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VP, Sales & Marketing, Data Centers / Software & Services

BSEE. Consistent business development, sales & marketing direction with varied products/custom solutions: Data centers (large contracts), transformers, regulators, UPS, data handling/encryption software. Highly skilled in sales channel restructuring for business turnaround to profitability, and opening new business units in strategic locations. Involved in product development, NPI/launches and marketing, including user manual development. Strong experience with OEMs and resellers and a variety of industries. Previous Top Secret military clearance with RF experience. 140K. 06152015.3

Regional Sales Engineer – HydroElectric Controls & Mechanical

MSME. Diverse industry experience selling utility power generation products including hydro-electric governor control systems. For OEMs, industrial, and other markets, has experience in mechanical tooling, components, motion controls, actuators and hydraulic equipment. Employs technical hand to help customers define requirements by performing studies, often onsite, in applications engineering style, resulting in large contract wins. Strong in marketing, demonstrations, customer/salesrep and sales staff training.  Uses AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Mastercam, SolidEdge. Multi-lingual. < 10 Years. 80K. 06152015.01

VP of Sales & Marketing – Hi Rel Energy Storage

Consistent specialization in high reliability energy storage and power technology for military, space and marine industries: Lithium Ion/Ni-Cd/micro foam/Li-Fe and other next-generation batteries, management systems and chargers. Power electronics include UPS, inverters, IGBT, flywheel products and large generators for wind applications. Manages and trains manufacturer’s reps and sales groups, ensuring high level product knowledge. 85K. 06122015.9

Global Technical Sales Engineer – Motors / Marine

A project-oriented sales/marketing professional involving rotating machinery, motors, generators, steam turbines, boilers, waste mgmt equipment, and power electronics for marine, heat recovery, renewables/green energy, industrial, commercial end users. Conventional and magnetic bearings experience. Extensive domestic/international customer interface and system troubleshooting. Delivers consultative presentations to new customers. MS/BS degrees with marine engineering. Uses LadderLogic, LabView, SolidWorks, VersaPro. <10 Years. 90K. 06112015.2

Product Marketing Manager – Components

BS-Biz/Ops. Has deep product knowledge for product positioning, creating new markets involving various sourced components such as capacitors, wiring harnesses and PCBs. Performs negotiations, internal/external training, and interacts in an engineering applications fashion with high level customers. Collaborates with design staff and sales channels and monitors competitors. Products apply to renewable energy, power supplies/UPS, motors, HVAC, aerospace and more. 85K. 06102015.5

Regional Sales Manager – Test/Measurement Equipment

Provides sales and product marketing expertise for test/measurement equipment such as battery regenerative test systems, bench test equipment, product sensors, environmental test chambers, and also components/PCB. Provides sales forecasting and performs customer product demonstrations, webinars and and presentations in collaboration with apps engineering. Maintains contact database. Has developed lease/rental program for additional contract revenue. 100K. 06032015.01

Sr Product Marketing / Applications Manager

MSEE. Has wealth of power electronics and IC product marketing, sales/business development, project management, and field applications engineering experience.

  • Digital, analog, wireless devices, controls, audio/video, networking and semiconductor (memory, ASIC, RFIC) products and applications.
  • Global sales and customer support, design-in solutions architecture, product roadmaps, specifications definition and new product launch.
  • Excels at tech docs (manuals, white papers) and lab test/qualification processes.

Multilingual. 140K. 05192015.7

Product Marketing Applications Engineer – Metering

MSEE. Provides design, test, applications and marketing talent for utility/SmartGrid metering, electric handheld devices, substation automation, electrical controls and switches; plus has a background in LED lighting, RFIC/wireless. Publishes technical documentation for field sales and distributors and provides customer support and training. Project management skill and field experience. Uses LabVIEW, Python, PSpice, Cadence, MATLAB, MathCAD, Microstation. 95K. 05192015.3

National Sales Account Manager – PCB Components

Specializes in OEM client relationship management and multi-million $ PCB and other components sales with large organizations, developing complex strategy, performing marketing, negotiations, onsite customer service and end user training. Extensive territory, representative network, VAR/reseller development. Translates customer requirements into solutions specifications. Has P&L accountability. Applies to telecommunications and networking markets. 75K. 05142015.3

Vice President, Sales/Business Development, Critical Power

BSEE. Brings applications engineering talent to drive sales revenue and effectively develop and manage staff and channel partners for critical power market involving UPS, flywheel (rotary-electric) technology, utility grade power systems, modular systems, electric motors and generators. Applies to data centers, hospitals, broadcasting, and other mission critical markets. Sales talent reach extends to Europe and Asia. Skillsets include presentations, negotiations, product launches, product compliance including documentation, and product/services education. 100K. 05122015.2

Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Display & Memory ICs

MSEE. Consistent technical and business development talent in display/analog IC engineering, IT device circuitry and memory semiconductor ICs. Provides global sales and marketing leadership with customer design-in activities and technical support (world-wide field applications), failure analysis, and defining future product lines. Heavily involved in concept and product architecture design. Many patents. Expert on cell structure. >15 Years. Contact us for more details! 04152015.4

Global Director of Business Development – LED Lighting

MBA, BSEE/Honors. Routinely captures additional 7 figures revenue for high/mid power LED lighting semiconductor organizations.

  • Global comfort and looks extensively to Asia for resourcing and product design/manufacturing team building, alliances
  • Specifies/creates next-generation LED products
  • Marketing powerhouse with branding, scientific-level marketing analysis and execution for business capture across all industries, from retail to military

Consultative sales, often displaces competition. Contact us for more details! 04142015.5

Director, Sales and Marketing – Satellite Telecommunications

BSEE. Grows revenue exponentially in Latin/Caribbean regions and globally for satellite communications equipment, software and services for telecommunications (TV, cellular, internet), commercial, government and military. Introduces breakthrough products with technical hand, employs branding/product positioning, fosters strategic global alliances, develops and manages channel sales. Focus is capturing both new business and displacing competitors. Excellent communicator with top level customer contacts in own regional network. Conducts customer training and presentations. Bilingual. 85K. 04092015.01

Global Product Marketing Manager – Data Centers

Provides product marketing expertise for rack, cooling, UPS, KVM, PDU and power protection/distribution systems plus fully mobile units, involving large data center hardware & software architecture project management. Performs onsite assessments, requirements definition, and customer training/briefings, including Asia and Europe. Provides sales and partner marketing support, customer relationship management, and manages project cross-functional teams. Develops product roadmaps, marketing and technical documentation, and strategic marketing plans. Large audience presentations. Focus is on-time/on-budget delivery. Pubs. 100K. 04072015.01

Product Marketing & Development/Applications Manager – Pwr ICs

BSEE. Launches new product introductions with strong marketing skillsets for product roadmap definition, collateral development (videos, press, publicity, literature) and works directly with customers from custom requirements definition to fulfillment feedback. Involves semiconductor components for digital/switching power controllers, regulators, analog devices, test systems and tooling – applying to wireless communications, automotive / electric vehicles, consumer electronics and gaming industries. Develops large teams for overseas R&D projects. Publications, patents. 170K. 03302015.3

Global Business Development Manager – Utility/Renewable Energy

MBA, BSME, PE. Global business developer for utility, renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro), data centers, oil and gas and refinery/industrial markets, primarily working with >100MVA transformers, power switching/protection, turbines and custom energy storage solutions and field services. Brings cross-functional teams and strategic partners/alliances together for common target goals, captures high $ multi-year service contracts, and manages large sales and marketing groups. Builds strong corporate image, using webinars, etc. 170K. 03302015.2

Director, Product Development/Marketing – RFIC, Mobile

BSEE. High level product development leader for RF/microwave high volume mobile handset multi-mode power amplifier modules, WLAN, and Bluetooth. Bring hands-on innovative lifecycle engineering experience to lead NPI, manage risk, increase yield, perform cost analysis, forecasting, and generate roadmaps. Provides device verification and characterization. Extensive overseas business and customer interaction during bid process, technical reviews, promotional initiatives for resultant design wins. Corporate awards. 180K. 03242015.5

Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, LEDs / Lighting

An LED and energy-efficient lighting solutions sales specialist for automotive and industrial sectors with expert knowledge on induction, halogen, flourescent. Consultative seller with onsite visits for total solutions – advising on layout, costing and investment. Leads new product introductions working with production, engineering etc., on beta feedback. Turns around low-performing territories, highly adept at building and developing new direct sales groups and strong rep channels. Heavy marketing skill. 80K. 03202015.3

Regional Sales Director – Power Supplies

MBA. Manages direct and channel sales force for UPS/electronic power supplies, switches, AC/DC and DC/DC products for military, aerospace, automotive, networking/OEM and municipal entities. Manages key accounts, engages C-level client relationships, captures complex contracts/design wins, provides marketing guidelines for new product introductions, and builds and trains sales staff/reps. Has global account experience. 130K. 03182015.3

Power Supply Applications Engineer

ASEET. Supports sales and marketing for DC/DC and AC/DC converters for telecommunications, medical and military industries:

  • Design/layout evaluation boards
  • Lab testing and MTBF calculations, thermal deratings
  • Creates application notes, and marketing/sales materials and presentations
  • Conducts comprehensive competitor product analysis
  • Customer and in-house product training.

100K. 02272015.4

Business Development/Account Manager-RF, Satellite & Wireless Communications

MBA-Honors/10 Years. Captures multi million and billion $ government defense contracts for RF and satellite communication systems; also involving devices, base stations, IT/telecommunications, specialized radio hardware, jammers and various weaponry devices. Creates joint ventures and employs B2B principles to provide strategic new market development with accompanying materials development/market growth planning. Has an extensive background generating a vast amount of internal, project-oriented, training, and industry-related technical publications. 90-110K. 02232015.6

Director of Sales/Facilities Power, UPS and Networking/IT Products

BSBA/>15 Years. A large account business developer and sales manager for large facility requirements such as power, networking/IT and data center solutions (both hardware and services). Develops sales teams (plus VARs, resellers) and especially sales programs to elevate account sales levels, provides opportunity-generating marketing methodologies, has revamped branding, and has expanded regional territories to national/international levels. Captures well-known IT industry strategic partnerships/joint ventures which has typically resulted in a 7 figure revenue gain, and routinely increases sales 50% annually and exponentially. Introduces innovative product lines for corporate consideration. Has exceptional networking contacts within high reliability consumer electronics industry. 120-140K. 02232015.01

Global Marketing Director – Renewable Energy / Power T and D

>20 Years. An executive level marketing professional involved with renewable / green energy such as utility-scale/hybrid wind and solar turbines; power transmission (SmartGrid), distribution, generation products/services; and, water desalinization projects. Specializes in developing untapped and emerging global B2B markets (demand creation) in support of business development with export coordination; implements branding, authors marketing presentations and performs media outreach (including translation accuracy responsibilities) to foster global sales; represents customer “voice”; organizes high level governmental / industry affairs and press conferences while generating related supporting materials and communications; and, if corporate representative at all external industry events. Previous Secret security clearance. Uses Six Sigma principles, CECOR, VOC, Net Promoter Score. Contact us for more details! 02042015.3

Sales and Marketing Manager – Power Systems

MBA/>15 Years. Responsible for all customer account management and inside/outside sales channels, plus business development, for the Americas with revenue goal of 9 figures for power systems (steam/gas turbines, generators, control systems and more). Develops and executes sales strategies, budgets, marketing teams and segmentation, bid processes, product promotion, and contracts negotiation including warranty and T&Cs. Targets product lines to specialized Caribbean market. Introduces long term service agreements for utility sector, and effectively utilizes B2B opportunities. Has a background in military shipboard electrical power systems and cyber security, with Top Secret security clearance (bestowed with multiple honors and awards). 140-150K. 01302015.7

UPS / Power Systems Sales and Marketing Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. Sells and markets UPS systems, batteries, chargers, generators, cooling / monitoring systems, surge protection equipment, fuel cells and lighting for solar, wind, utilities / grid, photovoltaic, avionics and commercial applications. Solutions are often turn-key and multi-year contracts. Develops, pursues and trains all sales channels. Seeks out product solution partnerships and has substantial marketing talents. FAA interaction. Brings background in DC power for telecommunications / wireless telephony. 65-75K. 01302015.6

Director of Sales / Business Development – Utility Products

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. An executive level sales and business development leader for large power transformers, switchgear, SmartGrid and distribution automation solutions / substations for utility, investor-owned and large industrial entities. Orchestrates sales revenue and business development plans and strategy road plan with defined goals and expectations. Uses various techniques including partnerships development, tactical concepts, branding, plus customer training and value-add propositions. Owns profit and loss, and penetrates national and South American markets. Drives global manufacturing facilities utilization. Brings backgrounds in high finance, and applications engineering regarding grid power, energy management systems, and energy automation software/hardware for transmission utilities with substantial technical presentation/live demonstration expertise. Multilingual. 130-140K. 01302015.5

Solar/Components Sales and Business Development Manager

BS-Aero Engrg/10 Years. A sales revenue developer and marketer for solar / alternative energy and industrial sectors involving DC/AC, DC connectors, cables and modules. Connector types include PST, balance-of-system, circular plastic and high voltage DC. Generates specialized sales plans, and has achieved start-up sales to $1.5M. Has helped developed innovative arc fault detection solutions, residential combiner and junction boxes, and environmentally rugged installation labels.  100-110K. 01302015.2

UPS Batteries and Services Sales Manager

7 Years. A regional and national sales professional working with UPS batteries and service contracts for data centers, finance, petroleum and utility companies. Increases yearly revenues (by 50%, 110%, etc) through customer education, maximizing OEMs / VARs, and managing independent representatives. Provides presentations and displays products and services at various venues such as trade shows and other industry conferences. Has a value-add talent for identifying cross-sell opportunities such as spill containment, hydrogen detection and other safety sciences products and services. 80-90K. 01292015.5

Power Supply Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

BSET, AASAET/>20 Years. A technical sales professional, business developer and tenacious/organized team player for standard and custom AC/DC, DC/DC products for military, medical and commercial industries. Also has a background with electric vehicle manufacturers, solar inverters and instrumentation. Has direct sales experience, develops customer relationships and effectively manages manufacturer reps. Has history of revenue growth (i.e., from $8M/year to $40M/year) and brings strong marketing expertise in the development of company literature and conducting presentations. 80K. 01292015.2

Director, Business Development and Marketing/Aerospace, DoD

MS-Aero Sciences/>20 Years. Highly experienced business developer and program manager for aerospace/government involving air and marine structures, communications, subsea navigation and control, autonomous vehicles, fire control and other platforms. Ensures timely deliverables for weaponry systems analysis for multiple programs. Builds teams to drive proactive multi million $ contract captures. Implements strategic goals for integrated communications which has effected 300% revenue growth. Experience applies to aerospace, avionics, DoD weaponry, international ministry of defense depts., and commercial licensing of products and technology. FAA certifications, Top Secret clearance and bilingual. Executive level. 150K. 01232015.2

UPS Regional Sales Manager

BA/10 Years. Has extensive sales and marketing experience for single and 3 phase UPS systems. Targets key large accounts with focus on data centers and critical power infrastructures, builds market share, develops customer-specific programs, generates territory management plans, manages/guides/mentors sales channels: Providing leadership, product training and motivation. Applies comprehensive market strategies. 80-90K. 01202015.5

Sales and Marketing Manager – Renewable Energy

BA-Chem/>20 Years. A regional and national sales and marketing manager for photovoltaic systems and equipment (cells, modules), inverters, DC/AC, monitoring platforms, controls and automation. Employs go-to-market strategies, tactics and B2B/B2C principles for large and emerging renewable energy clients such as wind and solar, but also commercial (>50kW) and residential (>10kW). Implements CRM systems, and develops, manages and trains all sales channels and direct staff. Is an executive level professional. Available for full time roles or part time consulting work. 100K. 01192015.7

Analog / Power IC Marketing Director and General Manager

BSEE/>20 Years. A top executive level GM/CEO with proven track record of successes in corporate leadership for power management ICs and analog. Drives sustained growth with strengths in ownership of profit and loss strategies and planning. Oversees sales and operations for both well-established and start-up corporations. Has strong marketing and applications engineering lead background.

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Regional Sales Manager – Data Centers / Power Systems

BS-Aerosp Engrg/>20 Years. Results oriented sales professional providing channel management over very large regions – working with both large and small entities. Has proactive problem resolution, achieves financial/sales goals, analyzes competitive conditions, develops strategic partners, drives bid processes, negotiates using various vehicles (terms and service agreements, multi-year), and is sole sourcing expert. Gives customer presentations. Thrives on both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Products are large data centers (equipment, maintenance and services), UPS, various power systems and electronics, and automatic lighting controls. Industries: Defense, telecommunications, healthcare, industrial. 100K. 01152015.4

Regional Sales manager / HVAC, Lighting, Facilities

MBA, BS-Engrg Sci/<15 Years. An HVAC sales and marketing specialist with additional skillsets in lighting, ultra violet lighting, energy / water use and power monitoring for facilities. Manages sales channels, provides presentations / product training, application support, customer service, contract negotiations, quality assurance, financial / project analyses, aftermarket activities. Prepares specifications, has developed proprietary products. Also has asset management and facility management background, plus heat and power generation projects. 70K. 01132015.13

Regional Sales Manager / Substation, Telecommunications

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. A proven technical sales professional with dual product line talent. Drives new product development, marketing campaigns, very large contract negotiations, applies customer influence, interacts with suppliers, manages groups of channel sales / territory coverage plan startups, develops non-existing market for new products, and provides technical training / presentations. For power electronics, involves substation protection and control, SCADA, and various electrical systems and equipment and maintenance services for utilities and government organizations. For telecommunications, involves carrier plans, equipment, and wireless systems. Awards and formal recognition.  80K. 01132015.10

Sales and Marketing Manager – Industrial Equipment

BSEE/>15 Years. Has global experience and is multilingual for sales and marketing activities involving industrial equipment and gas generators. Additional skillsets are finance, logistics, and technical guidance. Performs contract negotiations. Industry experience includes petrochemicals, industrial, RF, avionics, military and power plants. Also has a background in analog semiconductor and power electronics design and technical sales. 80K. 01132015.2

Sales and Business Strategist – Grid Power

BSEE. A multi-talented technical sales/marketing leader to grow revenue locally/globally for utilities and data centers. Is action/project oriented with customer interaction, complex studies and strategies for business development / bid process, and develops high level collaborations. Involves Smart Grid, power transmission and distribution, including retrofits. Manages assets, product definitions, is liaison for domestic/offshore manufacturing, writes specifications. Is managerial. Contract or Direct. 100K. 01092015.6

Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics, Semiconductor

MBA, BSEE-CE/>20 Years. Brings program management and technical background to sales and marketing for automation, GPS, wireless, antenna, PCB, magnetics, inductors, transformers, chokes, accelerometers, imaging systems and more. Proven sales and marketing talent for telecommunications, semiconductor, oil/gas, robotics, medical, industrial and military industries. Manages sales force and large channels, provides complex strategies, negotiations / large contracts and brings technical talent to oversee design-ins. Very well traveled. 80-90K. 01092015.3