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Applications Engineering Manager – LED/Fiber Optics

Leads customer requirements definition for custom LED (optical & lighting), magnetics, fiber optics, cabling, and enclosures design. Multi-tasks with all departments to ensure quality delivery. Substantial customer interface and business development. Drives bid process, allocates technical resources, issues drawings, specifications, application notes, training and marketing materials. Follows customer complaints to resolution with solution presentation. Well-versed in regulatory standards. Design background in switching power supplies, IT. 85K. 06112015.6

Sr Regional Technical Sales Manager – Transformers

BSEE. Brings principal engineering design background to global sales management talent for transformer sales and service / utility voltage regulation. Includes related test equipment, and also breakers, relays, controls, substation monitoring equipment. Works routinely with OEMs and closely with clients/end users providing tech support, problem resolution and training in an applications role. Contract or Direct. 135K. 06112015.01

Sr Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Contract

MSEE. Designs converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC – all topologies), inverters, motor drives, power supplies, PFC, sensors, instrumentation, controllers (MOSFET, IGBT, FPGA) with embedded controls interface/debug talent.

  • Performs modeling, validation, characterization, analysis, system integration.
  • Translates customer requirements into specifications/technical documentation & user guides. Supports all design reviews/customer reporting.
  • Ensures EMI compliance, strong component level expertise.

Applies to rugged environments, MIL-STDs, and industrial, aerospace, solar, IT. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, MathCAD, LT/PSpice, PSim. Contract or Direct. 130K. 06092015.01

Field Service Applications Engineer – Utility/Hydro

Provides field service/application engineering onsite expertise for hydro power/industrial facilities, working with motor drives, rotary/pump systems, PLC, breakers, high voltage distribution equipment. Specialty in clean water technologies. Interacts with government and end users, trains technicians and sales force. Specifies equipment solutions, approves/releases manufacturing drawing documentation, solves warranty issues. Automotive controls background. Varied Master’s degree. Uses Pro-E, AutoCAD 3D. <15 Years. 80K. 06042015.4

Applications Engineer, AC & DC Power – UPS

Consistent experience providing onsite applications engineering sales with AC and DC power, 3 phase UPS, battery management, and cabling.  Involves custom solutions for industrial/commercial large scale power/communication systems, data centers. Manages bid process, specifies equipment, performs negotiations, assembles integration teams, and ensures customer satisfaction. Tracks industry trends. 15 Years. 90K. 06042015.01

Sr Product Marketing / Applications Manager

MSEE. Has wealth of power electronics and IC product marketing, sales/business development, project management, and field applications engineering experience.

  • Digital, analog, wireless devices, controls, audio/video, networking and semiconductor (memory, ASIC, RFIC) products and applications.
  • Global sales and customer support, design-in solutions architecture, product roadmaps, specifications definition and new product launch.
  • Excels at tech docs (manuals, white papers) and lab test/qualification processes.

Multilingual. 140K. 05192015.7

Product Marketing Applications Engineer – Metering

MSEE. Provides design, test, applications and marketing talent for utility/SmartGrid metering, electric handheld devices, substation automation, electrical controls and switches; plus has a background in LED lighting, RFIC/wireless. Publishes technical documentation for field sales and distributors and provides customer support and training. Project management skill and field experience. Uses LabVIEW, Python, PSpice, Cadence, MATLAB, MathCAD, Microstation. 95K. 05192015.3

RF/Microwave and MetaMaterials Engineering Scientist

Ph.D-EE. Industry renown Fellow and scientist-level RF/Microwave engineering leader. Works domestically and often internationally with various next-generation antenna array development, calibration, satellite payloads and GPS contracts including hardware, software and controls. Technical aspects include tapered helix, Ku-band Rx, digital beamforming, and the complex contract-winning applied research in metamaterials development for military, aerospace and space industries. TS/SCI,  DoD Secret clearance. Contract or Direct. Awards, patents and pubs. Please contact us for more details! 05182015.8

Sr Applications Process Engineer – MEMS, Thin Films

BS-Physics. High level processing engineering professional, leading process engineers for telecommunications optical device component manufacturing. Performs equipment start-up, yield improvement (>99%), root cause/failure analysis, employs complex mathematical methods & statistical data, and manages departments, projects. Involves wafer fab, thin film metrology, metallization (IAD, IBS, sputtering, MEMS, etch), AR/HR coatings (lasers, silica, Si, GaP, InP, SLEDS), dichroic mirror stress/evaporation concerns, and SiO2 masking. Strong customer interaction. Multilingual. 170K. 05182015.3

Analog / Mixed Signal Power IC Design Engineering Consultant

MSEE, BSCE. A multi-disciplined applications and design engineering consultant, working mostly with analog and mixed signal power management ICs/ASICs and working with embedded FPGA, VHDL, DSP, SoC, CMOS, VLSI. Experienced with variety of firmware: Fiber channel, ARM, ADC, DAC, various filters, wireless transceivers, receivers, transmitters, real time operating systems, and networking/IT. Performs lab characterization, tape-out, simulation, layout, testing and debug, staff training and generates specifications. Very long list of software, design and analysis tools too numerous to list. Contract Hire. 130K. 05122015.6

Transformer Design and Applications Engineer

BSEE. Designs air-cooled, encapsulated, single/3 phase dry type transformers from 1KVA to 1000 kVA for OEM, industrial and power applications. Performs applications functions such as: Quote/pricing preparation, technical support for reps and end users, product management participation, and sales presentations and training. Has circuit analysis experience. Uses AutoCAD, OPS, Visio. <5 Years. 60K. 05112015.7

Sr Product Applications Engineer – RF / Wireless

MSEE. Strong background in both test and global onsite customer technical & end user support for mobile wireless cellular networks.

  • Performs test & pre-production regression testing of both software & hardware with supervisory responsibilities, resolves system architecture problems, and is responsible for software patches.
  • Is go-to for “walking” customer end-systems through certification and conformance testing, plus generates relevant documentation.
  • Coordinates engineering and integration activities, and provides verification and validation.

C, Perforce, PSpice, AutoCAD, ORCAD. 15 Years. 110K. 04152015.3

Sr Applications Engineer – Protection and Control

BSEE. Oversees protection and control technical support group for multiple substation projects, providing leadership as P&C relay practical and theoretical expert. Provides onsite testing, debug and root cause forensic analysis for hardware, firmware and software with extensive reporting, demonstrations, and training for customers and sales channels. Ensures emergency call resolution. NERC/SERC/FERC compliance. 15 Years. 100K. 03312015.01

Product Marketing & Development/Applications Manager – Pwr ICs

BSEE. Launches new product introductions with strong marketing skillsets for product roadmap definition, collateral development (videos, press, publicity, literature) and works directly with customers from custom requirements definition to fulfillment feedback. Involves semiconductor components for digital/switching power controllers, regulators, analog devices, test systems and tooling – applying to wireless communications, automotive / electric vehicles, consumer electronics and gaming industries. Develops large teams for overseas R&D projects. Publications, patents. 170K. 03302015.3

Senior Electronics Hardware Engineer – Magnetics

BSEE. Seasoned RF components/magnetics design engineer working with engine controls/sensors, telephony, and power supply components. Is applications engineering minded with technical training presentations. Performs parametric and component evaluation, test, root cause determinations, PCB interconnectivity, and creative problem solving. Collaborates with suppliers. Very strong quality focus (DFSS, TOPS 8D, ESD concerns) with continuous improvement principles. 120K. 03242015.6

Applications Engineering Manager-Automotive/Power Supplies

MSEE/CS. Provides engineering management and automotive industry customer applications support for PMICs, controllers, regulators, and converters (various topologies) for DC/DC switching power supplies, radio, instrumentation/LED, and ancillary human assistance devices. Manages design/test IC lab for characterization, EMC, RSC, and RCL for MOSFETs, drivers. Extensive product development/definition activities and substantial customer support (custom specifications, technical documentation, troubleshooting). Spice, Verilog, VHDL, MathCAD. Author, patents. >15 Years. 120K. 03232015.2

Senior Field Applications Engineer – PMIC, RF / Wireless

Designs power management ICs, ASIC, interface and logic circuitry for analog/digital converters, PLLs, amplifiers, applying to RF, wireless communications, and power electronics. Designs customer-configurable DSP and works with embedded microprocessors hardware and software (6500, 80C286, RTX2000, 8080, 6805). Specializes in application-specific communications, provides customer technical support, and performs evaluation board driver alpha/beta testing. Has worked with imaging, audio-visual products. Uses C, Fortran, Linux, Cadence. 03172015.4




Applications Engineer, Battery Management

BSEE. Reviews customer schematics and provide debug support for battery management systems and their components such as PCB boards, Power ICs, fuel gauge devices. Provides characterizations, generates application notes and tech documentation (data sheets, manuals etc). Strong test development: ESD testing; schematic, layout and component selection for test devices; Maintains test programs and equipment; and writes test and process software automation files. Uses all quality analysis lab equipment. C, Perl, Visual Basic, Credence. <15 Years. 125K. 03122015.6

Magnetic Bearing Mechatronics Development Engineer

MSME. Mechatronics Engineer and rotordynamics and vibrations specialist, applying to innovative motors and generators for conventional and magnetic bearing systems. Performs design, modeling, testing, characterization, commissioning, and failure analysis.

  • Dynamic systems simulation and modeling
  • Component level (interference fits, radial/axial clearances)
  • Designs control algorithms, tunes controllers, enhances GUI
  • Troubleshooting prototype machines and dynamic test rigs in the field

Uses SolidWorks, MATLAB, Simulink, AutoCAD, LabView. 5 Years. 105K. 03052015.4

Applications Engineering Manager, Power ICs

MSEE. Interfaces with key customers to drive custom designs and specifications/IC product definition for power supplies, power conversion ICs for lighting industry. Includes: LED drivers, ballasts, PFC, AC/DC, HV/PM/rectifier controllers and more. Generates technical and marketing documentation; and performs schematic capture, simulation, layout and verification; and FAE training and sales support. Uses Cadence, Altium, Protel, Orcad, Spice family, Simetrix, MathCAD MATLAB. Multi-patented. 140K. 03032015.2

Field Applications Engineer, Power Electronics/Semiconductor

MSEE/15 Years. A dual talented professional engineer working with microelectronics/power components and semiconductors such as power modules (for configurable power supplies, converters and regulators), branch circuit monitoring sensors for DC/DC boost converters, polymeric sensors, power management/analog and ASICs. Additional products include RF and power systems such as switchmode power supplies, high speed digital data transmission, transducer bridges. Provides various types of customer technical support, strives to extend customer support through and beyond delivery, and focuses on demand creation. Applies to military, automotive and transportation industries. Multiple publications and has patent activity.  100K. 02242015.2

Sr. Engineer and Power T&D and Renewable Energy Analyst

MSEE, P.E. Cert/>20 Years. Provide utility transmission, distribution (Smart/MicroGrid) and renewable energy array (wind, solar PV) planning, from concept, as technical lead and project manager. A vast amount of complex analysis experience for technical evaluation studies: Optimization, risk management (financial/regulatory), cost modeling algorithms, impact, transfer contingencies, voltage stability, interconnection, steady state/dynamic, ampacity, EMF/arc flash, harmonics, to name only a few. Provides resultant recommendations with reliability focus. Specifies equipment sizing on upgrades. Provides leading-edge research directly applicable to today’s requirements, plus necessary internal/external training. Applies all efforts to NERC, IEEE and others. Uses PSCAD, PSLF, PSS/E, SYME, SynerGEE, PJM, PEPCO, EMTP. Has multiple publications. 110-130K. 02192015.01

FPGA Embedded Firmware Applications Engineer – Contract

MSEE/20 Years. An FPGA Guru and embedded firmware applications engineer involving:

  • Digital/analog devices, RF signaling, communications, ASIC, microprocessors and networking/consumer electronics IT applications (SATA, CPUs, memory, high speed serial/deserial [SerDes], routers, ethernet, TCP/IP).
  • Implemented 18 FPGAs in single emulation processor platform.
  • Performs test, debug, verification, simulation, partitioning, hardware bring-up, and engages full product lifecycle with global engineering team pre/post-sale support.

Authors technical papers, develops intellectual property. Uses Altera, Xilinx, C. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 02182015.3

Power Transmission Planning Analyst/Engineer – Contract

MSEE/<15 Years. A seasoned contract engineer, performing complex operability, reliability, and usage studies/calculations and recommendations. Applies to: Substation CT saturation, infrastructure analysis for reinforcement, interconnection stability, load pocket, congestion patterns, cable ampacity, ferro-resonance, equipment performance (sizing, grounding, short circuit, load flow, power compensation and transfer), and thermal assessments. Performs large-scale simulations, develops mitigation plans for critical/long term outages, wind farm/solar full grid modeling, and voltage flicker mathematical models. Has studied effects of reactive source substation removals. Assists in FERC 754/715, NERC NUC-001 compliance. Brings marketing talent involving proposal win strategies, external events liaison. Uses MUST, Aspen, SKM, ETAP, GE MAPS and more. Contract or direct hire. 100K. 02172015.3

Field Applications Engineer – Power Management ICs, Power Electronics

MSEE/>20 Years. Has significant experience defining customer requirements for power management ICs, converters with various topologies, UPS, DC/DC, AC/DC, and GPS / remote sensing for military/defense, semiconductor, and other industries. Focus is on broad system architectural design customers’ end solutions, generating schematics, layouts, and technical documentation, and performs lab simulation and presentations. Provides frequent pre- and post-sales on-site lab assistance, reviews customer-owned technical documentation, and has constructed customer tooling. 100-140K. 02162015.4

Solar and Energy Storage Design and Applications Engineer

BSCS/<15 Years. Comprehensive experience working with utility scale solar electric projects, energy storage/on-off grid battery systems, photovoltaic systems, power electronics architecture and total package power/storage solutions (with communication systems, lighting control, power distribution) for utility and municipal sectors. Is primary technical liaison and applications engineer, working with various customer, municipal and regulatory representatives on early concepts, conducts presentations and oversees complete and seamless field installations on a project management level. Provides system performance optimization and high level technical support. Has pushed 1000Vdc and ungrounded systems through UL and other standards organizations for certification wins. 120-130K. 02122015.6

Substation Applications Engineer / Sales

BSEE/>20 Years. Has comprehensive experience with substation equipment, communications and control systems (powerline carrier systems/PLC, multiplexers, fault recorders, protection & control and more). Captures multi million $ revenue increases through customer interface using facility enhancements, retrofitting and reliability concepts. Conducts extensive advanced customer technical training and internal/external (domestic & international) presentations. Introduces new product lines, develops installation process improvements to reduce man-hours. Has significant domestic and international sales channel management experience. 110K. 02112015.5

Power Electronics Applications Engineer – Converters, Inverters

MSEE/15 Years. Comprehensive design and engineering applications experience for power management ICs applying to converters (DC/DC, AC/DC, step-up/down, up to several kWs) with all topologies (full/half bridge, push pull, buck, boost, flyback, forward) for ethernet devices, consumer electronics; DC/AC pure sine output inverters up to 500W; Class D amplifiers; and UPS systems for oil/gas. Supervises PCB layout, performs simulations, generates schematics and user guides/application notes. Proof concepts and presents demo boards to customers with evaluation and other technical documentation. Qualifies to DO-160/TSO-73. Extensive patent activity. Uses ORCAD, Spice family, PADS, ExpressPCB. 100-110K. 02032015.4

Semiconductor ICs / Fab Equipment Applications / DCS Engineer

Ph.D.-Chem/>10 Years. Develops, designs, implements and integrates distributed control systems, PLCs/software, lithography metrology, CMOS/FEOL processes, silicon photonic and other device physics/engineering, and germanium on silicon. Fab and laboratory metrology includes SEM, TEM, XRD, and SIMS, optical metrology (interferometry), plus advanced statistical and overall process controls, factory automation / manufacturing execution systems. Maintains diffusion tools reliability for maximum performance and provides new materials development / characterization. Is project driven with substantial customer interaction. JMP and LabView expert. Extensive publications and is patented. 90-120K. 02022015.3

Power Systems / Protection and Control Engineer

BSEE-Honors, PE Cert/<10 Years. A professional engineer with power systems and substations expertise, and strong customer focus, relating to protection and control, utility networking automation (Modbus, NDP, IEC61850) and IP architecture, and complex load-flow/short circuit/fault modeling and disturbance/system stability analysis. Experience applies to various relay types (digital microprocessor, universal), SCADA, meters and metering rates concepts, switchgear and components and more. Uses 3-phase relay test sets, performs CT selection, systems simulations, implements asset management projects, and often provides managerial consulting on-site with substantial customer and regulatory officials interaction. Builds customer relationships and increases upgrade revenue. Utility, wind and solar power industries. Uses Matlab, PSpice, PSCAD, ETAP, SKM, Gantt, CRM and more. Available for direct or contract hire. 80-90K. 01222015.2



Power IC and Isolation Products Manager

MSEE/>20 Years. Comprehensive semiconductor experience in applications engineering / product development / sales. Over 40 patents for isolation technology; digital power and mixed-signal microcontrollers; defined/developed innovative optocoupler/optodriver drop-in replacements and fully digital power controller; and helped develop novel CMOS digital isolator IP – which opened new development for gate drivers, audio components circuits and 100Mbps/2.5KV/5KV digital isolator families. Patents granted for enabling this industry-leading IP. Products apply to power, wireless telephony / telecommunications and networking industries. Also has a strong background in marketing and raising venture capital. 100K. 01222015.1

UPS Systems Applications Engineer – Technical Sales Liaison

BSEE/>20 Years. Provides high level, “go-to” technical support to managers, engineering groups, sales reps, consultants and customers in support of 3-phase UPS sales revenue growth. Performs and supervises integration including UPS, batteries, switchgear, multi and single module systems (MMS, SMS), conducts internal/external technical presentations, and oversees applications engineering. Has a focus on stringent regulatory standards compliance, and interfaces with electrical inspectors. Has effected a 20% annual sales growth average. 80-90K. 01192015.8

Power Supply Applications Engineer / Sales Manager

BSEE/20 Years. Domestic and international high level customer technical support / applications engineer for large power supplies (~100kw) for pre- and post-orders. Project manages prototypes through lifecycle, generates/conducts salesrep training programs and drives engineering staff problem resolution. Proven sales increases: Distribution 30%; product sales 25+%. Also has background in management of all sales channels plus OEM for discrete semiconductors, broadcast satellite chipsets, LED drivers and audio amplifier chips. Brings a a highly developed technical hand to all skillsets. 70-80K. 01192015.2

Field Applications Engineer – Regional Sales Management / Semiconductor

MSEE/20 Years. A sales driven field applications Engineer over large regions. Bring applications and high level technical engineering experience to the road, with marketing / sales experience, to drive new business and provide excellent customer care. An expert presentation / demonstration / customer interaction professional, providing pre/post sales support (customer lifecycle), drives sales targets and with channel/manufacturing rep groups management, a known customer advocate, performs on-site troubleshooting, and emulates customer set-ups. Trains sales staff and FAEs, captures design-in wins, provides modeling, analysis, simulations, laboratory test/rework, and writes all manner of technical documentation. Products / technologies: Semiconductor, integrated circuits, digital, AC/DC, audio, infrared, VoIP, power supplies. Very well traveled. 120-130K. 01152015.7

Project, Systems and Engineering Director / Petrochemicals, Avionics

Ph.D.-EE, ME/20 Years. Very high level engineering and large project leader for petrochemicals and avionics industries. Works with 1. Oil/gas technology (wireline, sub-sea/shipboard, down-hole, land applications to include cooling systems, fluid dynamics, rotors, magnetics, actuators, compressors, controllers), 2. Electric vehicle systems, wind power (turbine generators, converters, backup power), 3. Avionics (motor controllers, generators, thermals). Also has nuclear, wind energy background. Performs physics-based complex analysis, total cost management, technical proposal process and negotiations, program management, performance verification, on-site support, high level testing, root cause analysis, manufacturing process simplification. Strong for intellectual property, business acquisitions. Highly awarded and published. An array of patents. 01142015.4

Applications and Power Electronics Design Engineer

MSEE/>10 Years. An innovative design engineering professional involved with drives, switchgear, converters, transformers, embedded controls, microcontrollers, circuitry (analog, digital), MOSFETs, gate drives, generators, protection and control, PLC, SCADA, excitation systems, turbines and more. Provides design, simulation, test, troubleshooting, and extensive specifications / manuals / manufacturing documentation. Applications vary and include substations and power plants for utility industry. Has significant test engineering involvement and some field installation / startup / failure analysis management expertise. Uses Matlab, Simulink, Labview, PSCAD, SIMetrix, and more, and has some FPGA. 70-85K. 01122015.3

Director, Applications Engineering / Power Electronics, RF-Microwave

MSEE (plus)/>20 Years. A dual-role high level director for field application engineering and business development. Industries involve commercial, space programs, IT/networking, RF/microwave, satellites, telecommunications. Has driven expert design and prototypes for following power electronics and RF systems: Analog, microcontrollers, power supplies, converters, audio/video, radios, security systems, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, attenuators, tuners, ASIC and more. With global customer interaction and technical support, defines requirements and delivers presentations, increasing sales and marketing opportunities. Has managed sales groups for multi million $ revenue development. Provides technical product management and roadmaps. Well published. 150-175K. 01062015.9

Applications Engineer – Power Electronics

BSEE, RF/20 Years. A high proficient and recognized applications engineer, specializing in power management ICs and battery chargers. Performs proof of concepts, evaluations, validations, design, analysis and focuses on lifecycle through to production on very innovative technology. Strong expertise for training and support, on site, for FAE and customers, generating relevant technical documentation/presentations, troubleshooting. Qualifies products for manufacturing processes. Has collaborative talent. Background also in Li-Ion specifically, plus LED drivers, and RF systems such as synthesizers, receivers and transmitters. Industries are: Government and consumer electronics/IT. Very well traveled, patented and published. 100K. 01052015.17

Technical Sales and Applications Engineer

BSEE/10 Years. A strong background in avionics subsystems sales experience, bringing a highly technical hand with substantial customer interaction. Significant talent with defining customer requirements, support, reliability analysis, product certification and prototypes. Specific systems are for: Flight simulation, measurement, missile and radar, monitoring, then, past design for engines (plus hybrid), consumer and various other electronics. Very strong FAA, including facility certification. Uses PADS, OrCAD, AutoCAD, DOORS and more. 100K. 01052015.2

Applications / Test Engineering Manager – Relays

>20 Years. A high level technical teacher and customer liaison for protection and control technology in utility / substations sector. Performs detailed training and demonstrations. Expert in relay testing software. Well travelled. Fluencies: SCADA, Megger, SEL, SKM and more. 110-120K. 12232014.4