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Hardware/PCB Design Engineer – Semiconductor

MS-Physics. Board level hardware design specialist, with advanced domestic/international customer support skills, EMI/EMC/ESD compliance, tech docs generation, and component engineering. Performs layout, schematic capture, SoC validation. Involves variety of industries/applications such as medical, motors, power electronics, wireless communications, telephony, SerDes, sensors. Uses Cadence, Altium, Viewlogic, Proteus, PSpice, MATLAB, MathCAD, Allegro. Contract or Direct. 115K. 06102015.3

Principal Design Engineer – Power Management ICs

PhD-EE. Develops and designs power management ICs involving LED drivers, variety of converters (AC/DC, high voltage), mixed signal products, DC/DC switching regulators, controllers, and is skilled with various topologies. Experienced with BiCMOS/CMOS, BCD, CAD, ADC. Defines architecture and manages large SoC projects through to production for lighting, LCD and IT markets. Contract or Direct. 150K. 06102015.01

Principal Engineer – Digital Design / Lighting, Semiconductor

MSEE. Digital chip design expert applying to LED lighting, 2/3D video, communications, and IT/networking consumer products (power supplies, memory/DRAM). Works with DSP, FPGA on MIPS, ARM processors and others. Strong experience with LED drivers, MEMs and solid state electronics with background in algorithm development. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, Modelsim, Altera, Xilinx, Verilog, Cadence, VHDL, Pearl, C. Contract or direct. 120K. 06012015.11

Sr Analog / Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer

MSEE. Strong power management IC designer working with analog, mixed signal, MOSFET switches, and CMOS/BiCMOS processes for power electronics, telecommunications and LED/backlighting. Applies to switching and linear converters with various topologies, regulators, drivers, LDOs and chargers. Performs feasibility analysis, modeling, simulation. Uses Cadence Virtuoso, H/PSpice, MathCAD, Python. 15 Years. 130K. 06012015.10

Engineering Research Scientist – HVDC, Cryogenics, Materiel

Ph.D-EE. Performs doctoral-level research applied to real-world production of components and devices, such as: Capacitors, cables, magnetics, high voltage DC power electronics; plus specializes in cryogenics, dielectrics, nano-composites, micro-plasmas, and vacuum technologies in lab environments. Applies to federal organizations, military, imaging and utilities. Has developed required laboratories from ground-up. U.S. Citizen. Many publications. Active global industry member. SBIR/STTR. 125K. 06012015.7

Prinipal Engineer / Scientist – RFIC, Modules, GaN

Ph.D-EE. Strong innovative design and analysis leader working with microwave circuitry; laser/beam technologies; RF filters, oscillators; analog, RFICs and modules; nanotechnology; silicon, GaN devices and MESFETs for semiconductor. Frequently applied to imaging and magnetics. Conducts frequency analysis and research, testing, calculations, modeling, simulation. Uses HFSS, MATLAB, TCAD, Ansoft, ADS, Eagleware, PSPice, Sonnet, ANSYS, MathCAD, Assembly, C. > 15 Years. 160K. 06012015.6

Product and Test Engineer – LED/Semiconductor

MS-Mfg, BSEE. LED and semiconductor test specialist for electrochemical systems, wafer packaging, LCDs, and solid state lighting. Tests, debugs components and devices, develops test beds, procedures and plans for in-house and outsourcing manufacturing, including fab, wafer, die sort, etc. Monitors quality, manages test technicians and trains outsourced suppliers. Drives all acceptance test processes, with customer demonstration/presentations. Write tech manuals. Leads failure/root cause analysis. Uses AutoCAD, Minitab. Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen. 90K. 05212015.2

Sr Applications Process Engineer – MEMS, Thin Films

BS-Physics. High level processing engineering professional, leading process engineers for telecommunications optical device component manufacturing. Performs equipment start-up, yield improvement (>99%), root cause/failure analysis, employs complex mathematical methods & statistical data, and manages departments, projects. Involves wafer fab, thin film metrology, metallization (IAD, IBS, sputtering, MEMS, etch), AR/HR coatings (lasers, silica, Si, GaP, InP, SLEDS), dichroic mirror stress/evaporation concerns, and SiO2 masking. Strong customer interaction. Multilingual. 170K. 05182015.3

Sr RFIC Test Engineer – Wireless

MSEE. Power management/mixed signal RFIC manual and automated tester for wireless & mobile telecommunications. Involves customer-specific test solutions, characterization, root cause analysis, debug on various frequency bands, calibration, scattered parameter/NF measurements, harmonics, load-pull, GPIB/serial/ethernet instrument control, circuit tuning and DVT. Scrum/Agile and lab environments. Supervises production technicians. Uses FPGA, MATLAB, LabVIEW, TestStand, DxDesigner, PSpice, Orcad, ExpressPCB, AWR Microwave Office. 10 Years. 05142015.2

Sr PCB Design, Layout and Test Technician

Strong PCB technician working with analog, power management ICs, modules and prototypes for power electronics, DC/DC, RF and audio. Skills include schematic capture, SMT, thru-hole, overall laboratory organization, building/testing demo and evaluation boards, data acquisition, debug/troubleshooting, and characterization. Also develops BOMs, data sheets, test procedures, performs test prep setup and virtually all types of PCB/IC lab tests. Uses Altium, Cadence, PCAD, Camtastic. 15 Years. 70K. 05082015.7

PCB Design/Layout Manager – Power Supplies

Specializes in overseeing PCB design and layout for 3000 watt power supplies with power conversion, brick topology and component engineering experience, applying to telecommunications. Also works with overseas staff, provides electro-mechanical packaging skill, strong new product customer interface and regulatory/safety concerns. Maintains component library, supports component sourcing, and has participated in smooth technical documentation merger transition. 120K. 05082015.3

Sr PCB Layout Designer – Contract or Direct

Strong background in PCB layout and design with excellent designing software expertise. Skilled in IC and RFIC design for gyros and timing devices, oscillators, transceivers, modems and touchscreens (IT products). Also designs electronics for LCDs. Uses Cadence Virtuoso, Springsoft Laker, Valid LED, Tanner, ECAD, Magma, Avanti, Cadabra, Simplex, Rapheal, and also GPL, TCL, CMOS, Unix. Contract or Direct hire. Flexible salary range. 05062015.4

Sr Analog / Digital PCB Designer

Strong single and multi-layer PCB design talent working primarily with power supplies from 400 to 1500 watts, but also converters (bi-directional, etc), wireless applications and various mechanicals. Wide variety of industries – mostly telecommunications, servers, and electric vehicles. Designs to various safety standards. Experienced developer of company components standards. Uses Cadence, SAP, PADS, ViewLogic, Concept, PCAD, AutoCAD, Solidworks. 85K. 05062015.3

Vice President, Product Development – Power ICs, DC/DC Conversion

MSEE. Executive level leadership for power management ICs and DC/DC conversion. Leads all technical departments, plus sales and field applications, for quality product development with strong customer engagement for architectural definition. Product details/applications include: AC/DC, DC/DC conversion & controllers with isolated and non-isolated topologies, Li-ion, for LED backlighting, consumer electronics, portables, power tooling, UPS. Also performs packaging, qualification, validation, and unique problem resolution. Responsible for 100 staff members. Numerous patents. Call us for more details! 05062015.2

Sr PCB Layout Engineer – Contract or Direct

BSEE/CE. Provides expert PCB mutli-layer, high voltage/high speed design talent for wide variety of industries, including military and NASA high reliability requirements. Brings well-rounded value-add skills with power electronics design such as: RF filters, switching power supplies, motors, sensors, VFDs, plus embedded microcontrollers. Has project management experience. Uses Altium, OrCAD, LabView, PADs, Gerbtool, LTSpice, SolidWorks and C, Assembly. Previous Top Secret clearance, patents. 140K. 05042015.01

Product Engineer – Power Mgmt ICs, LED

MSEE. A strong R&D product leader in analog & digital semiconductor engineering involving power management ICs, white LED and driver ICs, LCD display ICs, switches, ASICs, memory and IT processors. Provides design, fabrication, test, characterization, failure analysis and reliability engineering while working closely with large, high profile IT and aerospace customers. Strong focus on ESD and yield improvement for mass production. Sets up lab stations – bench test, etc. Uses LabView, Virtuoso, Galaxy and Cadence. 15 Years. 100K. 04272015.4

Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Display & Memory ICs

MSEE. Consistent technical and business development talent in display/analog IC engineering, IT device circuitry and memory semiconductor ICs. Provides global sales and marketing leadership with customer design-in activities and technical support (world-wide field applications), failure analysis, and defining future product lines. Heavily involved in concept and product architecture design. Many patents. Expert on cell structure. >15 Years. Contact us for more details! 04152015.4

Director, Global PMIC Engineering & Product Dev

Leads semiconductor product innovation/management to include applications and R&D engineering groups. Hatches 100’s of new generation power management ICs, SiC JFET/MOSFETs, diodes, and multi-chip packages for variety of industries and reverse innovates to integrate to end product NPI. Drives projects schedule, budget and forward-years roadmaps, resulting in significant revenue. Works with IGBTs, LED drivers, gate drivers and high voltage applications – especially for automotive. BS-Microelectronics/plus. Patents. 170K. 03242015.2

Director, Analog/Mixed-Signal Test Engineering

MSEE/CE. Industry renown test engineering teacher, guru and hands-on test platform and software developer for sustaining and next-generation power management ICs and PCBs.

  • Manages/trains large test teams, sets guidelines, improves methodologies, develops characterization/specialized programs (NPI) and ATE for production release.
  • Results oriented. Improves yield, testing time, speeds processes for production schedules.
  • Multiple sites. Collaborates with overseas subs and product transfer coordination.

End product lines: Power electronics, RF/wireless, consumer electronics, imaging, sensors, connectivity. 190K. 03242015.01

Applications Engineering Manager-Automotive/Power Supplies

MSEE/CS. Provides engineering management and automotive industry customer applications support for PMICs, controllers, regulators, and converters (various topologies) for DC/DC switching power supplies, radio, instrumentation/LED, and ancillary human assistance devices. Manages design/test IC lab for characterization, EMC, RSC, and RCL for MOSFETs, drivers. Extensive product development/definition activities and substantial customer support (custom specifications, technical documentation, troubleshooting). Spice, Verilog, VHDL, MathCAD. Author, patents. >15 Years. 120K. 03232015.2

Mechanical Engineering and Product Dev Manager

BSME. Provides mechanical design engineering, evaluation and test management for product development of very high volume networking switch products.

  • Specialist in electronics packaging, final packaging, structural analysis, thermal management and interconnects development
  • Designs to variety of solutions for shock, vibration, acoustics, power, EMC/ESD, fault tolerances and user friendliness
  • Ensures customer requirements and specifications functionality before production with focus of resulting billion $ level revenue

Uses NX, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Flotherm, Ansys. 100K. 03192015.3

Lead IC Fabrication Process Design Engineer

MSEE. Performs fabrication design for integrated circuits (SiC, GaN, Nano) and patterning platforms for displays, LEDs, microfluidics, MEMs, media storage and wearable electronics devices. Involves dielectric, silicon, metal, polymer and wet etch process, cleaning and stripping. Provides process and surface characterization, microscopy, metrology. Is project oriented with ancillary skills such as equipment sourcing/installation/qualification. Provides process improvements resulting from root cause/failure analysis, yield enhancement calculations, and designing short loop tests. Specialized education in materials and solid state physics. 03172015.7



Senior Field Applications Engineer – PMIC, RF / Wireless

Designs power management ICs, ASIC, interface and logic circuitry for analog/digital converters, PLLs, amplifiers, applying to RF, wireless communications, and power electronics. Designs customer-configurable DSP and works with embedded microprocessors hardware and software (6500, 80C286, RTX2000, 8080, 6805). Specializes in application-specific communications, provides customer technical support, and performs evaluation board driver alpha/beta testing. Has worked with imaging, audio-visual products. Uses C, Fortran, Linux, Cadence. 03172015.4




Failure Analysis / Product Engineer – Analog, Semiconductor

MSEE. Recent graduate with consummate yield and failure analysis skills for product performance management. Works with multi-layer PCB, analog and semiconductor devices prior to packaging – applying to amplifiers, voltage regulators, transmitters, converters. Performs in-depth root cause and test/troubleshooting activities at board and component level. Repairs, programs, updates and maintains test equipment. Is go-to for line technicians. Uses all manner of test tooling and Cadence, MultiSim, AutoCAD, Circuitmaker, MATLAB, LabView. 10 Years. 03132015.3




Materials Engineering Scientist – Nanotubes / Films

Ph.D/Mtls. Performs next-generation applied research and high level experiments for variety of semiconductor chemical and structural properties and processes: Electro/electroless plating, synthesis, and electro/stress migration. Involves carbon/nanotube and nanocomposites for packaging, nano-crystalline copper and PDMS thin films, nano-wiring, interconnectors for silicon wafers, and MEMS transducers. Performs characterizations and performance improvement studies (strength, thermal/electrical conductivity). Contract or Direct hire. Publications, patents. >10 Years. 03132015.2

Senior Test/ATE Design Engineer

BSEE. Provides product test/test equipment expertise and PCB design for mixed signal boards, power management and RFICs for high rel (MIL-STDs), rad-hard applications for aerospace, military, medical, automotive and high temperature power electronics.

  • Develops/maintains all test equipment, ATE hardware/software, tester interfaces, self-test PCBs, test plans, burn-in/life test procedures, scripts, bench fixtures
  • Performs bring-up, debug, evaluation and validation
  • ATE Equipment:  LTX, Eagle, Credence, SZ, Lemsys

Uses C, Visual Basic, LabView, Agilent, NI Lab/CVi and TestStand. 100K. 03062015.5

Product Engineer, Bench Characterization – Memory Modules/SerDes

BSEE. Performs thorough bench characterization for SerDes transceivers, DDR2/3 to RVB level, and DDR1&2 for memory module/DIMM industry.

  • Char plan development, socket/thermal plunger design
  • Component and system level debug
  • Test results/data analysis and reporting
  • Station setup and automation plus ATE program enhancement
  • Customer returns (RMA) test verification and troubleshooting

Uses skills to support product performance improvements, and participates in new production release/marketing documentation. Fully skilled on relevant test tooling. Python. 03052015.6

Customer Quality Engineer, Power Management ICs

BSEE. A quality engineering professional with extensive customer interface and a background in applications design for semiconductor industry mobile devices/large global accounts. Provides product qualifications to increase revenue, vendor quality management, and ensures customer technical requirements are met. Has history of vastly improving formal quality scores and gaining rank in approved vendor listings. Applies DSS, statistical controls, creative problem solving techniques, Taguchi. 120K. 03032015.7

RF IC Lead Design Engineer

MSEE/CE.  Lead design, layout, development and test of high voltage power supplies for plasma generators, MRI/imaging systems, DC/DC converters, flyback converters and 4 layer high current power supplies. Performs extensive redesign effort, provides verification, thermal and component margining, certification tests and development of test specifications. Uses MATLAB, Simulink, SimElectronics, MathCAD, LTSpice, PADS, Cadence, Agilent and more. Previous secret clearance. 15 Years. 110K. 03032015.6

Firmware/Failure Analysis Engineer

MSCE. Substantial failure analysis work with embedded firmware for serial communications, from hard drives to failure analysis at component level, for in-house builds and customer returns (RMAs). Performs firmware debug and kerneling. Interfaces with suppliers and overseas factories regarding failures. Technologies include: SCSI, ATA, SATA, and logic/bus analyzers – ARM7. Skills: ASICs, C, Vrtex32, VxWorks, Assembly, Linux, ADS, Agile. 110K. 02252015.4

Failure Analysis Engineer – Board Level, Semiconductor

Ph.D.-Chem/>10 Years. Has concentrated experience with highly complex failure analysis for quality and reliability. Performs root cause, metrology and statistical data analysis, equipment qualification, material property studies and development for improved shock and thermal cycling performance, studies methods for soldering joint cracks during thermal cycling, and resolves temperature cycling reliability issues. Design new board electronic package components. Has reduced test board requirements by one third. Has a strong background in developing semiconductor processes involving photolithography, multi-layer, metallography, ultraviolet curable and anti-reflective coatings, polymer/surface characterizations, and substrates/rheology adhesion. Has multiple formal awards and recognition. 110-130K. 02242015.3

Field Applications Engineer, Power Electronics/Semiconductor

MSEE/15 Years. A dual talented professional engineer working with microelectronics/power components and semiconductors such as power modules (for configurable power supplies, converters and regulators), branch circuit monitoring sensors for DC/DC boost converters, polymeric sensors, power management/analog and ASICs. Additional products include RF and power systems such as switchmode power supplies, high speed digital data transmission, transducer bridges. Provides various types of customer technical support, strives to extend customer support through and beyond delivery, and focuses on demand creation. Applies to military, automotive and transportation industries. Multiple publications and has patent activity.  100K. 02242015.2

Hardware Quality Engineer / Hand-Held Consumer Electronics

BS-Engrg/20 Years. A hardware quality leader for hand-held and other consumer electronics, involving mixed signal and analog. Develops quality and reliability requirements for all product lines, inspection procedures, qualification plans, and leads risk analysis activities. Trains overseas manufacturing and subcontractors on test methodologies, provides quality audit support, and is highly customer-driven (provides on-site production line support as company quality representative). Has reduced ESD failure rate by half, has reduced RMA/customer returns by high double-digit percentage, and has revamped defective hardware analysis processes. Has a semiconductor background. 100-115K. 02232015.3

Chief Scientist, Photomask Plasma Etch, Lithography

Ph.D.-Metallurgy/20 Years. A principal technical staff member driving various plasma etch technologies such as: Photomask fabrications, ultraviolet lithography, atomic layer deposition, and TSV (3-dimensional). Works with artificial neural network for process optimization and control, provides LER/LWR characterization and modeling, and has designed full plasma laboratory. Applies to opticals, ICs, materials and energy. An innovator, renown author and patent generator. Has a background with nano-composite materials (MMC) and ionic liquid applications. Thrives in start-up environments to make a bottom-line difference. Contact us for more details! 02172015.7

Plasma Etch Manufacturing Process Automation Engineer

BS-Chem/> 20 Years. Comprehensive experience to automate and improve plasma etch manufacturing processes (wafer/substrate levels) and semiconductor fabrication (front/back end) for medical packaging/implantables, commercial and IC applications. Designs a wealth of auto/non-automated tooling and fixtures. Has brought facilities to current technology by implementing equipment enhancements for lab demand fulfillment (plasma cleaners, screen printers, reflow machinery), and has sourced/specified custom equipment for automated module processing versus manual (25% higher yield; 50% throughput). Routinely provides technical support for etch processes (polysilicon gate, STI, trench, metals, SWN, cap oxide) with internal/external interface, validates new processes, updates specifications, develops/validates solder reflow profiles/SMT, and implements and maintains controls (SPC). Has implemented special projects, such as start-up wafer fab facilities overseas. 70-80K. 02172015.4

Package Engineering Manager/Power Management ICs (MOSFET, Si, GaN, GaAs)

MS-Physics/>20 Years. An engineering leader for power management ICs/modules packaging design and assembly engineering staff, applying to solid state and microelectronic relays, MOSFETs, PFC devices, inverters, power supplies. Technologies involved are numerous: Si, HV, HC, LV, digital control, IGBT, FRED, LED, SIP, Co-Pak, GaN, GaAs and so much more. Generates new product introductions, reliability improvements, yield enhancements; and provides qualifications, characterizations; evaluates raw materials; and owns overall product reliability. Has setup entire design, assembly, production and supply chain for startup. Uses various topologies and has strong global supplier ties. 130K. 02122015.7

CMP Process Engineer (Chemical / Mechanical / Polishing)

MBA, BSEE/15 Years. A hands-on fab, etch, silicone process engineer whose expertise is in chemical / mechanical / polishing and its auxiliary processes. Additionally, improved optimization & verification process performance for 30% output increase, involving front-end (slicing) to back-end (polishing, epitaxy). For continuous improvement program: Reduces contaminant sources, expedites data collection with automated query development (Oracle SQL), resolves bottlenecks, and performs time studies and cost analysis. Has a background in quality assurance. DOE, SPC, TQM. 95K. 02112015.1

Senior PCB Layout Designer – RF, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal

>20 Years. A prototype and mass production senior level PCB  layout designer for complex, high density, multi-layer boards for through-hole, SMT (FPGA, BGA, uBGA), applying to analog, digital, mixed signal and RF. Designs to all constraints such as differential pairs, impedance control, signal integrity, EMC, EMI and ESD and DFM/DFA/DFT standards. Creates and maintains footprint libraries, schematics and mechanical drawings. Performs feasibility studies, breadboarding and debugging, supervises engineering lab, maintains test equipment, sets up test stations and is “go to” for design engineering staff. Has background in lasers, electro-optics and magnetics. Uses PADS, OrCAD, AutoCAD, CAM350. 02102015.1

Senior Product Engineer – Analog / Digital Power ICs

MSEE, MS-Physics/>20 Years. Performs new product introductions (NPI) and development for semiconductor analog / digital power management products, SoC and ICs, involving signal processors in mix-mode CMOS, switching amplifiers in BiC-DMOS, optical storage and more. Performs mixed-signal testing (including ADC/DAC), multi-temp and voltage characterization, product and burn-in boards qualification, validation (latch-up, ESD, life test failure), SPC and yield enhancements, and complex failure analysis. Works with off-shore manufacturing and customer returns program, and resolves specification problems. Has strong focus on product reliability and process improvements / optimization. Industries are audio/visual, RF wireless telephony and networking/IT (processors, ethernet, consumer electronics). Uses Eagle, IDS E-beam, Credence, Agilent and more. 100K. 02042015.1

Semiconductor Product and Test Engineer

BSEE/15 Years. Has product engineering focus in 150mm to 300mm process factories for advanced 0.13 to 0.25 micron high power, high density analog CMOS and Bi-CMOS for prototype devices. Drives from concept to production, performing qualification / characterization, and generating specifications, and pre-production samples. Significant test engineering lead (test plans, binning, critical ramp through volume, platform conversion). Routinely reduces packaging costs (10%) and has released several mixed signal products to exceed corporate sales revenue goals by 80%. Vast array of tools and languages: Embedded C, PERL, MathLab, SAP, Spotfire and more. Test technologies/platforms: TestWare, ATE, VLCT, IFLEX, Catalyst, A580. 90-100K. 02032015.1