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Regional Sales Engineer – HydroElectric Controls & Mechanical

MSME. Diverse industry experience selling utility power generation products including hydro-electric governor control systems. For OEMs, industrial, and other markets, has experience in mechanical tooling, components, motion controls, actuators and hydraulic equipment. Employs technical hand to help customers define requirements by performing studies, often onsite, in applications engineering style, resulting in large contract wins. Strong in marketing, demonstrations, customer/salesrep and sales staff training.  Uses AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Mastercam, SolidEdge. Multi-lingual. < 10 Years. 80K. 06152015.01

Global Sales Engineer – Motors/Turbomachinery, Sensors

Well-traveled, global sales manager working with turbomachinery, electric motors and related test equipment, pumps, actuators, sensors/detectors, robotics, high pressure reactors and industrial equipment and software automation for variety of markets such as automotive, defense, chemical plants, refineries and oil & gas. Excels with new product launch, demonstrations, consultative style, and problem resolution. Expert negotiator. 80K. 06082015.01


Chief Engineer – Power Electronics & Systems

Ph.D/MS-EE. Hands-on & “Go-To” Electromechanical power systems design scientist: Motion control/robotics, Space Station power generation systems, thermal sciences, AC/DC conversion, avionics such as actuation, electric vehicle systems/drives.

  • Mentorship/training, has authored design manuals, process improvements, simulation and design tool development, and components/system feasibility
  • Expertise defining customer requirements, bid process risk avoidance, multi-site/international design review with high level client relationship development
  • Review/approval stop-gap. Drives product development/Intellectual Property

Patents, pubs, awards. Call us for more details! 05192015.01

Mechanical Engineering Manager – RotorDynamics

MSME. Manager and manufacturing mechanical engineering leader working with industrial and aerospace turbines, related turbomachinery, rotor dynamics and rotation components. Strong oil bearing experience and some magnetics with winding motors, actuation. Skilled at planning, vibration test, modeling, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and expert at geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). Uses ANSYS, SolidWorks, Catia, CAD, SAP. Patents/pubs. 170K. >15 Years. 05182015.6

Manager, Mechanical & Design Engineering – DoD/Space/Aircraft

MBA, BSME. Leads multi-talent engineering groups in design, re-design, test, simulation and 3D modeling of actuation systems, flight & fluid controls, mechanical valves, regulators, sensors and fire suppression, applying to space vehicles, rocketry, military ground transportation, cargo systems and satellite industry.  Strong experience in cryogenic relief mechanics and overall new product development. Project and reliability focus with customer support. Works to FAA, MIL-STDs, DOT, DO-160, & EASA. Lean, Kaizen, 5S. Uses SolidWorks, Pro/E Wildfire, Inventor, Cosmos. 135K. 05182015.4

Mechanical Engineer – Aerospace/Auto/Medical – Contract

BSME/Honors. Strong contract mechanical engineer designing power electronics, aircraft systems, tools, medical devices and injection molded parts. Includes: Gear trains, ammunition feeds, valves, regulators, fittings, filters, power supply components, actuators. Designs related test equipment, performs 3D/thermal modeling, GD&T, and layout. Manages parts lists, generates voluminous technical documentation. Strong failure analysis/returns process developer. Expert Pro-Engineer. Also Pro/Intralink, Flotherm, CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Solid Edge. 70K. 05152015.01

Mechanical & Engineering Design Manager – Motors

BSME. Strong electromagnetics design background applied to engineering management involving various motor types (magnet, pump, induction, wound field, brush DC), rotordynamics, generators, magnetic bearings, electronic drives, starters, and actuators.

  • Oil & gas, avionics (commercial, military, aerospace, spacecraft) and warfare
  • Multiple hats/functions: Product definition, project management, configuration, component engineering, vendor management, mechanical packaging
  • Performs fabrication drawing release, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing, and high level metrics calculations

Uses Pro-E, SolidWorks, NX. Patents. 135K. 05122015.3

Sr Electro-Mechanical Project Engineer / Aircraft, DoD

MSEE/BSME. An electro-mechanical engineering design leader for Military/DoD and space/aerospace for motors, actuators, solenoids and high pressure valves applying mostly to aircraft and gunnery vehicles. Technical aspects include pneumatics, coolant control, thermal dynamics, and electro-magnetics. Consistently improves yield, reduces costs, and drives quick prototype turnaround. Experienced with technical proposals, regulatory compliance and has FAA Repair Station background. Skillsets: CNC, Mastercam, MathCAD, Ansoft, Cosmos. Fluent German. 115K. 04072015.3

Aerospace Lead Project Engineer, Flight Control Systems

MBA, BSEE/>15 Years. Provides network-based communications and flight control systems design and integration expertise for primarily unmanned, though also manned aerial vehicles for aerospace, military/defense and commercial applications. Hardware and software systems also involve radar altimeters/RF and variable sensors / instrumentation. Skillsets include electromechanical specification development, is lead on software and design documentation, military review lead with interoperability working groups, boosts system capabilities and enhancements, directs simulation lab development, conducts high level training and is formal internal/external technical liaison. Often spearheads government and technology initiatives. Has a background in autopilot and actuator systems development and integration. Previous Secret security clearance. Doors, Dimensions. Multiple formal awards and patent activity. 100-110K. 02172015.2

Analog / Digital and Embedded Software Design Engineer

MBA, BSEE/20 Years. Has a variety of design skillsets involving shipboard sonar systems/transmitters, amplifiers (with FPGA, microcontrollers, VHDL control code), high slew rate amplifiers, high voltage off-line PWM switching amplifiers, switching power supplies, converters, servo and other actuators, motors (DC, stepper), AC and DC motor drives, and assembly line machinery. Circuitry experience includes embedded real-time control, DSP and more for communications, device controls, data acquisition, signal processing, display applications, client-servers and internet. Performs and develops custom ATE and often installs/integrates the various sonar/amplifier sets with customer training on site.  Industries include space program, military, aerospace, medical, oceanic systems and industrial. Available for contract or direct hire. Uses Pspice, LabView, VxWorks. 170-180K. 02022015.7

Senior Electrical Hardware Design Engineer

BS-Physics, Chem, EE/>20 Years. Multi-faceted, senior level engineer working most recently with high-rel products such as mixed-signal, NFC, power conversion systems (to 30KW), solar cell array power point tracking, power line communications/PLM, switchmode power supply converters, inverters, regulators, circuit breakers and signal processing. Designs controllers for actuators; electro-optical and RF communications systems for avionics; spacecraft power systems, sensors, instrumentation and subsystems; and medical implants. Also has undersea sonar background. Strong, applicable regulatory compliance (MIL-STD-882, EMI, EMC, ESC) with risk analysis focus. Has strong patent processing expertise. Consultant or direct hire. Uses OrCAD, Capture, PSpice. 140-170K. 01232015.3

Lead Engineer / Electro-Mechanical, Components

MBA, BSME/15 Years. An engineering manager and leader in electro-mechanical design for various products: Engine subsystems, devices, valves, actuators, automation machinery, components. Works with global customers, manages in-depth innovative design projects, conducts high level design reviews and comprehensive presentations, leads and manages reliability teams / engineers, applies global initiatives for formal training, performs and analyzes stress and other factors for optimization to reduce schedule and risk. Performs redesigns and reverse engineering, develops test plans, and investigates returns for root cause. Is highly project oriented. Uses AMESim, Matlab, Pro/E and Mechanica series, SolidWorks and more. Patent activity. 90K. 01152015.5

Project, Systems and Engineering Director / Petrochemicals, Avionics

Ph.D.-EE, ME/20 Years. Very high level engineering and large project leader for petrochemicals and avionics industries. Works with 1. Oil/gas technology (wireline, sub-sea/shipboard, down-hole, land applications to include cooling systems, fluid dynamics, rotors, magnetics, actuators, compressors, controllers), 2. Electric vehicle systems, wind power (turbine generators, converters, backup power), 3. Avionics (motor controllers, generators, thermals). Also has nuclear, wind energy background. Performs physics-based complex analysis, total cost management, technical proposal process and negotiations, program management, performance verification, on-site support, high level testing, root cause analysis, manufacturing process simplification. Strong for intellectual property, business acquisitions. Highly awarded and published. An array of patents. 01142015.4

Embedded DSP, Power Electronics Engineer-Contract

BSEE. High level, innovative engineer involving:

  • High voltage AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, converters/topologies, DSP embedded firmware/algorithms/microcontrollers, filters, motor controls, PLC, gate drives, inverters, amplifiers, power supplies, thermal-based systems.
  • Applications: Avionics/space, but also including thrusters, hydraulics, chargers, ballasts, RF, antennas, lightning protection, telemetry, ground command, vehicles, robotics, and magnetics.
  • Testing, integration, verification, simulation, equations/analysis, FMEA.

Uses PSpice, Catia. Patents/formal recognitions. 135K. 01122015.4

Senior Systems Engineer – Avionics

BSME/>20 Years. A mechanical engineering professional with extensive aircraft/avionics/ground transportations design experience involving embedded systems, applications / driver code programming, hardware and software integration, new product development / debugging / deployment, safety analysis, simulated qualification tests, communications protocols development, customer technical support, security monitoring systems code and more. Products involve digital engine controllers, actuators, harnessing, pumping systems, and various other avionics subsystems for commercial, military with FAA concerns. Manages various teams. Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, ADA, Perl, DOORS, DataSims, CVS, Firewire, pSOS, VxWorks, R232, RS422 and more. Secret security clearance. 100-110K. 12082014.10

Manufacturing and Design Process Engineer / Quality

AAEE(plus)/20 Years. A manufacturing engineering leader who drives quality and process improvements across multiple design and operational platforms, brings product development to volume production, performs business turnaround and builds start-ups, and reduces cost / grows efficiency.  Performs root cause and other analysis, characterizations, reduces scrap / rework, implements technical software applications and enhanced tools for optimization, and improves automation. Multi-billion $ industries: Aerospace, avionics, optical, imaging, communications, consumer electronics. Product line examples: Actuators, semiconductors, MOSFET, cable connectors, metrology systems. An excellent consultancy candidate. Has website and app expertise. Uses SolidWorks, Perl, Minitab, EyeLit, WIPtrac, Gage RR, SPC, RCA. Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO. Patent activity. 100K. 12042014.12

Senior Systems and Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSCE/>10 Years. A well-rounded engineering professional working with aircraft / automotive systems, and power electronics for various applications. Systems work includes actuators, various control systems, processors, PCB and more. Electronics products and technologies include power supplies, DC motors, analog, high voltage, motor drivers, DC/DC, MOSFETs, battery chargers. Performs design, redesign, process improvements for standards, verification, extensive proprietary test engineering and documentation, Mfg contract liaison, assembly cost reductions, components evaluation and procurement. Specializes in passing environmental standards. Fluent: MathCAD, MATLAB, Verilog, Altera, PSPICE, ITAR, RS232/485, JTAG and more. Patent activity. Multiple awards. 100-120K. 12042014.3

Vice President, Electro-Mechanical Engineering

BSME/>20 Years. Has solid expertise in mechanical engineering management, especially for new product development, definition and launch. Talents include managing various types of multi-million $ budgets, various inter-departmental and multi-location (global) engineering support (also product engineering and services, production , quality and design validation testing), customer and supply chain interaction, DFMEAs, statistical simulations, modeling, contract reviews, intellectual property handling. Products to name a few: valves, regulators, sensors, transducers, switches, actuators, turbochargers, heat exchangers and more. Is a high level facilities quality expert, involving large test plants, wind tunnels, and industrial shops. Wins site certifications (ISO, AQMD). Applications are in aerospace, automotive, industrial, transportation, instrumentation and oil / gas sectors. Uses Saber, Easy5, Simulink and more. ERP, PIP, Six Sigma, DFSS Green Belt, patent and publications activity. 140-160K. 12032014.13

Magnetic Controls Systems Design Engineer

BSME-EE/10 Years. Performs development design, modeling, test, various analysis (including rotordynamics), auto tuning, and retrofits for variety of control systems and sub-components (sensors, actuators, etc). Has expertise coordinating with suppliers and wide array of various test procedures including: Hands-on testing / procedures / reports / ATP. Also has background designing fuel systems. Industries: R&D, Aerospace, Magnetics, Avionics. Uses SimuLink, XLRotor, IronCAD, MatLab, and much more. Secret Security Clearance. 100-120K. 11132014.5