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Lead Product Engineer – HydroElectric Controls

BSEE. Provides engineering skill for utility power generation products including custom hydro-electric governor control systems and generators, and has also worked with relay logic, PLCs/HMIs, automation, servos, pressure controls, digital controllers, and AC power systems. Provides design, facility upgrades, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, often as project manager with supervisory responsibilities. Frequent engineering teacher on software and tools. Uses, Advantech, AutoCAD, Creo, MATLAB. < 10 Years. 100K. 06152015.2

Sr Electrical Engineer / Field Project Engineer – Grid

BSCE. Hands on electrical design engineering specialist for National Grid projects. Performs system and reliability upgrades, designs overhead and underground systems, and control systems for hydro-electric governers. Has worked extensively with power distribution involving substations, P&C, reclosers and transformers. Highly project-minded. Uses AuthCAD, Visio, Smallworld GIS, STORMS. 75K. 06122015.

Field Service Engineer – UPS / Generators

BSEE. Hands on customer service professional installing, commissioning and maintaining 50-150KVA 3 phase UPS, stand-by generators and PDU systems for data centers, oil & gas refineries, and utilities, including international projects. Provides premiere technical support and training as key account point-of-contact. Uses technical skill to generate field sales and monitors/collaborates heavily with subcontractors. 06122015.7

Mfg. Facilities / Data Center Electrical Engineer

BSEE. Plans, installs, manages, maintains and electrical distribution systems and equipment for multiple or single large facilities (especially semiconductor manufacturing; also data centers, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, universities). Performs engineering calculations, power systems analysis, site surveys, cost estimating and oversees all construction and expansion activities. Involves also UPS, lighting, controls, communications, clean rooms, emergency power, fire systems. Works within NFPA, NEC, OSHA. AutoCAD, SKM, PMCS. 110K. 06102015.9

Field Service Engineer – Oil & Gas / Locomotives

Global field service engineering professional with mechanical and repair skillsets involving generators, switchgear, motors, engines, pumps, hydraulics, pneumatics, and valves for oil & gas, electrical and locomotive industries. Talents include equipment installations, electrical circuitry design, schematics, wiring diagrams, wide variety of testing, design and cost analysis, and internal / consultant / customer technical support. Strong safety leader and overall “go-to”. Contract or Direct. 90K. 06042015.11

Field Service Applications Engineer – Utility/Hydro

Provides field service/application engineering onsite expertise for hydro power/industrial facilities, working with motor drives, rotary/pump systems, PLC, breakers, high voltage distribution equipment. Specialty in clean water technologies. Interacts with government and end users, trains technicians and sales force. Specifies equipment solutions, approves/releases manufacturing drawing documentation, solves warranty issues. Automotive controls background. Varied Master’s degree. Uses Pro-E, AutoCAD 3D. <15 Years. 80K. 06042015.4

Protection & Control Engineer – NERC

BSEE, PE. Calibrates and sets SEL, GE substation/transmission relays, 4kV to 500kV, sizes and analyzes high voltage circuit breakers and switchgear, performs overvoltage and short circuit studies, transient simulations, automation restoration, and mentors others. Ensures compliance to NERC/OSHA. Develops operating instructions/training materials. Uses CAPE, EMTP-ATP, AcSELerator, AutoCAD, MATLAB, MathCAD, TCL, LabView, PSpice, C. <10 Years. 105K. 06012015.3

Field Service Engineer – Drives & Motors

BSEE. Performs installation, commissioning, start-up, and repair of variable frequency drives (VFD), low and medium voltage solid sate motor starters, soft starters, and industrial DC motors. Exceptional experience in both in-house engineering staff and onsite customer training on product operation, demonstrations, resulting in strong outside sales. 10 Years. 70K. 05292015.6

Project & Field Service Manager – Advanced Metering

Strong, consistent background in advanced metering and data management, to include project management, field installation and service, returns management. Drives entire lifecycle scope of each contract with strategic planning, tracking resources, 3rd party management, customer reporting, schedule, budgets/cost and closure. Strong field implementation leadership. Applies to water, power and utility sectors. Performs load study/demand response projects and tracks industry energy initiatives. Uses GIS. 15 Years. ASEET/Honors, PMP. 110K. 05202015.4

Controls Engineer – Renewable Energy / Energy Storage

MSEE. Works with PLC integration, power monitoring and protection, medium/low voltage switchgear, various power distribution equipment, algorithm development, plus energy storage. Applies to marine, military, utility, wind/solar, oil & gas production facilities, power plants and refineries, and commercial/industrial users. Performs onsite commissioning, technical support. Uses AutoCAD, SmartPlant, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Codewarrior, C. Multilingual. 85K. 05202015.01

Sr Software/Systems Field Engineer – Renewables

MSME/BSEE. Strong software development, simulation, validation, and systems engineering talent for wind/solar markets working with SCADA automation and substation / transmission line layout. Extensive domestic/international field work with upgrades, modifications, farm management systems, and testing. Provides equipment mechanical/electrical support, turbine optimization, root cause analysis and prototype commissioning. Background in harsh environment data acquisition, wireless telecom embedded software. Uses Wind/SolarSCADA software, WindPro2, MATLAB, Simulink, SQL, CanBUS, C. >15 Years. 100K. 05142015.01

Nuclear Power Plant Field Services Manager

MS-Math. Manages and coordinates domestic and international nuclear power plant equipment field repair and service, involving large circuit breakers, generators, motors, pumps, and components.

  • Administers long-term O & M and project-related contracts through closeout, providing financial reporting, and scheduling
  • Maintains company inventory control, sourcing and lab setup
  • Develops product solutions for complex problems: Environmental mitigation, component aging, critical mechanisms such as airlocks, doors, hatches, chillers
  • Fosters industry partner relationships, and O & M customer support, such as business plans and presentations

Active industry contributor. Specialized certifications. Six Sigma. 100K. 05132015.01

Instrumentation / Controls Electrical Engineer – Transportation

BSEE. Designs various controls, devices and systems for pump rooms, fuel systems, electrical/nuclear power and ventilation plants, and depots and stations relating to rail, bus, and subway transit systems. Works with automation controls, programming PLCs/HMIs, generating technical drawings, coordinating with contractors/project teams, and performing calculations for voltage, arc flash, cabling, heat loss and panel loading. Many activities involve post-catastrophe infrastructure rehabilitation field work. Uses Vijeo Citect, LTSpice, Trax Maker, SKM, SolidWorks, LabVIEW, C, VHDL. 5 Years. 70K. 04202015.5

Sr Field Service Engineer – DC Critical Power

Concentrated experience providing senior-level field service maintenance & repair, and technician supervision & training for data centers, critical power customers and DC plants, involving UPS, battery management, electrical and cooling. Employs preventative maintenance, and provides emergency response and followup. 80K. 04142015.2

Construction Manager – HV Substations, T&D, Industrial Plants

BSEE. Performs large scale construction management for power projects involving large substations, distribution and transmission projects, institutional facilities, data centers, steel plants, mining, mills, marine port terminals. Manages new construction, upgrades, and re-powering.  Works 10-figure contracts from concept costing to closeout, with full P&L accountability. Supervises superintendents, foreman, and subcontractors. Has final approvals and bid packages responsibility. 156K. 03302015.5

Sr Power Distribution Electrical Engineer – Switchgear

BSEE/CET. Performs design, commissioning, and solutions project management for low/medium voltage power distribution equipment in electrical buildings, pump stations and substations for oil & gas industry:

  • AIS/GIS switchgear, outdoor breakers, variable frequency drives, transformers, MCCs
  • Orchestrates site construction from concept (work scope, grounding, layout, equipment integration, inspection/test), prepares drawings, data sheets, manuals and customer presentations

Close work with contractors, M&O and project participants. AutoCAD. 110K. 03162015.2

LV/MV Substation and Facilities Electrical Technician

<10 Years. Provides a variety of field technical support involving substations, facilities and related motor control centers for utilities, oil & gas refineries, government facilities. Prepares documentation deliverables, maintains electrical load lists for motors and variable frequency drives, sources various power equipment and components, generates drawing packages (equipment layout and installation) and provides on-site drawing verification, performs arc flash studies, participates in factory equipment testing, and prepares/conducts technical presentations. Uses AutoCAD, MicroStation, EasyPower, SKM. 80-90K. 02252015.2

Substation and Plant Automation Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Integrates, configures and programs routines/code for various systems into power transmission and distribution electrical substations, power plants, plus oil & gas and mining refineries. Works with SCADA, HMI, protection & control, PLC, DCS and ERP for site automation. Manages teams on various refurbish, re-instrumentation and new installation projects; monitors cost, budget and schedule; develops ESD programs; and generates user-friendly but highly technical maintenance programs. Is very project-minded. Has developed prototype libraries for documentability. Is a hands-on expert with various protocols such as IEC-61850 (and more), DNP, OPC, Modbus and too many to list. Uses C, Gensym, Visual Basic and more for programming. Multi-lingual. 90K. 02232015.4

Power Distribution and Transmission Systems Field Supervisor

>20 Years. High level field supervisor for large utility power distribution and transmission systems, involving new installations, maintenance and operations, emergency projects and commissioning of lines. Is project-driven from concept to completion. Participates to author/present construction processes technical documentation; trains safety, regulatory compliance and grounding to contractors and customer staff; provides field solutions to design problems; and is on site customer “go-to” liaison. Concentrates on meeting/exceeding milestones schedules and budget constraints. Has a background in fiber backbone projects, lineman crew leadership, load scheduling / outage management, and a very strong safety focus. 150K. 02032015.7

Power Systems / Protection and Control Engineer

BSEE-Honors, PE Cert/<10 Years. A professional engineer with power systems and substations expertise, and strong customer focus, relating to protection and control, utility networking automation (Modbus, NDP, IEC61850) and IP architecture, and complex load-flow/short circuit/fault modeling and disturbance/system stability analysis. Experience applies to various relay types (digital microprocessor, universal), SCADA, meters and metering rates concepts, switchgear and components and more. Uses 3-phase relay test sets, performs CT selection, systems simulations, implements asset management projects, and often provides managerial consulting on-site with substantial customer and regulatory officials interaction. Builds customer relationships and increases upgrade revenue. Utility, wind and solar power industries. Uses Matlab, PSpice, PSCAD, ETAP, SKM, Gantt, CRM and more. Available for direct or contract hire. 80-90K. 01222015.2



Substations Field Engineer

BSEE/20 Years. Comprehensive experience in high voltage substations and field maintenance and operations management for thermo-electric power plants. Is lead on environmental regulations compliance (ASME, ANSI, NEC, IEEE and more), overall construction, and emergency equipment replacements. Generates BOMs, is responsible for bid processes and supplier selection, and performs hands-on maintenance and testing as required. Has particular expertise with transformers, breakers, interrupters and grounding. Has PE certification. 70-80K. 01212015.4

Field Service Engineer – Substations

BSEE/5 Years. Provides on-site technical engineering support and troubleshooting for substation operations and auxiliary subsystems. Identifies and resolves potential operational problems proactively, and leads subsystem component testing activities. Is technical liaison to customers (performance indicator reporting and more) and also to vendors / suppliers. Performs training for O and M technical staff, and manages technical documentation such as operations and maintenance guides, manuals. Brings EIT/NERC certifications and high voltage power transmission experience. 120K. 01212015.2

Lead Engineer – Substations, Power Transmission

MSEE/<10 Years. Dual high voltage engineering managing lead for building and installing full utility substations, power transmission lines, power plants upgrades, and wind power generation: Miles of circuit line, cabling replacement, transformers, reactor banks, breakers, switchgear, protection and control, magnetics, PLC upgrades, algorithms and more. Provides oversee of 3rd party on site workers / consultants / contractors, voltage and environmental calculations, load flow analysis and contingency plans. Substantial field installation and supervision. 110-120K. 01152015.2

Substation Protection Engineer / Field Technician Manager

BSEE/7 Years. A dual-role substation leader for utilities / large entities involving multi million $ projects, plus Smart Grid, power distribution and transmission. Multiple skillsets to include hands on design, test, programming, implementation, troubleshooting, plus innovation, project management, schematics, complex calculations, load planning and studies, outage and storm response group coordination / dispatch / field management, customer support, contractor interaction, and stringent standards compliance. Experience involves protection and control relays / plans, automated switchgear, capacitors and more. Also has startup installation and residential experience, plus extensive safety background. Multiple professional certifications. 70-75K. 01122015.8

Field Service Electrical Engineer / Protection and Control

BSEE/15 Years. Brings a varied background with multiple technical talents for design engineering, field service installation, maintenance and repair for substations / utility. Includes calibration, extensive test expertise / troubleshooting, failure mitigation, complex analysis and comprehensive regulatory compliance skill. Significant vendor relations/monitoring. Involves transformers, transducers, breakers, switchgear, relays, fiber optics, SCADA. Has aerospace/avionics and automotive design background: VFDs, motors, pumps, video, thermal imaging, instrumentation/sensors, and accelerometers for vibration / reliability systems issues. Also FAA expertise, Top Secret clearance. Fluent: Spice family, Matlab, LabView, Simulink, Catia, SAS and much more. Multi-lingual. Multiple professional certs. 80-100K. 01072015.2

Electrical Project Manager – Substations / Transmission Lines

AS (plus)/>20 Years. A lifecycle project oriented leader for very large substations w/SCADA, transmission/grid lines and electrical construction for utilities, plants, space program facilities, military and various governmental organizations. Vast lineup of professional certifications. Works with high voltage / arc flash (expert), underground and overhead lines, O&M, power distribution, critical power, battery systems and more. Multi tasks contracts through to closeout, performs all phases or project management (planning, budget, analysis, scheduling, negotiations, reporting, technical drawings / specifications compliance, outside contractor responsibilities), employs safety programs, is frequently equipment instructor, and hands on constructs and installs substations and their subsystems. Uses NIMBUS, has FAA experience, and substantial field service. Very well traveled.  Excellent contract candidate. 110-130K. 01052015.15



Senior Substation Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. A highly concentrated background performing design and field work for substations, power plants, for utility, solar and industrial use. Works with high voltage, subsystems (transmission lines, transformers, oil filtration units, switchgear) and holds NCEES with multiple states. Skillsets include design, retrofit, project management, generation of technical documents RFP/bidding, cost estimating, commissioning, vendor selection / negotiations, onsite construction and inspection, project reviews, conceptual layouts, high level engineering calculations, problem resolutions, and load flow / fault analysis. Has strong safety background. Well-travelled. Uses AutoCAD, Microstation, CDEGS, Pspice, Fortran, Basic and more. 130-145K. 12082014.8

Substation Field Engineer

BSEE/5 Years. A hands on engineering professional working with substation construction, power stations and related equipment. Tests protective relays / microprocessors / metering / breakers, interprets schematics, installs various equipment including transformers, performs repairs and has emergency repair experience. Has eye for process / procedures improvement. Uses AutoCAD, PSpice, MATLAB. 70-80K. 12052014.13

Protection and Control Substation Engineer

BSEE/>20 Years.  Installs, maintains, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, overhauls and maintains protective relay systems and their components for utility and power plant industry. Protection applies to generators, motors, transformers and transmission / distribution lines. Experience includes commissioning, staff training and writing test plans and procedures. 80-90K. 12032014.7

Electric Utility Power Distribution Switching Engineer

BSEE/>5 Years. works with utility high voltage substations and power distribution on an operational / planning / hands on level to ensure reduced service outages and reliability. Extensive knowledge of interconnects, switching execution and planning. Works to stringent electrical standards, trains employees, performs root cause analysis and has significant expertise with power protection and control (relay) with lab test environment and on site. Maintains SCADA, performs various studies such as line impedance, employs load, voltage and equipment considerations for switching activities – especially for emergency or storm scenarios. Uses MatLab, Visual Basic and more. 75-85K. 12022014.7

Civil and CAD Designer – Construction / Commercial / Residential

AS/>5 Years. Experienced with development of technical drawing packages, 3D modeling, structural / architectural work, foundations, site plans, profiles, contours and layouts, piping plans, GIS and mapping calculations, bid package creation and a variety of surveys to include topographic and on site field projects. Works consistently in concert with engineering. Regulatory knowledge: OSHA, IBC, AISC and more. Uses AutoCAD, Cadworkx, Civil Land and 3D, Visisoft and more. Has experience teaching other designers. A very good contract candidate and well-travelled. >100K. 11252014.15

Sales Director / UPS, Critical Power

BSBA, BIS/20 Years. A proven sales professional with hands-on technical experience in field installations and test, plus operational abilities to bring departments together for excellent customer satisfaction results. Works with power electronics, but especially UPS and generators, for critical power / energy reduction requirements. Drives revenue growth, responsible for large territories, provides sales channel management, ensures project resources to meet production objectives, and has high level interaction with end users in industrial, data centers, manufacturing, healthcare, petrochemical and federal industries. Creates partnership programs and has expert fiscal acumen. Very well-travelled. An excellent consultancy candidate. Multiple sales awards. 85-95K. 11252014.10

Senior Test Engineer – Transformers

MSEE/<10 Years. A power electronics engineer with significant expertise to include virtually all test methods (plus design ability) for a wide variety of transformers. Uses added technical knowledge of grid, power generation / transmission / distribution, protection and control, high voltage/HVDC, SCADA, and various other power electronics strong familiarity for field service substation test responsibilities. Has test technician group supervision experience. Focuses on reliability, design procedures, regulatory code compliance, test schedules, reports and root cause analysis, with background in quality assurance. Uses MatLab, PowerWorld, AutoCAD and more. 70K. 11252014.9

Lead Field Service Technician – Turbine / Power Systems

15 Years. Significant field service experience with UPS, battery chargers and other power systems / distribution plants and gas turbines plus peripherals. Troubleshoots, repairs units, solves complex technical problems, but also trains / supervises technical staff, maintains scheduling, monitors inventories / capital assets and works extensively with engineering and R&D staff. Uses wide variety of testing devices and measurement / calibration equipment. Very well travelled. 80K. 11252014.5

Regional Sales Manager – Electrical and Power Electronics

BSBA/>20 Years. A proven sales growth expert working with electrical products and power electronics (among other technologies) for telecommunications, data centers, petrochemicals, large organizations and utilities. Develops and manages sales channels, trains and drives revenue. Products include UPS, power protection, and electrical, test and measurement instrumentation. Has technical fluency to develop new business, perform installations and field service, and understand/coordinate industrial processes. 70-80K. 11202014.8

Senior Electrical Project Engineer / Field Service

BSEE/15 Years. A hands-on O&M engineer with multi functions: Design, installation, test, maintenance, repair, overall field service, materials ordering to component level, design review and substantial coordination with on and off site team members. Products / technologies involve transformers, panels, meters, instrumentation, automation systems, relays, protection and control, motor control and high voltage. Contract work would apply. 70K. 11202014.7

Electrical Maintenance Manager – Power Plant / Power Distribution Sys

>10 Years. Wealth of experience at power plants and high level organizations (nuclear, hydro, data centers, factories, military, federal organizations and more) for installation, startup, M&O, test, troubleshooting and emergency support for critical power. Also develops test procedures and manages / trains test technician staff. Has power electronics sales background. Equipment includes: UPS, power supplies, distribution units and switchgear, transfer switches, rectifiers, inverters, battery systems and more. 70-80K. 11202014.6

Senior Field Service Technician – Power Electronics

5 Years. A hands-on senior technician for field service electrical distribution systems. Specializes in field site analysis, installation, test and troubleshooting, technical grasp of schematics / electrical code, systems start-up and operation – all on site. Products and technologies include protection, single and 3-phase, UPS, power supplies, OEM units and circuitry. 70-80K. 11202014.5

Senior Power Electronics and RF / Microwave Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A high level staff engineer with extensive experience for design of power electronics, analog and substantial RF/microwave. Performs safety / EMC and multiple certifications compliance, R&D development, analysis, modeling, simulation, onsite applications engineering for customers, and field service engineer training for aerospace, space program, satellite technology, commercial and instrumentation industries. Products/technologies involved: Power electronics, power supplies and ICs, converters, analog, switch-mode, amplifiers, generators, high voltage, tubes / magnetics / transmission components, DC motor drives and more. Uses Pspice, Magnetic Designer, Orcad, PADS, Viewlogic and more. 110-130K. 11202014.3

Regional Sales Manager – Power Supplies

ASEE/>20 Years. Having designed power electronics from prototypes, proven sales background is enhanced with technical ability. Grows sales revenue, manages sales channels, and has onsite customer interface experience with aerospace, IT and telecommunications industries. Products / applications are: UPS, power supplies, converters, inverters, switchgears, AC/DC, DC/DC and also data center applications. 100K. 11202014.2