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Lead Product Engineer – HydroElectric Controls

BSEE. Provides engineering skill for utility power generation products including custom hydro-electric governor control systems and generators, and has also worked with relay logic, PLCs/HMIs, automation, servos, pressure controls, digital controllers, and AC power systems. Provides design, facility upgrades, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, often as project manager with supervisory responsibilities. Frequent engineering teacher on software and tools. Uses, Advantech, AutoCAD, Creo, MATLAB. < 10 Years. 100K. 06152015.2

Electrical Power Systems Engineer – Nuclear Plants/Weaponry

BSEE. International design and power systems engineer with variety of applied low/medium/high voltage electrical sciences: Gas turbine power generation plants, nuclear reactors/weaponry. Also data centers/UPS, military installations, petrochemical, mining and utility facilities, working to all electrical standards.

  • Performs both equipment design and project management for overall facilities
  • Generates wiring diagrams, schematics; provides plant elevation, balance loads, grounding, short circuit, arc flash studies; site assessments; testing/commissioning; tech support/training; implements environmental protection (i.e., lightning)

Equipment includes VFD, motors, large drives, heat exchangers, and has strong background in UAV/Avionics. Math/AuthCAD, Enovia, Ansys, Wireless InSite. Top Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. 110K. 06102015.10

Consulting Engineer – Facilities/Critical Power

MSEE. Consults to utilities, large facilities, critical power/data centers, wind, solar, wave and tidal power and oil & gas industries. Performs power transmission and systems planning, plant expansions, PFC, transient modeling, simulation, arc flash/short circuit studies, software development, bid process. Specializes in harmonics and power quality. Works with motors, compressors, P&C, and gas/steam turbine generators. IEEE, PE. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, PSPice, MathCAD, Visual C, EMTP, EasyPower, CymeHarmo. Excellent consultant or direct hire. 95K. 06012015.9

Principal Systems Engineer – RF Antenna Array SME

Ph.D-Physics. Subject Matter Expert  for RF systems in ground and space-based antennas, arrays, radar, satellite communications, electromagnetics, range metrology, upper atmosphere geophysics and remote sensing applications. Performs high level modeling and simulation, data analysis/interpretation, performance analysis, system/hardware design, and propagation – often involving Top Secret electronic warfare applications. Multiple publications. 130K. 06012015.2

Mechanical Systems Engineer – Spacecraft/Space Station

MS-Aero. An aerospace systems and programs engineering professional working with spacecraft, Space Station and planetary unmanned vehicles. Mass properties specialist and performs various space mission elemental analysis and design development, such as space debris solutions, re-entry breakup, propulsion/vibration/thermal concerns, cargo modules, inflatable and other shielding, berthing, pneumatic & environmental control systems, air packs. Strong customer design review participant and go-to. Manages mission budgets, performs critical materials sourcing. Uses MPD, BUMPER, Cradle, CORE, MATLAB, STK, PTC Creo, PRO/E, ANSYS, RedTop. Awards & publications. 10 Years. 100K. 05292015.2

Principal Antenna / Phased Array Design Engineer

Ph.D-EE. Innovative design engineer for variety of antennas and array systems for military/defense, space and aerospace.

  • Antenna Types: Active, polarized, Ku-band, wideband dipole, antipoldal vivaldi, circular waveguide, planar spiral, compact loop, many more.
  • Has specified/designed measurement chamber, performs calibration, characterization, tuning, mathematical/simulation analysis, test setup/demo.

SBIR projects. Customizes MATLAB. Uses C, CodeWarrior, Microwave Studio, Simulink, SolidWorks, PSpice. Multiple pubs/papers, honors, awards. 5 Years. 105K. 05222015.2

RF/Microwave and MetaMaterials Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE. Industry renown Fellow and scientist-level RF/Microwave engineering leader. Works domestically and often internationally with various next-generation antenna array development, calibration, satellite payloads and GPS contracts including hardware, software and controls. Technical aspects include tapered helix, Ku-band Rx, digital beamforming, and the complex contract-winning applied research in metamaterials development for military, aerospace and space industries. TS/SCI,  DoD Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. Awards, patents and pubs. Please contact us for more details! 05182015.8

Utility and Renewable Power Operations Engineer

BSEE/Honors. Operations and planning specialist for large scale hydroelectric, utility and renewable energy programs, providing load flow & “next day” studies, coordinating outage response, and ensuring reliability and NERC/FERC compliance. Also participates in design of utility capital improvement projects and related operating procedures generation. Experienced in transmission line upgrade planning activities. Uses MATLAB, C, Java, AutoCAD, PSpice, MicroStation, PLSCadd, Synergee. Multilingual. < 5 Years. 80K. 05082015.4

R&D Electrical Engineer-Micro/SmartGrid Systems

Ph.D-EE. A well-studied electrical scientist and applied research engineer for high voltage power distribution/SmartGrid, with experience in system security and economics. Well organized for automation, optimization, re-structuring, analysis, monitoring and voltage controls, and data analytics. Applies to utility, solar and electric vehicles business. Multiple publications, awards, and strong industry participant. MATLAB, C, Python, PSCAD, WindMil, CYME, MilSoft, SAS. Thrives in innovative environments. 10 Years. 70K. 05062015.01

Utility Power Planning and Metering Analysis Engineer

BSEE. Provides transmission planning for large and municipal utility power authorities, performing load flow, voltage regulation and short circuit analysis for power distribution in both urban and remote locales for commercial and residential. Is involved in power projects related to new legislation, providing feasibility and overall system impact determinations. Specializes in power connectivity and metering regulations development. Has experience training others in field of renewable energy. Awards, honors, publications. Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, Powerworld, PSpice. 10 Years. 70K. 04142015.3

Systems Engineering / Embedded Firmware Architect

MSEE. Strong engineering leader for development, design, test and validation of analog and digital based systems.

  • Utility, SmartGrid, renewable energy, energy storage and automotive, and EV
  • Systems: Power monitoring, processors, power plant failure detection, plus firmware such as fuel cells, flywheels, batteries and thermal-related
  • Develops complex algorithms and routinely works with FPGA, DSP and ARM

Has background with infrared, radar, RF/antennas, motor controls. PSpice, Viewlogic, Saber, MATLAB, Orcad, Simulink, CAD series, C, Assembly. Awards, patents and publications. 125K. 04092015.3

Principal Electrical Engineer – T & D Planning

BSME/EE, PE. High voltage electrical planning leader working with power distribution, substations, SCADA; power transmission/grid; and power generation plants, all to IEEE, NERC and other regulations.

  • T&D planning: Concept, licensing/permits, easements, structural, foundations, physical layout, switching/protective relays schemes, reserve/auxiliary power, and equipment selection. Strong skills working with variety of transformers.
  • Strong analysis and technical studies skills: load flow/forecasting, grounding, fault, stability, lightning, harmonic.
  • Transmission line design including underground, overhead and subsea.

120K. 04082015.3

Electrical & Systems Design/Integration Engineer

BSEE. A truly diversified engineering professional:

  • Substation, SCADA and Protection & Control: Leads field installations, performs switching, wiring and drawings verifications, troubleshooting
  • Critical Power: Designs, integrates and installs UPS, power monitoring and other equipment, optimizes data management and provides customer technical support for large entities (data centers, military (FAA), Internet-of-Things)
  • Communications:  Experienced developer and systems integrator with HMI, video, audio and security control systems for military and government organizations. Subject Matter Expert on video monitoring

Contract or Direct hire. 80K. 03182015.01

RF/Communications & Mechatronics Engineer – Contract

PhDEE/Mech. Designs highly advanced electronics and systems for military/DoD electronic warfare, RF/microwave, avionics, wireless and communications industries.

  • Large systems design, test and integration: Communications, radar, missiles, computer-controlled weaponry, antennas, servo-controlled guidance systems.
  • Power electronics/RF subsystems design includes analog, digital, switchmode/linear power supplies, transformers, battery chargers, embedded microprocessors, RF/millimeter wave, antenna systems, filters, receivers, wireless/short range communications devices, GPS, synthesizers, amplifiers, down converters, phase-lock-loops.
  • Strong analysis and pioneers scientific studies involving electromagnetic field theory, nuclear effects, rad-hard concerns, product life reliability, infrared techniques.

Inactive security clearance. Works to many MIL-STDs. Technical papers. MATLAB, Momentum, MathLab/CAD, Simulink, TINA, Maple, LabView, Sonnet, LinearX, Verilog/FPGA, ARM, C, Assembly, Artificial Intelligence S/W. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 03122015.01

Systems / Project Engineer – RF/Microwave – Contract

BSEE. Provides design, concept definition, modeling, simulation, fabrication, integration and testing of milimeter/microwave, radar systems, RF communication systems, and signal processing, using MATLAB, Simulink, and STK as follows:

  • Array radar systems
  • Antenna/receiver systems for electronic warfare
  • Acquisition / tracking / pointing systems.
  • Has background in MEMS, MMIC, nano devices, flight control/GPS instrumentation, and infrared sensors.
  • Visual, C#, Java, WindRiver, VxWorks.

Six Sigma. Contract only. 02272015.6

Substation and Plant Automation Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Integrates, configures and programs routines/code for various systems into power transmission and distribution electrical substations, power plants, plus oil & gas and mining refineries. Works with SCADA, HMI, protection & control, PLC, DCS and ERP for site automation. Manages teams on various refurbish, re-instrumentation and new installation projects; monitors cost, budget and schedule; develops ESD programs; and generates user-friendly but highly technical maintenance programs. Is very project-minded. Has developed prototype libraries for documentability. Is a hands-on expert with various protocols such as IEC-61850 (and more), DNP, OPC, Modbus and too many to list. Uses C, Gensym, Visual Basic and more for programming. Multi-lingual. 90K. 02232015.4

Aerospace Lead Project Engineer, Flight Control Systems

MBA, BSEE/>15 Years. Provides network-based communications and flight control systems design and integration expertise for primarily unmanned, though also manned aerial vehicles for aerospace, military/defense and commercial applications. Hardware and software systems also involve radar altimeters/RF and variable sensors / instrumentation. Skillsets include electromechanical specification development, is lead on software and design documentation, military review lead with interoperability working groups, boosts system capabilities and enhancements, directs simulation lab development, conducts high level training and is formal internal/external technical liaison. Often spearheads government and technology initiatives. Has a background in autopilot and actuator systems development and integration. Previous Secret security clearance. Doors, Dimensions. Multiple formal awards and patent activity. 100-110K. 02172015.2

Program & Test Engineering Manager – RF/Satellite Communication Systems

>20 Years. A renown industry leader in innovative satellite and digital communication systems for space program, government, military/defense, and commercial sectors. Has UHF satellite communications, DAMA and integrated waveforms expertise with related systems design and test plan/procedures development.

Provides program management and executive direction to cross-functional teams to drive successful large programs from inception to contract close-out, including extensive customer interface during multiple, concurrent projects. Negotiates development project contracts, analyzes risk management, leads all design reviews, and overcomes all roadblocks (configuration management, logistics, security, etc).

Has piloted various programs to achieve CMMI/3 certification win. For JITC certification win, wrote all necessary test documentation and built entire test environments as an expert systems test architect in this field. Performs alternate role to industry to assist DISA in updating various MIL-STDs as official group member.

Special projects have included upgrading systems to new waveforms integration, line of site and other advanced special communications mode contracts, plus various classified projects as well. Previous secret clearance. DOORS, Code Stricker. Contact us for more details! 02122015.4

Embedded Systems Design Engineering, Consultant

BSEE/>Contract engineering design expertise for a variety of critical control platforms:

  • FPGA ethernet and ECL differential communications interfaces (CMOS/PCBs), encrypted internet connectivity, algorithms, embedded PCB test hardware.
  • Nuclear reactor plant containment/cooling: Bus communications, loop control, ADC/DAC. Verification, validation, simulation, SoC design, staff education.
  • Space/Avionics rad-hard systems design/integration: Docking, launch vehicle & aircraft brushless motor controls, solar array systems, missile guidance systems, embedded systems, CMOS logic, DSP. Documentation within NASA 7123/7150, DO-254 and DO-178B standards. Drives DO-254 wins as Expert.

VHDL, Xilinx, DOORS, Aldec, Altium. 210K. 02032015.8

Aircraft Systems Project Engineer / Test Director

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A dual talented project engineer, with extensive test responsibilities, for aircraft systems. Leads large teams for software, hardware and electrical design and integration for the following systems and applications: Unmanned autonomous vehicles, experimental aircraft, flight module structures, propulsion, auto-pilot, auto-gyros, housings and more. Provides test direction related to both ground / flight tests and integrated systems during flight. Oversees testing of flight controls computer software (Linux/ADA/C), develops simulations, instrumentation and test plans, and performs qualification testing. Conducts design reviews with military/defense, aerospace and commercial industries. Has management experience over bid processes/marketing and contract negotiations. Resolves COTS integration issues. Uses SolidWorks, Six Sigma and lean principles. 100-110K. 02022015.2

Embedded Flight Systems Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. Leads large teams in the development of unmanned aerial vehicular and autonomous systems for aerospace and avionics with robotics, motor controls and computer systems integration and development, system capability upgrades, and long term research projects which transition from concept to sales revenue. Captures project funding. Manages corporate projects planning, scheduling, tasking. Develops voluminous bid proposals. Oversees and guides global suppliers and generates SOWs for vision and adaptive systems, algorithms and virtual technology. Has established, led and maintained multi-disciplinary vehicular collaborative systems laboratories involving testbed design, embedded processor / microcontroller hardware integration / programming, and mission and control software development. 130-140K. 02022015.1

Senior Electrical Hardware Design Engineer

BS-Physics, Chem, EE/>20 Years. Multi-faceted, senior level engineer working most recently with high-rel products such as mixed-signal, NFC, power conversion systems (to 30KW), solar cell array power point tracking, power line communications/PLM, switchmode power supply converters, inverters, regulators, circuit breakers and signal processing. Designs controllers for actuators; electro-optical and RF communications systems for avionics; spacecraft power systems, sensors, instrumentation and subsystems; and medical implants. Also has undersea sonar background. Strong, applicable regulatory compliance (MIL-STD-882, EMI, EMC, ESC) with risk analysis focus. Has strong patent processing expertise. Consultant or direct hire. Uses OrCAD, Capture, PSpice. 140-170K. 01232015.3

RTOS Software Systems Engineer/Programmer – Military/Defense

BS/15 Years. Develops, programs, integrates and troubleshoots networking systems (servers, workstations), embedded communications and IT hardware, complex database programming and development, and mass data storage/backup libraries and enclosures, largely for military/defense industry for ruggedized environments. Configures security and encryption functions with risk management focus. Also performs substantial web server app development and porting. Top Secret Clearance. Vast range of tools/languages, a few are: UNIX, Linux/Red Hat, Microsoft; Async, Bisync, Bash, KornShell, PHP, Python, Perl and much, much more. Holds long list of professional certifications. Available for contract or direct hire. 150-160K. 01232015.1

Aerospace Hardware Integration Project Engineer

BSME/>20 Years. Leads a team of skilled technicians for spacecraft payloads / aircraft hardware integration. Brings extensive design and manufacturing background to implement process improvements with an eye for improved cycle times and quality concerns. Develops high level operational test procedures. Leads electro-mechanical cost reduction projects, effects qualification and design changes with various groups (customers, engineering, manufacturing, test facilities, suppliers), performs project cost / scheduling / performance / risk analysis, and authors proposals for customer requirements. Has renewable energy background and applies Lean principles, Six Sigma. Available for direct hire or consulting. 110-120K. 01212015.1

Systems Integration / Automation / SCADA Engineer

BSEET/>20 Years. Designs and programs substation automation solutions/SCADA and HMI using SQL, DMS/EMS systems and network configuration, and integrates protection / control and data acquisition devices for utilities. Integrates data from analog feedback, digital IO and variable frequency drives. Design experience includes various hardware, panels and layouts.  Manages bid processes and technical proposals. Works with various resources to actively resolve all customer issues. Uses AutoCAD, Visio. 80-90K. 01202015.6

Space Program Lead RF Engineer – Orbital Sciences / Power and Ground Systems

MBA (pending), MS-Sys Engineering/>20 Years. Dual industry expert for systems engineering and project consultancy for satellite and space industries, with substantial customer interaction, relating to:

1) Satellite electrical power management systems: Functions as project manager and test conductor, routinely performing scientist-level analysis, component integration supervision, deliverables tracking; plus in-orbit, thermal vacuum chamber and 5KW telecommunications payload testing.

2) Spacecraft systems integration: Mission operations and control room systems, flight / ground systems and communications, terrestrial networks, RF-to-spacecraft linkage and on-board data handling functionality. Led team to perform ground computer data flow and spacecraft command/telemetry analysis.

Previous security clearance. Formal awards recipient. 120-140K. 01192015.9

Control Systems and Integration Engineer

MSEE-CS/>15 Years. A vast amount of very innovative systems design, integration and upgrade experience working with various hardware and software, embedded technology, PLC, thermals, automation, RFID, real time operating systems, robotics, HMI/SCADA, motion controls, green energy/generators and more. Varied industries such as industrial, power electronics, medical, entertainment/TV, consumer products and food – along with various stringent regulatory codes (FDA, etc). Provides object/component oriented programming, reverse engineering, modeling, simulation, algorithms, testing, technical documentation, extensive technical support, networking, and drives concepts to fruition. Uses AutoCAD, SQL, XML, OPS, Modbus, Labview, Matlab and more. An excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01122015.2

Sr Software Engineer / Embedded Controls, Power Electronics

MS-S/W Engrg-Honors / 20 Years. A software design and engineering leader with project management experience for utility, aerospace and military. Designs and integrates life cycle systems and software for: Grid power electronics, embedded controls, algorithms, microprocessors, real time operating systems, DSP, PLCs, and various other platforms and equipment. Forms strategic alliances and works routinely with overseas engineering, integration labs, resource allocation, risk assessment and mitigation and simulation. Participates in corporate technology transfer concerns. A consultant candidate. Multi-lingual. ISO. 120-130K. 01082015.3

Systems & S/W Engineering, Program Mgr-Embedded Controls

MSCE, BSEE/>20 Years. Well-rounded multi-role engineering leader and program manager for consumer electronics, robotics, aerospace, avionics, defense and space program. A natural variety of products to include: Power electronics (analog, digital, converters, switchgear), embedded controls, controllers (solar array, rocket engine propulsion, ASIC motors), li-ion battery chargers, electro-hydraulics, emulators.  Performs design development for software/firmware, mechanical packaging, develops start-ups, generates complex proposal responses, conducts technical reviews, re-boots under-performing engineering design divisions. Patents. 165K. 01062015.12

RF Engineering Research Scientist – Consultant

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. An RF/microwave R&D engineering and consulting leader to aerospace, military, space program, telecommunications/wireless communities and background in various other electronics: Algorithms, GPS, amplifiers, wearables, sensors, etc.  Specializes in antenna arrays and satellites. Performs antenna high level analysis and design / packaging / geometry, evaluates / improves risk concerns, performance, calibration methods, participates in subcontractor and customer design reviews / integration and drives design decisions. Supports business capture. Has weather satellite antenna design optimization background. Has definitive expertise in automation testing, thermal and fluid dynamics sciences. Fluent: Ansoft, HFSS, CHAMP, MatLab and more. Multi patents, awards and publications. 150K. 12232014.8



Power Systems Project Manager – Aerospace / Defense

BSEE/>20 Years. Drives complex multi million $ projects for high level aerospace, avionics, space program, defense and medical systems, involving system architectural design / test / verification / integration, large and multi location team startups, project planning, milestone scheduling, critical subcontract management, complex studies, customer interaction / design reviews. Products involve hardware and software: spacecraft subsystems, missile systems with relevant power and other electronics, robotics, ground transportation / military electrical vehicles, GUI, medical implants. Has multiple supplemental talents: Cost accounting/audits, extensive test background plus test facility builds. Is a DOORS expert and trainer. Also uses Rose, Visio. Excellent consultant candidate. Secret security clearance, multiple formal awards. 135-145K. 12102014.6

Senior Systems Engineer – Avionics

BSME/>20 Years. A mechanical engineering professional with extensive aircraft/avionics/ground transportations design experience involving embedded systems, applications / driver code programming, hardware and software integration, new product development / debugging / deployment, safety analysis, simulated qualification tests, communications protocols development, customer technical support, security monitoring systems code and more. Products involve digital engine controllers, actuators, harnessing, pumping systems, and various other avionics subsystems for commercial, military with FAA concerns. Manages various teams. Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, ADA, Perl, DOORS, DataSims, CVS, Firewire, pSOS, VxWorks, R232, RS422 and more. Secret security clearance. 100-110K. 12082014.10

Chief Design Engineer – RF/Microwave

Ph.D-EE>20 Years. A top talent RF/Microwave engineer, working with satellites and related systems concerns: GPS, navigation, Algorithms, FPGA, ASIC, digital signal processing, amplifiers, receivers, antennas, beam science, ultrasonic instruments, control loops, controller boards, etc. Expert with complex simulations and overall design, modeling, integration, real time test, debugging, data retrieval, algorithms, scan scheduling, investigates link failures, performs complex data analysis, extensive coding. Collaborates with several industry known subcontractors. Has experience with power electronics (inverters, controls). Fluent: Matlab, Simulink, Cadence, MWO, ADS, Spectrum Digital, NohauICE, Linux, QNX and more. Patent and publications activity. 150K. 12052014.2

Chief Systems Engineer – Avionics and Space Program

BSEE (plus)/>15 Years. An extensive, high level systems design and integration background for various types of aircraft and multiple systems/subsystems for space program and spacecraft projects / missions. A solid contract or consultancy candidate. Strongly innovative, performs: test data evaluation, validation, systems requirements / test plans definition, safety documentation, conducts design reviews, leads very large teams, collaborates with all technical, quality etc departments, extensive customer / end user contact, ensures functionality at all levels but also mechanical interfaces, manages subcontracts, generates WBS, provides high level regulatory compliance, voluminous technical proposals, and has significant and in depth variety of test knowledge. Uses DOORS, LabVIEW. Previous Top Secret Clearance. 100K. 12032014.16

Principal Engineer – Electric Vehicles

BSEE, CE/<10 Years. Has concentrated experience with prototype electric vehicle industry for systems design, integration and optimization to stringent industry standards. Expertise also includes engineering management, patent / trademark intellectual property, establishes joint venture relationships, extensive on site technical support / troubleshooting, reverse engineering, data analysis, reliability and performance tests. Subsystems include: Battery systems / high voltage energy storage, embedded systems, vehicular telephony, inverters, motor controllers, GUI and more. A lithium ion battery expert. Uses Matlab, Simulink, CANoe, CANalyzer, PHP, Objective-C and more. Well travelled. 130-150K. 12032014.15



Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

BSEE-CS/10 Years. Has experience with embedded technology for commercial, consumer electronics and defense / military industries. Is known for debugging expertise resulting in multi million $ cost savings, advanced testing, calculations expertise, and resolving special problems at customer site. Provides simulation, upgrades, redesigns, and works with microprocessors, timers, high level printers, digital and analog, serial communications  (IT) plus various systems for radar, navigation and weaponry. Secret security clearance. Has technical teaching background. Fluent: C, FAT, ColdFire, Linux, VXWorks and others. 70-80K. 12012014.13

Lead Systems and Project Engineer – Transportation

BSEE/20 Years. A concentrated background in transportation to include locomotive. Also involved in control systems, panel display development, related PCB parts and multiple ancillary systems. Maintains project management through lifecycle on multi-million $ product lines, leads teams, performs contract negotiations, provides resource / cost / schedule management and maintains safety levels for hardware concerns. Is knowledgeable for both domestic and international standards and develops specifications. Well-travelled. 90-100K. 12012014.10

Principal Mechanical Engineer – Aerospace and Space Program

MSME/15 Years. A mechanical engineering and design prototype professional, involving packaging, product development, modeling, simulation, variety of analysis, FEA, packaging, troubleshooting, integration. Performs high level analyses, design performance tests, and environmental test (including rugged). Provide bid process technical support, NRE cost estimating. Extensive experience with high level regulatory standards. Works with very large systems such as satellite communications, antennas, datalink terminals, high-reliability electronics, power supply assemblies, optics, heat exchangers, actual spacecraft with various peripheral units and systems. Industries: Aerospace, avionics, space program, warfare. Delivers specialized training workshops and customer presentations. Fluent: Matlab, DOORS, Primavera, ANSYS and much more. >100K. 12012014.6

Senior Systems Engineer – Power / RF / Telecommunications

MSEE/<20 Years. An excellent communicator, working globally and overseas with customers, suppliers, consultants, etc., for lifecycle design projects for large systems applications. Specializes in hardware / firmware / software aspects of: RF, analog, circuitry, battery power of all types, microcontrollers, electrical power systems, UPS, embedded systems, WiFi and more for military, space program, telecommunications, audio and medical industries. Expert in various test equipment, creates procedures for same, conducts design reviews / field tests, mitigates risk, and works to many stringent regulatory standards. Has experience with RF and amplifiers for cellular towers plus converters, transmitters for satellite applications. Uses GSM, CDMA, Agilent, PSpice and more. Well-travelled, Patent activities. 100K. 11252014.12

Engineering Director – Aerospace and Space Program

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. An executive level aerospace and space program multi million $ large systems leader for commercial and military. Manages all very large engineering groups, plus doc control, configuration management and test groups. Strategizes business development/marketing, R&D, cost principles, critical scheduling, operational elements, develops supplier base and coordinates third party teaming. Often technical lead / chief engineer for very large contracts. Responsible for ensuring adequate facilities. Systems include: propulsion, satellites, fiber optics, avionics and navigation, telecommunications and suppression and detection. Prolific author and multi-award winner. 150-180K.