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Manager, RF/Satellite Ground Systems Engineering

MBA, MSEE. Manages worldwide ground system infrastructure engineering systems design and integration to support spacecraft/high throughput satellite communications via scanned phased antenna arrays. Architects telemetry, tracking, control subsystems, and carrier monitoring. Authors disaster recovery plans and other technical/operational documentation. Very strong VP-quality background and has project-engineered large offshore drilling programs. Solves critical, complex and high profile engineering problems. Highly skilled at customer relations. Patents, Pubs. 125K. 06112015.4

Quality Assurance Director – Military/DoD, Space, Aerospace

Certified Quality Auditor. Brings mechanical background to own large quality program responsibility for military/defense contractors, avionics and space programs, working with battery systems (stationary & mobile), satellite & navigation components and other hi-rel electronics.

  • AS9000/9100, ISO 9000/1, MIL-Q-9858 & other MIL-STDs, ASME, ANSI ESD S20.20.
  • Strong DCMA audit interaction, internal/supplier audits, contract requirements flowdown, and maintains annual certs/achieves multi-site certification wins.
  • Experienced establishing SPC process controls, performing system assessments and qualification/FAT testing, RTOS x-ray inspection methods, calibration system development, and strong ESD leader.

Multiple formal awards. Uses TipQA, Visio. 6 Sigma Blackbelt. 150K. 04202015.01

Director of Quality, Battery Management/RFID

MS/Industrial. Consistent background in quality assurance/control with manufacturers of battery packs, chargers and charging systems, plus I.D., wireless readers, and scanner products/components. Aerospace/defense, automotive, nuclear and geophysical.

  • UL, CSA, ISO, QS-9000, AS-9100, military standards, and special international compliance (RoHS II, REACH)
  • Multi-sites plus overseas factories plus regulatory liaison and tech support
  • Develops procedures, process, systems, databases, performs FMEA, test equipment calibration, auditing, quality data collection, and training

Six Sigma/Black, Weibull, MathCAD, SAS. 90K. 04062015.01

Quality Manager, Space/Aerospace/Military – Consultant

BSME. Provides quality/continuous improvement management involving all domestic/international certifications and quality programs (TQM, SPC, ISO (9000/13485/14000), IPC (600/610/615/620), AS9100, Lean principles, Kaizen, HALT/HASS, Taguchi, Six Sigma). Works with aerospace, military/defense, space manufacturing with product lifecycle/NPI cost reductions focus. Implements supply chain controls, MRB, lot sampling, equipment/tooling calibration, auditing, reporting, and works to exceed regulatory standards. Brings technical hand to machining, engineering design, test, and process controls. Contract only. 130K. 03122015.5

Customer Quality Engineer, Power Management ICs

BSEE. A quality engineering professional with extensive customer interface and a background in applications design for semiconductor industry mobile devices/large global accounts. Provides product qualifications to increase revenue, vendor quality management, and ensures customer technical requirements are met. Has history of vastly improving formal quality scores and gaining rank in approved vendor listings. Applies DSS, statistical controls, creative problem solving techniques, Taguchi. 120K. 03032015.7

Electrical EMC/Regulatory Specialist & Project Manager

Ph.D-EE/>20 Years. A multi-talented professional with extensive engineering design management and full responsibility for EMC mitigation. Leads special projects for highly innovative electrical grid products such as solar inverters with various embedded topologies for as-needed applications. Works with magnetic components, and various other high voltage electrical subsystems for utilities, solar and fuel cell power plants. Owns product EMC/EMI and noise mitigation program to ensure signal integrity, quality and resulting cost reductions. Reviews all mechanical, electrical and filter designs, tests and corrects product designs for regulatory compliance, and “walks” products through FCC/EMC certification. Has designed and built on-site EMC test laboratory. Has RF background and software development expertise. Multiple publications. 85-95K. 02242015.4

Failure Analysis Engineer – Board Level, Semiconductor

Ph.D.-Chem/>10 Years. Has concentrated experience with highly complex failure analysis for quality and reliability. Performs root cause, metrology and statistical data analysis, equipment qualification, material property studies and development for improved shock and thermal cycling performance, studies methods for soldering joint cracks during thermal cycling, and resolves temperature cycling reliability issues. Design new board electronic package components. Has reduced test board requirements by one third. Has a strong background in developing semiconductor processes involving photolithography, multi-layer, metallography, ultraviolet curable and anti-reflective coatings, polymer/surface characterizations, and substrates/rheology adhesion. Has multiple formal awards and recognition. 110-130K. 02242015.3

Hardware Quality Engineer / Hand-Held Consumer Electronics

BS-Engrg/20 Years. A hardware quality leader for hand-held and other consumer electronics, involving mixed signal and analog. Develops quality and reliability requirements for all product lines, inspection procedures, qualification plans, and leads risk analysis activities. Trains overseas manufacturing and subcontractors on test methodologies, provides quality audit support, and is highly customer-driven (provides on-site production line support as company quality representative). Has reduced ESD failure rate by half, has reduced RMA/customer returns by high double-digit percentage, and has revamped defective hardware analysis processes. Has a semiconductor background. 100-115K. 02232015.3

Director of Engineering and NPI/MicroGrid, SmartGrid, Power Systems

MSME/>20 Years. A dual talented executive engineering leader in both applications design staff management/NPI and quality principles for power electronic and grid systems, involving micro grids, solar, battery/energy storage, gas/steam turbines, power generation systems, controls and more for power generation at customer sites. Develops and releases significant quantity of new product introductions (patentable) for 9 figure sales revenue increases annually, generates high volume technical proposals for upgrade options with high win rate, improves product costing through redesign/simplification, executes business development joint ventures/acquisitions and develops NPI engineering teams for same, significantly improves warranty rates through various quality methods, and implements high impact design process improvements. Lean, Agile, Six Sigma Black Belt. Multiple patents, awards, formal recognition. Contact us for more details! 02162015.2

Quality Director – Medical Implants / Telecommunications

MSEE/>20 Years.  An executive level quality manager with additional talents for project management and new product development. Drives ISO 9001/13485, AS9100, Kaizen and Lean principles to streamline design and company-wide processes. Achievements include: Cutting product development cycle 3 years to 1 and prototype development by 25%; introduction of CAD/CAM systems; yearly sales increases (7 figures) with many new product introductions; customer returns reduction by 35%; and, manufacturing costs reduced. Provides excellent ancillary skillsets such as project management (budgets, scheduling), technical staff management, developing in-house HALT/environmental test capabilities, and training teams to perform root cause/corrective action. Owns supply chain quality/reliability with MRB and Counterfeit Parts expertise. Dual industry talent: High reliability satellite programs and bio-med spinal implants. Contact us for more details! 02102015.2

Senior Quality Engineer / Manager – Semiconductor

MS-Engrg Mgmt, BSEE, PE/15 Years. Comprehensive experience in quality management with reliability engineering in semiconductor and medical manufacturing laboratory environments. Ensures regulatory compliance to include FDA Waterfall, USDA, ISO 13485. Works with SMT PCB issues, customer problem resolution, new product development Q/C, and is stop-gap for potential market release complications. Approves verification and validation plans. Drives MRB and internal / external corrective action. Manages supply chain from quality perspective including on-site audits, tests. Certified Quality Auditor and Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt. 120-130K. 01302015.3

Senior Quality Engineer and Manager – Avionics

MSME-Honors/18 Years. Solid quality management for hydraulic/fuel systems and precision machine components, turbine engines, and substantial magnetics; for avionics, space program, aerospace, military/defense industries. Drives ISO, AS9100, Lean principles QX-plus, 5S, Pull, Kaizen programs. Skillsets: Managing supply chain, production schedule/resource allocation, involved with MRP, MRB, applies “one piece flow”, internal/external party inspections and creates formal plans, internal/supplier/government audits, customer returns investigations/resolution, control plans, measurements analysis, approves prints and flow charts, and participates in product planning. Performs as DSQR and other roles. Also designs/3D models test fixtures/jigs. Proactive. Contract candidate. 110-130K. 01142015.3

Quality Engineer

BSCE/15 Years. Brings technical skill to concentrated background in quality management for medical, semiconductor, microelectronics, alternative energy and life sciences industries for medical devices, gas / chemical delivery systems and precision machining. Focus is process control/improvement, root cause analysis, ECO changes and product evaluation (discrepant material, sampling, return analysis). Resolves supplier failure, has developed a document control system from upstart, reads / interprets drawings and specifications, works with ERP, and provides evaluations and reporting. Uses lean principles from substantial manufacturing background, Kaizen, Six Sigma. Significant experience with CE marking and international quality standards. Uses XOS, Egnyte, AutoCad, MasterCam and more.

Corporate Quality Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A high level quality specialist using ISO, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, QS and TS standards. Applies risk management principles and has worked with multiple corporate plants. Has won ISO facility certification and authors manuals, procedures and other required documentation. Industries: Automotive, pumps, lighting, medical, semiconductor, avionics and aerospace. Has knowledge of SMT, machining, Minitab, ERP. Has trained lean principles and Six Sigma. Works with multi million $ budgets and has proven multi million $ cost reductions. Is a warranty claim reduction and supplier management expert. An excellent consultant / contract candidate. 100-120K. 01082015.2

Project Manager – Automotive / Consultant

BSEE/15 Years. Provides a variety of skillsets to enhance project management skills, such as quality management, budget/costing control, field service staff management  and training background and supply chain/purchasing experience. Has significant experience with automotive industry for vehicle entertainment systems, safety, security, applied semiconductor, wiring and radio. Has also worked with oil and gas / petrochemicals industry for well extractions in the field. Has extensive test technology background. Is a consultant candidate. Six Sigma and Kaizen. 70-80K. 01062015.6

Manufacturing and Design Process Engineer / Quality

AAEE(plus)/20 Years. A manufacturing engineering leader who drives quality and process improvements across multiple design and operational platforms, brings product development to volume production, performs business turnaround and builds start-ups, and reduces cost / grows efficiency.  Performs root cause and other analysis, characterizations, reduces scrap / rework, implements technical software applications and enhanced tools for optimization, and improves automation. Multi-billion $ industries: Aerospace, avionics, optical, imaging, communications, consumer electronics. Product line examples: Actuators, semiconductors, MOSFET, cable connectors, metrology systems. An excellent consultancy candidate. Has website and app expertise. Uses SolidWorks, Perl, Minitab, EyeLit, WIPtrac, Gage RR, SPC, RCA. Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO. Patent activity. 100K. 12042014.12

Vice President, Electro-Mechanical Engineering

BSME/>20 Years. Has solid expertise in mechanical engineering management, especially for new product development, definition and launch. Talents include managing various types of multi-million $ budgets, various inter-departmental and multi-location (global) engineering support (also product engineering and services, production , quality and design validation testing), customer and supply chain interaction, DFMEAs, statistical simulations, modeling, contract reviews, intellectual property handling. Products to name a few: valves, regulators, sensors, transducers, switches, actuators, turbochargers, heat exchangers and more. Is a high level facilities quality expert, involving large test plants, wind tunnels, and industrial shops. Wins site certifications (ISO, AQMD). Applications are in aerospace, automotive, industrial, transportation, instrumentation and oil / gas sectors. Uses Saber, Easy5, Simulink and more. ERP, PIP, Six Sigma, DFSS Green Belt, patent and publications activity. 140-160K. 12032014.13

Software Engineer / Quality Engineer – Nuclear Power

BACS/>20 Years. A multi-talented professional working with nuclear critical power, systems, and related custom embedded controls, and real time operating systems. Is often lead on system design and redesign, extensive test expertise, has performed in bid processes, and is project driven. Quality experience includes process audits, formal witnessing, code inspections, software verification / validation / SQA plans author, and processes corrective/preventative and non-conformance actions. Has combined ISO, CMMi, SS473 and other regulatory standards and quality programs into one TQM Plan. DoD clearance. Uses Visual, Oracle, TIPQA and more. Special hydro and nuclear formal training. 100-110K. 12032014.12

Plant Manager – Power Electronics Manufacturing

MBA-BSEE/>20 Years. Oversees all plant operations for transformer manufacturer, managing and training high number of staff. Brings continuous improvement and efficiency, generates policy / procedure, lead-time / cost / rework reductions, safety maintenance, and product quality control with high level overall quality responsibilities (plus ISO). Selects and implements large capital improvements / automation. With technical background, has substantial inter-department technical interface (especially production), including design review, failure reduction / non-conformities, and root cause analysis. Proven customer satisfaction increased levels. Provides on site quality visits. Union involvement. 90-100K. 12032014.3

Civil Engineer and Project Procurement – Substations

BS-Civil Engrg/10 Years. Has concentrated experience with high voltage substation projects for power transmission in procurement, subcontracting, and structural engineering construction services strategies. Develops scopes of work, negotiates, develops proposals, works in depth with engineers and construction entities. Has substantial quality control background and structural engineering supervisory and hands on design talent, involving on site project management, contractor quality concerns, safety focus, documentation / change order process, building code concerns and more. Expertise includes concrete, steel and wood buildings for industrial and power facilities, multi story units, and some residential. Uses SAP, PUMA, Constructware, AutoCAD and more. 100K. 12022014.15

Quality and Reliability Engineer – Substations / Power Facilities

BSEE/>5 Years. Performs quality and reliability functions in the following realms: Test, repair, preventative maintenance, commissioning, field service, improvements for instruments / equipment / overall facilities, safety / risk management, ISO certificate maintenance, personnel training, failure analysis / root cause, resource monitoring, work scope tracking, monitoring site conditions and regulatory standards compliance. Hands-on and related electrical power systems for substations and various large facilities include: Motor controls, switchgear, protective relays / control systems, inverters, converters, transformers, breakers and more. 80-90K. 12012014.11

Quality and Development Engineering Manager – Transformers

MBA, MSEE/18 Years. An expert in developing, designing and testing a variety of transformers (power and furnace applications). Has specialty in quality system management and field service operations with focus on customer satisfaction. Expertise in thermal design, testing enhancements, improving process controls and implementing special quality initiatives. Multi award recipient and prolific technical presentations. 125-135K. 11172014.15

Mechanical / Manufacturing / Production Manager – Avionics, Aerospace

MSME/>20 Years. A lengthy, successful history to implement high quality programs such as lean manufacturing and Q/A-Q/C standards to gain optimization, standardization, high level cost reductions and overall process improvements. Expert at product development / conceptual design, root cause analysis, complex regulatory compliance, reliability, FMEA, robotics, liaison for supply chain, develops analytical tools, improved manufacturing methods, training technical groups and complex problem solving. Industries are related to avionics, aerospace and warfare transportation. Top Secret Security Clearance. Multiple award recipient. Has Kaizen, 3D Simulation, APQP, ISO, Six Sigma. 70-100K. 11142014.2

Manufacturing Quality Consultant – Satellite / Avionics

>20 Years. Long history for manufacturing and overall quality process management for satellite, microwave and avionics multi million $ programs and systems for R&D, aerospace, space program and military. Achieved ISO facility certs, exceeds schedule and cost goals, manages rate capacities / reworks / scrap rates / MRB, performs root cause analysis, manages supplier quality, and is often primary customer contact. Has lean manufacturing principles, TQM, Six sigma, Catia, Enovia and more. 125-135K. 11102014.7

Global Quality Director – Regulatory / Reliability

MSEE, BSME/20 Years. An executive level leader in ISO, quality principles, product life cycle management and corrective / preventative activities for large manufacturers of audio / visual, consumer electronics, petrochemicals equipment, medical and more. Manages return process, failure analysis and corrective actions. Substantial expertise with industry, regulatory and quality standards / certifications with implementation and conformance. Highest level reporting. Supply chain performance control. Provides training to all segments on reliability issues. A highly technical background allows this professional to implement at definition and design level. Fluencies: FMEA, CAPA, HASS, TQM, MTBF, Relex, ALTA, Six Sigma and much more. 125-140K. 11042014.6

Renewable Energy Consulting Engineer

MSEE/15 Years. A “green” driven expert at project consulting for energy efficiencies development, analysis, benchmark, implementation and training, including on-site/field hands-on work. Prepares extensive documentation (training materials, brochures, cost data reporting, utility budget tracking and more. Technologies involved are HVAC, solar, mechanical, electrical, Energy Star. Has regulatory experience, quality assurance and military fluencies. 100-110K. 11032014.11

Quality Systems Manager – ISO, FAA

BS/>20 Years. A high level quality professional for aerospace and industrial sectors. Certification specialities are ISO 9001, AS9100, QS-9000. Well-rounded experience is: developing quality systems from startup, registrar point-of-contact, implementing corrective action system, coordinates audits, critical design reviews for new products, material review board and supply chain monitoring, approves failure analysis reports for RMA, and has written top level quality manuals.  10312014.15

Sales Engineer – Components

BSEE/10 Years. A process-driven sales professional with technical background for IT, power and industrial components, plus microelectronics for multi-million $ projects/programs. Products/technologies involve power electronics/systems, semiconductor, integrated circuits, analog/digital, mixed signal, LED, optical electronics, wireless, RF and communications devices. Expertise in territory development/expansion, revenue growth, team leader and staff training. Has specialized background in ISO, supply chain and material requirements fulfillment/quality. Has several certifications. 80-90K. 10302014.4

Director of Engineering – Power Transformers

MBA-MSEE/>20 Years. Direct experience in every business department (engineering, design, “lean” manufacturing, sales, marketing, R&D, quality, program management, training) makes this executive highly effective to lead engineering departments in a cost effective manner. Primary products base is various types of complex transformers (three-phase, core, coil, liquid filled, etc), reactors, switchgear, AC/DC circuitry, bus and more. Historically, extensive design and engineering work: thermal analysis, modeling, drawing prep / technical documentation and much more. Very well travelled with high level customer interactions, ISO/quality focus, and an IEEE Standards Expert. AutoCAD. >100K. 10282014.13

Manufacturing Engineering Manager / Electronics

BSEE<20 Years. Strong world-wide background managing large groups of engineers and sub staff, with expertise in massive cost reduction pertaining to product builds, plant / factory transfers, quality program and process automation, and implementing “lean” concepts such as Six-Sigma, Kaizen. Industries: Aerospace, power electronics, RF / Microwave and more. Well travelled, multilingual. 100K. 10242014.2