, attenuators and electronic countermeasures for antennas, radio, wireless and networking technologies. Generates schematics / layouts / BOMs, simulations, performs test and troubleshooting, and tests for EMI. Provides customer resolution. Fluencies: Cadence, PSPICE, ADS, Virtuoso. 150-160K. 01062015.13

RF Engineering Research Scientist – Consultant

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. An RF/microwave R&D engineering and consulting leader to aerospace, military, space program, telecommunications/wireless communities and background in various other electronics: Algorithms, GPS, amplifiers, wearables, sensors, etc.  Specializes in antenna arrays and satellites. Performs antenna high level analysis and design / packaging / geometry, evaluates / improves risk concerns, performance, calibration methods, participates in subcontractor and customer design reviews / integration and drives design decisions. Supports business capture. Has weather satellite antenna design optimization background. Has definitive expertise in automation testing, thermal and fluid dynamics sciences. Fluent: Ansoft, HFSS, CHAMP, MatLab and more. Multi patents, awards and publications. 150K. 12232014.8



Chief Design Engineer – RF/Microwave

Ph.D-EE>20 Years. A top talent RF/Microwave engineer, working with satellites and related systems concerns: GPS, navigation, Algorithms, FPGA, ASIC, digital signal processing, amplifiers, receivers, antennas, beam science, ultrasonic instruments, control loops, controller boards, etc. Expert with complex simulations and overall design, modeling, integration, real time test, debugging, data retrieval, algorithms, scan scheduling, investigates link failures, performs complex data analysis, extensive coding. Collaborates with several industry known subcontractors. Has experience with power electronics (inverters, controls). Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, MWO, ADS, Spectrum Digital, NohauICE, Linux, QNX and more. Patent and publications activity. 150K. 12052014.2

Principal Mechanical Engineer – Aerospace and Space Program

MSME/15 Years. A mechanical engineering and design prototype professional, involving packaging, product development, modeling, simulation, variety of analysis, FEA, packaging, troubleshooting, integration. Performs high level analyses, design performance tests, and environmental test (including rugged). Provide bid process technical support, NRE cost estimating. Extensive experience with high level regulatory standards. Works with very large systems such as satellite communications, antennas, datalink terminals, high-reliability electronics, power supply assemblies, optics, heat exchangers, actual spacecraft with various peripheral units and systems. Industries: Aerospace, avionics, space program, warfare. Delivers specialized training workshops and customer presentations. Fluent: Matlab, DOORS, Primavera, ANSYS and much more. >100K. 12012014.6

Principal Mechanical Engineer – Aerospace / Defense

MS-Ops, BSME/>20 Years. A high level Top Secret cleared mechanical engineering professional with extensive design and project management background for aircraft, antenna and vehicular for avionics, commercial and warfare applications. Has significant wealth of experience with structural and systems development, along with various analysis (tolerance, structural, vibration and especially thermal), modeling, qualification and acceptance testing, and test procedures development. Works also with satellite and turret systems. FEA Expert. Excellent candidate for contract work. Uses AFGROW, FractuREsearch, Catia, Mathcad and more.  75-85K. 11202014.1

Embedded Software Engineer – Automotive / RF / Wireless

MSEE/>5 Years. Works with wireless communications, RF, mobile radios, GPS, antenna applications, microcontrollers, automotive applications (controls and control modules) – all to strict standards (i.e., AUTOSAR, ISO, P25). Analyzes requirements with customer interface activity, designs, implements, tests, debugs and generates documentation. Fluent: C, OOPs, ARM9, NECV850/3378, OSEK, SPI, 12C, RS232, LabView, JTAG, Perl, Doors and much more. Six Sigma. 70-80K. 11172014.3

Sr Mechanical Engineer, Antennas – Contract

BSME. Satellite communications and antennas product lifecycle manager for large R&D / often classified projects. Subsystems, electromagnetics, plus sensors, motor drives, transmissions for military, aerospace. Involves design, redesign, predictive/thermal analysis, and integration. Performs geometric dimensioning/tolerancing, form factor and weight solutions. Conducts manufacturing reviews, process/production planning, and drives strict scheduling. MATLAB. Secret clearance. <15 Years. 125K. 11142014.4

Division Executive – RF / Microwave

AEA, BSBA(plus)/>20 Years. A proven high level executive for RF Microwave technology, serving aerospace, commercial, military, space program and defense industries. Product lines involve antennas and the subsystems, defense aircraft, and ground systems for unmanned air vehicles. Accountable for profit/loss, overall operations, business development / innovation / strategies, management of generally 100 to 300 staff with policy implementations, customer interface and more. Concentrated development of engineering and design talent of highest technical ability. Implements “lean” principles, and improvement processes with cost reduction strategies. Has managed operations in multiple locations. Multiple awards / formal achievements. Secret Security Clearance. >200K. 11112014.7

Contract Design and Field Engineer – RF / Microwave, Analog / Digital

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level engineering professional in following industries and product lines: RF, Microwave, radar / communications, telecommunications, antennas, receivers (with GPS), amplifiers, filters, DC power conversion and conditioning, thermocouples, video driver ICs, mixed signal circuits / systems and instrumentation design. Also performs expert antenna systems analysis on site with test, troubleshooting and maintenance. Background also includes digital data transfer, and some semiconductor applications. Patent activities. Uses SPICE, MathCad, Eagle and more. 80-90K. 11102014.12

Consultant – Mechanical Design Engineer

ASCS/>20 Years. A substantial history working with R&D RF antenna solutions, communications, and fiber optic switches / filters for aerospace and military applications. Strengths are in electro-mechanical, instrumentation, motion systems, CNC,  design and packaging and analysis to anticipate engineering and manufacturing problems. Performs modeling, full technical documentation, vibration / thermal / environmental analysis, fabrication house interface and re-engineering – all to stringent industry standards. Achieved high level expertise in 3D conceptual designs and presentation of same. Expert in production tooling and fixtures design. Specializes in refurbishing and upgrading machine shop. Has also background in intranet LAN setup. AutoDESK, COSMO, ALGOR FEA, SolidWorks and more. 100K. 11102014.10

Manufacturing Quality Consultant – Satellite / Avionics

>20 Years. Long history for manufacturing and overall quality process management for satellite, microwave and avionics multi million $ programs and systems for R&D, aerospace, space program and military. Achieved ISO facility certs, exceeds schedule and cost goals, manages rate capacities / reworks / scrap rates / MRB, performs root cause analysis, manages supplier quality, and is often primary customer contact. Has lean manufacturing principles, TQM, Six sigma, Catia, Enovia and more. 125-135K. 11102014.7

Applications Engineering Business Development – Latin America

BSEE/>20 Years. A well-rounded applications engineering and sales professional with territory expertise with power generation / protection, transformers,  sensors and more. An established customer liaison in Latin America plus other countries, proposing power plant retrofits, custom requirements, and equipment modernization solutions with substantial on site past experience. Has proven talents in generating sales tools / marketing materials / technical documentation and managing representation. Has extensive networking and software background. Well versed in regulatory standards. Well-travelled. Six Sigma. 80-90K. 10312014.3