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Manufacturing Manager – Engines/Outdoor Power Equip

MBA. Provides manufacturing management expertise relating to air-cooled engines, generators, pumps, rotor dynamics, metering, and outdoor power equipment. Global liaison between factories, design houses, and product test facilities. Ensures process improvements production streamlining, subcontracts management. Initiates cost-saving facility improvement programs, facility overhauls and assembly line station development. Ensures regulatory compliance and has mechanical background. GD&T. 100K. 06102015.8

Production Manager / Operations

BSEE-ME/Honors. Highly technical production and operations manager for power electronics; UPS/data center solutions; electrical utility panels, switches, and transformers, and photovoltaic/solar equipment – often new product introductions. Provides technical training, process change, warranty resolution, resource realignments, overtime and overhead cost reduction. Strong marketing/sales and applications participation. Technical go-to for UL and NEC standards. Six Sigma, Lean principles. Uses AutoDesk, AutoCAD, Inventor, Project Scheduler, MAPICS, AS/400. Would welcome bringing talents to sales position. 05182015.7

Manufacturing, Production & Operations Manager – Auto, Oil & Gas

Manages large manufacturing groups involving ERP systems, factory processes, inventory control, CAD/CAM fabrication, assembly and equipment design, applying to multi-million $ equipment contracts such as: Charging stations, electro-mechanical, rotary power (electric vehicles/general automotive), metals, power electronics/UPS, safety sensing devices and entire harsh environment electrical power plant installations for petroleum drilling. Transforms production and manufacturing facilities to ensure new business capabilities. Lean Six Sigma/Black. 120K. 05142015.5

Director of Operations / Manufacturing, RF/Optical

Strong production, manufacturing and project manager for next-generation technical devices for cable TV (CATV), such as optical, fiber optic and analog devices; laser modules; and transmitters, receivers.

  • Production resource planning and allocation (assembly and work instructions, test station setup/procedures, yield calculations), implements manufacturing & NPI processes, and provides supply chain management/qualification/audit.
  • GO-TO: Overall production, overseas manufacturing training, production setups.

Has RF/microwave design and applications background. 150K. 05112015.6

Director, Global Manufacturing & Operations

MBA, MSME. A manufacturing and operations powerhouse with full profit & loss ownership, working with energy management / systems / solutions, power electronics (UPS, converters), HVAC, compressors, controls, PDU and a variety of mechanical products for utilities and industrial applications. Drives multi-billion $ organizations with multiple sites and overseas factories, executing significant cost and revenue improvements within processes, customer design, new product development, manufacturing optimization, overseas and domestic sourcing. Experience with acquisition integration. Employs lean, Kaizen, TQM and Six Sigma principles. Contact us for more details! 05082015.9



Plant Manager – Dry Transformer Production/Manufacturing

BSEE/IE. Seasoned production and manufacturing facility/plant management specialist, primarily for dry-type transformers, electrical components and electro-magnetic equipment for military, commercial and industrial. Wealth of process experience such as winding, vacuum, arc welding, crimping, wave machine soldering and more. Implements manufacturing cells, oversees materiel & purchasing, and maintains master schedule. Supervises 50+ and reduces costs via strategic staff management and resource planning. ISO9001 Manager and applies Kaizen, Lean. 120K. 05052015.2

Staff Engineer – ElectroMechanical / Magnetic Motors

BSEE. Strong design/manufacturing engineering manager in electromechanical and magnetic motors for electrical vehicles, commercial transportation, utility/wind power and industrial applications. Types of motors include/not limited to:  Electrical, hybrids, stepper, brushless, DC, wound, induction; Cross-business in 3-phase generators and transformers. Value-add expertise: Battery charging/ignition, failure analysis (FMEA/FEA) and AutoCAD drafting. Performs simulations, characterizations, design optimization, manufacturing flow studies for cost reduction, launches NPI. Patent/Pubs. JMAG, MathCAD. 125K. 03272015.4

Plasma Etch Manufacturing Process Automation Engineer

BS-Chem/> 20 Years. Comprehensive experience to automate and improve plasma etch manufacturing processes (wafer/substrate levels) and semiconductor fabrication (front/back end) for medical packaging/implantables, commercial and IC applications. Designs a wealth of auto/non-automated tooling and fixtures. Has brought facilities to current technology by implementing equipment enhancements for lab demand fulfillment (plasma cleaners, screen printers, reflow machinery), and has sourced/specified custom equipment for automated module processing versus manual (25% higher yield; 50% throughput). Routinely provides technical support for etch processes (polysilicon gate, STI, trench, metals, SWN, cap oxide) with internal/external interface, validates new processes, updates specifications, develops/validates solder reflow profiles/SMT, and implements and maintains controls (SPC). Has implemented special projects, such as start-up wafer fab facilities overseas. 70-80K. 02172015.4

Systems Director / Operations, Manufacturing

MBA, BSME/20 Years. An executive level corporate systems professional with extensive experience in operations, manufacturing and engineering management. Provides multiple skillsets: Strategic planning, implementing ERP/MRP, high level process analysis / improvement, new product / overseas supplier development. Product lines mostly electronics. Significant experience reorganizing corporate structures / startups / mergers / acquisitions and facilities consolidation projects. Focuses on product processes and related cost savings. Collaborates with very high level customers for space program, aerospace, defense, medical, automotive and more. Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, ADKAR, AS9100, Kanban, APICS. Excellent consultant candidate. 160-180K. 12102014.2

Senior Electrical Test Engineer – Hardware / Software

MSEE>20 Years. A hardware and software test pioneer as it relates to computer-based automatic control systems, data acquisition systems, new test equipment, IT and circuitry, consumer products, various controllers and microcontrollers, electric vehicles, various electronics, instrumentation, visual systems and power supplies. Strong expertise in developing virtually all test plans / procedures / requirements, including for prototypes, calibration, root cause failure and other analysis, implements corrective actions to design and manufacturing processes, develops verification plans, has led manufacturing startup, and analyzes processes. Has project and product management talent. Uses LabView, Assembler, Pascal, and more. Patent activity. Six Sigma. 90-100K. 12052014.8

Operations Director – Aerospace, Telecomm

MS-Physics(Honors). An operations expert for large entities, driving: Strategic planning,  profit / loss, substantial manufacturing concerns expertise, cost reductions to component level, supply chain and offshore suppliers, returns/repairs revamp for revenue, process flow, inventory control.  Introduces tools and systems (BOM, ERP, MRP), reorganizes departments / factories. Manages large groups, launches NPI to production. Aerospace, consumer products, telecommunications, imaging/medical. APICS, JcIT, SAP, 140K. 12042014.14

Manufacturing and Design Process Engineer / Quality

AAEE(plus)/20 Years. A manufacturing engineering leader who drives quality and process improvements across multiple design and operational platforms, brings product development to volume production, performs business turnaround and builds start-ups, and reduces cost / grows efficiency.  Performs root cause and other analysis, characterizations, reduces scrap / rework, implements technical software applications and enhanced tools for optimization, and improves automation. Multi-billion $ industries: Aerospace, avionics, optical, imaging, communications, consumer electronics. Product line examples: Actuators, semiconductors, MOSFET, cable connectors, metrology systems. An excellent consultancy candidate. Has website and app expertise. Uses SolidWorks, Perl, Minitab, EyeLit, WIPtrac, Gage RR, SPC, RCA. Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO. Patent activity. 100K. 12042014.12

Manufacturing and Design Engineer – Automotive

MSEE/15 Years. A multi talented engineering professional working with automotive interiors and especially exteriors (polymers), manufacturing processes, substantial new product development, assurance and launch. Performs validation, test planning, function / form / fit, feasibility, composite / battery / raw materials selection, root cause analysis, supply chain qualifications, quality / production problem solving, warranty problem resolutions. Uses multiple quality industry tools (SPC, RCA, DOE etc). Interacts extensively with other technical departments, assembly plants, injection molding processes, conducts customer presentations for automotive OEMs and consumer industries. Employs DFSS Green Belt methodologies, best practices. Catia. Patent activity. 100K. 12042014.10

Mechanical / Manufacturing / Production Manager – Avionics, Aerospace

MSME/>20 Years. A lengthy, successful history to implement high quality programs such as lean manufacturing and Q/A-Q/C standards to gain optimization, standardization, high level cost reductions and overall process improvements. Expert at product development / conceptual design, root cause analysis, complex regulatory compliance, reliability, FMEA, robotics, liaison for supply chain, develops analytical tools, improved manufacturing methods, training technical groups and complex problem solving. Industries are related to avionics, aerospace and warfare transportation. Top Secret Security Clearance. Multiple award recipient. Has Kaizen, 3D Simulation, APQP, ISO, Six Sigma. 70-100K. 11142014.2

Lead Engine Systems Engineer – Transportation

MBA, BSEE/>20 Years. An R&D, team-leading, gas/diesel large engine expert for transportation industry with concentrated experience in: After-treatment, thermal management, reliability and related documentation, data mining, analysis / evaluation, calibrations, testing – including related sub-systems, test plans and reports. Develops suppliers – including offshore, manages mechanical designs and manufacturing processes, write algorithms, is technical support, performs root cause and more. Technical / Tool Fluencies: FMEA and also UPDOC, Tango, AUTOCAD and more. 100-125K. 11032014.12

Director, Production and Manufacturing Engineering – IT

Ph.D-EE/15 Years. High level business and technical executive with extensive reach into all business areas including full product life cycle ownership, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and technical sales/marketing with a strong focus on end customer satisfaction. Performance driven with substantial profit and cost reduction accountability. Processes and high volume devices background for product areas are: semiconductor, IC, analog, mixed signal and especially silicon on chips (SoC). Team builder, customer face-to-face relations, vast subcontractor and outsourcing management history, manufacturing partnering, and expert engineering efficiency developer with proven records. Extremely well travelled. 180-220K. 10282014.5

Director of Packaging / Assembly – Power / RF Systems and Components

Ph.D-CE/15 Years. A manufacturing technical leader with expertise in packaging and assembly for a variety of technologies and processes: RF, power systems, PCB / semiconductor (power SiP), embedded, plus microelectronics such as amplifiers, duplexers, filters, converters. Definitive experience with cross-functional teams, sustaining engineering, supply chain development, root cause / inefficiency analysis. Special skillsets: extensive international experience, RoHS, building a packaging group from scratch, and significant outside assembly and manufacturing houses involvement. 140-160K. 10272014.7

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Continuous Improvement

BSME/>20 Years. Proven history of streamlining manufacturing processes with process improvements to include: “Lean” manufacturing, assembly automation, cost / quality control, waste reduction, root cause analysis, reverse engineering and superior team building skills. Technical expertise and areas involved: CNC, CAD/CAM, Six Sigma and more for semiconductor, medical, IT and telecommunications industries. Has record of improved product yields. Substantial background in machining. Multi-lingual. 10232014.7

Director Supply Chain / Materials – Power Supplies

MBA+/>20 Years. Broad executive level experience in supply chain and materials management relating to AC/DC, DC/DC power supplies, microelectronics, and electronic and medical componentry product lines. Extensive background in global supplier development and negotiations, Ecommerce usage, process/profit improvement, manufacturing cycle time reduction and re-engineering processes. 125K. #10172014.11

VP/Director Manufacturing Operations – Grid Connected Renewable Power

BS/>20 years. Executive level responsibility for lean manufacturing, NPI, product certification, offshore CMs, etc. Established outsourced operational strategy for manufacturing and other support processes. Created supplier qualification process and performance measurement metrics. 175K #2192014.2