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Sr Switching Power Supply Design Engineer

BSEE. Highly experience design engineer, working almost exclusively with switching power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC) of custom and next-generation nature. As Staff Technologist, performs research and concept on various related projects. Provides validation and HALT/HASS test skills. Writes software for data collection purposes. Has magnetics (transformers) design experience. Uses MathCAD, Hypercube, Assembly, C, GerberCAD, Spice. 100K. 06122015.3

Sr Design Engineer – Power Supplies, LED

MSEE. Multi-talented LED lighting engineer performing hardware design, lab and chamber testing, thermal/failure analysis, and optical measurements. Also skilled in software embedded firmware, analog & digital circuitry, and highly skilled in product UL and EMI certification. Works with DC/DC, AC/DC switchmode power supplies, converters, LED lighting engines, PCBs. Uses Altium, SolidWorks, Altera, Xilinx, AutoCAD. Multilingual. 15 Years. 80K. 06122015.01

RF & Power Supply Design Engineer – Contract

BSEE. Very broad RF and power electronics design experience: Military and programmable power supplies, ballasts, induction motor drivers, multi-kW AC/DC & DC/DC, UPS, radar and communications applications. Strong sustaining engineering talent, project planning, EMI testing, technical bid process, and is tech support “go-to” for manufacturing and production management. Has all relevant design tools skillset & advanced PSpice. Contract Only. $65/Hr. 06112015.5

Sr Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Contract

MSEE. Designs converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC – all topologies), inverters, motor drives, power supplies, PFC, sensors, instrumentation, controllers (MOSFET, IGBT, FPGA) with embedded controls interface/debug talent.

  • Performs modeling, validation, characterization, analysis, system integration.
  • Translates customer requirements into specifications/technical documentation & user guides. Supports all design reviews/customer reporting.
  • Ensures EMI compliance, strong component level expertise.

Applies to rugged environments, MIL-STDs, and industrial, aerospace, solar, IT. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, MathCAD, LT/PSpice, PSim. Contract or Direct. 130K. 06092015.01

Applications Engineer, AC & DC Power – UPS

Consistent experience providing onsite applications engineering sales with AC and DC power, 3 phase UPS, battery management, and cabling.  Involves custom solutions for industrial/commercial large scale power/communication systems, data centers. Manages bid process, specifies equipment, performs negotiations, assembles integration teams, and ensures customer satisfaction. Tracks industry trends. 15 Years. 90K. 06042015.01

R&D Engineering Manager – DC Power/Data Center

BSEE. Develops DC powered UPS data center infrastructures (1MW-3MW), and has strong experience leading power electronics design groups: Power supplies for satellite propulsion, various RF/microwave devices, AC/DC power conversion, inductors, and magnetics/transformers. Implements design tools such as simulation and modeling. Project-minded, problem-solver, Q/A driven, and is customer liaison. Spice, Saber, MATLAB, MathCAD,  120K. 05282015.01

Vice President, Product Development – Power ICs, DC/DC Conversion

MSEE. Executive level leadership for power management ICs and DC/DC conversion. Leads all technical departments, plus sales and field applications, for quality product development with strong customer engagement for architectural definition. Product details/applications include: AC/DC, DC/DC conversion & controllers with isolated and non-isolated topologies, Li-ion, for LED backlighting, consumer electronics, portables, power tooling, UPS. Also performs packaging, qualification, validation, and unique problem resolution. Responsible for 100 staff members. Numerous patents. Call us for more details! 05062015.2

High Voltage UPS/Power Supply Engineer – Contract

BSEE/Physics. Strong background designing and developing power electronics – especially high voltage power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC), UPS, capacitors, transformers, amplifiers, plus precision calibration and test equipment for military, telecommunications and OEM applications. Includes directing life cycle through production, hardware/software engineer training, customer specifications development, and regulatory approvals. Patents. Contract Only. 100K. 04172015.01

Sr Electrical Engineer – AC/DC & DC/DC Power Supplies

BSEE. Strong design and “go to” electrical engineer for custom power supplies for telecomm, test/measurement, medical and automotive industries. Design variables concern switchmode, PFC, current sharing, remote sensing, forced cooling and customer-specified safety, immunity, and emissions requirements. Performs various analysis (worst-case stress, HALT, EMI), simulation, and laboratory testing. Verifies product for manufacturing readiness, collaborates with overseas engineering, conducts design reviews and has extensive customer interaction. Uses Code Composer, MathCAD, LTSpice, MPLAB. 110K. 03032015.5

Power Supply Applications Engineer

ASEET. Supports sales and marketing for DC/DC and AC/DC converters for telecommunications, medical and military industries:

  • Design/layout evaluation boards
  • Lab testing and MTBF calculations, thermal deratings
  • Creates application notes, and marketing/sales materials and presentations
  • Conducts comprehensive competitor product analysis
  • Customer and in-house product training.

100K. 02272015.4

Field Applications Engineer – Power Management ICs, Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. Has significant experience defining customer requirements for power management ICs, converters with various topologies, UPS, DC/DC, AC/DC, and GPS / remote sensing for military/defense, semiconductor, and other industries. Focus is on broad system architectural design customers’ end solutions, generating schematics, layouts, and technical documentation, and performs lab simulation and presentations. Provides frequent pre- and post-sales on-site lab assistance, reviews customer-owned technical documentation, and has constructed customer tooling. 100-140K. 02162015.4

Principal Power Electronics Engineer – AC/DC, DC/DC – Converters

MSEE/20 Years. Design leader for AC/DC (up to 60W) and DC/DC power electronics to include converters/various topologies, hi-rel modules, MOSFETs, SS relays, linear and buck regulators (to board level), and battery pack design. Team expert on Lithium Ion battery chargers. Drives concept to production, generates schematics, oversees board power circuitry layouts, specifies magnetic components, performs simulation and verification, and troubleshoots to ensure EMC compliance. Has a background in FAE for business development, technical support and has held role as single point of contact with extensive onsite support. Industries include aerospace, defense, and IT/consumer electronics. 100-110K. 02132015.2

Product Line Director, Isolated Power Electronics, AC/DC, Lighting

MSEE/>20 Years. An industry leader in innovative product introductions involving isolated power electronics, AC/DC (5W to over 300W adapters with mixed signal platform, SR drivers), LLC and interleave controllers, lighting (dimmable LED drivers, 900V flyback). Works to dominate markets by: Leveraging cost effective platforms with high performing products; providing strategic concept direction and product roadmap/execution; driving/defining customer requirements and field applications; and, employing high level marketing/branding tactics. Has proven product introduction rate improvement of 50%. Consistently builds high tech power design, test and systems engineering teams. Is prolific industry presenter/author and generates relevant patents. Contact us for more details! 02122015.1

Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Converters, Inverters

MSEE/15 Years. Comprehensive design and engineering applications experience for power management ICs applying to converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, step-up/down, up to several kWs) with all topologies (full/half bridge, push pull, buck, boost, flyback, forward) for ethernet devices, consumer electronics; DC/AC pure sine output inverters up to 500W; Class D amplifiers; and UPS systems for oil/gas. Supervises PCB layout, performs simulations, generates schematics and user guides/application notes. Proof concepts and presents demo boards to customers with evaluation and other technical documentation. Qualifies to DO-160/TSO-73. Extensive patent activity. Uses ORCAD, Spice family, PADS, ExpressPCB. 100-110K. 02032015.4

Power Supply Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

BSET, AASAET/>20 Years. A technical sales professional, business developer and tenacious/organized team player for standard and custom AC/DC, DC/DC products for military, medical and commercial industries. Also has a background with electric vehicle manufacturers, solar inverters and instrumentation. Has direct sales experience, develops customer relationships and effectively manages manufacturer reps. Has history of revenue growth (i.e., from $8M/year to $40M/year) and brings strong marketing expertise in the development of company literature and conducting presentations. 80K. 01292015.2

Director / VP of Engineering, Power Supplies

MSEE/>20 Years. Director and general manager experience at executive level for profit/loss responsibility and new product development for flywheel based UPS systems, commercial and custom power supplies, test electronics and semiconductor process equipment. Also involved with AC/DC, DC/DC, Li ion battery power and motors. Directs and restructures multiple engineering groups, provides product and project management, plays lead role in reliability engineering, and develops supporting technical groups to realize resulting profitability. Has a strong background with new energy storage technology for data centers and industrial, plus high volume consumer electronics and related components. 130-150K. 01262015.1

Contract Design Engineer – Motors, Magnetics

BSEE (plus)/15 Years. A well-developed engineering contract / consulting professional, working with aerospace and military/defense for design, test and simulation. Also performs PCB board and component level layout/development. Has considerable test technology: Develops bench fixtures, tooling and equipment. Performs evaluations and qualifications and monitors EMI. Circuitry, magnetics and power electronics include: Filters, DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, converters, inverters, analog, digital, MOSFET, multiplexers, motor drives/controllers, FPGA, battery chargers, power supplies, topologies, and current protection technologies. Has product packaging background. Uses Spice family, OrCAD, Cadence and more. 170-190K. 01072015.11

Product Management, Marketing and Sales – Power Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. Brings a technical hand to product management and development and provides in depth marketing and sales skillsets to commercial, military, aerospace, space program and satellite industries and other Hi-Rel customers. General complex marketing materials and strategies, operates under MIL standards, promotes at customer sites and trains sales force. Specializes in radiation-hardened technology. Products/technologies: Power semiconductor, AC/DC, DC/DC, converters, power supplies, regulators, hybrids and various other electronics. Also has background as a component engineer, developer of ATE test systems and ISO/quality management. 120-130K.

Hardware Engineering Manager – Embedded Systems / Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level product design and redesign architect with extensive engineering management experience. Various end uses but primarily defense, avionics / payload / aircraft, RF. Also lasers, IT / networking, telecommunications and medical. Products specifically include analog, mixed signal, embedded systems, DSP, power supplies / UPS, converters, battery management, motor drives / controls, switch mode, sensors, MOSFET, AC/DC, RS232/422/485, encoders, FPGA, and light metrology. Extensive root cause determination talent and substantial support of complex proposal responses. Is project oriented and driven. Fluent: Spice family, PADS, Agile, Orcad, Solidworks, Xilinx and more. Awards, patents, publications. Six Sigma. 135-145K. 01062015.14

Global Sales and Marketing Director / Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE/20 Years. Brings technical expertise to value add for global sales revenue growth and profit / loss responsibilities. Serves consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, medical, OEMs, and telecommunications sectors. Leads large sales teams, channel management, direct bid / proposal process, negotiates large contracts, performs customer presentations / product roadmaps. Has experience developing sales teams upon startup. Generates technical documentation and performs various complex market analysis. Products involve: Analog, digital, memory modules, microprocessors, power management ICs, AC/DC, DC/DC, battery chargers, lithium ion, switches, and more. 150K. 01062015.3

Lead Power Electronics Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE/10 Years. Highly educated design engineering leader involving: Embedded firmware and software, motor drives, mixed signal, inverters, converters plus topologies, generators, protection and control, DSP, AC/DC, DC/AC, FPGA, amplifiers, microcontrollers, piezoelectric systems and more. Performs HMI customer training, complex analysis / calculations / design, 3D modeling, simulation, prototyping, FEA. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, PSpice, LaTeX and more. Publications. 100-110K. 01052015.6

Sr. Analog / Digital Electrical Engineer – Contract

BSEE-Honors/>20 Years. Specialized experience with analog and digital circuitry and switch mode innovative design, including system levels. Background includes converters, inductors, embedded systems, magnetics, DC/AC, AC/DC, MOSFET, gate drives, UPS, battery chargers and more. Primarily for military, space program, aerospace and OEMs. Has worked extensively with green technology and EMC. Also generates lengthy technical proposals and customer reports. Uses PSPICE, MATLAB, Altium, Visio and more. Patents and extensive technical publications. Prefers permanent position. 120K. 01022015.1

Power Supply / Transformer Design Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Designs AC/DC, DC/DC power supplies and a wide variety of transformers, magnetics and high voltage, inductors and converters. A topologies expert (buck, boost, forward, flyback) with strong background training others. Expertise includes working with extensive test equipment/ATE, EMI concerns, and military standards. Background also includes microprocessors, GUI. LabVIEW, PSpice, MathCAD and more. 130-150K. 12232014.2

Director – Product Development / Electronics

BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level engineering professional with technical expertise to value add for lifecycle product definition/development of power and other electronics (AC/DC, DC/DC, power supplies, controllers, drivers, mixed signal, inductors, analog), processors, for lighting, security, semiconductor and memory module industries. Significant marketing / branding background. Drives patent strategies, manages profit / loss, provides customer liaison activities, manages large engineering groups, writes applications data, architects innovative products, implements processes, secures funding. Uses Saber. Patents. 12082014.5

Chief Engineer – Power Electronics / Grid

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. A high level engineering professional for solar grid / power plant electrical systems architecture. Provides plant design, validation, modelling, load profiling, reliability reviews, new product innovation, intellectual property management, project/program management, customer design reviews, engineering team management, funding/grant wins, technical proposal generation, first article builds, cost modelling, reliability studies and allocation of resources. Products / technologies: Smart Grid, DC/DC, DC/AC, converters, topologies, inverters, UPS, generators, controls, motor drives, analog, power protection, battery management / chargers, switch mode, MOSFET, stabilizers, excitations systems, magnetics, RF, SoC, power systems software and more. An excellent consultancy candidate. Collaborates with industry leaders. Multiple patents, publications and presentations. 200K. 12052014.3

Engineering Manager / Business Development – Power Electronics

ASEE(plus)/>20 Years. A multi-talented engineering management professional, overseeing large groups for power electronics in military, aviation, medical, industrial, telecommunications and commercial industries. Products / technologies involved: Power supplies, inverters, battery chargers, battery management, PCBs, AC/DC, DC/DC and more for product lifecycle. Drives extensive product development, proposal generation, develops global third party design teams, manages multi-engineering talent departments, implements new design tasks (i.e., 3D modeling), provides cost management, specializes in industry-specific regulatory standards (i.e., ISO, FAA), reorganizes engineering groups for functionality and brings value-add to projects managed. Patent activity, presentations and publications. 170-180K. 12042014.11

Senior Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. A very well-rounded power electronics engineer for IT, medical and other industries – all to regulatory standards. Performs design, modeling, analysis, test, debugging, optimizations, implementation, theory, and authors vast array of technical documentation. Specializes in power fail redesign and circuitry performance. Products / technologies are: Transformers, power supplies, switch-mode, converters (with all topologies), clamp resets, inductors, chokes, protection and control, magnetics, battery chargers, AC/DC, DC/DC. Uses PSpice, Orcad and others. 90-100K. 12042014.2

Senior Electro-Mechanical Designer – Power Electronics

>20 Years. Performs electrical and mechanical design for power supplies, AC/DC, DC/AC, battery chargers, inverters, prototypes and more for avionics, medical, telecommunications and others. Works to various regulatory standards, provides parametric modeling, packaging, feasibility, and very involved with component levels. Has SMT, generates ECOs. Past achievements are database development for technical data control, part numbering systems. Focuses on product cost reductions. Fluent: Cadstar, SolidWorks, Sauna, PADS and more. 90K. 12032014.9

Senior Power Electronics Engineer / Contract

MS-Inst Engrg, BSEE/15 Years. A high performing architectural engineer for power electronics, magnetics, prototypes and also IT systems for avionics, aerospace, utilities, wind farms, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Varied product lines including power supplies, UPS, inverters, converters, rectifiers, microcontrollers, FPGA, various controllers, motor drives, batteries, AC/DC, embedded technology, mixed signal, analog and digital circuitry, and turbine systems. Has specialized in audio for telecommunications and PC systems plus EMI/noise concerns. Works to stringent standards, including FAA. Performs high level technical tasks such as writing code, simulations, verification, complex PCB layout/implementing design rules, components characterizations, synthesis / placement / routing and more. Fluent: LabView, MATLAB, MathWorks, VHDL, JTAG, Flying Probe, DOORS, Cadence and much more. 100K. 12032014.6

Power Electronics Design Engineer – Magnetics / Electrical

MSEE/>5 Years. A highly educated design engineer involving electrical and magnetics: Large variety of transformers, rectifiers, power supplies, reactors, inductors, AC/DC, protection and control, and power distribution units for data centers, IT facilities and hazardous environment facilities. provides various analysis, high level calculations, works in depth with multiple departments, prepares BOMs and sources / commissions materials. Performs to stringent specifications and maintains lifecycle of each customer requirement. Uses OPS, PSPICE, MATLAB and more. 80-90K. 12032014.4

Vice President of Engineering – Power Supplies

Ph.D.-EE/>20 Years. An executive level professional providing leadership for large engineering groups. Strong background in other multiple company operations to include: innovation / patent direction, supply chain management and manufacturing outsourcing for cost reduction, all quality concerns, and more. Provides and directs breadboard design, extensive debugging and testing. Primary product line is power supplies with switching, adapters, AC/DC, and DC/DC for very high volume consumer electronics, telecommunications and lighting / LED. Very well travelled. Fluent in all design tools and also Powers Esim. >200K. 12032014.1

Power Management IC Engineering Architect

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level principal engineer for planning, defining, designing and evaluating power electronics / systems and especially power management ICs for telecommunications, military, automotive and IT industries. Other electronic power devices/technologies include power supplies, portables, AC/DC, DC/DC, battery chargers and converters. Performs product management and strategic marketing skillsets. 165-180K. 11262014.3

Electrical Design and Test Engineer – Power Supplies

BSEE(plus)/<5 Years. Concentrated expertise on power electronics testing plus design / troubleshoot / repair experience with: AC/DC, DC/DC, power supplies, analog, digital, topologies, high voltage, and R&D / new products. Generates and performs ATP, QTP, DVTP. Also has background in documentation control. Uses PSpice, MatLab, Altium, LabView, Verilog, VHDL, Java, C and more. 100K. 11252014.16

Regional Power Systems Manager

BSEE (plus)/20 Years. A sales professional working with companies having multi-million and billion $ sales revenues and a global reach for variety of industries including utilities, government, military, industrial, commercial, residential, medical and more. Power management, automation, protection and control units involve also motor controls and variety of motor drives, transformers, GIS, switchgear, metering, AC/DC, turbines and more. Conducts both sales and marketing for new business development, using value add solutions, substantial specifications abilities, service sales development. Expert in regulatory code and safety. Brings technical expertise to customer interaction and has program management background. 110-130K. 11252014.13

Lead Substation Engineering Manager

MSEE/>10 Years. A project leader with responsibilities for the maintainability of various, specific substations, requiring extensive multi-tasking and management abilities. Performs hands-on skillsets of engineering and also supervision, as well as multiple layouts and complex calculations for substation operations, automation and equipment which include transformers, variety of controllers, protection and control systems, grounding, control panels, switchgear and more for multi-voltage including high voltage. Produces all relevant technical documentation, specifications, SOWs, BOMs and complex studies. Participates in FATs and bid process. Is plant lighting systems expert. Develops and modifies software for specific design needs. Fluent: MatLab, Simulink, AcSELerator, Aspen, CALCLUX and more. Multiple certifications. 100-120K. 11252014.11

Senior Product Engineer – Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. A project and product management driven professional, performing design, verification, validation, root cause analysis, and testing for power electronics to include power supplies (plus Smart), power ICs, converters, DC/DC, AC/DC, regulators, generators, wide variety of sensors, relays, embedded systems, microcontrollers, turbines. Management skillsets include scheduling, budget, process analysis and improvements, technical documentation generation. Substantial interaction with customers. Has extensive background in quality, safety principles. Six Sigma Green Belt. 85-100K. 11252014.7


Consulting Power Systems / Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level resource and consultant for technical design projects and overall design / test department efficacy. Experience includes high level troubleshooting / support to all levels, root cause analysis, setup of design and test labs, design review presenter, managing schedules, development of qualification and test plans, regulatory certification compliance, supply chain and component qualification, and substantial technical documentation generation. Program management experience involved power systems to include: regulators, transmitters, converters, power supplies, switching, LED lighting, AC/DC, DC/DC, stepper motors, plus control and monitoring systems. Technical expertise: Bridging, topologies, PSpice, Sea Level, Express PCB, Fluke View, Unix, Linux and more. Patent activity. 125-135K. 11202014.10

Regional Sales Manager – Power Supplies

ASEE/>20 Years. Having designed power electronics from prototypes, proven sales background is enhanced with technical ability. Grows sales revenue, manages sales channels, and has onsite customer interface experience with aerospace, IT and telecommunications industries. Products / applications are: UPS, power supplies, converters, inverters, switchgears, AC/DC, DC/DC and also data center applications. 100K. 11202014.2

Contract Power Electronics Engineer

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. Well-travelled engineering design professional with wealth of experience supporting aerospace, avionics, IT and other industries. Performs high level design, modeling, bridging, simulations, system testing plus EMI, fault and thermal analysis, debugging, and full documentation development. Products / technologies are: inverters, converters, controls, sensors, AC/DC, DC/AC, FPGA, VHDL, motor drives and controls, servo systems, photovoltaic, switch-mode, topologies, analog, digital signal processing, algorithms. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Simpower, LabView, C and more. Heavy patent activity. 175-185K. 11172014.16

Power Electronics Principal Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE/20 Years. Well-rounded background in design, develop, evaluate, simulate, verify, test, diagnose and troubleshoot power electronics for military, LED and IT applications. Products include power supplies, drivers, AC/DC, DC/DC, battery chargers, switch mode, analog, filters and converters – often R&D. Technical talents include bridging, topologies, stringent regulation compliance (Energy Star, MIL-STDs etc) and EMC. Uses Mathcad, Protel, ASIC and more. Prolific author and patent activity. >100K. 11142014.3