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Sr Project Financials Manager – Utility/Renewables

MBA, CPM. A value-add professional, managing a variety of billion $ projects to bring organizations to high profitability through transformation and optimization. Skills in infrastructure development, operations, corporate finance, and supply chain management. Involves capital investments, high level negotiations, budgets and forecasting, and financial reporting. Has managed large wind farm and solar projects and has extensive experience with power transmission and distribution. SAP & ERP expert and strong in various software applications. 10 Years. 115K. 06102015.

Production Manager / Operations

BSEE-ME/Honors. Highly technical production and operations manager for power electronics; UPS/data center solutions; electrical utility panels, switches, and transformers, and photovoltaic/solar equipment – often new product introductions. Provides technical training, process change, warranty resolution, resource realignments, overtime and overhead cost reduction. Strong marketing/sales and applications participation. Technical go-to for UL and NEC standards. Six Sigma, Lean principles. Uses AutoDesk, AutoCAD, Inventor, Project Scheduler, MAPICS, AS/400. Would welcome bringing talents to sales position. 05182015.7

Manufacturing, Production & Operations Manager – Auto, Oil & Gas

Manages large manufacturing groups involving ERP systems, factory processes, inventory control, CAD/CAM fabrication, assembly and equipment design, applying to multi-million $ equipment contracts such as: Charging stations, electro-mechanical, rotary power (electric vehicles/general automotive), metals, power electronics/UPS, safety sensing devices and entire harsh environment electrical power plant installations for petroleum drilling. Transforms production and manufacturing facilities to ensure new business capabilities. Lean Six Sigma/Black. 120K. 05142015.5

Nuclear Power Plant Field Services Manager

MS-Math. Manages and coordinates domestic and international nuclear power plant equipment field repair and service, involving large circuit breakers, generators, motors, pumps, and components.

  • Administers long-term O & M and project-related contracts through closeout, providing financial reporting, and scheduling
  • Maintains company inventory control, sourcing and lab setup
  • Develops product solutions for complex problems: Environmental mitigation, component aging, critical mechanisms such as airlocks, doors, hatches, chillers
  • Fosters industry partner relationships, and O & M customer support, such as business plans and presentations

Active industry contributor. Specialized certifications. Six Sigma. 100K. 05132015.01

Director of Operations / Manufacturing, RF/Optical

Strong production, manufacturing and project manager for next-generation technical devices for cable TV (CATV), such as optical, fiber optic and analog devices; laser modules; and transmitters, receivers.

  • Production resource planning and allocation (assembly and work instructions, test station setup/procedures, yield calculations), implements manufacturing & NPI processes, and provides supply chain management/qualification/audit.
  • GO-TO: Overall production, overseas manufacturing training, production setups.

Has RF/microwave design and applications background. 150K. 05112015.6

Director, Global Manufacturing & Operations

MBA, MSME. A manufacturing and operations powerhouse with full profit & loss ownership, working with energy management / systems / solutions, power electronics (UPS, converters), HVAC, compressors, controls, PDU and a variety of mechanical products for utilities and industrial applications. Drives multi-billion $ organizations with multiple sites and overseas factories, executing significant cost and revenue improvements within processes, customer design, new product development, manufacturing optimization, overseas and domestic sourcing. Experience with acquisition integration. Employs lean, Kaizen, TQM and Six Sigma principles. Contact us for more details! 05082015.9



Plant Manager – Dry Transformer Production/Manufacturing

BSEE/IE. Seasoned production and manufacturing facility/plant management specialist, primarily for dry-type transformers, electrical components and electro-magnetic equipment for military, commercial and industrial. Wealth of process experience such as winding, vacuum, arc welding, crimping, wave machine soldering and more. Implements manufacturing cells, oversees materiel & purchasing, and maintains master schedule. Supervises 50+ and reduces costs via strategic staff management and resource planning. ISO9001 Manager and applies Kaizen, Lean. 120K. 05052015.2

VP/COO, Power Electronics and Renewable Energy

MA/Biz Mgmt. Executive level operations leader, ensuring successful functioning of all company departments, multiple divisions and global locations/assembly plants for power electronics, systems engineering, telecommunications and utilities/renewable energy. Owns P&L, integrates acquisitions, improves delivery lead time tri-fold, and focus is customer satisfaction. Specializes in team building, turning around low performing companies into billion $ concerns, and implementing change for growth. Six Sigma/Lean. APICS/CPIM Certs. Please contact us for more details! 04202015.4

Director, Global Field Service Operations

MBA. Full P&L and operational responsibility for O&M and commissioning field service, contracts and staff for solar farms and critical power plants within North/South America territories. Oversees technical support and repair centers and converts customer support cost principles to profitability/revenue opportunities. Plant operations includes production, manufacturing engineering, testing/quality, and supply chain management. Strong focus on profit and cost reduction. Has NPI/power electronics manufacturing background. Quality and Industrial Engineering degreed. Bilingual. 150K. 03272015.3

Director of Manufacturing/Government Programs

BSME. Executive level operations and corporate finance professional, leading high volume utility and manufacturing companies for flywheel backup power systems/rotating equipment. Secures capital funding/loans from various governmental sources, leads corporate level strategies, garners relevant outside resources (i.e. legal) to develop teams, negotiates 8 figure government contracts, and manages P&L. Provides operational management to reduce labor costs, and routinely exceeds industry records for scrap and client returns. Lean principles. 175K. 02272015.2

Facilities O&M Manager – HVDC/Power Plants

BS-Mgmt/>20 years. Provides all phases of facilities management for overall maintenance and operation of high voltage DC converter stations, power plants and large transmission projects. Routinely enhances plant performance, streamlines internal processes and implements personnel and operational efficiency. Leads safety, compliance, Q/A and commissioning activities. Captures regulatory audit wins, manages/negotiates with labor relations as corporate representative, ensures project scheduling goals are met early, manages facility construction activities and revamps customer billing systems. Responsible for inventory management and equipment assets >$1B. Has coordinated an 8 figure plant restoration project. Also has background with power transmission, nuclear, oil, gas and power generation plants. Many additional training certifications. 110-130K. 02242015.5

Aerospace Operations / Facilities / Program Management

MBA, BSCS/20 Years. Has wealth of experience with aerospace/avionics, satellite/RF, space program and military defense to provide operations, technical facilities and program management for ground support and test equipment wins – some classified and some overseas. Organizes project teams, develops software test procedures, operational on-orbit sequencing documentation, and has board level installation / troubleshooting experience. Manages large budgets, capital expenditures, provides high $ customer asset support equipment inventory management, facilities infrastructure planning/upgrades and allocation large strategic business unit. Provides costing/risk and other extensive contributions to high volume proposal process. Six Sigma, TQM, continuous improvement. Active top security clearance. Contact us for more details! 02182015.01

Power Generation Plant Maintenance and Operations Manager

MSEE-Honors, PE Cert/20 Years. Provides M&O and start-up responsibility for power generation, hydro, wind, fossil fuel, and steam/gas turbine plants. Performs variety of maintenance programs: Short circuit studies for generator breakers, step-up transformers, and large electric motors; load flow and motor starting studies; transient stability analysis; power switching (switchgear); reliability tests; protective relay settings; and outage planning and coordination. Implements new installation, rehabilitation and upgrade projects from concept to completion involving construction supervision, asset management, technology development, technical support and training. Routinely monitors and work with HVAC and auxiliary power systems, PLCs, DCIS, and excitation systems. Uses MatLab, Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD, Cadkey, Micro Station, Etap, Mathcad, Primavera and more. Multilingual. 130-150K. 02122015.2

President / CEO – Power Electronics and Systems Solutions

Pre-MBA/20 Years. A highly awarded executive level business developer for power electronics, systems and solutions for military/defense, and commercial / industrial private and public organizations (applying to severe environments such as nuclear submarines and weaponry; and, radar, communications, transportation). Specializes in talent management to reinvent multi-disciplinary, high-performing teams to drive multi-million $ sales revenue increases (8 figures). Achievements include successful labor relations negotiations, exponential global market share increases, quality certification wins, and “Preferred Vendor” formal recognition wins. Has background in marketing / sales for power magnetics and instrumentation. Secret security clearance, Six Sigma and multilingual. Contact us for more details! 02042015.2

Power Systems Project / Operations Manager

MBA, BS-Systems/15 Years. Manages turnkey projects for electrical transmission and distribution substations facilities, protection / control (relays), and automation systems for utilities, industrial and commercial end users. Has completed approximately 80 automation system contracts with 98% on-time delivery and 99% were below budget. Actively participates in new product development such as “intelligent” electronic P and C relays, leading innovation performance improvement and reducing launch time/costs. Integrates SAP/ERP systems. Uses a wealth of software tools to effect proactive project management and manufacturing principles. Brings a background in finance, involving systems development for effective international billing, cloud CRM and resource management. A significant, high level background in quality management with TQM, Six Sigma, ISO, PMI PMP (using Agile, SOX, CMMI and more) and involving FAA, IEEE, MIL-Q-9858A and DoD standards. Consultant or direct hire. 80-90K. 01282015.3

Operations / Project Manager – SATCOM / RF

BABA-Honors/15 Years. A very project-oriented operations executive for satellite communications, mobile terminals, antenna assemblies and more. Manages multiple large contract projects up to $700M to include overall implementation, coordination and close-out, involving customer interface, project cost accounting, export compliance and logistics. Effectively accelerates delivery schedules/reduces lead times by several weeks to six months resulting in significant cost savings / profitability. Has implemented single piece flow production process as required, leads design process conversions from high cost to low cost product lines, and beneficially modifies various other design processes. Proven inventory and WIP reduction achievements ($8M to 4.3M). 100K. 01282015.2

Dir., Release Engineering/Customer Service – RF/Aerospace, IT

BS-Engrg/>20 Years. A customer and product-driven professional for RF/aerospace and IT/networking industries. Provides customer service management and escalation with problem resolution expertise, domestic and international. For IT, directs all software and hardware solutions releases via build/sync team leadership, drives timely deliverables, and restructures related teams to meet higher performance goals. For aerospace, has extensive large program management experience involving satellites (and payload systems/subsystems, DSP), telecommunications and mobile telephony. Has additional applications are: Marine, sonar, radar and avionics. Has background in bid processes and executive level operations management. Consulting or direct hire. Multiple formal awards. 150-300K. 01282015.1

General Manager / Operations Executive

BSME/>20 Years. A leader, manager and company officer for high technology manufacturers involving a wealth of systems and equipment product development: Medium voltage and high speed subsea motors, generators, power electronics, drive systems, turbo machinery, heat recovery and ORC waste heat to energy systems, flywheel energy systems, and avionics power generation. Industries include aerospace, oceanics, oil/gas and pipelines, and renewable/green energy applications.  Responsible for diverse workforce (engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, quality, finance, marketing, HR).

Thrives in fast paced, early stage start up environments and hatches sister companies for high investment gains. Achieves ambitious big picture goals on schedule/budget. Employs TQM, ISO, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles. Has >5 patents: Electric and turbo machinery.

Contact us for more details!


Business Operations Manager – Power Utilities

MBA, BS-Civil, Structrl/>20 Years. An operations leader with in-depth expertise in electric utility transmission and distribution business management to include responsibility for over 1500 M and O department staff, resource planning, energy procurement/negotiations, regulatory compliance and financial/capital management. Builds and leads high performance teams to include external parties, drives a variety of resources to lead initiatives, generates multi-year business plans and enforces innovative renewable energy and efficiency concepts. Is PE and uses Ventyx PROMOD. 150-170K. 01202015.10

VP, Operations – Electronic Systems / Communications / Power Electronics

BSIE-Honors/>20 Years. Executive level operations and manufacturing professional for domestic and international concerns in aerospace, avionics, defense/military and commercial industries. Applies cost controls, provides supply chain / configuration / resource management, inventory / production control, strategic business goals, high level customer problem resolution, multi million $ profit / loss / margin / budgets and customer returns program responsibilities. Has grown expansion division startups, overseen multiple locations, and implemented vast cost reduction programs. A significant additional role in quality management. Multiple professional certifications. APICS, Kanban, TQM, Lean, ISO. 200K. 01132015.14

Program Manager – Transportation / Avionics / Satellite

BSEE (plus)/>20 Years. Extensive executive managerial experience across transportation (locomotive), avionics (controls) and satellite (payload test systems) industries for commercial and aerospace. Has division operations management, provides strategy planning, quality assurance, timely deliverables for large contracts, additional revenue capture, program reviews, material / subcontract management, substantial high finance / budget responsibilities, formalized risk mitigation, high level reporting. Has developed custom procurement databases. Previous Top Secret clearance. Multiple professional certifications. 130-140K. 01132015-11

Field Service Manager / Business Manager

BSEE/15 Years. Brings technical talent to managerial expertise for field engineering staff with an eye toward customer service/profitability. Works with multi million $ budgets, drives process and workflow improvements, generates service contracts and manages finance and cost reduction aspects. Industry background is in IT, automotive, plant management, robotics, healthcare, water purification systems, and CNC/machining. 85-95K. 01072015.3

Business Development / Operations – Utility

BSEE/>20 Years. Brings strong technical skills and engineering design background to high level business development and operations for retail electrical generation / utility industry. Responsibilities and business functions managed include sales/marketing, business plans, strategic planning, finance, contracts, regulatory compliance process, rates/tariffs and billing operations, metering technology, and general utility market dynamics. History of design for substations, transformers. 150-160K. 01072015.1

Engineering and Operations Director

MBA, MS-ChemE/15 Years. A multi-role technical professional to drive the bigger picture for both products and services profitability, and operational excellence for very large automotive, transportation and RF/satellite and avionics divisions/organizations, saving multi millions. Employs lean manufacturing, complex strategies, global initiatives, teaming, and reducing cost of overall business operations. Proven record of product development/launches. Products: Motors, motion control, resolvers, titanium components, LED switches and displays. Expertise includes supply chain management, labor relations, customer relations, inventory management and leading large CNC manufacturing plants. Six Sigma, Kaizen, SAP. Very well traveled. 150K. 01062015.11

Systems Director / Operations, Manufacturing

MBA, BSME/20 Years. An executive level corporate systems professional with extensive experience in operations, manufacturing and engineering management. Provides multiple skillsets: Strategic planning, implementing ERP/MRP, high level process analysis / improvement, new product / overseas supplier development. Product lines mostly electronics. Significant experience reorganizing corporate structures / startups / mergers / acquisitions and facilities consolidation projects. Focuses on product processes and related cost savings. Collaborates with very high level customers for space program, aerospace, defense, medical, automotive and more. Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, ADKAR, AS9100, Kanban, APICS. Excellent consultant candidate. 160-180K. 12102014.2

Operations Director – Aerospace, Telecomm

MS-Physics(Honors). An operations expert for large entities, driving: Strategic planning,  profit / loss, substantial manufacturing concerns expertise, cost reductions to component level, supply chain and offshore suppliers, returns/repairs revamp for revenue, process flow, inventory control.  Introduces tools and systems (BOM, ERP, MRP), reorganizes departments / factories. Manages large groups, launches NPI to production. Aerospace, consumer products, telecommunications, imaging/medical. APICS, JcIT, SAP, 140K. 12042014.14

Program Management Director – Aviation

Ph.D-B.A./20 Years. An executive level program manager overseeing large-scale multi million $ projects and managing several divisions / departments. Provides software / hardware development for full product lifecycle, long-term business planning, policy / procedure development, cost control and reduction, budgeting, customer negotiations / design reviews / service. A regulatory expert (FAA, JAA etc) / directs official aviation repair station activities and grows revenue for same. Provide substantial customer support management with strong IT background. Excellent consultancy candidate. Industries/technologies involved: Avionics, Aerospace, Military, instrumentation, telecommunications, IT, internet security, consumer electronics, medical and power electronics. Fluent: ASIC, Viewlogic, UNIX, TCP/IP, Visio and more. Six Sigma, Lean. 200K. 12042014.13

Plant Manager – Power Electronics Manufacturing

MBA-BSEE/>20 Years. Oversees all plant operations for transformer manufacturer, managing and training high number of staff. Brings continuous improvement and efficiency, generates policy / procedure, lead-time / cost / rework reductions, safety maintenance, and product quality control with high level overall quality responsibilities (plus ISO). Selects and implements large capital improvements / automation. With technical background, has substantial inter-department technical interface (especially production), including design review, failure reduction / non-conformities, and root cause analysis. Proven customer satisfaction increased levels. Provides on site quality visits. Union involvement. 90-100K. 12032014.3

Vice President of Engineering – Power Supplies

Ph.D.-EE/>20 Years. An executive level professional providing leadership for large engineering groups. Strong background in other multiple company operations to include: innovation / patent direction, supply chain management and manufacturing outsourcing for cost reduction, all quality concerns, and more. Provides and directs breadboard design, extensive debugging and testing. Primary product line is power supplies with switching, adapters, AC/DC, and DC/DC for very high volume consumer electronics, telecommunications and lighting / LED. Very well travelled. Fluent in all design tools and also Powers Esim. >200K. 12032014.1

Sales Director – Electrical and Power Electronics

MBA/<15 Years. A proven, global sales and marketing professional with concentrated background in electrical devices and power electronics. Products include: Switchgear, electrical safety and reliability systems, software, meters and more. Has developed significant OEM business, implemented higher industry standards for product performance, covered contracts administration / engaged in substantial negotiations, and drove product development and process improvements. Has also led sales in medical and automotive industries, and filled a vacancy long term as Operations Manager for multi-task. Has extensive marketing background to include value add activities, webinar / seminar development for outreach, and bid processes. Six Sigma, Lean, ISO. Well travelled. 100-120K. 12202014.12

Executive Director and Operations – Power Systems

BSEE-Honors/>20 Years. A top executive driving multi-million $ successful businesses in the power transmission and distribution industry. Involves especially substation engineering, large electrical equipment, transformers, switchgear and more for various industries to include solar and wind power. Creates joint ventures, and leads all departments for full business operations toward profitability and growth. Very well travelled. 175-200K. 11262014.5

Director of Engineering – Power Electronics

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A high level engineering leader for power electronics product development (motors, motor drives, inverters, motion systems, instrumentation etc). Develops hundreds of new product concepts by studying trends, planning, and building engineering partnerships globally. Successful patent activities. Implements ISO/AS9100 and lean methodologies among other critical operations improvements. Is hands-on with hardware, firmware and packaging development, manages large numbers of staff, and drives laboratory facilities construction for scheduling and cost reduction projects. Focus is on value-add. Fluent: Spice, thermal technologies, IGBT, MOSFET and much, much more. 150-175K. 11252014.8

Lead Financial Analyst – Aerospace

MBA/>20 Years. A high level business and operations analyst for large defense contractors. Performs cost accounting, forecasting, operations plans development, manages service agreements, substantial supply chain involvement and receivables, corporate reviews, new business development, implements best business practices and significant audit activities. Has multiple certifications. Six Sigma Green Belt. 140-150K. 11242014.2

Vice President / General Manager – Power Electronics

MBA, MSME/11172014.14. An executive level manager for power electronics with utility and industrial markets. Reach is global with experience in all departments (sales, marketing, product management, domestic and international operations, safety, profit / loss accountability, supply chain management, process improvements, partnering etc). Specializes in acquisitions integration, new product development, multi-plant management and manufacturing operations. Multi million $ products experience is with breakers, reclosers, variety of switches, switchgear, transformers, fuse cutouts, etc., and consumables (wiring, cables etc). Previous Top Secret security clearance. Previous military background in nuclear engineering. Uses Lean principles, Six Sigma Black Belt. Patent and formal awards activity. 200K. 11172014.14

Operations / Engineering Manager – Consumer Electronics

MSIE, BSEE/>20 Years. Has a wealth of high level business experience to include every facet of departmental expertise (manufacturing, engineering, quality, etc). An excellent consultant candidate. Products / technologies include: computer electronics / networking, wireless and fiber optics for consumers, OEM, medical and other industries. Responsible for multi million $ budgets, profit and loss, start ups, overseeing new product development, quality goals achievement, process improvements and implementation, automation. Has experience with technology transfer, factory relocations, and directing large bodies of engineering and manufacturing staff for product lifecycles. 130-150K. 11172014.13

Program Manager / Operations – Microwave / Communications / IT

BSEE/>15 Years. A leader and program manager overall for large, high technology company operations including and especially process management, automation, cost reductions, quality program  implementation, vendor analysis, outsourcing, hardware / software development, R&D, re-engineering, customer interface (including military), manufacturing and field implementations / installations (applications). Multi million $ projects involve wireless networks / radio, communications, IT, security systems. Is Cisco cert: CCNA. Is excellent consultant candidate. Multi award recipient. 125-135K. 11172014.9

Senior Project Hardware / Software Engineer – Power

BSEE-Honors/20 Years. A highly technical, innovative lifecycle project manager for engineering and design of hardware and software to include following products and technologies: Communications, thermal/power for data centers, ethernet, TCP/IP, UPS, analog / digital circuitry, embedded systems, switching, inverters, UPS etc. Extensive experience with contract manufacturer houses and relocating mfg functions overseas for cost effectiveness. Industries: Military, communications, utility, automotive. Solves complex problems and defects. Has field service management background. >100K. 11172014.8

Division Executive – RF / Microwave

AEA, BSBA(plus)/>20 Years. A proven high level executive for RF Microwave technology, serving aerospace, commercial, military, space program and defense industries. Product lines involve antennas and the subsystems, defense aircraft, and ground systems for unmanned air vehicles. Accountable for profit/loss, overall operations, business development / innovation / strategies, management of generally 100 to 300 staff with policy implementations, customer interface and more. Concentrated development of engineering and design talent of highest technical ability. Implements “lean” principles, and improvement processes with cost reduction strategies. Has managed operations in multiple locations. Multiple awards / formal achievements. Secret Security Clearance. >200K. 11112014.7

Consultant, Operations and Mechanical – Energy and Power Systems

>20 Years. An excellent candidate for upgrading company processes or building start ups. Various expertise includes: technical staff leader, product definition, production and engineering processes such as setup of PDM databases, tools and equipment, building test beds, implementing SMT and is point person for regulatory bodies. Has implemented entire large company technical and operational databases (networking, TCP/IP) for various usage applications. Multi-million $ product lines to include: Micro inverters, high volume consumer electronics, other power conversion (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC, AC/AC), smart energy modules, switching, switch-mode and rectifiers.  Solar, radar and utility applications. Uses Cadence, Orcad, SQL, Visual FoxPro and more. 160-180K. 11102014.11

Microwave/RF Business Development and Sales

BSEE/>20 Years. With very substantial engineering and design / program management background, drives new business for aerospace and military programs and product lines. Includes IR&D, global sales, marketing, substantial customer support, bid processes, competitor analysis, trade shows, contract negotiations / administration, export processes and development of sales staff. A vast array of product lines: Radar / microwave subsystems, telecommunications, amplifiers, power supplies, jammers, circuitry and more. ISO cert win and facility security clearance win expert. Previous Secret clearance. 75-85K. 11102014.3