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Western Regional Transmission Planning Engineer

MSEE. High level grid transmission planning engineer for western US region, providing technical support for interconnection and power purchase agreements for utilities and power plants, solar and wind generation organizations. Assists portfolio managers with key analysis for resulting investment decisions. Provides process efficiency to decrease day-to-day response times. Strong economical modeling applying to congestion revenue rights, plus reliability and NERC compliance studies. 10 Years. 120K. 05082015.2

Sr Substation Standards Engineer – Protection & Control

BSEE/Honors. Responsible for evaluating, developing and leading others in engineering standards for substation protective relay equipment and controls, SCADA, plus transmission, distribution and fossil plant electrical equipment. Evaluates emerging technologies, regulatory changes and develops resulting design/planning integration strategies. Strong supervisory experience. Often is member of focus teams (i.e., customer satisfaction, reliability engineering). Many professional certifications (PE, PMP etc) and awards. 125K. 04272015.6

Lead Power Supply Design & Reliability Engineer

MSEE. Leads large engineering design teams  for energy conversion, power distribution and magnetics equipment to include:

  • Switchmode power supplies, UPS, transformers, inverters, converters, and battery management systems/chargers.
  • Develops, trains and manages seasoned/high performing engineers, develops communication protocols for new product development, and implements high $ cost-saving changes to supply chain and processes.
  • Very strong quality and reliability focus as C.R.E. (5S, TQM, Six Sigma, ISO). Has won ISO facility certification.

Industries: Aerospace, defense, commercial, green energy, data centers. Contract or Direct. 145K. 03162015.3

Sustaining/Compliance DVT Engineer, PV Inverters

MSEE. In-depth experience in sustaining, reliability and regulatory compliance engineering for utility-scale solar photovoltaic inverters.

  • Product certification compliance to global standards: CE, UL, VDE, CSA, TUV, CQC, IEC, NEMA, IEEE, FCC.
  • Regulatory industry monitoring and research for NPI.
  • Design verification, qualification, risk analysis and environmental/reliability testing with station setups, experimental testing.
  • Expert with all testing, analysis and troubleshooting tools and skillsets.
  • Manufacturing and factory support; component engineering.

75K. 03112015.4

Customer Quality Engineer, Power Management ICs

BSEE. A quality engineering professional with extensive customer interface and a background in applications design for semiconductor industry mobile devices/large global accounts. Provides product qualifications to increase revenue, vendor quality management, and ensures customer technical requirements are met. Has history of vastly improving formal quality scores and gaining rank in approved vendor listings. Applies DSS, statistical controls, creative problem solving techniques, Taguchi. 120K. 03032015.7

Electrical EMC/Regulatory Specialist & Project Manager

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. A multi-talented professional with extensive engineering design management and full responsibility for EMC mitigation. Leads special projects for highly innovative electrical grid products such as solar inverters with various embedded topologies for as-needed applications. Works with magnetic components, and various other high voltage electrical subsystems for utilities, solar and fuel cell power plants. Owns product EMC/EMI and noise mitigation program to ensure signal integrity, quality and resulting cost reductions. Reviews all mechanical, electrical and filter designs, tests and corrects product designs for regulatory compliance, and “walks” products through FCC/EMC certification. Has designed and built on-site EMC test laboratory. Has RF background and software development expertise. Multiple publications. 85-95K. 02242015.4

Failure Analysis Engineer – Board Level, Semiconductor

Ph.D.-Chem/>10 Years. Has concentrated experience with highly complex failure analysis for quality and reliability. Performs root cause, metrology and statistical data analysis, equipment qualification, material property studies and development for improved shock and thermal cycling performance, studies methods for soldering joint cracks during thermal cycling, and resolves temperature cycling reliability issues. Design new board electronic package components. Has reduced test board requirements by one third. Has a strong background in developing semiconductor processes involving photolithography, multi-layer, metallography, ultraviolet curable and anti-reflective coatings, polymer/surface characterizations, and substrates/rheology adhesion. Has multiple formal awards and recognition. 110-130K. 02242015.3

Hardware Quality Engineer / Hand-Held Consumer Electronics

BS-Engrg/20 Years. A hardware quality leader for hand-held and other consumer electronics, involving mixed signal and analog. Develops quality and reliability requirements for all product lines, inspection procedures, qualification plans, and leads risk analysis activities. Trains overseas manufacturing and subcontractors on test methodologies, provides quality audit support, and is highly customer-driven (provides on-site production line support as company quality representative). Has reduced ESD failure rate by half, has reduced RMA/customer returns by high double-digit percentage, and has revamped defective hardware analysis processes. Has a semiconductor background. 100-115K. 02232015.3

Sr. Engineer and Power T&D and Renewable Energy Analyst

MSEE, P.E. Cert/>20 Years. Provide utility transmission, distribution (Smart/MicroGrid) and renewable energy array (wind, solar PV) planning, from concept, as technical lead and project manager. A vast amount of complex analysis experience for technical evaluation studies: Optimization, risk management (financial/regulatory), cost modeling algorithms, impact, transfer contingencies, voltage stability, interconnection, steady state/dynamic, ampacity, EMF/arc flash, harmonics, to name only a few. Provides resultant recommendations with reliability focus. Specifies equipment sizing on upgrades. Provides leading-edge research directly applicable to today’s requirements, plus necessary internal/external training. Applies all efforts to NERC, IEEE and others. Uses PSCAD, PSLF, PSS/E, SYME, SynerGEE, PJM, PEPCO, EMTP. Has multiple publications. 110-130K. 02192015.01

Chief Engineer – Sic, MOSFETs/RF & Microwave Power ICs

Ph.D-EE/CE, 20 Years. A scientist level professional, managing engineering groups for design and layout for power switching, power RF discretes, microwave ICs (small signal, low noise) for silicon and SiC bandgap (RF JFET/MESFET) technologies (solid state power amplifier applications). Optimizes transconductance, minimizes capacitance and engineers various technical characteristics to boost product quality and performance enhancements. Performs process integration, characterization, simulation and modeling, reliability assessment, and production yield improvements.  Provides high level customer support and technical marketing skillsets. Has a background in hands-on power amplifier design; SiGe bipolar transistors development on silicon BiCMOS platforms; and, mixed signal CMOS. Is project and program management minded. Patent activity and prolific technical author. 150K. 02172015.5

Power Transmission Planning Analyst/Engineer – Contract

MSEE/<15 Years. A seasoned contract engineer, performing complex operability, reliability, and usage studies/calculations and recommendations. Applies to: Substation CT saturation, infrastructure analysis for reinforcement, interconnection stability, load pocket, congestion patterns, cable ampacity, ferro-resonance, equipment performance (sizing, grounding, short circuit, load flow, power compensation and transfer), and thermal assessments. Performs large-scale simulations, develops mitigation plans for critical/long term outages, wind farm/solar full grid modeling, and voltage flicker mathematical models. Has studied effects of reactive source substation removals. Assists in FERC 754/715, NERC NUC-001 compliance. Brings marketing talent involving proposal win strategies, external events liaison. Uses MUST, Aspen, SKM, ETAP, GE MAPS and more. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 02172015.3

Package Engineering Manager/Power Management ICs (MOSFET, Si, GaN, GaAs)

MS-Physics/>20 Years. An engineering leader for power management ICs/modules packaging design and assembly engineering staff, applying to solid state and microelectronic relays, MOSFETs, PFC devices, inverters, power supplies. Technologies involved are numerous: Si, HV, HC, LV, digital control, IGBT, FRED, LED, SIP, Co-Pak, GaN, GaAs and so much more. Generates new product introductions, reliability improvements, yield enhancements; and provides qualifications, characterizations; evaluates raw materials; and owns overall product reliability. Has setup entire design, assembly, production and supply chain for startup. Uses various topologies and has strong global supplier ties. 130K. 02122015.7

Quality Director – Medical Implants / Telecommunications

MSEE/>20 Years.  An executive level quality manager with additional talents for project management and new product development. Drives ISO 9001/13485, AS9100, Kaizen and Lean principles to streamline design and company-wide processes. Achievements include: Cutting product development cycle 3 years to 1 and prototype development by 25%; introduction of CAD/CAM systems; yearly sales increases (7 figures) with many new product introductions; customer returns reduction by 35%; and, manufacturing costs reduced. Provides excellent ancillary skillsets such as project management (budgets, scheduling), technical staff management, developing in-house HALT/environmental test capabilities, and training teams to perform root cause/corrective action. Owns supply chain quality/reliability with MRB and Counterfeit Parts expertise. Dual industry talent: High reliability satellite programs and bio-med spinal implants. Contact us for more details! 02102015.2

Senior Product Engineer – Analog / Digital Power ICs

MSEE, MS-Physics/>20 Years. Performs new product introductions (NPI) and development for semiconductor analog / digital power management products, SoC and ICs, involving signal processors in mix-mode CMOS, switching amplifiers in BiC-DMOS, optical storage and more. Performs mixed-signal testing (including ADC/DAC), multi-temp and voltage characterization, product and burn-in boards qualification, validation (latch-up, ESD, life test failure), SPC and yield enhancements, and complex failure analysis. Works with off-shore manufacturing and customer returns program, and resolves specification problems. Has strong focus on product reliability and process improvements / optimization. Industries are audio/visual, RF wireless telephony and networking/IT (processors, ethernet, consumer electronics). Uses Eagle, IDS E-beam, Credence, Agilent and more. 100K. 02042015.1

Senior Quality Engineer / Manager – Semiconductor

MS-Engrg Mgmt, BSEE, PE/15 Years. Comprehensive experience in quality management with reliability engineering in semiconductor and medical manufacturing laboratory environments. Ensures regulatory compliance to include FDA Waterfall, USDA, ISO 13485. Works with SMT PCB issues, customer problem resolution, new product development Q/C, and is stop-gap for potential market release complications. Approves verification and validation plans. Drives MRB and internal / external corrective action. Manages supply chain from quality perspective including on-site audits, tests. Certified Quality Auditor and Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt. 120-130K. 01302015.3

Director / VP of Engineering, Power Supplies

MSEE/>20 Years. Director and general manager experience at executive level for profit/loss responsibility and new product development for flywheel based UPS systems, commercial and custom power supplies, test electronics and semiconductor process equipment. Also involved with AC/DC, DC/DC, Li ion battery power and motors. Directs and restructures multiple engineering groups, provides product and project management, plays lead role in reliability engineering, and develops supporting technical groups to realize resulting profitability. Has a strong background with new energy storage technology for data centers and industrial, plus high volume consumer electronics and related components. 130-150K. 01262015.1

Director, Protection and Control Engineering / Utility

BSEE/>20 Years. Provides top level utility plant protection and control engineering management. Responsible for planning, managing and coordinating all activities related to P/C installation and maintenance. Is technical go-to for power distribution, transmission and generation areas as to facilities stability, performance. Provides complex analysis, investigations/studies, advises system upgrades, uses high level relay software test programs and conducts P/C formal instruction. Supports outage/emergency failure resolution. Reviews drawings, designs, schematics. Fluent: SCADA, CAPE, AREVA, ETAP and more. Has multiple professional certifications, frequent presentations. 90-100K. 01072015.12

Mechanical / Component Engineer – Power Electronics / PCB

BSME/10 Years. Consistent background with power electronics to include power system and PCB components, DC/DC, converters, power supplies, prototypes, and electro-mechanical systems. Has functioned as design / quality / reliability and component engineer. Generates SOWs, performs failure analysis, various technical reporting and drawings / plus 3D, develops work instructions, SMT verifications, and substantial ISO background. Has strong experience with test performance / procedures / analysis and reporting; especially for environmental factors. Uses LabView, SEM, Sebastian, IMADA, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and more. 85-90K. 01052015.16

RF Engineering Research Scientist – Consultant

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. An RF/microwave R&D engineering and consulting leader to aerospace, military, space program, telecommunications/wireless communities and background in various other electronics: Algorithms, GPS, amplifiers, wearables, sensors, etc.  Specializes in antenna arrays and satellites. Performs antenna high level analysis and design / packaging / geometry, evaluates / improves risk concerns, performance, calibration methods, participates in subcontractor and customer design reviews / integration and drives design decisions. Supports business capture. Has weather satellite antenna design optimization background. Has definitive expertise in automation testing, thermal and fluid dynamics sciences. Fluent: Ansoft, HFSS, CHAMP, MatLab and more. Multi patents, awards and publications. 150K. 12232014.8



Senior Power Electronics Design Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. A very well-rounded power electronics engineer for IT, medical and other industries – all to regulatory standards. Performs design, modeling, analysis, test, debugging, optimizations, implementation, theory, and authors vast array of technical documentation. Specializes in power fail redesign and circuitry performance. Products / technologies are: Transformers, power supplies, switch-mode, converters (with all topologies), clamp resets, inductors, chokes, protection and control, magnetics, battery chargers, AC/DC, DC/DC. Uses PSpice, Orcad and others. 90-100K. 12042014.2

Electric Utility Power Distribution Switching Engineer

BSEE/>5 Years. works with utility high voltage substations and power distribution on an operational / planning / hands on level to ensure reduced service outages and reliability. Extensive knowledge of interconnects, switching execution and planning. Works to stringent electrical standards, trains employees, performs root cause analysis and has significant expertise with power protection and control (relay) with lab test environment and on site. Maintains SCADA, performs various studies such as line impedance, employs load, voltage and equipment considerations for switching activities – especially for emergency or storm scenarios. Uses MatLab, Visual Basic and more. 75-85K. 12022014.7

Quality and Reliability Engineer – Substations / Power Facilities

BSEE/>5 Years. Performs quality and reliability functions in the following realms: Test, repair, preventative maintenance, commissioning, field service, improvements for instruments / equipment / overall facilities, safety / risk management, ISO certificate maintenance, personnel training, failure analysis / root cause, resource monitoring, work scope tracking, monitoring site conditions and regulatory standards compliance. Hands-on and related electrical power systems for substations and various large facilities include: Motor controls, switchgear, protective relays / control systems, inverters, converters, transformers, breakers and more. 80-90K. 12012014.11

Marketing / Sales Manager – Power Switching and Protection

BSIE-Honors/20 Years. A marketing and sales professional with technical ability and consultancy, and specializes in disconnect switch selection and application – providing classroom style instruction for applicable customers. Has built power product lines from startup to multi million $, prolific author for marketing and technical documentation with presentation skill plus training books. Expertise flows to wind and power grid applications. 100K. 11062014.6

Lead Engine Systems Engineer – Transportation

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. An R&D, team-leading, gas/diesel large engine expert for transportation industry with concentrated experience in: After-treatment, thermal management, reliability and related documentation, data mining, analysis / evaluation, calibrations, testing – including related sub-systems, test plans and reports. Develops suppliers – including offshore, manages mechanical designs and manufacturing processes, write algorithms, is technical support, performs root cause and more. Technical / Tool Fluencies: FMEA and also UPDOC, Tango, AUTOCAD and more. 100-125K. 11032014.12

Lead Mechanical Architectural Engineer – Mobile Telecommunications

BSME, Honors/<15 Years. An expert in architecture engineering in cell phone industry for high volume consumer electronics, from concept development definition to mass production for full life cycle. Has project management experience with technical, hands-on expertise as follows: Schedule, quality targets, component layout, structural/thermal plans, tolerance analysis, dimensioning, form factor reduction, keymat specialist, monitors final assembly and product reliability – all to stringent regulations. Manages performance of asian suppliers and factories. Well-travelled, patent activity. 3D CAD. 125-150K. 10302014.6

Design Engineer – Power Electronics / Distribution

BSEE (plus)/<10 Years. Specializes in electrical power protection and control with substantial development experience with guidelines and tooling for compliance with formal reliability standards for utility industry. Is AutoCAD expert, has substation and other high technology applications background with power switching and distribution. Extensive test background (power line test schemes, etc). Patent developer. 80K. 10282014.11

Director of Packaging / Assembly – Power / RF Systems and Components

Ph.D-CE/15 Years. A manufacturing technical leader with expertise in packaging and assembly for a variety of technologies and processes: RF, power systems, PCB / semiconductor (power SiP), embedded, plus microelectronics such as amplifiers, duplexers, filters, converters. Definitive experience with cross-functional teams, sustaining engineering, supply chain development, root cause / inefficiency analysis. Special skillsets: extensive international experience, RoHS, building a packaging group from scratch, and significant outside assembly and manufacturing houses involvement. 140-160K. 10272014.7

Systems / Project Engineer – Instrumentation

MSEE/>20 years. Mixed signal analog and digital design including A/D and D/A converters, real time assembly language programming, low level isolation amplifiers and low voltage linear and switching power supplies. Design and worst case analyses of new product introductions. Design and development of pump drives and mixer product lines. 85K #332014.2

Sr. Component Engineer – Space / Defense

BSEE/>20 years. Created and implemented parts control programs for civilian space and military program requirements. Management experience focused on systems engineering, reliability engineering, component engineering and systems analysis. Accomplished at cost effective and timely implementation of parts control. 80K #1152014.4

Component/Reliability Engineer – Aerospace/Mil Power Supplies

MBA/BSEE/>15 years. Full component life-cycle experience including design, test, and  customer and supplier interface.  Developed and qualified new parts and processes to meet requirements, including reliability calculations. Microsoft Project, Access, Excel and Word; Cadkey, ORCAD, Pspice, Concept and Dxdeisgner. 110K #11192

Sustaining Hardware Engineer – Smart Grid

ASEET/>20 years. Perfomed senior sustaining engineering to component level, including hardware and software verification, fixtures, fault analysis and design adjustments. Has worked with manufacturing and design teams to fix design specifications. HALT, HASS, ECOs.  Has worked with LabView, Allegro, UNIX, C++, Visual Basic and Linux. 113K #1152

Power Electronics DVT Engineer

MSEE/2 years. Product development from design to production. Design, simulation, testing, documentation, and production experience in the automotive industry. Embedded systems familiarity. Pspice/LTspice, Orcad, Matlab/Simulink, ModelSim, HALT, and FORTRAN. 65k #1012