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Hardware/PCB Design Engineer – Semiconductor

MS-Physics. Board level hardware design specialist, with advanced domestic/international customer support skills, EMI/EMC/ESD compliance, tech docs generation, and component engineering. Performs layout, schematic capture, SoC validation. Involves variety of industries/applications such as medical, motors, power electronics, wireless communications, telephony, SerDes, sensors. Uses Cadence, Altium, Viewlogic, Proteus, PSpice, MATLAB, MathCAD, Allegro. Contract or Direct. 115K. 06102015.3

RF Programs Manager, RFIC/Device Technologist

Ph.D-EE. Leads large military/defense warfare RF/microwave programs involving design experimentation. Products: RF/MMIC, GaN/GaAs/SiGe, MEMs, various drivers, sensors, synthesizers, transceivers, and microelectronics for radar systems, infrared applications, cutting edge antennas/duplexers, phased arrays. Principal Architect on many high profile programs. Awards, Patents, Pubs and has Industry Senior-level Memberships. ADS, Cadence, SpectreRF, Sonnet, EMPro/3D. Contact us for more details! 06042015.3

Principal Engineer – Digital Design / Lighting, Semiconductor

MSEE. Digital chip design expert applying to LED lighting, 2/3D video, communications, and IT/networking consumer products (power supplies, memory/DRAM). Works with DSP, FPGA on MIPS, ARM processors and others. Strong experience with LED drivers, MEMs and solid state electronics with background in algorithm development. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, Modelsim, Altera, Xilinx, Verilog, Cadence, VHDL, Pearl, C. Contract or direct. 120K. 06012015.11

Sr Analog / Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer

MSEE. Strong power management IC designer working with analog, mixed signal, MOSFET switches, and CMOS/BiCMOS processes for power electronics, telecommunications and LED/backlighting. Applies to switching and linear converters with various topologies, regulators, drivers, LDOs and chargers. Performs feasibility analysis, modeling, simulation. Uses Cadence Virtuoso, H/PSpice, MathCAD, Python. 15 Years. 130K. 06012015.10

Engineering Research Scientist – HVDC, Cryogenics, Materiel

Ph.D-EE. Performs doctoral-level research applied to real-world production of components and devices, such as: Capacitors, cables, magnetics, high voltage DC power electronics; plus specializes in cryogenics, dielectrics, nano-composites, micro-plasmas, and vacuum technologies in lab environments. Applies to federal organizations, military, imaging and utilities. Has developed required laboratories from ground-up. U.S. Citizen. Many publications. Active global industry member. SBIR/STTR. 125K. 06012015.7

Prinipal Engineer / Scientist – RFIC, Modules, GaN

Ph.D-EE. Strong innovative design and analysis leader working with microwave circuitry; laser/beam technologies; RF filters, oscillators; analog, RFICs and modules; nanotechnology; silicon, GaN devices and MESFETs for semiconductor. Frequently applied to imaging and magnetics. Conducts frequency analysis and research, testing, calculations, modeling, simulation. Uses HFSS, MATLAB, TCAD, Ansoft, ADS, Eagleware, PSPice, Sonnet, ANSYS, MathCAD, Assembly, C. > 15 Years. 160K. 06012015.6

Sr Staff RFIC Design Engineer

PhDEE. Strong design skills at chip and board level for active/passive RF components, modules, MMIC, millimeter-wave devices and subsystems including amplifiers, phase shifters, filters, transceivers, and ruggedized devices. Proven experience with GaAs PHEMT/ HBT, SiGe HBT, and GaN process. Concept and architecture into modeling, simulation, layout, test, tuning, and troubleshooting, including military applications. Uses ADS, HFSS, AutoCAD. Patents. 120K. 05192015.6

Sr PCB Design, Layout and Test Technician

Strong PCB technician working with analog, power management ICs, modules and prototypes for power electronics, DC/DC, RF and audio. Skills include schematic capture, SMT, thru-hole, overall laboratory organization, building/testing demo and evaluation boards, data acquisition, debug/troubleshooting, and characterization. Also develops BOMs, data sheets, test procedures, performs test prep setup and virtually all types of PCB/IC lab tests. Uses Altium, Cadence, PCAD, Camtastic. 15 Years. 70K. 05082015.7

PCB Design/Layout Manager – Power Supplies

Specializes in overseeing PCB design and layout for 3000 watt power supplies with power conversion, brick topology and component engineering experience, applying to telecommunications. Also works with overseas staff, provides electro-mechanical packaging skill, strong new product customer interface and regulatory/safety concerns. Maintains component library, supports component sourcing, and has participated in smooth technical documentation merger transition. 120K. 05082015.3

Sr PCB Layout Designer – Contract or Direct

Strong background in PCB layout and design with excellent designing software expertise. Skilled in IC and RFIC design for gyros and timing devices, oscillators, transceivers, modems and touchscreens (IT products). Also designs electronics for LCDs. Uses Cadence Virtuoso, Springsoft Laker, Valid LED, Tanner, ECAD, Magma, Avanti, Cadabra, Simplex, Rapheal, and also GPL, TCL, CMOS, Unix. Contract or Direct hire. Flexible salary range. 05062015.4

Senior Electronics Hardware Engineer – Magnetics

BSEE. Seasoned RF components/magnetics design engineer working with engine controls/sensors, telephony, and power supply components. Is applications engineering minded with technical training presentations. Performs parametric and component evaluation, test, root cause determinations, PCB interconnectivity, and creative problem solving. Collaborates with suppliers. Very strong quality focus (DFSS, TOPS 8D, ESD concerns) with continuous improvement principles. 120K. 03242015.6

Lead IC Fabrication Process Design Engineer

MSEE. Performs fabrication design for integrated circuits (SiC, GaN, Nano) and patterning platforms for displays, LEDs, microfluidics, MEMs, media storage and wearable electronics devices. Involves dielectric, silicon, metal, polymer and wet etch process, cleaning and stripping. Provides process and surface characterization, microscopy, metrology. Is project oriented with ancillary skills such as equipment sourcing/installation/qualification. Provides process improvements resulting from root cause/failure analysis, yield enhancement calculations, and designing short loop tests. Specialized education in materials and solid state physics. 03172015.7



Product Engineer, Bench Characterization – Memory Modules/SerDes

BSEE. Performs thorough bench characterization for SerDes transceivers, DDR2/3 to RVB level, and DDR1&2 for memory module/DIMM industry.

  • Char plan development, socket/thermal plunger design
  • Component and system level debug
  • Test results/data analysis and reporting
  • Station setup and automation plus ATE program enhancement
  • Customer returns (RMA) test verification and troubleshooting

Uses skills to support product performance improvements, and participates in new production release/marketing documentation. Fully skilled on relevant test tooling. Python. 03052015.6

RF IC Lead Design Engineer

MSEE/CE.  Lead design, layout, development and test of high voltage power supplies for plasma generators, MRI/imaging systems, DC/DC converters, flyback converters and 4 layer high current power supplies. Performs extensive redesign effort, provides verification, thermal and component margining, certification tests and development of test specifications. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, SimElectronics, MathCAD, LTSpice, PADS, Cadence, Agilent and more. Previous secret clearance. 15 Years. 110K. 03032015.6

Failure Analysis Engineer – Board Level, Semiconductor

Ph.D.-Chem/>10 Years. Has concentrated experience with highly complex failure analysis for quality and reliability. Performs root cause, metrology and statistical data analysis, equipment qualification, material property studies and development for improved shock and thermal cycling performance, studies methods for soldering joint cracks during thermal cycling, and resolves temperature cycling reliability issues. Design new board electronic package components. Has reduced test board requirements by one third. Has a strong background in developing semiconductor processes involving photolithography, multi-layer, metallography, ultraviolet curable and anti-reflective coatings, polymer/surface characterizations, and substrates/rheology adhesion. Has multiple formal awards and recognition. 110-130K. 02242015.3

Chief Engineer – Sic, MOSFETs/RF & Microwave Power ICs

Ph.D-EE/CE, 20 Years. A scientist level professional, managing engineering groups for design and layout for power switching, power RF discretes, microwave ICs (small signal, low noise) for silicon and SiC bandgap (RF JFET/MESFET) technologies (solid state power amplifier applications). Optimizes transconductance, minimizes capacitance and engineers various technical characteristics to boost product quality and performance enhancements. Performs process integration, characterization, simulation and modeling, reliability assessment, and production yield improvements.  Provides high level customer support and technical marketing skillsets. Has a background in hands-on power amplifier design; SiGe bipolar transistors development on silicon BiCMOS platforms; and, mixed signal CMOS. Is project and program management minded. Patent activity and prolific technical author. 150K. 02172015.5

Custom Magnetics Engineering Manager – Consultant

BSEE-Honors/>15 Years. Has wealth of experience with magnetic devices and components/PCB level for imaging applications, involving current sensors and high frequency current/high isolation testing transformers. Is an operational leader, having served many roles in this industry such as: Engineering management, R&D/product development, design and troubleshoot, domestic and international sales/marketing with presentations and literature development, quality assurance for components and outgoing product and ISO cert maintenance. Background also includes downhole oil/natural gas well surveying and electronic component obsolescence program developer. An excellent contract or consultant candidate. 80-100K. 02112015.2

Process and Lab Equipment Engineer – Semiconductor

Ph.D.-Chem/>15 years. An innovative process engineer and equipment developer for solar and semiconductor industry. Invents and builds systems for thermal processing, develops process and material handling equipment and procedures, operates wafering plants for solar silicon substrates and completes special projects for solar factories. An expert with thin-film metrology, process optimization and rapid prototyping. Performs high level inline experiments. Direct or consultant candidate. Uses all manner of lab tools and also SolidWorks, JMP, DFM, DOE and more. 100K. 01202015.3

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Electric Drive Systems

BSME/<10 Years. Mechanical engineering professional experienced in electric drive systems development, design, release, build and test for dual product lines: Downhole drilling tools for oil/gas and drives for vehicles/automotive industry. Has multiple talents for: System and component development, component characterization and structural performance, reliability and quality analysis, test and design standards creation, and specification requirements assurance on delivery. Works with suppliers on non-conformance concerns and as technical “go-to”. A manufacturing problem solver. Tools: SolidWorks, Matlab, Catia, Pro/Engineer series, SAP, Flowmaster and much more. Six Sigma. 100K. 01192015.10

PCB Layout and Design Specialist / Contract

ASEE (plus)/20 Years. An expert for PCB layout and design relating to high speed, multi-layer, also motherboards, test boards hybrids and analog design. Applications are power supplies, medical, communications, networking, industrial, and electrical construction. Has SMT, supervisory skill, an eye for cost control, establishes and control libraries and has sales experience. Fluent: UNIT, NT, CAD family, Cadence, Allegro, Specctra, Viewlogic, PCAD and more. Well versed in contract work. 80K. 01122015.1

Principal RF / Microwave Design Engineer

MSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background designing RF systems and components such as: boards and circuitry, voltage regulators, switches, filters, a variety of complex transceivers, power management ICs, converters, amplifiers, modulators, synthesizers, video limiters, GPS receivers, attenuators and electronic countermeasures for antennas, radio, wireless and networking technologies. Generates schematics / layouts / BOMs, simulations, performs test and troubleshooting, and tests for EMI. Provides customer resolution. Fluencies: Cadence, PSPICE, ADS, Virtuoso. 150-160K. 01062015.13

Mechanical / Component Engineer – Power Electronics / PCB

BSME/10 Years. Consistent background with power electronics to include power system and PCB components, DC/DC, converters, power supplies, prototypes, and electro-mechanical systems. Has functioned as design / quality / reliability and component engineer. Generates SOWs, performs failure analysis, various technical reporting and drawings / plus 3D, develops work instructions, SMT verifications, and substantial ISO background. Has strong experience with test performance / procedures / analysis and reporting; especially for environmental factors. Uses LabView, SEM, Sebastian, IMADA, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and more. 85-90K. 01052015.16

IC / PCB Layout Designer – Contract

AS/>20 Years. Has exceptional semiconductor experience with PCB layout and microchip design relating to CMOS, RF, analog and mixed signal. End uses are microprocessors, controllers, telecommunications (telephony, wireless), imaging (medical) – all to stringent standards. Performs R&D work and test lab development. Fluencies/talents: UNIX, LAN, HTML, Cold Fusion, AutoCAD, PADS, Cadence and more. 110-130K. 12232014.6

Senior Power Electronics Engineer / Contract

MS-Inst Engrg, BSEE/15 Years. A high performing architectural engineer for power electronics, magnetics, prototypes and also IT systems for avionics, aerospace, utilities, wind farms, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Varied product lines including power supplies, UPS, inverters, converters, rectifiers, microcontrollers, FPGA, various controllers, motor drives, batteries, AC/DC, embedded technology, mixed signal, analog and digital circuitry, and turbine systems. Has specialized in audio for telecommunications and PC systems plus EMI/noise concerns. Works to stringent standards, including FAA. Performs high level technical tasks such as writing code, simulations, verification, complex PCB layout/implementing design rules, components characterizations, synthesis / placement / routing and more. Fluent: LabView, MATLAB, MathWorks, VHDL, JTAG, Flying Probe, DOORS, Cadence and much more. 100K. 12032014.6

Senior Design Engineer – Microprocessor Systems

BSEE/>20 Years. In depth technical experience with networking, IT, consumer electronics, solar, semiconductor, avionics, R&D and other applications. Substantial components work and test expertise. Besides design activities, substantial verifications, regulatory and standards compliance, and cost factoring. Products / technologies are: Embedded systems, control processors, high level computer terminals, motherboards, SoC, cloud, controllers and components, cards, transceivers, inverters, DC/DC, power supplies, hand-held wireless units and more. Fluencies: Verilog, VHDL, FPGA, Xilinx, Altera, Cadence, Ethernet, CMOS and much more. 100K. 11052014.13

Design Engineer – Power Electronics, Magnetics, Lighting

BSEE/>20 Years. A concentrated background in power electronics, magnetics, RF / microwave, telecommunications, health and lighting industries product design with substantial test expertise. Includes component levels. Products / technologies involve switching power supplies, transformers, inductors, chokes and more for EMI suppression, plus high voltage, DC/DC, converters, topologies (flyback, bridging, etc), switch mode, MOSFET, ballast circuitry and more. Uses variety of analyzers and photometric equipment for testing. Expertise includes developing manufacturing processes and resolving technical problem in the field. Uses Altium, TurboCad, Spice, Oracle and more. 80-90K. 11052014.12

Semiconductor Device Design Engineer

MSEE-CS/<10 Years. Highly technical engineering design professional with expertise in device physics, process simulation, characterization and evaluation of various high level technologies and hardware: FETs, BJTs, diodes, high voltage ESD, transistor, algorithm, MOSFET, flash memory, accelerators, integration schemes, wafer-level testing, bench, and more. Tools: Silvaco, Medici, Sentaurus, HSPICE and more. Author. 10282014.2

Sr Power Component Engineer – Contract

BSEE. Substantial continuous experience engineering, designing and testing power components and various other hardware, including consumer electronics. Involves components for and system level: Battery chargers, starters, inverters, power supplies, switching, semiconductors, RF and safety equipment. Frequently recognized for material cost reduction efforts for industrial, military/defense, telecommunications, and IT industries. R&D/prototype expertise. Contract or Direct. >75K. 10202014.4

Design Engineer – Magnetics/Components

BSEE/>20 Years. Extensive design experience of RF components (with filter topology), inductors and transformers for high frequency switching power supply applications. Ensures conformance to quality standards and extensive involvement toward safety regulations compliance. Active participant in prototype/R&D team. ADS, PSPICE. 90-100K. #10172014.7

Sr. PCB Designer

>20 years. Experience in printed circuit design including all aspects of CAD support and schematic capture. Designed single and multilayer boards using safety agency specifications, through hole and SMD technology. Designed complex, multilayer circuit boards for telecommunication and navigation systems for the automotive industry. Zuken 13, Boardstation, PADS, Mentor Graphics and Valor. 89K #1312014.3

Sr. Component Engineer – Space / Defense

BSEE/>20 years. Created and implemented parts control programs for civilian space and military program requirements. Management experience focused on systems engineering, reliability engineering, component engineering and systems analysis. Accomplished at cost effective and timely implementation of parts control. 80K #1152014.4